NASCAR Postpones Whelen Modified Tour Event At South Boston Speedway

RaceDayCT has learned that NASCAR informed team owners and competitors Friday that the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour’s season opening event scheduled for March 21 at South Boston (Va.) Speedway has been postponed.

The event joins a long list of sporting events being cancelled due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. 

No makeup date for the event is currently planned. A public announcement of the postponement is expected later today.

Earlier Friday NASCAR announced the postponement of its national series events this weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway and next weekend at Miami-Homestead Speedway.

The decision now puts into question the running of the first three events scheduled for the Whelen Modified Tour in 2020.

On Thursday Connecticut governor Ned Lamont issued an executive order banning gatherings of 250 people or more in the state.

The order reads: Prohibition of Large Gatherings. Throughout the State, gatherings of 250 people or more for social and recreational activities including, but not limited to, community, civic, leisure, or sporting events; parades; concerts; festivals; movie screenings; plays or performances; conventions; and similar activities; are prohibited. Such prohibition shall remain in effect until midnight on April 30, 2020, unless modified by a future Executive Order. Nothing in this order shall prohibit any spiritual gathering or worship service. Violators of this order may be subject to criminal penalties pursuant to Section 28-22 o f the Connecticut General Statutes. 

The order, should it run through April 30 would cover the running of the Liquid Death Icebreaker at Thompson Speedway (April 4-5) and the NAPA Spring Sizzler at Stafford (April 24-26). The Whelen Modified Tour is scheduled to run as part of both the Thompson and Stafford events.

Thompson Speedway management released a statement Thursday afternoon reading: 

“Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park is aware of Connecticut Governor Lamont’s Executive order which bans gatherings of more than 250 people and will abide by it. Today’s announcement will obviously impact some of our 2020 schedule and we will have more information about the affected events as soon as it is available. The safety of our fans and racers is paramount in this situation, and we will continue to work with health officials going forward. Thank you for your understanding.” 

Stafford Motor Speedway chief executive officer and president Mark Arute noted Thursday that the executive order can be lifted. 

“We’ll just keep monitoring,” Arute said. “It can be rescinded at anytime. … We’ll just monitor what’s going on.” 

The next event following the NAPA Icebreaker 150 for the Whelen Modified Tour is scheduled for May 8 at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway.

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  1. What a difference a day makes.

  2. They cancelled just to give Coby more time to just kidding.

  3. One bright spot, the casinos are still open…for now. Hurry up and go lose your money.

  4. Folks, we are in deep 💩💩.

    This action taken today to declare the National Emergency should have happened back in January when China exposed this contagion. 😷 That was back in January. This failure, and it is a failure of gross negligence, let the virus spread in our country with no concerns. A week ago POTUS claimed there were only 15 cases in the USA and said by now those cases would be zero. Instead, we have thousands of cases multiplying at a fast exponential rate, and many, many deaths. Last week POTUS said we had only 15 and would have ZERO cases now. Instead we have a National Emergency being declared. The testing is almost moot at this point, the virus is out there and spreading, and the health care system will soon be be overwhelmed with very sick people.

    Practice good hygiene and social distancing.

    I don’t expect any group or crowd events being allowed in the next few weeks.

  5. GOD IS CLOSED! Among other things, now even churches are closing their doors. This is bad, really really bad. Today they announced that the Boston Marathon has been postponed till September 14th. The POTUS finally declared a state of emergency, freeing up much needed help. I hope all of you are safe, and hope this passes quickly, but I fear we have a long road ahead. Hopefully racing resumes this season, and our regional tracks don’t see too severe an impact from this. Everyone stay safe, and use common sense. We WILL get through this, and we’ll be stronger from it.

    APPLE has reopened it’s 42 stores in CHINA. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Oh, wait, that’s an incoming freight train.

  7. Spoken like a true Democrat. And if a national emergency was declared in January when it was exposed in China you would have accused the president of over reacting. Perhaps you should have played football cause you sure are good at being a Monday morning QB.

    And for all you chicken littles out there the sky has not fallen yet.

    Be vigilant, keep your distance and be safe!

