Are You Recording All This Bull$#&@?: Episode 73 Of Unmuffled

On Episode 73 of Unmuffled we let the Coronavirus cabin fever take over and it full-on goes off the rails.

We started with a visit with Cory Casagrande, which pretty much stayed within the guardrails.

Then it just went haywire during a cabin fever chat with Sid DiMaggio and Sean Foster.

Said Foster: “I’m making sure I don’t kiss anybody. Otherwise everything is pretty much the same for me.” 

How haywire did it get? Here’s a condensed list of topics touched upon

  • Having no sports
  • Watching classic sports
  • Foster’s Doomsday return to racing 
  • Coronavirus and short track racing 
  • eRacing
  • The Show reality series at Stafford Speedway 
  • Hunters
  • Tiger King
  • What to do if you ever get bit by a wild animal 
  • Narcos
  • Formula One: Drive To Survive 
  • Seinfeld
  • The Office 
  • The Dana Carvey Show 
  • La Cosa Nostra 
  • Al Pacino 
  • Goodfellas with swears removed 
  • The Irishman
  • The Sopranos 
  • The Uppity documentary on Willy T. Ribbs
  • Geoff Bodine 
  • Bruce Jenner 
  • The Godfather trilogy 
  • Police Academy 
  • The Vacation Series 
  • Cobra Kai 
  • The Chronicles of Ryan Preece from New Smyrna to Daytona brought to you by Sean Foster 
  • The story of Ryan Preece getting violently dumped out of a wheelbarrow three days before the Daytona 500
  • Foster’s upcoming May Motorcycle road trip 

As DiMaggio said: “We are getting into some weird stuff.” 

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