Ten Division Lineup Announced For 46th Liquid Death Icebreaker Weekend At Thompson

(Press Release from Thompson Speedway)


Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park announced on Wednesday that 10 divisions will compete in the 46th annual Liquid Death Icebreaker weekend, April 3-5. The event begins with a Test & Tune practice on Friday, followed by two days of action to begin the New England racing season. 

The event also marks the official beginning of Thompson’s 80th year celebration. 

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour returns for the 35th consecutive season and headlines the weekend with the Death To Plastic 150 presented by Liquid Death on Sunday. Justin Bonsignore took three of the four races at TSMP last season, and has won seven of the last eight, while names like Craig Lutz, Ron Silk and Woody Pitkat will be looking to take him off the top. Defending tour champion Doug Coby is opening a new race team and will compete as both the owner and driver, as the Milford, Connecticut, native has six Thompson wins to his credit, including the Bud 150 last year. 

Thompson’s five NASCAR Weekly Racing Series divisions will begin their championship quest, as the Sunoco Modifieds, Late Models, SK Light Modifieds, Limited Sportsman and Mini Stocks open with qualifying and feature racing. Each weekly series division will run a night of 20/20 racing in 2020 – with double 20-lap features planned, beginning with the Late Models at the Icebreaker. The Late Models will run one feature on Saturday and one Sunday.

In 2020, Mini Stock events will be 20 laps in distance, up five laps from last year.

 The Modified Racing Series returns for another year of Icebreaker competition for a 50-lap feature on Saturday night. The winged warriors of the NEMA Lites will be in town for their own feature. The EXIT Realty Pro Truck Challenge (35 laps) and EXIT Realty 375 Pro Sportsman (35 laps) will both qualify and race as part of the Saturday program. 

The full schedule for Icebreaker weekend will be released once completed. Drivers in the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series are encouraged to fill-out the driver registration form, located in the competitor info section of the website, prior to arriving for the Icebreaker.  

New for 2020, minors will be allowed in the paddock area for just $15 per event once necessary parental waivers have been signed.  

Pit admission for Friday is just $20, while a paddock pass for Saturday-Sunday is $60. Anyone wishing to enter just the grandstands for Saturday-Sunday can purchase a general admission ticket at $55, with seniors, veterans and active military $50. Kids 12 and under are free in the grandstand general admission. 

Liquid Death, the sponsor of the 46th annual Icebreaker, puts water, the healthiest beverage on earth, into aluminum cans, the most sustainable container on earth. With a mission to get more people to drink water, they are creating one of the first sustainable alternatives to plastic bottled water.  

For more information on Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, visit thompsonspeedway.com and follow the track on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

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  1. wmass01013 says

    New Sponsor for the event, 10 Divisions to load up the back gate $$$$$$$$$, I AM SURE A NICE crowd if weather is decent and we will cry the oval track is losing money Normally I might be there

  2. Amen WMass. I’m with you.

  3. getserious says

    Hear hear, wmass.

  4. why you got to be like that ?

  5. Count me out

  6. I have talked to a couple of friends that wouldn’t miss a race date at Thompson. They are really on the fence about going to this event given what they did to the local racers purse. I am really curious how they do for local car counts. It looks like running a truck at Thompsons Ice Breaker will be more profitable venture than running an SK that weekend. Didn’t Thompson have PASS Super Late Models at last years, why were they dropped? I cant make races that early in the season but If I could go I would have to think about whether or not I wanted to support this show at 55 dollars to get in.

  7. Going to Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, NY instead on 4/4. Matt Sheppard is going to race there weekly now. It is a easier ride from Hamden and a cheaper ticket.

  8. Fast Eddie says

    Breaking down two days of racing: $25 for the MRS Saturday and $30 for the WMT Sunday. Not a bad deal if you can make it both days. To support the racers and see some good racing, I’m in!

  9. Geez…. I can never figure some of you people out. All over these forums, there’s propaganda and gaslighting calling to support the bowl no matter what, and all the problems the bowl has are the fault of those that are not interested in the bowl because of the scandal with the owner, and if the bowl goes away it will be the fault of the fans for refusing to support the problem child track.

    And now here’s Thompson, a track that is not caught up in scandal, and is the crucial history of racing in our region and modified racing, being spurned.

    I’ll never figure you people out.

    Tickets cheap at the bowl? ✅ No concern about cavorting with the devil and Caligula. BTW, the bowl is still not operating.

    Tickets expensive at Thompson. Good show, plenty of classes. The center of the Modified racing universe. Track is crying poverty, some believe the track is making too much money.


  10. If any weekly division has more than 10 cars it will be to the detriment of Racers for years to come. I have heard the saying if you cant afford to run dont own a Race Car, well I say if you cant pay a purse dont own a Race Track. I will not support Thompson at all this year.

  11. Andrew B. says

    “Thompson’s five NASCAR Weekly Racing Series divisions will begin their championship quest…”

    What will point fund consist of for the champions this season? One can of Liquid Death water (5 cent deposit to be paid by champion)?

  12. Fast Eddie says

    I understand how people feel about this; I feel the same way. It’s a weird “Catch-22” the way I see it. Based on statements from the track, perhaps if the track is profitable they may stay open, at least until it absolutely has to be paved. I am not at all a fan of present management’s business tactics (extortion tactics?), however I do want to support the racers and I certainly don’t want to lose another ace track.

  13. To me, well said fast eddie. While i can only speak for myself, i feel pretty much the same way. Torn. People see great crowds at the marquee events there on the oval, and then, not so much (compared to stafford anyway) on the “weekly” divisions, so to speak, at stand alone events at Thompson. The track cry’s poor mouth, and the “rank and file” divisions try like hell to keep from losing another venue to race at, by selling themselves short, it appears to me. Catch 22, as opinions, run wild on what the true story is. And the dedicated race fan, caught in the middle here, with investments in both historic track venue, and the dedicated racers and race crews. Just don‘t have a good feel here, on which way to go. Stinks. And I have been going to Thompson for years. Love the place. And somehow, I just dont feel the same this year, as the season approaches. Not sure what I’m going to do yet. Jmo.

  14. Bob, to each their own. We all have a decision to make here BUT it sure does sound like the Sizzler weekend will be a really good time. We will save you seat.

  15. Jd. True, Said i love thompson. But have not missed many sizzlers either! Got my butt print on a few seats at stafford as well! (Sorry too much info i know!). But i do want to thank you for offer! Thats whats great about us race fans. Tight group. See you there!