  8. Earl, you are wrong again. I’ve been watching this since January, when China was first exposed, and wondering why the USA was not taking precautions. Until today, POTUS has been saying all is good, nothing to worry about. Just last week he said we had only 15 cases and today, Mar 13, there would be zero. Instead we have thousands of cases exploding at exponential rates, and the mortality is speeding up. Last week CT had 4 cases, today we have 11. And it’s gonna explode over the next few weeks.

    Earl, do you still believe this a hoax manufactured by China, as is being sold by Limbaugh, Hannity and POTUS? Like POTUS says climate change is a hoax manufactured by China.

  9. Don’t forget Dareal, the confirmed cases are only confirmed because those people have been tested. Numerous federal officials have stated a lack of available tests. Where Trump said there were 4 million tests available and delivered, in reality there were only about 250,000 tests available for use. The number of confirmed cases rises as the tests are prossessed. Today in his press conference he announced that there would be about 4 million new tests distributed next week, a life long health official said a few minutes later that about 500,000 new tests would be released bringing the total number to about 1.5 million. I tend to believe the health official over the tv reality flop turned president. The numbers continue to rise hourly with over 1000 presumed cases in Massachusetts, but only 138 confirmed due to lack of available tests. The numbers are much higher than that, and this virus spreads rapidly. Anyone who thinks this is a hoax will most likely end up infected. You can’t fix stupid. Those who believe, and are vigilant have a good chance of survival. Stay safe, wash your hands, and avoid crowds. Just my opinion.

  10. One of the few times I agree with dareal

  11. Rob p., here’s the other factor… before a person is considered officially cleared, they must have three consecutive tests with negative results. That’s three tests per person. So 1.5 million test kits will only serve 500,000 people.

    The thing is, this virus has symptoms that are similar to the common cold and flu, so many people will do nothing about it, just ride it out thinking it’s the regular bug. In doing so, they are infecting everyone around them. That’s the scary part. And this virus spreads easily. And this virus is deadly for older and compromised people. And ifs that wasn’t bad enough, a person can be infected and contagious for two weeks before they start to realize symptoms while all that time they have been spreading and infecting others. That’s how and why this bug has been spreading faster than wildfire.

  12. Earl, why don’t you fly to Italy and tell them Covid 19 is just a hoax. I don’t identify as a Democrat, or Republican I’m an AMERICAN. This virus is very real, and continues to spread every hour. Trump and his administration dropped the ball on this one big time. It’s good to see people calling him out on it.

  13. Tell me if this ain’t messed up. The Democrat led house of representatives was ordered by the speaker, to stay late tonight, to vote on a stimulus package to help those affected by Covid 19. At the same time the Republican led Senate was told to go home till Monday, by their leader. Don’t you think in this situation the Senate should have convened Saturday morning to vote on this much needed help? Keep in mind, during the impeachment process the Senate convened on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Is that not messed up? There are many families out there who desperately need this help. Now the vote won’t take place till Monday. Keep in mind Trump has stated he would sign the measure as soon as it passed. Our governments head is surely in the wrong place right now.

  14. Rob p., if you think the Trump Admin messed up, read this, from today’s announcement:

    Trump got nailed!!!! It was pathetic when he tried to make like he knew nothing about it.

  15. Every decision our governments make, now directly affects us as race fans, and dictates how long it will be before we are able to enjoy live on track racing or any sport. Delaying a vote till Monday gives this virus 3 more days of freedom. One of the key factors of this package is free testing, meaning people won’t have to pay for the test regardless of their financial situation, or wether or not they have insurance. This bill will save lives once passed. Why are they waiting till Monday?

  16. OK Mutt and Jeff, where in my post did I say this is a hoax? Please where did I say that. Please cut and paste where I specifically said Covid 19 is a hoax. I am waiting. Don’t spend to much time researching it because you will not find it.

