RaceDayCT Live Updates Page Thursday At New Smyrna World Series

Five consecutive nights of Tour Type division Modified kicked off Monday at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway in New Smyrna, Fla.

Denise DuPont, Jim DuPont and Curtis DuPont will oversee our Live Updates coverage from all the Tour Type Modified events at New Smyrna.

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  1. A good old fashioned 35 lapper.

    All cars will be going hard right from the start. One thing this week has shown is that you can’t wait too long. Go-Time starts earlier.

    Cars will try extra hard to qualify up front.

    This should be a really good, hard, fast, short race.

    Hope the slow cars stay out of the way, don’t cause yellows and let the competitive cars race hard.

  2. What happened to Bubba? Thought he was gonna drive Preeces car.

  3. I’m calling for Sapienza tonight.

  4. Rob P.
    Blew the motor in practice last week.

  5. Watched the dual and monitored modified race with raceday. Doug, unfortunately, preece less than stellar. He cannot hang with anybody in the draft. Gonna be a long 500 for him, unless they hit on something im afraid.

  6. Thanks Shawn

  7. Congrats to Patrick, and the 07 team.

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