Tri-Track Open Modified Series Postpones Season Opening Event

RaceDayCT has learned that the season opening Tri-Track Open Modified Series event scheduled for May 2 at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. has been postponed due to issues surrounding the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The State of New Hampshire issued a stay-at-home order for residents on Thursday that runs through May 4. The order requests that non-essential businesses remain closed.

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series opener has now been rescheduled to May 9 at Monadnock.

A statement sent to teams and competitors Friday read in part:

We will abide by the rulings of state government officials during this difficult time in the effort to keep everyone safe. Therefore, we have postponed the opener at Monadnock Speedway until Saturday, May 9. This new date is tentative, as the COVID-19 situation is fluid and changing daily. Please stick with our social media channels for the latest information if there is to be any further updates.

The next event on the Tri-Track Open Modified Series schedule following Monandock is scheduled for May 24 at Claremont (N.H.) Speedway.

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  1. Fast Eddie says

    Hopefully it is only a week postponement, as in maybe by then this virus is on the downswing. I’m also hoping there will still be opportunities to get at least most of the races in for everyone; race teams, race tracks, and fans. New Hampshire has already lost the New England Nationals drag race this year due to “revised scheduling” by the NHRA because of the outbreak. I’m sure that is a pretty big economic hit for the state.

  2. Up at Star, they were operating like normal until today. Now they are in shock and people are complaining that the track is closed until at least May. Have they not turned on the news? Just my opinion, but you have to be an idiot for the closings to catch you by surprise at this point. Most normal minded people were preparing for this weeks ago.

  3. JD,
    People think “Live Free or Die” is just a fun little motto for New Hampshire, but those people take that phrase seriously. Following some New Hampshire news this week people were shocked the governor would dare start shutting stuff down. They literally still had public gyms operating up to today.

  4. Just curious but when does everyone think we see our first local race around here. I am thinking Memorial Day. I really hope I am wrong and its much earlier but everything just keeps getting pushed out further and further. MA canceelled school until May and most people I talk to dont think they are going back until the Fall. i am thinking by Memorial Day people will be so sick of staying home they may revolt and disobey orders no matter what the consequences to their own health may be. It is a crazy world we live in. Stay safe, stay healthy.

  5. โ€œLive Free or Dieโ€. Catchy tune. Coined during the Revolutionary War to indicate willingness to make the supreme sacrifice in the cause of freedom. Now mostly bastardized to a complaint of donโ€™t inconvenience me with all the nonsense about the greater good.
    Most rural States are chaffing at restrictions. New Hampshire has reported a mere 187 cases and 27 deaths as of yesterday. A vast network of talk radio media are feeding the notion that the restrictions are presenting a more dangerous economic threat then the virus itself that may not be helpful but has and element of truth until the number of local cases hits the tipping point.
    I know this. In and around Enfield, Ct people are getting it big time. Itโ€™s like they have an invisible force field around them that pushes them away when another person is near.

  6. Yeah, we need a wall around New Hampshire to protect the rest of us from them New Hampshire residents. They think liberty means they can do whatever they want, regardless of law and order.

    Like Canada and Mexico shut down the northern and southern borders to keep the #TrumpPandemic out of their respective countries. The prevalence of the COVID-19 virus ๐Ÿฆ  is orders of magnitude greater here in the USA than in Canada and Mexico. Canada and Mexico are taking measures to protect themselves from the USA #TrumpPandemic.

  7. JD, in your post, replace “idiot” with “Libertarian” and you end up with the likes of Rand Paul. Arrogant, belligerent, self-centered types. Rand Paul is a doctor, a surgeon, and certainly should have known better, much better. But he did what he wanted to do and was concerned only all about himself. ๐Ÿฆ ๐Ÿฆ ๐Ÿฆ ๐Ÿฆ ๐Ÿฆ 

    I was social distancing long before it was announced and recommended. I was staying away from people in the grocery stores back when there was still plenty of paper goods, and shelves full of toilet paper.

    ๐Ÿงป ๐Ÿงป ๐Ÿงป ๐Ÿงป ๐Ÿงป ๐Ÿงป ๐Ÿงป

  8. Live Free or Die is definitely a real thing. I 100% agee but the writing has been on the wall for a few weeks. The NBA and MLB are hoping for a June-July start. NCAA has talked about nixing the college FOOTBALL season if things get worse. Think about that. We have a little time there of course.

    Places like Star should at least have a plan for no season or a limited season because as of today those options are all in play. Nobody knows when this ends. Not saying it will happen but it could happen. They should be getting in line for small business assistance from the Fed Gov.