  17. You didn’t specifically say it Earl, but your comment “spoken like a true Democrat” implies you are a republican, and the Republican view till recently was that this is a hoax. When it comes to situations like this, in my mind, there are no Democrats, there are no Republicans, we are all Americans. But, I know some Republicans who believe everything Trump says, hence my reaction. Sorry if I’ve offended you. Like I said, now is the time to put our differences aside, and work together. Like Caeser in the movie planet of the apes said ” ape alone weak… Apes together strong” I think we should all learn from the apes, and stop acting like a bunch of them! Anyway, just my opinion

  18. Dareal, read that piece, I urge others to read it. Shows the total lack of leadership this president puts forth. But I’m confused I thought the virus started in China, not Mexico

  19. This should make you laugh
    A lesson in stupidity. My wife has a friend named Patty. Die hard Trumpian, believes the man can walk on water. Yesterday we were watching his announcement of the state of emergency on ABC. Patty says ” oh no, they’re making him lie again” I said “what are you talking about” she replied “unless you watch him on Fox News they make him lie” I switched to Fox news… Same speech. Turned on my phone and brought up the ABC stream…same speech. To which she says ” they know your doing that so they fixed it” I asked who they were to which she replied “Hillary’s people, she a murderer you know, over 100 bodies, she’s going to jail”
    As the great Rob White says;
    ” You can’t fix stupid”
    True story, hope you laughed as much as I did

  20. What do president Trump, Eric Goodale, Cassie Rocco, Nancy Pelosi and all of us here have in common? That’s right toilet paper.
    The history of toilet paper can be traced back to the 6th and 14th century AD. As a commodity in the US it was patented in 1883 and refined over the decades with such breakthroughs as a new variation that was devoid of splinters. Ouch!!!
    An easy thing to take for granted until it becomes hard to get.
    After finding dust masks disappearing a couple weeks back I knew it was coming. Panic buying. It’s one thing to expect it, it’s a completely different thing going to my local Walmart and seeing sections containing popular decongestants, alcohol, hand wipes, canned tuna and an the entire section devoted to toilet paper and hand towels wiped out. Now moms and dads too busy to anticipate panic and hoarding will go to the store to find they don’t have a basic staple while others have a three year supply in their basement.
    I watched Trumps news conference yesterday carefully. If you can cut away all the self praise, hyperbolic superlatives he tends to use to describe everything associated with him. If you can cut out the commercials for Google and numerous other major US companies at the presser. If you can ignore the obligatory heaping of praise everyone seems to have to direct at Trump. If you can get past the fact they took a victory lap before any results have been achieved for the American people then a few really good things were promised.
    A massive increase in testing capabilities, approval of alternative testing procedures and facilities to do the work, elimination of red tape and outdated protocols and access to the public via drive throughs. Concurrently Pelosi and members of Trumps administration look to have the funding aspects worked out so if the Senate can find time to come back and do their jobs more money can be borrowed to pay for the promised services.
    They all seemed to think that having the plan was reason to take a victory lap. What they will actually be judged on is execution. Making it so each of us knows where we can go right in our own area to get a fast and accurate test should we have symptoms. Wide spread access to that doesn’t exist now. If Trump executes that then it will be great for the country and a feather in his cap.
    This isn’t like the nukes in North Korea where you can promise miracles, deliver nothing meaningful then see it quietly die on the vine. You have to deliver.
    That and delivering more toilet paper.

  21. Rob p., POTUS had no choice but to declare a national emergency. Just last week he was saying all is good, we’re in good shape, while the rest of the world burned. The rest of the world is in emergency mode, and POTUS is golfing like all is just fine. And many of his loyal henchmen such as Graham, Gaetz, Collins (GA) and a few others were in quarantine, and Congress was considering a recess to act as a quarantine. And since this progresses by exponential growth, any delay is detrimental and deadly.

    Rob p., it’s hard to laugh at that experience. That’s what put us in this situation. And this situation is not funny at all. It’s darn right scary. I hope people forget the labels of Republican and Democrat and realize as humans that what we are dealing with not is not better than Hillary. The tribal behavior is detrimental. Go watch “Lord of the Flies”, available somewhere by streaming.

    Here’s another report:

    and this one:

    Be safe folks.

  22. Sorry I can’t agree with you Rob p as far as fixing stupid. Stupid is pretty intransigent. But the stupid that had been strong at the start of all this seems to be fading and the massive amount of truth falling on their heads appears to be having an affect.
    Thanks to Barry one of the smartest guys in these here parts for boiling it all down in a brief, credible video that even stupid can digest.

  23. So Rob P, I am unaffiliated. If you believe what you say about putting partisan politics aside then would you agree as well to do away with the two party system that is dead locking this country?