  16. carl block says

    Hey , Dan R you may just be on to something . isn’t that the track the HALMAR NASCAR TRUCK SERIES TEAM owns and BRETT HEARN runs ? I hear the big block modified car counts are around 36 with the sportsman around 48 . with a $ 20 admission , free program and live music its a no brainer . may just follow you up there .

  17. Is it possible to compartmentalize support and anger. Three races at the track are NWMT events. The NWMT hasn’t done anybody wrong. They’re going to have a race, the field of cars will be outstanding, the race will likely be good and they’ll be a proper purse structure. It is a personal decision and there is no wrong answer. Emotions are raw. But if Thompson is THE track for any fans and they love the action the track provides aren’t they throwing out the baby with the bathwater?

  18. Yes, I am throwing out the baby with the bathwater. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m willing to miss a tour race to show my displeasure. I’m just one man with one vote. I’m not here to persuade anyone else but it does seem like there are many like minded individuals regarding this matter.

  19. Very revealing.

    Folks are demanding that the ‘bowl be supported or else it will die. The ‘bowl has been a huge disappointment to the fans and racers for many years. Anybody that speaks against the ‘bowl is called the problem. And my personal favorite [massive sarcasm], must support the ‘bowl owner for the benefit of the victims. 🤯 Talking about the ‘bowl and its problems is tagged as ‘negative’ talk. blah blah blah.

    😕 😒 😑

    Now folks think Thompson is charging too much, making too much money, not paying enough in purses, and must be boycotted.

    What???? Thompson is operating, the ‘bowl is not. What am I missing here? Something is too obvious?

  20. Todd Carey says

    Dan R you hit the nail on the head my friend. Orange County has invested so much into a track that was on its way out with some of the best racing in the Northeast. Ill be able to eat there all night for what it would cost for a hot dog at Thompson.

  21. Compartmentalize? Ever heard the phrase guilt by association?

  22. Any track that cuts the throats if their racers, should not be supported. All the stupid people who show up at Thompson for the sake of the racers, ain’t helping the racers, just putting money into the track owners pocket. I urge people BOYCOTT THOMPSON for the sake of the racers. Just my opinion.

  23. David John says

    Racers race.

  24. There is a connection between Thompson and the Speedbowl. Thin as a thread but it’s there. Fan blow back. In one case reaction to the crimes of a now convicted felon. The other fan reaction to the decisions of a family business.
    The threats of boycott that were made in May 2017 never panned out as the track went on to have two tumultuous seasons. The lost season and now a possible rebirth.
    The fans have spoken here and we shall see depleted fan attendance for the Breaking of the Ice if they speak for the larger fan base.
    Talking up the competing race at a facility in a far of land. That’s just DIRTee pool.

  25. Any racer who chooses to race knowing they will be at a loss, money wise, as soon as they pull in the pits, is in my opinion, a stupid racer. Especially given the fact that most of the weekly racers at Thompson have other venues they could race at, who will treat them allot better than the people who own, and run Thompson it’s a free country so they can choose to race there, just a stupid choice in my opinion. Same for the spectators. All your accomplishing is to put money into the owners pocket, who has clearly shown he has no interest in racing on the oval. If he did, he wouldn’t have cut the schedule to six races, and gutted the purse structure, and given the racers an ultimatum. He just doesn’t care, and would rather cater to the sports car amateur crowd. Just my opinion.

  26. I still want to know why they allow the road course racers to race on the dangerous oval track? Regardless if it is only a section, if it dangerous for oval track competitors how is it not dangerous for road course racers?

  27. Rob P, it is more like why would a racer take his car off the jack stands knowing you are loosing money? I love modifieds at Thompson but JD I agree, baby and bath water both go.

  28. Okay…. let’s summarize.

    Folks are upset because Thompson has announced a new schedule and purse structure that they don’t like. But the track is operating. Fan attendance has not been great to support more race dates on the schedule. Hence the track has cut back the oval schedule. The track also stated that the demand for the oval track did not justify rehabilitation of the oval track. Once the oval track deteriorates, it could be deemed unusable and abandoned. Fans believe that the track is making a fortune while the track is crying poverty. In response, some fans are not going to support the oval track events. Perhaps if the track was supported by the fans, this oval facility can be reconditioned and regain the glory of better days.

    The ‘bowl on the other hand, is mired in scandal and mismanagement. Last year, a season was announced but the track did not open. Construction never happened as publicized. This year, no word on when or if the place will open, and the traditional opening date is only two months away. The owner has admitted to and been convicted of trafficking and sexually abusing young boys and men. Some ardently support this track and eagerly await its reopening. Some claim that operating the track will be beneficial to the victims of the track owner.

    Don’t have to make up any crazy 💩 when this is real.

  29. So, I assume everyone knows the circle track is part of the road course, correct? So from the entrance into the speedway before turn 1 to the exit in turn 2 is part of the road course. Clockwise. From turn 1, front stretch, turn 4 & 3 and the back stretch need to be repaved? So, you have to pave how much extra? That is the so called reason we will not be watching circle track racing? Huh? Ok. Understandable…

