Drag Racing Set For Return To Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park In 2020

The New England Street Outlaw Series returns to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in 2020 (Photo: Courtesy NESOS/Dan Mack Photography)

(Press release from New England Street Outlaw Series)

Spectator Drag Racing Poised For Seven Friday Night Events Under The Lights

The New England Street Outlaw Series (NESOS) is excited to return to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park for a thrilling 2020 season of spectator drag racing events paired with drifting events hosted by Lock City Drift for a unique one of a kind automotive enthusiast event; Friday Night Drift & Drags. Friday night drag racing events will start April 24th at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson, CT and run until October 30th.

Seven Friday night events highlight the 2020 schedule that includes more track time than ever before. Racers will have the opportunity to compete in three divisions; Outlaw, Street and Bike for a season long championship battle. In addition to regular divisions, special events will include Double Eliminations, Imports vs. Domestics and Pro Tree Shootouts for even more on track action. NESOS Promoter Mark Caise stated, “We are designing these events to give racers more track time and more competition than ever before with new exciting shootout style races.” Any racers with a safe vehicle are welcome to participate in the on-track action. The track distance for the 2020 season has been set at 250’. The entire 2020 schedule and rule book can be found online at www.NEStreetOutlaws.com.

  • Friday, April 24th
  • Friday, May 15th
  • Friday, June 5th
  • Friday, July 24th
  • Friday, August 14th
  • Friday, September 4th
  • Friday, October 30th

The NESOS was formed with the basis of allowing competitors to race their street vehicles, drag purpose vehicles or bikes and quads in a safe and controlled environment. Some racers use the NESOS events as a way to have some fun with their friends to hold bragging rights in an exciting ‘Run What You Brung’ style atmosphere. Others use the NESOS events as a way to practice their reaction time with their vehicles before heading to larger 1/8 & 1/4 mile tracks. The dial-in system used as part of the full electronic scoring system helps to ensure drivers stay true to what their cars and themselves are capable of and allows for different style and performance vehicles to race on an equal playing field.

The NESOS run under a lightweight rule package to ensure equal competition and allow almost all vehicles and modifications to be eligible. There will be three classes for the 2020 season. The Outlaw Class (formerly Competition / Pro) features cars that are not necessarily completely street legal. Most cars are classic muscle with performance modifications and racing slicks and others are full blown drag cars featuring full roll cages and 600+ horsepower engines. The Street Class features cars that are completely street legal. They may not necessarily be completely showroom stock; but if they can pass emission testing and not have the police need to site them a ticket for excessive noise and/or ‘non-legal components’ they are welcome to race on most DOT approved tires. The Bike Class is where it gets really interesting. This is the broadest of all the classes whether they have two wheels or four, motorcycle or dirt bike, quad, lawn mower, or snowmobile, if you can race it this is the division for you. The 2020 Thompson Speedway events will also have a point system and will award a champion in each class at year’s end. 

The NESOS team got its start working together in 2014 when Promoter and Series Owner Mark Caise oversaw the (New London) Waterford Speedbowl Sho & Go Program, a spectator drag racing and car cruise show rolled into one event. David Gagnon has been named the Race Director for 2020; he has served in this roll since 2012. 

For more information and announcements forthcoming please be sure to visit www.NEStreetOutlaws.com and follow New England Street Outlaws on Facebook.


  1. Great news!!!!!

    Thanks Thompson and NESOS!!!!

  2. Fast Eddie says

    Very cool to hear of any kind of drag racing in Connecticut, thanks NESOS! Brings back memories of Connecticut International Raceway, where I spent more than a few weekends and Sundays in the 80’s. I’ll have to try and check out some of the NESOS events.

  3. And they refuse to pay a full purse for the circle track guys. Hum LOL.

  4. Birnie Bro 2020 says

    Yes thank you Thompson. Now even the drags have more events than the oval. Thank you so much! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. This appears to be yet another organization who rents the facility to stage their events.


  6. Fast Eddie says

    Unfortunately the drags are most likely just a variation of “track rental”, where track management does not have to pay out a purse for competitors. We can only hope that with yet another revenue stream management will get closer to “getting their heads screwed on straight” and treat the oval track competitors correctly.

  7. Andrew Bombara says

    They want Road Course Racing, Drag Racing, Cruise Nights, Drift Cars, Golf, Restaurant, Ice Cream Stand, Special Events/Functions because to the Ownership, Sr MGMT, Facilities/Operations MGMT, Business/Finance MGMT folks at TSMP that’s what they think will bring in the money, profits, revenues, incomes

  8. What r the chances that CT puts a stop to the Ice Breaker this year? Or people will stay home due to the virus?

  9. Where is the event held, on the front straight of the oval track? If so just putting more wear and tare on the pavement that is already unsafe and in need of repair.

  10. Although these events have no bearing at all on the fate of oval track racing, is still good to see. At only 250 feet, the only data to be gained is reaction time, and 60 foot data, but is usefull practice for drag racers. An 1/8th mile track would be ideal, but don’t know of anywhere on the grounds you could safely put it. Sounds like a fun event though. Just my opinion.