  24. No Earl, keep the 3 party system. Get rid of the lobbying, and the payoffs.WTF get rid of them all and elect normal everyday people get rid of the wealthy bureaucrats. Then, the 3 party system will work. Our government has forgotten who they work for. They work for us. We the people. Just my opinion.

  25. From the Washington Post:

    “On January 8 this year, Washington Post reporters Gerry Shih and Lena Sun reported an outbreak of an “unidentified and possibly new viral disease in central China” that was sending alarms across Asia in advance of the Lunar New Year travel season.”

    January 8 was a loooooooong time ago. POTUS and his Administration did nothing until Mar 13. And let’s be real, what was done on 3/13 was to prop up the stock market. The $50 billion was to prop up the stock market and appease corporate America, the big dogs. So this CVD-19 was known for some time before Jan 8, and POTUS only took action on 3/13. The published timelines show China authorities knew of this well before Jan 8 2020. The CVD-19 has been spreading since then, unchecked. POTUS was effectively the last head of state to do anything. The rest of the world took action long ago. Americans watching this unfold have been taking measures on their own, and state and local governments have acted long before POTUS even acknowledged this was a problem. Keep in mind, that a week ago he was saying we would have zero cases in a week. Well, we are at that week mark and cases and deaths are growing exponentially.

  26. That’s the fantasy world Rob. It will never happen. as long as there is a 3 party system. Institute term limits getting rid of career politicians who reap the benefits none of us common folk will ever see. Maybe it is time for some good old fashion civil disobedience by we the people to grab everyone’s attention. Politicians are good at one thing; telling us want we want to hear to get elected then getting to Washington and instituting their own personal agenda. They forget who got them there. But that’s our fault, we the stupid who drank the kool aid and believed their lies.

  27. What 3 party system are you people talking about? We are a 2 party system. That has been proven over and over. In modern times, since Ross Perot, then Ralph Nader and a few others. In reality, there were only 2 viable candidates in the race for President. The rest are noise. The rest are actually detriments, draining votes from the Dem and GOP candidates.

    Read this:

  28. Well I see it as the Democrat, Republican and Independent parties. Do away with all three problem solved. You have your opinion and I have mine so get over it, get used to it or learn how to deal with it one of the three.

  29. Well. I do not expect racing with fans for a good couple months. We have slipped up, and not gotten more than 5,000 tests to the public. Probably 1,000 to basketball players. I hope we all know, by having basically a 2 party system, we have 1 more option than Russia. You all can poo-poo the third parties. But, you know Donald Trump is not a Republican, right? He was a registered Democrat for how many years? Donated to the Clinton’s.

  30. We are beyond testing now. We are going to have to do a mandatory lockdown soon. The next week or so will be telling. Testing will only tell us how bad things really are. Testing months ago would have dramatically attenuated the outbreak. 😷

    Keep in mind that a single person needs to have 3 consecutive negative tests to be considered clear. We need lots of tests.

    We are a 2 party system. The independents are just that, independent. An Independent Party would be an oxymoron. Independents are not bound to a set of mores. The Democrats and Republicans have party platforms. Independents are just that, independent and free from party policies.

    Trump is not a Democrat or Republican. He is an opportunist. He says and does whatever he needs to at the time. Like he said many years ago, if he were to run for President he’d do so as a Republican because the Republicans are so stupid. He was right, he took the party over, a one man, bloodless, uncontested coup. And he’s dumber than a monkey wrench.

  31. I guess if you had a stronger presidential candidate you would not have to worry about a third party candidate “draining votes” now would you! Joe the Bafoon Biden and Bernie Boom Boom Sanders. That’s the best you can come up with, dumb and dumber? Pretty freaking scary. I would do a write in for Mickey Mouse or Goofy first.

  32. Earl wrote, “I guess if you had a stronger presidential candidate you would not have to worry about a third party candidate “draining votes” now would you! Joe the Bafoon Biden and Bernie Boom Boom Sanders. That’s the best you can come up with, dumb and dumber? Pretty freaking scary. I would do a write in for Mickey Mouse or Goofy first.”

    And folks, there we have it. All the proof.

    Earl, carefully read what you wrote. Read it as if you never saw it and were reading for the first time and somebody else wrote it.

    We are a two-party system. Like it or not. You read like a Republican, and are apparently embarrassed to admit it. Does Trump make you embarrassed? It sure looks like it.