  30. The press release is pretty exciting judged on its own merit. Another huge kick off to Northeast asphalt circle track racing with more racing then any one fan could digest. An exciting element is that the pit pass is affordable in relationship to the general admission price and you can bring younglings into the pits as well with the proper waivers. How great is that for a parent and child? 10 divisions working away in the paddock and you have two days to immerse yourself in the whole racing experience with your child. If you take it all in at face value it’s a pretty good deal.
    In this forum we have the hard core fans that aren’t taking anything at face value. We know the story behind the purse issue, road course vs circle track priority and don’t like it at all. The NWMT, MRS, Exit Realty Pro Trucks, Nema Lites and 375 Pro Sportsman not a part of any of it but caught up in the vortex of anger anyway.
    I confess I don’t get any of the anger. It’s a business decision to do what they’ve done consistent with what we all see in the sport and it is what it is. Why not enjoy it while you can?
    The five division format as far as I can see is dead at Thompson. You can kick that dead horse all you like if it makes you feel better but it won’t change anything. The Ice Breaker isn’t that dead horse. It’s the annual spring extravaganza of racing centered around modifieds. 100 plus likely in 4 divisions over two days. It’s popular even with dicey weather.
    If you’re calling racers names for racing in the event you’re going too far. If you’re judging the track management that has made their decision based on information you can’t possibly know about it’s ignorant and petulant but fair game. Painting the racers who have nothing to do with any of it as enabling ownership that are selfish, money grubbers is just wrong. Don’t go to the race for any reason. The weather, ticket prices, the food, the purse structure, the move to road course racing, you’re constipated……your call. But don’t be insulting the competitors.
    David John is correct. Racers, race. Financially it’s a loser the minute you buy the first component. A lower purse in the final calculation is more emotional then financial. Or with any purse it’s a great value because it’s entertainment that really has no equal. You’ll remember the happiness it gave you and you’ll never remember what the purse was.
    This is a strange thread. Normally support for race attendance is considered virtuous. To some critical. In this thread showing complete disdain for the track, the affected teams and anyone associated with the event is the popular theme. I’m reminded of Junior English class and the Tale of Two Cities. Mrs. Difarge looking up from her knitting yelling “off with their heads” innocent or not.
    While you are getting such enjoyment trying to pull the rug out from the people you profess to be so loyal to I’ll remind you of another more serious potential issue on the horizon. The virus that has yet to invade our region in strength may yet do so. If it does it will likely affect all our lives not the least of which could be our patterns of enjoying entertainment. It’s not inconceivable in the worse case scenario racing events could be cancelled or if not people decide being in a crowd is not worth the risk. I was reminded of the fear that is lurking when trying to buy N95 dust masks for the shop and finding out they are only available now on Ebay at 10 times the normal price sold by opportunists. Hopefully none of this will come to pass. But if it does I guarantee your anger about purses will pale in comparison to peoples fear of an unknown contagion.
    I hope you hard cases are wrong. That the weather is good and the attendance is typical for the Thompson spring racing festival meaning robust.

  31. Dadope have you stopped patronizing the business and hospitals that Bemers propane delivers to , hospitals probably wouldn’t be a problem I’m sure you could do your own surgery

  32. Kayman, from the entrance of turn 1 to the exit of turn 2, 1/8th of the track give or take. And Thompson management is BSing who?

  33. Earl, I suggest you look at the road track map for Thompson and see where the road course overlays the oval. Then pontificate. Who is buying the bs? Suggest you check it.

  34. wmass01013 says

    OK DOUG while you are surely welcome to comment on any article here I TAKE EXCEPTION to your NOT UNDERSTANDING the anger, YOU HAVE NOT AND DO NOT ATTEND RACES AT THOMPSON, ITS EASY TO SIT AT YOUR COMPUTER and make all these COMMENTS when you don’t pay for 50 TO 75 to walk in the track, pay to park a camper or for a beer and burger, I have paid that the last 40 yrs, but when the MANAGEMENT says things that don’t make sense and hurt the teams that make the show I am ANGRY, ANYONE who has been to a WMT event at BIG T the last 40 yrs can say for the most part the place is crowded with fans and teams to make the track $$, IF non special events held 3 or 4 times a yr on wed nights or eliminating the family fun nights or bringing in the K&n SERIES foolishly have not made the track $$$, whose fault is that?????????
    Thompson has been in business a long time, the golf course. clubhouse, little T and speedway, yes making $$ is never easy or assumed but you have to work at it, make improvements, PROMOTE and keep up with the times NOT BLAME NASCAR, THE FANS AND TEAMS, YES I AM ANGRY!!

  35. Kayman, I am agreeing with you here, when you look at the investment to reclaim and pave the road course section of the oval it is minimal to add the balance and save the future of both. Thompson speedway thinks they are are selling us all a bill of goods however I am not buying into it.

  36. Kayman, if you have been paying attention, the masses around here don’t let facts get in the way. You may have just caused several brain aneurisms.

    I brought up your concerns way back when it was first announced that Thompson is scaling back the oval shows, and nobody latched on. Looks like just T1 & T2 will end up being abandoned. The rest of the oval circuit is coincident with the road track. I do believe the skirt in T3 & T4 is the official racing surface of the road track. Now I don’t mind spending other people’s money any more than the next guy, but Thompson could add in reconditioning T1 & T2 for a little bit more and have an ass kicking 🦵 oval. Thompson is effectively blaming T1 & T2 for the unsubstantiated refurbishment costs. I would love for Thompson to be a smooth and grippy oval.

  37. wmass01013, quick, there’s someone on your lawn.

  38. Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, Fascists, Liberals, conservatives all have purity tests at some point or another. They pull them out when they aren’t smart enough to say anything specific on an issue and want to muddle the conversation. They attribute characteristics they cannot possibly know to their real and imagined adversaries and attack the fantasy they created. Race fans like wmass do it as well.
    wmass 1/4/18
    “Bigger purses attract more and better teams, fans will show if they see better teams entered, now TTOMS was LongIslandModManiac who started getting fans to pay to support the WMT race at riverhead and grew to TTOMS, will Stafford add $$ if they get a sponsor ? who knows up to them, that’s CALLED PROMOTION!!!”
    You said a lot about the Stafford opens for about a year and a half before you went to one then decided they weren’t half bad as you thought they’d be. We can go over if you want. . Did anyone question your not watching them until you did learn about what you were commenting on? Did anyone ask you for a purity test or did they take the content of what you said and respond to that?
    If you want to vent about all the mistakes Thompson has made and how they have wronged you far be it from me to stop you. If you are making an argument as an anonymous nobody that has spent a lot of money and seen a lot or races at the track that entitle you to special treatment that you can’t prove then you might as well bark at the moon.
    While you hard heads that know everything about racing are howling away the world is passing you by. I”ll be watching the race via NBC Sports Gold and the TTOMS races as well that don’t have a black out zone. The money I pay as well as that of the people in Iowa wanting to see what the modifieds are about in anticipation or the race that will take place there go to support the sport and are the future. While angry knuckleheads like your with your memories and purity tests will still be barking at the moon.
    I do empathize with the guys that have cars sitting in their garages that have to read clowns like you wmass proudly say screw you. All they want to do is race. You can take the purity test of yours as well as the anger and shove it up your wazzoo for all I care. I’ll always support the guys putting on the show no matter what the track circumstance is. If you and Rob p want to go on some boycott crusade be my guest. Just don’t tell me down the road what a good fan you are.