  11. Yes I am sure that it is a rental deal. Just more money that they don’t have to pay the people that supported them when there was nothing but the circle track. JMO

  12. Steve wrote, “What r the chances that CT puts a stop to the Ice Breaker this year? Or people will stay home due to the virus?”

    No chance, the event won’t need to be stopped. The President of the United States of America has said that the 🦠 virus 🦠 is over, done, no problem, we’re in good shape.

    You must believe and obey your President. His uncle went to MIT (true). His Grandfather died in the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic 🦠 (true).

  13. Birnie Bro 2020 says

    As of now the governor is letting the towns decide whether to cancel events or not. But I bet soon enough the governor will ban all activities that attract big crowds. The icebreaker will be cancelled and who knows how many more events. Then the track can really cry poverty, close down the oval for good and blame it on the corona. Perfect 👍

  14. I am concerned about the affects of the coronavirus on this racing season. Certainly not panicked but do believe it will have impacts to a greater or lesser extent. So far Connecticut has been spared any significant outbreaks. If and when that happens it will change a lot of things. So many closures and cancellations in areas that have been impacted. Not just illness but fear and changes in behavior.
    I don’t think it is wrong to talk about it. Including reminding people that attend races to sanitize their hands. Including asking race facilities to have extra hand sanitizing stations located throughout the track and encourage fans via the PA to use them. I don’t think it’s too soon to talk about that. In fact it may give more people confidence they are being pro active and minimizing any risk they perceive they are taking by being in a large crowd.
    On the other hand suggesting that without and outbreak or some significant number of cases showing up that the government would precipitously shut down events is just fear mongering. The Governor did it in NY in and around New Rochelle. Even brought in the National Guard for a couple weeks. That’s one area for a period of time and frankly if it’s my area I’m loving the National Guard being on the scene and a strong decisive Governor taking action.
    This could go on for a while and I’m not seeing the Ice Breaker affected at all it’s so close. Other events later on are a hit and miss. It may be a season of dodging bullets.
    In this forum so far the scum bag DGF has likened concern of the coronavirus to a nuclear blast zone implying unreasonable fear and here uses it as a means to attack one of his favorite targets Trump. People may have died from this virus, there are no current vaccines or natural antibodies for it. Many in this forum are in the demographic that is the most at risk but that doesn’t matter to a scum bag. For a scum bag it is simply material to make up bits to attack people. It’s what scum bags do.
    The topic will be addressed by track authorities and race media at some point. I’d hope that they get in front of it because it’s not going away any time soon. This is the worst possible time for the race season but it won’t impact every event, everywhere all through the race season.

  15. So all entertainment will be canceled but we are all suppose to still get up and go to work and school in the morning? I don’t understand the logic this country is using.

    The St Paddy’s parade in Boston is off but all the bars will still be open? Good plan. The politicians are taking a CYA approach.

  16. Schools closing, March madness without the madness of spectators St Patrick’s parades cancelled. Just a few examples of the impact of covid 19. Yes, I’d say there is a good chance this virus effects racing, and events like the icebreaker and sizzler get postponed.

  17. JD, don’t pay attention to Doug. Or Fox News. Even some of Fox News has turned on the idjt. Can’t spell idjt without djt.

    Sad to see that the idjt is more concerned about the economy than the clear and present danger threatening the people. And that the failure to address the clear and present health danger is what is putting the economy at risk. Can’t ignore it away. It took long enough, but the idjt finally found a way to ruin the booming Obama economy. The fatality rate of this coronavirus is far greater than the annual flu. This bug is very contagious. Containment and mitigation is crucial. Watch out for yourselves.

  18. Thinking about bring my 67 vette up there for a couple of practice runs , sounds like a good time .

  19. It was I the first mentioned the coronavirus and it’t potential to affect the race season in a measured and well intended manner. The scum bags first reaction wasn’t to expand on it in any form that showed understanding for the threat. It was to use it as an attack likening it to a nuclear blast zone and unreasonable panic on my part. Mocking my suggestion that Mr. Courchesne may address it in some form. Then he expands on it using it for a political attack on Trump. Then doubles down on it again encouraging others to join in the political attack on Trump using the health crises.
    Any sincere race fan would grasp this virus deal is different. So if you want join the scum bag using some half-assed logic that the enemy of your enemy is your friend and fan concern about a health threat is a convenient weapon to attack a perceived enemy then knock yourself out. It shows you have the same bad judgment as the scum bag

  20. The scum bag isn’t the only one that sees opportunity in the caronavirus. JD got in what in my opinion is one of the best two liners so far this year. A growing crises used to take a shot at Thompson at the facility he is on record as wanting to punish. Now with wisdom of Socrates and the precision of a laser homes in on “politicians” and a St Patties Day Parade as evidence of incompetence and over reaction. Bernie Bros your timing on screen ID’s is as bad as Hillary 2000. Sanders looked like a sure thing for you to direct barbs at and poof he’s gone. So what’s next Bernie Bros some variation of Ridin with Biden?
    This virus is a hoot isn’t it. The scum bag using it to attack Trump, JD to attack Thompson and “politicians” and Bernie Bros to attack a Democratic Governor.
    You know what, weather it’s Trump or Lamont, a Republican or Democrat you should be supporting and encouraging them rather then seeing an opportunity to make a political attack. You may very well need their support at some point.

