Thompson Speedway, Stafford Speedway Events In Jeopardy By Thursday Executive Order

Connecticut governor Ned Lamont issued an executive order Thursday banning gatherings of 250 people or more in the state due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. 

The order reads: Prohibition of Large Gatherings. Throughout the State, gatherings of 250 people or more for social and recreational activities including, but not limited to, community, civic, leisure, or sporting events; parades; concerts; festivals; movie screenings; plays or performances; conventions; and similar activities; are prohibited. Such prohibition shall remain in effect until midnight on April 30, 2020, unless modified by a future Executive Order. Nothing in this order shall prohibit any spiritual gathering or worship service. Violators of this order may be subject to criminal penalties pursuant to Section 28-22 o f the Connecticut General Statutes. 

The order, should it run through April 30 would cover the running of the Liquid Death Icebreaker at Thompson Speedway (April 4-5) and the NAPA Spring Sizzler at Stafford (April 24-26). 

Thompson Speedway management released a statement Thursday afternoon reading: 

“Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park is aware of Connecticut Governor Lamont’s Executive order which bans gatherings of more than 250 people and will abide by it. Today’s announcement will obviously impact some of our 2020 schedule and we will have more information about the affected events as soon as it is available. The safety of our fans and racers is paramount in this situation, and we will continue to work with health officials going forward. Thank you for your understanding.” 

Stafford Motor Speedway chief executive officer and president Mark Arute noted that the executive order can be lifted. 

“We’ll just keep monitoring,” Arute said. “It can be rescinded at anytime. … We’ll just monitor what’s going on.” 

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour is scheduled to have events at the Icebreaker and Spring Sizzler.

The Whelen Modified Tour is set to open its season on March 21 at South Boston (Va.) Speedway. Series director Jimmy Wilson said Thursday afternoon that the South Boston Speedway event remains scheduled. Virgina Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency in that state late Thursday, but did not announce any specific ban on gatherings.

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  1. No chance Icebreaker happens as scheduled. Maybe the Sizzler. If they move the Sizzler it will have to be after Martinsville.

    America is closed until further notice.

  2. The USA is woefully deficient and negligent when it comes to testing. This virus will be persistent for many months. The CDC/NIH experts are expecting 3-6 more months of this. We are just starting to get spooled up and the bug has a couple months lead time, spreading at will. Because of that lead time, it will be far more difficult to contain this. The USA has not done enough testing to know how extensive this situation is. But then, if you don’t test, there is very little data, and that can be misconstrued as good management.

    Our racing season might have a late start, and be shortened.

  3. Soboston is just a matter of time before plug gets pulled on that, going to be alot of pressure by local towns/authorities to cancel these races with teams coming from various states.

  4. SoBo and Martinsville are at risk. Keep in mind this is still spooling up. Things will be far worse when the Martinsville date comes around.

    I wouldn’t want to depend on eating in restaurants. I don’t want to eat food prepared by someone else for the next few months. I wouldn’t want to travel to SoBo or Martinsville.

  5. Plugs 2020 says

    If the Thompson oval is on life support like we know it is, the corona is getting ready to pull the plug.

  6. The folks “managing” the ‘bowl just did a huge sigh of relief. 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡

    They desperately needed something like this.

  7. Hey DaDope keep drinking the Kool Aid

  8. why you got to talk like that ? according to the misleading cable news channels. the corona virus is getting ready to pull the plug on all of us. can you spell paranoia

  9. It is called media frenzy. Only believe half of what you read in the news papers and see on TV.

    Between D & D you drive us all insane.

  10. The ‘bowl can blame the CVD-19 pandemic for opening late.

    Wait for it.