    Doug, 187 is about right but there have only been 2 deaths in NH as of Friday night. That is ok though. I’m glad your numbers were slightly off in this case. WMUR
    News is a good source of NH numbers. VT and ME are close to the same it seems like. NYC is a disaster as most know.

    While I’m at it (I’m Bored), Florida really needed to get there stuff together weeks ago. Now they are blaming NY. Seriously, the whole country saw the springbreak pictures. That state is always a sandwich short of a picnic. Lucky for them the weather is always nice. Otherwise there would be no use for that state.

  9. Hey, didn’t someone tell us that this virus ๐Ÿฆ  was going to go away once the weather warmed up? Well, the virus ๐Ÿฆ  has now spread all over the world, even where it is warm.

    Why FloriDUH didn’t shut the beaches is obvious… they put the economy ahead of safety. The FL Governor is a GOP.

  10. wmass01013 says

    I HAVE TO ASK DAREAL, is there ANYTHING u don’t know?, Your such a genius in EVERYTHING, EVERY post is how u were right about this or that or knew this or that. ARE u the dean at an IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL?, THE HEAD of some corporation? HAVE u been on any Presidential Staffs? please tell US!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWWWWW we are blessed!!!

  11. Apologies, I plugged the CT death count into NH. It is indeed 2 or there abouts.
    Talking about death counts on RaceDayCT. Didn’t see that one coming like ever.

  12. I’m not sure you can be blame the trumpster. The governors run their respective states. While they have been in communication with the White House throughout, the governors are making the adult decisions for their own states. Obviously places like NH, Idaho and Montana are going to have different approaches than CA, WA or NY. When it’s over, I’m sure the good and bad will be debated. Like 9/11, there is no established protocol for this. Mistakes will be made. Good decisions will also be made.

    Overall, the NH numbers are as good as can be expected. The governor is doing ok. Seems like the racing community are the ones with their heads in the sand. The Stafford and Seekonks of the world seem to understand we could be in a holding pattern for a while. The NH tracks were preparing to racing in two weeks until 24hrs ago.

  13. Dadope thought he was the one staying away from people in the grocery stores, little did he know people couldn’t get far enough away from him. WMASS I know something I was right about a long time ago

  14. JD, regarding Governors vs Trumpster… make it a point to catch the daily NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo press briefings. Just beautiful. He explains things very well. His press briefings are on early in the day. Then watch a Trumpster press briefing. Trump is effectively plagiarizing Cuomo, and trying to make it look like this was all his leadership and doing. The Cuomo press briefings are all about the pandemic. The Trump press briefings are about all sorts of things, and sometimes the pandemic is presented. Trump can’t even stay focused when reading. prepared statement. He can’t make it through a single sentence without veering off with numerous unrelated comments.

    JD, this response, actually lack of response, is all on the Trumpster. I’ve been self isolating for weeks, way back when shelves of grocery stores still had ample toilet paper. ๐Ÿงป That’s when Trump was saying we’re in good shape, the 15 cases we had would be zero in a week. The Governors have been acting to tell the public to self-isolate, which irritated Trump because he was selling his story that all is well, when it wasn’t.

    So the USA went from 15 cases, that Trump said were going to be zero cases in a couple days, to 116,326 cases and 1,943 deaths as of 2:33 pm on March 28, 2020. And the rates are skyrocketing.

    And watch out for Rudy Giuliani, he has risen. He’s selling a drug concoction cure. Claims he has 100% supporting data. NYS Gov. Cuomo has been requesting Federal aid for many, many weeks, but the Trump Administration denied the problem. All that time, the virus ๐Ÿฆ  was spreading and spreading and spreading, and because of that neglect, the virus ๐Ÿฆ  is at the point of exponential explosion now.

    Trump likes to announce he’s shutting down the borders to make it look like the USA is being invaded and violated, when as of now, the USA has turned into a petri dish, a vile swamp of virus ๐Ÿฆ  infection made exponentially worse by the neglect early on. Canada and Mexico shut down the borders to keep people from the USA from traveling into their respective countries. The USA is the threat to Canada and Mexico.

    Great news sources:

    And this is the best, Trump’s own words:

    Trumpster is demanding that ad be taken down.

  15. wmass, donโ€™t waste your time calling him out. He will never answer your questions, he is the man, the myth the legend. There is nothing he does not know or or has done. Absolute perfection, a legend in his own mind.

  16. I dont think a 1 week exstension is going to make a diffrence. When racing in New England does resume the WMT is going to be priority. Tri Track, MRS, AMT, Open 80’s are all going be fighting for leftovers because they wont run against WMT. So untill Nascar starts up again and adjusts the WMT schedule, all dates are pissing in the wind at this point.