  21. So what do we know. Preventative cancellations are growing. Even though there are merely a hand full of cases in Connecticut the Governor has declared a health emergency, is on red alert and that’s a good thing. As for any claim that the Governor is using the crises to unleash his dictatorial powers to cancel events at a whim the laws of Connecticut might make that difficult.

    “Connecticut has two emergency powers laws, one that narrowly pertains to public health and a much broader civil preparedness statute, which anticipates everything from natural disasters to war and has at least one relevant line: “The Governor shall take appropriate measures for protecting the health and safety of inmates of state institutions and children in schools.”

    Prisons and schools. That’s the extent of his absolute power. Other then that its suggesting strongly.
    Evergreen Speedway in Washington State cancelled a race because it was in a virus hot spot. There will be more all across the country.
    Racing facilities anywhere in the US including our regional favorites won’t need to be told when to cancel events. They will just do it if it seems like the best course of action. Then it will be over and things will return to normal.
    Forest Gump and his wife tested positive. You want a example of rolling with the punches check his reaction out.

  22. Here’s a pretty good, comprehensive article. Has plenty of pictures for people like Doug.


    Read it carefully. It is going to be quite some time before this is over. The scientific community is saying this is going to go on for 3-6 months. It all depends on how well we clamp down and prevent community spread. But as a capitalistic society, revenue takes precedence over the well being of the people. China did a lockdown of the Wuhan area and achieved a near instant plateau of the spread. Instant being pithing the range of the known time a person is infectious and contagious. 😷 China is now down to only 50 new cases per day instead of massive exponential growth. China shutdown factories.

    Watch Italy since they did the mandatory lockdown. People there are being forced to live with the dead bodies of their family members.

    If we do not do lockdowns and shut downs, and all we can to prevent community spread, this will persist.

  23. Imagine if Congress had spent their time doing their constitutional duty making sure the country was prepared to deal with a pandemic instead of spending all their time with a failed impeachment inquiry. Seems like the impeachment inquiry took precedence over the well being of the nation. So sad.

  24. R Maddow, the impeachment inquiry is a historical success. The impeachment inquiry resulted in the impeachment of the 45th President of the United States of America. That is a success.

  25. Plugs 2020 says

    How was that an attack on the governor Doug? The way things are going it’s pretty obvious it could happen.

  26. This looks interesting. I have to make it up to Epping for the NHRA event.

  27. So now it’s not a joke scum bag?
    So I’m sanding away at a table top I’ll use for one of the occasional tables I make from time to time that will eventually get an epoxy coating. It’s just beautiful when its done. The re-purposed wood circa 1750 or so with worm holes, broken nails and such showing through the epoxy. The best part, you don’t need coasters for your beer. So I’m thinking, trying to grasp the enormity of how much closures and postponements hurt everyone but this is a racing forum so how about our people. All the teams that have bought parts over the winter and been working their butts off. How about all the cars just sitting there ready for their shake down not knowing what the heck will happen. The engine and chassis builders, parts distributors, food and beverage suppliers. Their employees.
    Entertainment for us for the most part. Big dollar expenditures for many and livelihoods for many. All up in the air. I’m thinking of them.

  28. The huge success of the impeachment inquiry against the President was well worth it!! The well being and health of the country is not as important to Congress whose oversight was needed to insure the country was prepared for a pandemic!! Life as we know it will now be turned upside down but hey, look at the bright side……the President was impeached!!

  29. So Doug, while you are worrying about how the pandemic affects the economics of a guy that bought some parts over the winter and doesn’t know when he might be able to use that part, I’m worrying about the people that will die because of this pandemic. That guy that bought the part will eventually be a able to use it, unless he dies. Inconvenience and being alive is preferred over being dead.

    R Maddow, a week ago the President of the United Sates of America said that there were only 15 cases and we would have ZERO cases today. According to the President of the USA, the Impeached One, there was nothing that needed to be done. “We’re in good shape” he said.

  30. In situations like this, massive disruptions to the health and safety of Americans as well as the economic impacts, there is always an order of negative impacts. In the US I’m guessing the epicenter would have been the nursing home in Washington State.
    This however is a racing site so while talking about the greater threat that is wrecking havoc across the US, mentioning the race related impacts and showing empathy as a race fan is not out of place or inappropriate. Which brings me to the scum bag.
    The idea that you scum bag having been the first to mock my reference to the virus makes the comment you just made typically disingenuous. . Yet another dart, based on a premise taken completely out of context, distorted by inappropriate comparisons by a scum bag with amnesia about how he opened on the topic which was to mock it. Progressing from the priority you as a scum bag feigns concern about, that being those dying to your actual target which is now and has always been one of your favorites the president.

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