  39. DID I read that correctly doug ? your going to watch the Icebreaker on your smart TV . Besides the home track ,grass roots racing sign in victory lane pictures . Very little ,If anything goes back to open wheel modified racing . How about a driver / fan appreciation night at Thompson . nostalgia night , open modified show ? Thompson do something , anything to promote your speedway .Push your self !

  40. wmass01013 says

    Wow DOUG CLOWNS, KNUCKLEHEADS, hows the line moving at Stafford??????????????
    So why do you effin care whether I go to Thompson or not, I stand by MY position that if a track CUTS the purses of the people who are entertaining me, I take a stand like u did at Stafford and walk away you Knucklehead.
    OK clown I have the ability to see the entry list for the Stafford Opens and have not been impressed, so yes I did not attend the 1st year, I saw 1 Open last year and while not bad still was not overwhelmed by excitement, BUT I HAVE BEEN TO STAFFORD just as many times as THOMPSON, unlike you who knows it all about everything from your basement.
    I work hard for my $$$ AND I CHOOSE to support the places I do,, WOW THOSE dam credit card people slowing the line, I don’t need to sit here and say oh the iconic, historic ICEBREAKER WHILE NEVER ever driving by the track you MORON, I DONT need to tell you if I am a good fan or not, I don’t care about you! shove that up your WAZOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. My 2 cents. What Thompson did by cutting the purses has most likely started the fall of weekly SK Modified racing. If the Modifieds continue to show up and race for nothing then the area tracks will follow suit. I’m all in for supporting local tracks but if you cannot afford weekly racing then drop your sk division and pay them the older purse for the special shows. Thompson should have offered the weekly divisions last years purses for the big shows and then offered the new purse for discounted admission fees for pits and grandstands… could not believe they had the nerve to ask the racers who are supporting their track for money to register their cars after this year. Now the difference between Thompson and Waterford – Waterford is spending a boat load of money to open and has not indicated once that they will be cutting purses. Thompson Speedway is a profitable race track that is cutting purses and Waterford Is a non profitable race track that is spending money…. my support is for the race track that is going forward not cutting purses

  42. It started with this on 5/18
    “I Love Stafford, love modifieds, love open comp shows but woody, goody, rocco, chase and Jankowiak wont make it worth 30$”
    A year later you kind of saw the light.
    “After resisting last yrs OPEN shows at Stafford I decided to give This race a try, and while the whole nite was not a bad deal, $30 FOR THESE open shows will not work unless STAFFORD UPS their purse, 32 cars pre entered 23 show, while the race had some ok moments it was not really very exciting, I agree with others on the other track races were pretty good all in all, I love MODIFIEDS and thank u to Doug Dunleavy for support but please Stafford either up the purse or go back to reg races!”

    From the time the Opens were announced to the time you actually went to one of the Opens wmass you made all sorts of comments. You really went to town on the first open winner Tommy Barrett. Let me check, did anyone question your right to bloviate on a race you up to 2019 had no intention of supporting? ……………………………… Nope.
    So as far as I can see wmass you think you’re entitled to comment on races you go to, races you don’t think are worth your time and now races you would go to but will not because you feel you’ve been wronged. So if you’re setting parameters for me then I’d say that would make you the definition of an entitled hypocrite.
    So you work hard for your money do you. As compared to who? Everyone else that doesn’t?
    I don’t care at all what you support or don’t wmass. This isn’t about support. This is about your entitlement and hypocrisy and giving race teams including the NWMT the finger while declaring what a great fan you are.

  43. I know you’re guys are out there. The ones that fielded a car at some point at some track. Any car in any division. You know the money and work you put into getting to the track and competing. The never ending work, attention to detail and constant checking every part for weaknesses and trying to improve performance.
    So when some entitled fan says gee I’ve paid all this money for tickets and camping and I’ve eaten all this lousy, over priced food and implies they’ve made some kind of sacrifice you have to laugh if your basis of comparison is having actually raced. Then you ought to get angry at the fans calling you stupid for pulling in the back gate and proudly declaring they won’t watch you race. They say they’re mad at the track. They say not going will teach the track a lesson. Sure a track that is backing out of circle track racing. That somehow with a chance to save the NWMT shows they’re pushing some convoluted logic that implies punishing the track will help. Oh sure that should work out just fine.
    They’re all self righteous and proud they’re doing it. What they’re really doing is punishing the heart of the show that isn’t the track, it isn’t the food, it isn’t the ticket prices but its you that put on the show. They are punishing you and all the while strutting around saying it’s for your own good.

  44. Best post ever WMass!

    I’m almost done reading Doug’s posts. Couple more hours and I should be finished.

  45. So how is sitting home in the comfort of your recliner watching local modified races on NBC Sports Gold financially supporting racers at tracks other than Stafford that you admit is the only track you attend? And you are telling us when and where to spend our money and throw our support? Seriously? You are way out of your lane sir.

  46. Doug wrote, ” I”ll be watching the race via NBC Sports Gold and the TTOMS races as well that don’t have a black out zone. The money I pay as well as that of the people in Iowa wanting to see what the modifieds are about in anticipation or the race that will take place there go to support the sport and are the future.”

    Dude, the money you pay????? You paid $20 for the NBC Track pass so you can stay at home and watch the races in your underwear. Now you won’t be paying to get into a track, and won’t be using the track concessions. That $20 you paid for the NBC track pass goes towards paying for the HUGE production costs to send a crew and all the equipment around to all the races. It does not go towards supporting the racers. Your refusal to go to the track shows you refuse to support your local racing scene. There is a huge crew, hosts, equipment, travel expenses, transportation expenses, lodging, meals, fees, etc. that adds up to hundreds of thousands or more dollars to televise the NWMT for a season. When I travel for business, the total can run into a couple grand for a week, and that’s just simple airfare, hotel, meals, rental car. For a crew to cover a race, there will be the cameras, transportation costs, control center, live hosts, and many background support personnel.

    What’s going on here is that $20 you paid is paying down the production costs of televising the races.

    As far as the NWMT at Iowa, the Mods are the undercard for the xfinity race.

    Doug, you aren’t supporting racing at all with your $20 NBC Track pass.

  47. Sorry, Earl… I do not want our best racetrack to go away. But I will not support people that want it to fail. I really think Bemer has nothing to do with Waterford anymore… And Dareal, I will support Stafford, Waterford, and Thompson in that order. Maybe Seekonk above Thompson. I want to support tracks that want to operate before tracks that want to fail. I want tracks that promote their races to succeed. I want to follow racers that do not have to beg for money to race. I want people understand what is happening.