  11. In late February Limbaugh was saying “The coronavirus is the common cold” and Hannity was calling WHO death numbers overstated and fake. Conservative media is still calling it all overblown and mocking the preventative closures and cancellations. Meanwhile every broadcast news programs is using the entire first segment every night unleashing a torrent of increasingly grave news and predictions.
    What we do know is that in countries like China and South Korea the number of new cases has plateaued or decreased as the result of iron fisted restrictions. In Italy they were not quick to respond, cases got out of control and their health care system is failing.
    We see the divide here probably based on what news shows we consume. Some of us think heavy handed restrictions and preventative measures are the way to go to prevent a full blown outbreak and a possible health care system collapse. Others recoil at the restrictions to freedom and don’t think it’s necessary.
    My suggestion is to take a break from it all and watch Mike Christopher on the latest in the series of outstanding podcasts hosted by Stafford Speedway. For me Christopher is like Bill Belichick.. Someone I respect the heck out of but wouldn’t dare talk to knowing I could never hope to hold up my end of the conversation and they don’t suffer fools. On the other hand I could listen to him all day. A guy every bit as intense and accomplished as the twin brother we know better that simply went in a different, less visible direction in his life. There are tons of nuggets in the interview that are gold and unleashed with classic Christopher bluntness. Like Christophers passion for Z28’s, wanting to use 28 as a number and reversing it when 28 wasn’t available. Like the fact the 82 team purchased an LFR in December. That’s the tip of the iceberg. That’s the tip of the iceberg. Check it out.

  12. Dareal, you stole my comment. But I too think this pandemic could further delay the opening of the speedbowl

  13. With the exception of a couple countries, the number of cases are doubling in all other countries in 3 – 7 days. That’s exponential increase.

    The same goes for the death rate, it is also in a pattern of exponential rise.

    This thing is still spooling up. Folks, protect yourselves. In doing so, you can also protect those around you.

    A week ago, only a couple USA states had cases. Today, only four states do not have confirmed cases. And testing in the USA is woefully deficient, perhaps the worst of the advanced countries.

  14. I’d be shocked if these events go on as planned. We all talk about how old the folks in the stands are, and the older a person is the higher the mortality rate with this virus. 🦠

  15. Is Stafford Speedway still planning practice for April 18 or not

  16. Plugs 2020 says

    Hey dadope, the speedbowl is going to open late this year? They were planning on opening on time? When was opening day?

  17. Brian,
    Not sure where any type of open practices stand currently but the state currently has a ban on gatherings of more than 250 people. Have to guess even an open practice would go beyond that number.

  18. Hey Plugs, check the ‘bowl website.


    But a Hans device is required in 2020. 🤡🤡🤪🤪😜😜🤪😜🤪🤡

  19. Hate, really hate to admit it, but Dareal is right. This pandemic is still uncontrolled. Only 4 states with no known cases, but I’d bet there are cases. Best advice, avoid crowds, wash your hands, and stock up on T.P. something about having T.P. on hand seems to calm people? But do you really need 48 boxes? This is no joke. If you are elderly, or know elderly folks, check on them, they are most at risk. Everybody stay safe, stay home if you feel sick. Please we all need to stick together to get through this. The next few weeks, yes weeks, are crucial to crush this thing, then slowly things should return to somewhat normal. Stay safe and keep posting. Maybe we can rehash some topics to get through. Just my opinion.

  20. Plugs 2020 says

    Don’t know why you’re consumed with the speedbowl. You might want to focus your attention on Thompson. The corona could be the nail in the coffin. You know everything so you should know this

  21. Seekonk is due to open May 3rd. Hopefully they will open as scheduled. For that matter hoping Sizzler weekend will run as scheduled. I think with Thompson being only a few weeks away, they probably will have to postpone, but there’s still time. This Virus is the worst health threat since the flu pandemic in 1918. Never, in my lifetime, has anything of this scale happened. Every major sport has postponed, or cancelled. Broadway, Disneyland and Disney world, all closed. Most schóols and collages in Western Mass., As well as around the country, closed. Even churches are closing. Where does it end? And what is up with the run on toilet paper? People are going nuts with the stuff even fighting for the last roll. I know this virus is dangerous, and I also know things will get worse before they get better, but toilet paper? Just don’t understand why people are going so crazy over it.
    I hope everyone is being cautious, and taking measures to keep from getting Covid 19. Hopefully now that Trump has finally declared a state of emergency, things will start to get better. We are in round 2 of a 15 round fight. Stay strong. This will eventually pass, and racing will resume, until then your just gonna have to find another way to piss off your spouse. ( Hide the T.P. lol) stay safe people.

  22. Instead of relying on toilet paper, I recommend folks get their fiber consumption up. If people are that concerned with TP, they clearly need more fiber in their diets.

  23. Liz Cherokee says

    I just knew my boy dareal would know everything about the Coronavirus… I’m sure he’ll have the cue soon!
    I’m the interim, I’m stocked up on alcohol–both types because unlike Miss Kitty D, I don’t drink isopropyl variants. Bottoms up boys!

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