Tri-Track Open Modified Series Announces 2020 Purse Structure

(Press release from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series)

Tri Track Open Modified Series officials announced on Wednesday the purse structure for the six-race season in 2020.

Competitors will be chasing at least $6,000 to win each event, with Seekonk Speedway’s Open Wheel Wednesday listed as a $10,000 first-place prize.

With 26 spots open for each event, the total purse per race will rise over 40,000, with drivers who qualify taking home at least $1,000 to start.

“We’re very pleased with the purse we have come up with for the 2020 season,” Wayne Darling, one of two Managing Partners of the Tri Track Open Modified Series, said. “Registrations are open, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone this year.”

The series will also produce hard luck and hard charger awards at each event, with $300 going to each driver that earn those.

Previously announced, the 2020 point fund totals $15,000 in prize money, with the top 15 spots in the final standings earning a bonus. To register for the season, teams are encouraged to visit tritrackmodifieds.coma new website domain. If registration is completed prior to March 31, a price of $450 will be honored for all six events. Any registrations completed after March 31 will be $550. For those competitors interested in registering for just one event, the cost is just $150.

Also previously announced, the Pepsi Challenge will pay the winners of each heat race and consi race in 2020. Each heat race will pay $300 to the winner and each consi race will also pay $300 to win.

The 2020 schedule begins on Saturday, May 2, when drivers will take to the high-banks of Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. to open the year. After that, a stop at Claremont Speedway on Memorial Day weekend (May 24), is followed by the annual Open Wheel Wednesday at Seekonk Speedway, the only mid-week show, on Wednesday, July 1. The final three races include the annual SBM 125 at Star Speedway (July 25), Monadnock Speedway (August 15) and the annual Haunted Hundred at Seekonk Speedway (October 24), where the champion will be crowned.

Sponsorship packages are available for 2020, and those looking for more information can contact the series. Current sponsors include Pepsi, Meadowbrook Farm, Seekonk Grand Prix, Clarion Hotel Seekonk,

Hampton Inn Seekonk, Lin’s Propane Trucks, Hoosier Tire East, Sunoco Race Fuels and Waddell Communications.

Any teams with questions ahead of the season can reach Managing Partner Ed Bennett at 732-278-6200 or Technical Inspector Director Greg Felton at 413-695-2272.


  1. At least $6000 to win, and $1000 to start. That’s some good coin. Should make for some exciting racing.

  2. Isn’t that basically the same as always

  3. How about the $300 to win a heat race and consi. Great stuff, keep up the great work guys!

  4. 2020 base purse is 6000 plus more then 2019.

  5. I hope the Thompson SK teams are listening. SKs have proven effective in this series and it’s a heck of a lot more bang for your buck.

  6. Fast Eddie says

    If my math is right, adding minimum “make the show $$”, winner’s $$, heat & consi $$, and the points fund, there is about $220K available for the TriTrack 6 race series! AWESOME!!

  7. Fast Eddie, wait until you get in the ticket line. The purse isn’t the only thing going up. LOL

    $6000 or more than 2019 divided by six races, divided by 26 starters is about $40 or so more on average per driver per race by my math over 2019.

  8. JD,
    There’s been zero indication that any ticket prices for any Tri-Track events will be going up? Why even infer that?

  9. The purse is going up 6000 per race.Sorry if I didn’t make that clear in my previous post.

  10. A quick check reveals $30 admission for most events. That might be the same as last year. Some new events this year so hard to gauge. Certainly not less. Not like the tracks would announce an increase either. Tickets have been close to WMT for several years. I’m sure TT has nothing to do with setting gate admission but doesn’t change the fact that fans have to pay it to get in (unlike members of the media) Race tickets are like taxes. They never go down.

  11. JD,
    I think we’re all aware that fans have to pay to get into events and that sometimes they go up. That said, randomly stating that ticket prices will rise because the purse went up is just not fair and not a statement based in any sort of fact.

  12. Shawn doesn’t get in for free he get’s in at not cost to him. He has a job to do. Including providing a media outlet where a tracks product in widely disseminated amounting to no cost promotion for the track. Disseminated to us. Again not free but no cost to us.
    Forget possible increases what’s the best value. No price from South Boston but you know it will be low, low, low. Martinsville will be $25. Thompson charges a ton but there’s a ton more racing there. Sizzler $40 including weekly divisions. Stafford opens include weekly division and are staying at $30. Can’t find Open Wheel Wednesday at Seekonk but you can buy Haunted hundred tickets for $30.

  13. Fast Eddie says

    JD, based on the TriTrack series over the years, any ticket increases have been marginal at the most. I would guess with that working for them in the past, that would stay the same. The TriTrack races for me are STILL the best bang for my bucks! Stafford Opens are #2, WMT #3, and MRS #4

  14. South Boston last year was $15, Jennerstown this yr is $20
    Ct def the most expensive, and New England in general never cheap but THOMPSON always leads the pack !!!!!!!!

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