NAPA Spring Sizzler At Stafford Postponed; NASCAR Stops All Events Through April

The opening events for both of the state’s two NASCAR Whelen All-American Series tracks are now officially postponed as the nation grapples with the reality of social distancing to fight the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Thompson Speedway announced the postponement of the Liquid Death Icebreaker scheduled for April 4-5 Monday afternoon. 

An announcement from NASCAR Monday evening essentially officially postponed the NAPA Spring Sizzler scheduled for April 25-26 at Stafford Motor Speedway.

The statement from NASCAR read: 

“The health and safety of our fans, industry and the communities in which we race is our most important priority, so in accordance with recent CDC guidance, NASCAR is currently postponing all race events through May 3rd, with plans to return racing in Martinsville. We appreciate the patience of our fans and we look forward to returning to the racetrack. We intend to hold all 36 races this season, with future rescheduling soon to be determined as we continue to monitor this situation closely with public health officials and medical experts. What is important now transcends the world of sports and our focus is on everyone’s safety and well-being as we navigate this challenging time together.”

No makeup dates for any events have been announced. Stafford Motor Speedway management responded to the announcement from NASCAR with a post on social media reading: 

“Race fans, we are aware of the NASCAR announcement postponing all events till May 3rd. We will have more information on our early season schedule tomorrow. We ask that you please be patient at this time as these circumstances are out our control. This too shall pass, we’ll be back on track soon.” 

It means the first three events of the 2020 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour have been indefinitely postponed. The Whelen Modified Tour was scheduled to begin its season on March 21 at South Boston (Va.) Speedway. That event was postponed late last week.

The next event following the NAPA Spring Sizzler for the Whelen Modified Tour is scheduled for Friday May 8 at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway.

NASCAR had already indefinitely postponed the March 15 Cup Series event at Atlanta Motor Speedway and the March 22 Cup Series event at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Now they have indefinitely postponed Cup Series events at Texas Motor Speedway (March 29), Bristol Motor Speedway (April 5), Richmond Raceway (April 19), Talladega Superspeedway (April 26) and Dover International Speedway (May 3).


  1. This really sucks. NASCAR has made the right decision postponing events scheduled thru May 3rd. I’ve got a sick feeling that by May we will see an extension of the postponement. At this point there really isn’t much we can do, but wait it out. Social distancing, washing your hands, and using common sense will help slow the rate of spread with this virus. Many many people in both government, and private sector labs are working hard to identify those stricken, while also trying to figure out how to treat this. Hope all of you are safe. We will prevail, and someday will once again hear the sound of 600+ horsepower engines, and smell the exhaust fumes of racing fuel mixed with burnt rubber, and see the brightly painted race cars. Some day we will be able to sit in the grandstands enjoying overpriced food and beer. Until then, please stay safe, use common sense, and stop hoarding the T.P. just my opinion.

  2. I want to send a shout out to all the first responders and medical staff, as well as local government officials working to battle this pandemic

  3. The president seems to be getting of board the severity of the threat and as he changes his rhetoric the right wing media pundits will follow and then the legions of followers on the right. Good thing too because the cable news, talk media crowd is dominated by old people. . The political resistance is melting away except for the customary hard line truthers with their conspiracy theories but even they won’t be a concern as long as the big guy isn’t enabling them.
    Racing may not be racially integrated so much and gender wise not much better. However it is generationally well integrated and in the stands and pits the demographics span decades.
    We’ve seen it in the media. Not old people drowning in mucous, gasping for breath and dying but younger people cell phone in hand, self quarantining, recovering, describing significant but not life threatening symptoms. The divide may be more generational the political.
    David Portnoy and his Barstool Sports show is massively popular with younger males especially. Over the weekend he was calling the virus a cold, partying and mocking the efforts to change social interaction to decrease the chances of spreading the virus. David Portnoy likes to frame himself as one guy simply doing what young guys do which is to seek out fun but he’s a leader that many of his generation follow.
    As of yesterday Portnoy and Barstool Sports seem to be getting on board the fact this is serious. Still making jokes about stocking up on beer and frozen pizza and buying toilet paper whenever he sees it. Not because he needs it but it’s the new gold. Reluctantly admitting that while the “under 42” age group is not at risk so much it could threaten old folks like his “stupid father” and eventually threaten the health care system.
    A lot of younger people feel like Portnoy that they are on board because of their grand parents but don’t feel threatened themselves. If the efforts to flatten the curve on cases appear to be working to some degree they are going to get real antsy over time. Including those that want to go racing. I wouldn’t blame them at all but it’s going to be a problem.

  4. looks like all racing in the north east will be delayed about 30 days at best… wondering if stafford is sharping their pencil this week now that they know the competitors will race for less.

  5. No Steve, they won’t be sharpening their pencils, unless it’s to sign up more contingency, or event sponsors. The Arute’s are a family of integrity, who actually like their competitors. I believe they are the highest paying NASCAR sanctioned pavement track in New England.

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