  48. Kayman,
    Just going to step in here before this discussion goes off track like so many conversations on social media. I’m not telling anyone here how to decide where they go or what factors should play into their personal decisions to attend certain tracks, but please don’t introduce here the long shared myth that Bemer is not involved with the Speedbowl any longer. That’s 100 percent untrue. He remains as the owner and operator of the Speedbowl.

  49. Understood, Shawn. I was just assuming, he was not part of it anymore. Assumed they took his assets and we were in control of the speedway. Assumed we were trying to sell off land there. You know what they say, when you assume… Thank you for the clarification.

  50. I guess I missed it. The part where NBC is a charity. So as I understand it DGF you are an expert on the streaming business model of NBC. To be added to the already lengthy list of specialties you claim to have intimate knowledge of.
    Here’s the deal “dude”. I think you’re a joke. You’ve claimed so many area’s of expertise that the only one I’m convinced you posses is that of a liar. And not a very good one at that.

  51. So lets talk streaming. Knuckleheads like wmass, DGF, JD and Earl who can’t see past their noses will never get it. They’re old, they have their ways of doing things and memories. They’re all anonymous, can’t prove any of the participation they claim while demanding purity tests of others. I don’t get it but if you think its good stuff enjoy the grade school nonsense.
    FansChoiceTV gave us free coverage of races. No doubt to work on the technical details of delivering the service and to gauge fan interest. Now they are charging $20 for Roots Racing that gave us New Smyrna, will provide coverage of all the NWMT races and more. I fully expect that price will to up in the future and when it does I’ll likely be happy to pay it.
    What DGF and wmass will never get is the concept of accessibility and expanding the fan base. Making an entertainment choice accessible to a larger audience. It’s massive and helps us all much like email, texting, Netflix and every other consumer based on demand service we now take for granted. More importantly it helps the people racing and putting on the show. Those great races at the NHMS that the guys like DGF and wmass claim emotional ownership of can now be seen anywhere in the continental US.
    I’m as old or older then any of the intransigent fools here but am not limited to memories. Streaming is an additional revenue source for local racing that started as free, is now $20 and will be more later. As people enroll, the business model matures and the revenue stream increases. It is not a charity, it is not designed by stupid people just trying to be good guys it’s designed to make money. Part of it is providing revenue to the content provider and that include local racers.
    I just don’t see how anyone cannot see how good a thing this is. Giving our talented local drivers massive new exposure. Selfishly also giving those of us growing older an opportunity to enjoy the sport we love, contributing to it and keeping us off the road as our limitations become more obvious.
    I mentioned it before and it bears repeating. No one wants the virus that is lurking to affect any aspect of their lives from work to social interactions to entertainment choices. But it is there. No one knows what will happen in a couple months extending into the summer. It could very well be nothing or the virus has us all making hard decisions. At that point if races are happening, you’re in a vulnerable age group, want to see the race but don’t want to take the risk you can see the race via streaming.

  52. This thread is about the Ice Breaker a formerly much beloved kick off to the local racing scene. So far we’ve seen people including JD, wmass, Earl and others who have claimed to be huge supporters of racing thumb their nose at Thompson. Including every racer not the least of which is the NWMT. A series they said they are such great fans of. DGF is a supporter but meanders off to disjointed ramblings that include favored targets like the Speedbowl and myself.
    But the topic is Thompson. Are you a fan or not. Hundreds of people putting on the show for you. That you are saying screw you to because you’re mad at a family simply doing what they think is right for their financial best interest.

  53. Doug is getting himself viciously raked through the coals.

    Doug wants to get back on topic.


    Doug wants to get back on topic.


  54. DOUG WROTE, “What DGF and wmass will never get is the concept of accessibility and expanding the fan base.”

    Doug, the fan base is mature, the market space for racing like this has been saturated and asymptotic at best for decades. Tracks have been closing, no new tracks have been opened. You are talking like this the introduction of the iPhone and the market is going to explode. Wrong. This racing has been around for decades and decades, has seen ups and downs, and this is it. Might fluctuate with the economy, but this is it.

  55. Doug, the southern Mod Tour was dissolved, no customers. We talk about the fan attendance here on these forums all the time, after every race. We all know it is in decline, we all notice the age of the fans in the stands is getting older, older and aging out, no young replacement fans.

    And what we all seem to agree on and discuss has been the need to promote, to compete for those discretionary entertainment dollars. 💵 Until the last ten years or so, NASCAR never had to promote, and never had any idea as to why they were making so much money. The product sold itself. Then the fans weren’t showing up, stands are empty, and NASCAR doesn’t seem to have a clue as to why or what to do about it.

    NASCAR is trying to stem the hemorrhaging, not grow the fan base. The fan base was there and left a long time ago, and NASCAR is trying to keep the last few. This is a way to promote, and get the fans to pay for it.

    It’s no secret that Iowa Speedway is a track that has been on life support for years and they need to do something, anything to create interest. I guess somebody watched that movie “Field of Dreams” and really thought if you build it they will come. Well, the fans never showed up at Iowa Speedway. Interestingly, on August 13, the Yankees will play the White Sox on the Field of Dreams field in Iowa. ⚾️

  56. So the guy who never goes to Thompson says all others should attend. The same guy who does everything but stay on topic says all others should get back on topic. Have another one Doug.

  57. That’s exactly the purity test I was talking about JD. You the guy that has never said where you are from out of fear. That has never proven you have ever seen any race let alone one at Thompson. The guy that seems to be permanently in a bad mood finding more fault with things then gratitude for what he has. Defining your entire argument for giving Thompson, the NWMT and every teams racing there the finger by assigning behaviors to me you can’t possibly know.

  58. When DGF travels on business it costs a lot of money so therefor NBC doesn’t make any money on streaming services and doesn’t pay NASCAR anything. You’re a joke. You had me falling off my barkalounger saying you travel on business.. I thought clown acts were usually local.

  59. An engineer experienced in aeronoutics when Christophers plane went down, master race chassis geometry analyst, super speedway body design analyst using your experience in fluid dynamics and now expert on streaming content provider cost analysist. There is literally nothing you don’t think you’re an expert it DGF.
    Oops this just in. Yet another area of expertise for DGF. NASCAR insider completely familiar with current trends in NASCAR’s business model.