  17. Dates and conflicts are the challenge? Boy I hope you’re right. I hope someone flips a switch, the cases decline, the virus issues fade to the shadows and the tracks and sanctioning bodies pick up the pieces and salvage a season. The reality is that things have changed. Peoples behaviors have changed. The racing audience is older, there will be risks until there is a vaccine and it is after all only entertainment. Hopefully this will be about dates and conflicts. More likely it will be about survival.. A fragile sport showing signs of revival and kneecapped at precisely the worst time.
    Or maybe itโ€™s about location. The rural States up North with TTOMS races less affected by the virus so far apparently ready to go when they get the all clear.. The fans I assume ready to go as well. Perhaps at Seekonk it gets a little more complicated. Might be time for Seekonk to consider eliminating the TTOMS streaming black out zone if they can salvage a races or races and recapture some of the lost local revenue.
    Connecticut tracks are clearly vulnerable. Stafford is always looking to the future and especially Paul Arute. They looked into streaming last year according to Jackie Arute in this very forum. Maybe that gets pushed to the front burner. Expensive and complicated for sure and loses in the short term and perhaps a year or two too soon. But it is coming. Speed51 is strong in Late Models. Maybe they could consider picking up Staffords Pro Late Model Open or a Tour Modified Open.

  18. wmass01013, still waiting for your answer? Thought so…โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ.

  19. More talk of no football in 2020 today. You best prepare yourselves now for zero racing. It very easily could happen. The number of deceased are quickly adding up. This is going to be brutal. Something we have never seen before.

    Stay Safe.

  20. POTUS just announced that the social distancing and other guidelines will stay in place until APRIL 30. He was choking as he said it.

    Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci are kicking ๐ŸฆตTrump’s galactic sized derriรจre.

    Can’t wait to see what Sean ins-Hannity has to say about this. Is ins-Hannity still calling this a hoax?

  21. Will you PLEASE put a sock in it

  22. Folks, pay attention to the main stream media news. Yaknow, news bureaus like NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC. What they have been reporting has been true and real. This is not a hoax.

    Look at the numbers and projections. Instead of wondering how soon tracks and stuff will open up, think of it as how much longer will there be a social distancing advisory in place, and how much longer businesses will be closed or have people work from home to protect lives.

  23. The NFL football season could be canceled. The fans know it. It hasnโ€™t been on the front burner at all. Free agency has proceeded well and the draft is going forward to. There is the issue though of a large group of people in a relatively small space in constant contact with the threat that an outbreak that could decimate the team. A lot could change because itโ€™s a long way off but no one is kidding themselves by not talking about it.
    If you are talking about there is a spin for we Patriots fans that have lost the GOAT and are now in great turmoil wondering what the future will bring. As for Brady, losing a season at his age would not be good. An old guy another year older in great shape but not football shape. Losing football muscle memory. And that two year guaranteed contract. Will the Bucs view it in the same light. If you are a vindictive Patriots fan this could be poetic justice for Brady leaving the team no matter how good his reasons were.
    As for the Patriots with Stidham ready to take the reigns whatโ€™s a year to him. Just gives him more time to prepare. The Patriots team as a whole as well. They are a mess now losing so many good players to free agency and cap space challenged. A year could give the evil genius Belichick more time to catch back up, train the draft choices and younger players and prepare. All the holes they have could be a strength with the season in doubt. Exactly what the Buffalo Bills now ready to win the division for the first time in let me thinkโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆforever did not want.
    See thereโ€™s always a silver lining.

  24. Rich Gourley says

    My guess is that any activity that includes any type of a significant public gathering will probably not be permitted until 2021.

  25. Okay, so our dear Orange ๐ŸŠ Oracle dimwit POTUS tried the ignore-it-away route and that didn’t work. Well, in order to ignore something, you must first understand it, so that’s not completely true. He tried to sell it as a nothing-hamberder, didn’t work. As a result, thousands and thousands will die. Go look up the well documented timeline, and then the death statistics, and the ramp up in deaths. It’s all there. Neglecting to address and take action cost lives, and will cost even more. The USA is now the hotbed of the world for this outbreak. ๐Ÿ˜ท And it’s only going to get worse. This is not supposed to happen in the USA, right? Who is leading this?