    A third-party candidate has no chance. Write-ins have no chance. Votes for them are wasted votes and demonstrate pure selfishness and petulance on the part of the voter. In 2016, we did not have a great choice. But we also had the responsibility to protect the country. You might not get what you want but you can protect the country from the debacle we have going on right now. Trump makes Hillary look better and better by the second. Can you really say that what we have now is better than Hillary? For the last three years with DJT, the USA has been a laughing stock around the world, well, except with Putin, Duterte, Mohammed Bin Salman, Kim Jong-Un and other despots.

    By voting for a write-in or third party candidate, those folks in 2016 elected DJT. There was a much better defensive option that would have prevented the mess we are in. But the selfishness, petulance, and hate prevent folks like you from thinking objectively and independently, and are eagerly led like the person Rob p. described. Folks like you think you “stuck it” to someone, but you only stuck it to yourself by electing DJT. You must be so proud of DJT.

    The coronavirus was well known towards the end of 2019. Trump did nothing about it until yesterday, March 13, 2020. He had to, the rest of the world has mobilized, and POTUS can no longer say we were in good shape with no problems. The cases and deaths are climbing fast.

    Trump also fired the pandemic department ( at the NSC. The exponential increase of the spread over that time will take a much larger toll with infected people and mortality. Also, it is being observed that survivors are suffering from impaired lung function (by 20-30%), and the lungs appear damaged in x-rays after the person is recovered. This failure is conclusively and irrefutabley the result of DJT.

  33. I feel we are all missing the point, other than “Dareal”. We had an opportunity to stop this. Good testing procedures. I hope you know this is all working in Trump’s favor. We will get through this and Donald John Trump’s stock market will go up. So the blind people that are not invested in the stock market will vote for him. Sad to say. Honestly, Bernie will be heard tonight. He is right. Will not cost any more and will be a relief to business. As far as Medicare for all is concerned.

  34. Plugs 2020 says

    Dadoctor knew about the pandemic since January and never warned any of us. Shame on you, Shame!

  35. Aaahhh, drinking the Bernie broth are we free health care for all. How is that economically feasible? Where are the health care providers and facilities going to derive the revenue to pay for the services they provide? He is just writing checks with his mouth that his butt can’t cash to get all the blue hairs votes. So tell me, when he does not obtain the delegates to receive the nomination are you going to switch to the Joey juice?

    Oh, one more thought, if both candidates are so concerned about CVD-19 why are we having the debate? It appears they are more worried about their own personal interest rather than the safety of the American citizens. How does that not surprise me, talking out of both sides of their mouth. Typical politicians, what a shame!

  36. Kayman, the stock market is being propped up with these bailouts and stimulus packages, which the 95% pay the freight. One minute DJT is saying he’s the greatest because of the strength of the markets (the continuation of the Obama recovery from the Cheney/GW Bush depression), the next he’s saying he’s propping it up with tax breaks, stimulus, and harassing the Fed to decrease rates. The deficit is skyrocketing. The deficit was supposed to be paid down in a few years, according to DJT. You still believe him?

    This is gonna stick to him.

  37. I’m guessing that the Sizzler can be the season opener. Or Martinsville, as the schedule looks right now.

  38. Kayman, what did I tell you? Since my previous post, the Fed has announced a slash of rates to prop up the markets. You do understand that recessions have usually hit when rates were very high and the leverage rates bring are the safety fuse to help climb out of a recession. Well, that fuse is gone. The deficit is growing astronomically. You see where this is heading?

    You also realize that DJT is in massive debt and the lowering of rates helps him personally? He’s been pounding the Fed to lower rates since he took office.

  39. Once again I’ve gotta agree with Dareal. But Trump will be Trump, he’s proved it time and time again. Hopefully in November we get this baffoon out of the white house, and maybe turn the Senate as well. Don’t get me wrong, both democratic candidates aren’t exactly the best, but right now literally any of the candidates are better than him. When I vote, although I’m registered as a Democrat, I do often vote across party line’s, for who I feel is the best person for the job in question. History will one day reflect on these times, and there are a lot of people in Washington that will not be looked upon kindly. Right now though we have to concentrate on the matter at hand. We can’t count on Washington for leadership. Luckily in Massachusetts we have Charlie Baker, who is a great person, very dedicated to the people of our state. Otherwise all I can suggest is that everyone stay calm as you can, and use some common sense. Hopefully in November everyone remembers how bad Trump, and some senators and congressmen have been through this whole pandemic, and they reflect it in their votes. Till then, I hope everyone here is safe healthy, and staying positive. We will get through this, and learn from it. And someday, hopefully soon we’ll all hear the sound of 600 horsepower, and smell the race fuel and burnt rubber in the air. Till then ?? Just my opinion.