  60. I’d be willing to bet Mr. Courchesnes is thinking about the virus threat right now. Accumulating information, keeping his ear to the ground and talking to racing insiders. Considering a way to address the topic and it’s potential affect on local racing without adding to the confusion and fear.
    DGF is a fool. His priorities are not Thompson and the races there it’s the Speedbowl and myself. All the rest of you with your petulant and misguided attacks of Thompson and the Ice Breaker aren’t much better. You diddle with some ill conceived anger at Thompson and all the teams that will race there while ignoring an actual potential threat that could have far reaching consequences.
    As I type this the stock market is in full panic. You think the virus fueled fear there is totally divorced from the fear that could affect all entertainment choices? I hope you’re right but I’m not buying any stock today betting on it.

  61. bro are you going through an episode or sumptin? 🤯

  62. Doug wrote, “That’s exactly the purity test I was talking about JD. You the guy that has never said where you are from out of fear. That has never proven you have ever seen any race let alone one at Thompson. The guy that seems to be permanently in a bad mood finding more fault with things then gratitude for what he has. Defining your entire argument for giving Thompson, the NWMT and every teams racing there the finger by assigning behaviors to me you can’t possibly know.”

    What? Who made you the judge to administer tests? Why should anyone say where they are from. I know it drives you nuts that I refuse to say where I’m from, and you tried that fear/shaming schtick on me too. Still doesn’t work!!!! You ask where everybody is from, and it drives you nuts that nobody complies.

    Okay Doug, I’ll tell you where I’m from. I’m within a 329 mile radius of Thompson Speedway. I attend just about all NWMT races every season. Rarely miss a race. I go to the tracks.


    Doug wrote, “When DGF travels on business it costs a lot of money so therefor NBC doesn’t make any money on streaming services and doesn’t pay NASCAR anything. You’re a joke. You had me falling off my barkalounger saying you travel on business.. I thought clown acts were usually local.”

    Doug, you would know about clown acts. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Doug, if you ever traveled, you would know what it costs. For a single person, airfare, meals, lodging, and rental car can add up to a couple grand. Plus labor. Now multiply that by the number of people sent to a track, plus hauling all the cameras and broadcast equipment and trucks. It costs hundreds of thousands or more to provide professional NBC-broadcast grade television coverage per event for a short track. Then multiply that by 17 races. There ain’t enough $20 subscribers to come close to paying that bill. None of that $20 is making it to the racers. That $20 is cutting the loss of attempting to promote racing. You are paying down the cost to promote NASCAR’s livelihood.

    Doug wrote, “An engineer experienced in aeronoutics when Christophers plane went down, master race chassis geometry analyst, super speedway body design analyst using your experience in fluid dynamics and now expert on streaming content provider cost analysist. There is literally nothing you don’t think you’re an expert it DGF.
    Oops this just in. Yet another area of expertise for DGF. NASCAR insider completely familiar with current trends in NASCAR’s business model.”

    Nobody said it better than Crazy in NY when he asked Doug who does he think he is questioning and judging all others as if he is the conclusive and irrefutable last word on everything? Doug, you posture as the ultimate, unquestionable expert on all, attacking all others that have a different opinion or even know the facts, making yourself look foolish, dumb, and hypocritical. So yes, I am normally preparing multi-million dollar plans and budgets for a variety of huge product development efforts. Knowing how to calculate what something will cost is a major part of what I do with my engineering expertise. Common practice for engineering professionals. It’s what we do.

    Doug, you are the virus. You promised to leave numerous times, but only self-quarantined for a couple days and came back. You are the pathos.

    And let’s not forget all the other screen names you have used such as WeldingWonders, RickyinMass, Doug, etc. What a hambone. That conclusively destroyed your rep, and made you look like you are desperately begging for attention. Well, you are getting the attention you asked for. Be careful what you ask for.

    Doug, you aren’t buying stock today or ever. You refuse to buy a ticket to the races.

    Folks, this is gonna be a good one. Doug is just starting to get spooled up.

  63. I’m going because I love Nascar short track racing period. I think we should give TSMP the benefit of the doubt here. Hopefully they can attract more sponsors and get the payouts to where they should be. I don’t know how anyone could stay home knowing racing was going on because your mad at management. I want to support our local racers like kid rock, woody, glenn boss, buddy charette and so on………………As far as the $55 entry fee, it’s well worth it if you can go Sat and Sun. Cmon guys save your money somewhere else and enjoy some short track racing……………

  64. Agreed. This has Hall of Fame thread written all over it.

  65. less than 90days till Waterford Opener, what are the odds that happens on Jun 6th?

  66. Fast Eddie says

    26 days until the Icebreaker and the start of New England racing!!

  67. Even from far, far away, where I am, somewhere within that 329 mile radius of Thompson Speedway, I can see what looks like a nuclear ☢️ mushroom 🍄 cloud ☁️ from Enfield.

    WeldingWonders 🤡, was that you?

    Did you go thermonuclear ballistic chain reaction? 💥 🤯

  68. Rich,
    Again, in an effort to keep this discussion from going down paths of mystery or myth, just want to step in here. To my knowledge, nobody from the New London-Waterford Speedbowl has made any official announcements concerning a schedule of events for the 2020 season. There are some divisions that have announced tentative dates for events pending construction at the track and that is it.

  69. BTW, went by the Bowl today and no stands being erected yet. A beautiful day for construction, don’t know what the hold up is.

  70. Paul T, how are you supporting the racers? They are racing for 75% less than last year while admission and concessions remain the same. Also after a major event sponsor announcement. The track is choosing not to pay the drivers. If you are cool with that then have a good time. You can tell me all about it at the Sizzler.

  71. I’m going to Thompson. Can’t wait. 😊 And it’s nice to know that Doug won’t be there.

    Small earthquakes have been detected in north central CT and neighboring MA. Must be Doug gnashing what’s left of his teeth. Doug is seething, livid, in total rage mode. 😡

  72. Where did all of you get your MBA’s? Must be a cereal box. Your all experts on how to run a race track and make money, even though you never ran one. Now, your experts on paving a race track, even though you have never done it.
    I’m not an expert either, but a blind man can see that the Road Course has saved Oval racing so far at TSMP, yet you berate it.