    Remember my earlier post where I taught you about the nominal infection rates, morbidity and mortality? Well, it looks like Donny Dumbo read that post. Trump tried to do nothing, for it would impact the economy (the booming Obama economy) and make Trump look bad. Trump did not know or care about the massive loss of life that would happen with the do nothing approach, only how it would make him look bad because of the hit to the economy. But if you take into consideration that the virus ๐Ÿฆ  is expected to have a 60-80% infection rate (60-80 out of 100 people will be infected), some will show signs (morbidity), and then there will be mortality, using the known mortality rates, that adds up to about 2 million to 6 million deaths. Social distancing is all we have to reduce that. There is no medicine to cure this. That’s why emergency hospitals are being built all over the country, ice rinks are being prepared to be used as makeshift morgues, refrigeration trucks are being staged to be used as morgues. This is all happening people. A huge emergency hospital is being built in Central Park NYC.

    The entire country will not peak at the same time, and then this goes away and you resume life the way it was. Localized peaks will happen all over the country, and this will take months. Travel is going to be discouraged, restricted or prohibited.

    And through it all, some of you are concerned about scheduling conflicts of the regional tracks.

    Folks, stay away from one another for your own good.

  26. knuckles Mahoney says

    Dareal, you’re gonna be real pissed when Trump wins re-election. Might wanna start the Prozac now, so you have good blood levels.

  27. Oh knuckles, it won’t be that bad. I’ve been prepped by W. I was stunned when GW Bush was reelected. As if the first term wasn’t bad enough and he didn’t have ample opportunity to prove total incompetence.

    “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has bounds.” – Al Einstein

    The Deplorables keep showing they can reset the bar at will.

    Trump just announced that the emergency ventilators will start to become available in 100 days. That’s around July 1. Think about that…. emergency ventilators will be available in three months. That’s way too late or this pandemic will last a very long time. The general public clearly is not being told everything. Trump wants to reopen the economy on Easter, and emergency ventilators won’t be available for three months.

  28. Feeling pretty confident Knuckles? Maybe based on Trumps surging job approval numbers. Whoda thunk it?

  29. knuckles Mahoney says

    Dareal, you may wanna talk about things that you know about. Not a single person who has died so far from corona virus, has died from the lack of a ventilator. I’ll let ya in on a little secret. I practice medicine in a hospital. Work directly with patients in the ICU setting. We have plenty of ventilators. What we don’t have in large supply is beds to lie these patients prone, which helps tremendously. One these patients go on a ventilator, they will likely be on the vent for at least 1 to 2 weeks. Oh, and guess where the vents being bought, are coming from, oh yeah, China. You may want to fess up now that Trump has been correct all along. We are way too dependent on China for everything. Does is it really matter now that you can get a product made in China for 3 bucks, instead of made in the USA for 7?
    And Doug, I am very confident. I predicted he would win in 2016, and got called all kinds of stuff at work, most notably stupid. She was killing him in the polls after all. Wen you have 14 of the 16 women that my wife works with hating Hillary, I knew she didn’t have a chance.

  30. knuckles Mahoney says

    Back to your regular program. There is no way they will get this race in a week later. Let racing beging June 1st would be my best guess.

  31. Practicing medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of illness so that would make you at the very least a nurse Knuckles if Iโ€™m connecting the dots correctly.
    Probably one of the most interesting comments for a good long while. From a person intimately knowledgeable with the single most important industry in the country in the pandemic.
    Making the inclusion of pretty stock talk radio bits all the more perplexing.
    Clinton a bad candidate. Yes and who cares especially now. Trump right about making too many things in China. Yes for sure but aside from the talking point how has anything changed really on that score? No one dying from the lack of a ventilator? That’s the talking point. If not 100% true it is substantially true but what does it have to do with what will be needed in the future, where it will be needed and how it will be made available to the hot spot that needs it?
    Claiming Trump will win in November or the Democrat for that matter is being a good political fan rooting for your team but thatโ€™s all it is. Fact is no one can possibly know what the economic and political landscape will look like in the fall.
    Right now weโ€™re at the start of one of the single biggest issues Trump and the administration will be judged on. Like in every crises the inclination is to rally to the government and president for support and thatโ€™s what the polling is showing. People are engaged with fear levels off the charts. Spirit to fight the plague high and stimulus money is on the way. Trumps front and center now every day while his likely opponent tucked away, powerless and mostly irrelevant on a day to day basis.
    In the fall there will be a more complete record to judge Trump based on the results he achieved with regard to the pandemic or didnโ€™t. Candidates including Biden will be in full flower and ads proclaiming Republican successes or failures hammering us each day. The stimulus checks will be long gone, disruptions still ongoing with people weary of it all and an economy struggling. Or maybe not we just donโ€™t know. I do know either side claiming victory at the start of a desperate battle shows more team spirit then good judgement.
    Iโ€™m pretty much is awe that someone in the medical profession would take the time to provide insights on ventilators, patient positioning and the availability of beds under the circumstances and thank you for that.

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