    The fact is you have no idea of the expenses involved. Case in point, my father owned a Fine Jewelry store that was a model for the industry, 65 employees, 15,000 sq ft. operation, inventory was marked up 100% not 400 as some others did. Bottom line, at the end of the year a 7% net profit, again 7% net profit!
    You think TSMP is making boat loads of money, but you don’t know the costs. You seem to have all the answers, maybe you all should form a consulting company and go out and solve the problems of every Short Track in the country.
    Business 101, no company can stay in business long when it loses money. Business 102, you can’t change Business 101!

  73. John P, How do you know that the road coarse has saved the Oval racing? How do you know that the road coarse may not be doing as well as they thought and the reason they are cutting purses is they need the money to stay a float? Oval racing has made the Hoenig’s a lot of money over the years – and a lot of people remember. But certainly the current people in charge don’t.

  74. John P, consider this…

    Thompson has claimed that the oval track surface is old and will need replacement before it gets too dangerous. Just about the entire oval track surface, except for T1 & T2, are used as part of the road course. If and when the road course portion of the oval tack is deemed at end-of-life, and since T1 & T2 are a small portion of the total oval track, why not include that small portion and have a totally reconditioned oval?

    Reconditioning the oval track is pretty much a two-birds-with-one-stone deal.

    Frankly, I’m surprise they didn’t do it when they were building the road course. Since they are claiming the oval track surface is near end-of-life, why didn’t they do it when doing all that paving for the road course?

  75. Doug wrote, “I’d be willing to bet Mr. Courchesnes is thinking about the virus threat right now. Accumulating information, keeping his ear to the ground and talking to racing insiders. Considering a way to address the topic and it’s potential affect on local racing without adding to the confusion and fear.”

    Doug is voluntarily quarantining himself by not going to any races in 2020.

  76. I would be willing to bet that Thompson does not have much Debt on the books, and Ice Breaker and World Series weekend’s make more money for the Facility than the Road Coarse does all year. Thompson has never mentioned getting rid of its cash cow the WMT, just weekly racing as I have read. If ownership can pay MRS 20-25k Purse twice a year(40-50k) it could afford to pay old SK Purse for 6 Races. Manta estimates Thompson annual revenue at around 2 million, majority of it is cash by the way so who knows how much extra comes in vs reported. We have no idea what it cost to operate but no shortage of money has been coming into the grounds for decades. Most successful businesses operate around 20-25% margin so lets call them a 10% profit business, that leaves around 200k/yr after all payroll including the owners share, expenses, insurances, taxes yada yada. No it’s not a lot of net gain but nobody here thinks they are losing money by owning a race track.

  77. I’m no MBA, but I have a few employees that are… ;^)

    I doubt it’s just the pavement…

    I’ve never seen a business eliminate a healthy, profitable product or service. As John P. pointed out, there are many overhead expenses providing any product or service that are overlooked by outsiders to a specific business.

    While tour weekends can pull in great crowds and are probably profitable, weekly oval racing probably has similar overhead, including paid workers, security, billable police presence, insurance, safety crews, sanctioning fees, etc… with a fraction of the gate receipts. The track has to expend the effort to organize, advertise, and supervise oval activities, usually by paid employees.

    Road racing events are often sanctioned by groups including the SCCA and SCDA, non-profit clubs. Clubs usually pay to use a facility and provide most, if not all, track day labor. The club probably probably also brings substantial insurance coverage for the facility and indemnity from club member legal action.

    Besides race and track day events, road courses are also rented by police departments, driving schools, film and TV crews, auto and auto parts manufacturers, even organizations like “Consumer Reports”. Many of these uses are on weekdays, with muffled vehicles and draw far less non-competitor traffic. They don’t require government permits, police, or traffic control, and are therefore a lot easier on the neighbors, including the golfers on the property.

    I would bet that most road course events require much less effort and expense from the track itself, possibly as little as collecting a check, then opening and closing the gates on event day.

    It’s a tough, possibly no-win choice… I understand car owners not wanting to race for peanuts or start a low purse precedent. However, if the place drew well on local nights for one season, there’s bargaining power for better purses. Staying away will surely kill the oval.

    What’s a more effective way to ask for a raise? Stating your personal need for more money or demonstrating the value you bring to the organization?

  78. Can we agree that successful businesses/products survive and thrive, and unsuccessful businesses/products decline and close?

    Rich, I believe Thompson has debt after the completion of the road course.

    Here you go: https://portal.ct.gov/DECD/Press-Room/Press-Releases/2014/2014-01-10-Gov-Malloy-Investment-in-the-Iconic-Thompson-Speedway-Will-Create-Jobs

  79. “I would be willing to bet that Thompson does not have much Debt on the books, and Ice Breaker and World Series weekend’s make more money for the Facility than the Road Coarse does all year.”

    I’d take that bet…

    While I’m sure the tour weekends bring in a profit, have you ever read the membership and initiation fee info for the TSMP Driver’s Club? For an individual under 62, it’s a $10,000 initiation fee + $4000 annual membership + $35/day. You can bring a guest for $185/day. 200 member limit, with about 30 track days a year available. That’s ONLY the captive TSMP club… Now consider SCCA, SCDA, and other external club events, as well as corporate, manufacturer, and government facility rentals.

    There’s also golf income, as well as restaurant and bar traffic driven by the golfers and track day attendees.

  80. Fast Eddie says

    Barry, just for the record, Consumer Reports has their own test track in Colchester CT. The site was previously known as Connecticut International Raceway in the 80’s, and before that Connecticut Dragway in the 60’s & 70’s.

  81. To their credit, Thompson was many months ahead of this virus. Their weekly drivers were racing in front of no fans a year ago to prevent the spread of this thing.

  82. I was unaware the State loaned 800k for the road course, but if profitable as everyone says most of that is paid already.

  83. See those non NWMT dates on the schedule? They are the equivalent of pity sex. Everyone knows its over. It’s emotional and the break up is hard so what’s the harm in one last go in the sack for old time sake.
    Pitkat on the Stafford Bottom Shot interview made Avery’s position clear. He just can’t support Thompson with the low purse. There was a certain sadness in it more then anger. They may get good car counts at the Ice Breaker as people shake down new equipment but the business model for non NWMT shows is dead. Enjoy the pity sex it’s the last.
    The NWMT shows are not pity sex. No one can say if Thompson makes money on the big shows but the visual is sure impressive. The move to road racing appears to be a brilliant strategic move but that doesn’t mean the NWMT shows can’t be a successful component to all the other racing going on there.

  84. crazylarry says

    All the crying ‘ Personally I’d like to thank the Honings for keeping the place open. $50.00 camping and $50.00 entry is well worth all the money!! You find a better insurance deal let me know ,They put on a good show for very little $$ We’re talking ct. cost money here or to do anything here , No increase what so ever!! Do you have a race car , you know it cost $$$$ It’s lost cause for fun’

  85. So why doesn’t Thompson do 6 special shows that will draw instead of sure to fail “weekly” shows. Seems like the better route to go but it requires effort.

  86. Consider this, The RC is booked every day except for maintenance and down time need for other things.
    Track rental is the key, but you still have to provide Corner Workers, Safety and Maintenance People.
    The Club initiation fee is $7500 not $10,000 and there are 37 days this year.

    With the way short track racing was going, it was smart to take advantage of and rebuild the RC to provide a steady source of income and cash flow. Not only because of declining attendance but oval racing is at the mercy of the weather, RC events are rain or shine. Plus with the upgrade of the facilities you can hold events not related to motorsports, Warrior Dash and events like it have been held at TSMP.
    I held Starfest, the largest national event of the Mercedes Benz Club at TSMP in 2016, other car clubs have held their National events there also. So you see it has opened up a lot of new revenue.

    That blind man can see how it has helped keep the oval going. Having said that, you still can’t lose money on one aspect of a multi faceted company for long. Companies nation wide shed unprofitable divisions all the time. Like having an infected leg and amputating it to save the rest of the body.
    If you really want to see TSMP survive and racing prosper, get your butts in the stands.

  87. John P…

    Thanks for the TSMP initiation fee correction, I must have been crosseyed and quoted the Family fee.


    It sounds like you’re possibly a member, so maybe you can answer a question. What is the renewal fee at the bottom of the table above? Does the initial initiation fee cover the first 10 years, similar to some golf and boat clubs?


  88. Barry, the initial fee is for the first 10 years, and yes I am a member.
    Are you interested in joining?

  89. With the NBA postponing the remaining schedule due to coronavirus concerns, the NCAA basketball tournament will be played in empty arenas. Do you think Thompson will cancel or postpone the ice breaker? Honestly a week or two ago I didn’t think outdoor events would be affected much but OSU cancelled their spring football game which is regularly attended by 100k. South by southwest festival in Austin and cochella has been cancelled. There is an F1 race that stopped selling tickets and another postponed without a makeup announced. I am beginning to think maybe some of the local outdoor racing events may fall victim. I think given the going concerns of attending large public events perhaps promoters think attendance would be down significantly compared to years past and cancel events. These local tracks aren’t making significant money in perfect conditions, I am thinking some tracks may decide it is not worth the risk of running events given the current climate we find ourselves in.

  90. Danglers, pity sex, Doug you have issues my friend LOL……..

  91. I would argue that the same could be said of you Earl. Spending so much time throwing darts at what I say and little thought to your own entries. Take a look and actually read what csg wrote. That is worth reading.

  92. Just a reminder, Doug won’t be at the Icebreaker.

  93. Doug, I don’t have to write a short story to get my point across. Maybe you should try it some time.

  94. No I won’t scum bag. Nor the Sizzler or any other NWMT race for that matter if they are held. I will be at every Stafford Open for sure not having missed one. While you yammer on making claims from your unknown location you can never prove and being the cowardly scum bag you are there is good news that will become more evident as time goes on.
    A few years back someone mentioned New Smyrna would be streamed live on a thing called fanschoicetv. I watched it, thought how great and was always grateful to the person for mentioning it. I will be watching whatever NWMT races that are held along with the TTOMS races that are streamed. I’m perfectly willing to be mocked by the scum bag and any other backward thinkers out there with their fake purity tests knowing full well that while being mocked they and many, many more are signing up and enjoying the services.
    According to one racing publication the Race Team Alliance, a group of NASCAR Cup Series owners purchased Speed51 primarily for it’s huge catalog of streaming services late last year. In addition FloRacing purchased DirtonDirt and it’s dirt streaming catalog and SPEEDSPORT launched SPEEDSPORT TV last August. Combined with the NBC/Nascar Trackpass launch 2019 was a monster year for local race related streaming services. Setting us up for 2020 such as it is with increased production value and device accessibility. Were it not for the coroavirus this would be a huge thing to celebrate this year.
    Content is king. Convenience is queen. Much like Netflix streaming races combines what people want when they want it and streaming races offers many of the same opportunities. A lot of very powerful people signed on in 2019 betting that racing content and convenience will expand the base of local short track racing. I not only am not ashamed to be a huge fan of the new and expanding services I can’t talk about it enough. Nothing is guaranteed as we are seeing now but the more people sign up for the service, the more people have access to the content the greater the likelihood that local racing of every type will survive and perhaps thrive. And yes much like Netflix is paying Mark Wahlberg for his upcoming appearance in a Netflix production race teams will benefit from our subscriptions to race streaming services.
    Jackie Arute gets it. Last year in this very forum he said he attempted to contact FansChoiceTV to see about streaming the Stafford Opens. Said the call wasn’t returned. That could very well change as pay to view gains more popularity especially with Speed51.
    It’s not a go vs stream choice. It’s a go and stream choice. Or a stream, see how good it is then go choice. Then stream and go some more. Or stream on your personal devise while you are at the race.
    At this stage with March Madness cancelled along with so many other events this summer is shaping up to be a gigantic bummer even if the illness never touches us individually. However streaming races is still a huge story that will continue to grow and gain popularity to the benefit of short track racing while the scum bag struts around demanding whatever he feels like demanding he can never prove.

  95. You are what you are Earl. You recall or react. You don’t study anything, you don’t research anything you simply critique, react or recall some thing from your past. You view everything through the prism of your experience with no empathy toward others perspectives that I can see. Aside from your fascination with critiquing some element of many of my comments I’d never suggest you change anything. On the other hand would I consider trying to be more like you. God no.

  96. Doug wrote, “No I won’t scum bag. Nor the Sizzler or any other NWMT race for that matter if they are held. I will be at every Stafford Open for sure not having missed one. While you yammer on making claims from your unknown location …”

    There you have it folks. Doug doesn’t go to the NWMT events.

    Doug, my location is not unknown. I know where it is.

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