  40. Breaking news: The CDC does not recommend gatherings of 50 or more people for the next 8 weeks.

  41. Breaking News: Apple is now closing all it’s stores around the world, with the exception of the 42 stores it recently reopened in China. An Apple spokesperson said that when they closed their China stores the rate of infection went down, so closing the other stores around the world was a logical choice. Have they been drinking Trump’s cool aid? Just think, all you iPhone and iPad users now you can say you saved the world. I understand that yes allot of people visit Apple stores, but really tying the closure of their stores to the decrease of the virus? The reason the numbers shrunk in China is due to the drastic measures the Chinese government took, not to Apple closing their stores. In China I don’t think it was their choice to make. Meanwhile, in Washington DC the stimulus bill which provided for free testing for the uninsured people of this country, along with other much needed help sits in Moscow Mitch’s in box because the Senate ajourned for the weekend, during a national state of emergency no less. And they say they care about the American people, yeah right. Hope everyone remembers things like this in November. just my opinion.

  42. Rob p., Apple stores have tremendous traffic. When I go to the mall, even on a slow day for the mall, the Apple store is PACKED. I wanted to go the Apple store a couple weeks ago, but I stayed away because of the crowds that are at Apple stores.

    At a mall I frequent, there is a Microsoft store a few steps away from the Apple store. While the Apple store is packed, the Microsoft store is empty.

    Good move by Apple and any other company that draws crowds.

  43. Things are changing fast.

    Just a couple days ago, the authorities were saying that this emergency was going to be serious for a couple weeks. They are now saying this is going to last for months.

    People, pay attention. Don’t be petulant brats refusing to do what you are being told by the scientists.

    Along those lines, it is best to stay away from Republicans. No joke. In a survey, Democrats are heeding advice such as limit exposure, social distance, sanitize hands, careful hygiene, reduce travel, don’t go to restaurants, and avoid crowds, in far greater numbers than Republicans. No joke. Apparently the petulant Republicans think public safety and their own safety infringes on their liberties.

  44. Just watch Trump and his people on TV. The general consensus is this may take till July or August to wash through. In Massachusetts the number of people in a gathering is now 25, bars and restaurants will close at 8 pm tonight, and be closed till April. My wife went to Walmart shelves are empty. Things have gone from bad to worse literally overnight. People are panicked and scared. Now is the time we need solid leadership, and consise answers, not this. Just my opinion.

  45. I just got home from grocery shopping. It looks like the pictures we see in the news of Russia and other countries and the empty shelves. A guy on line behind me was saying he drove up from 60 miles away because the stores by him are wiped out.

    Just think… a little over a week ago, Trump was telling us the 15 cases we had would be be gone by now and we would have ZERO cases.

    The Feds are telling the states to go get respirators on their own.

    And instead of this peaking in a couple weeks, the experts are now saying this could go to July, August, or later.

    Folks, don’t hoard. It causes stress for yourself and others that does nobody any good.

  46. Yes, people use your head, don’t hoard. There are people who need…well, just about everything, and can’t get it because others are buying more than their fair share. At stores where per person limits were imposed people are bringing their kids to shop. Think if others, don’t hoard.
    In other news DJT gave himself a 10 when asked by a reporter to rate himself on his response to this situation. No news as to wether the Senate passed the stimulus bill yet. Health experts are trying a vaccine on a group of people, but it will still be about a year to market, if successful.
    Stay strong folks we are only in round 2 of a 15 round fight. This will eventually pass, but only if we band together. If you have an elderly neighbor, call them, make sure they have what they need. Stay safe, stay sane, stay strong. Just my opinion.

  47. The airline industry is seeking a 50 billion dollar bailout. Should the federal government bail them out? Or, should the government spend that money helping those less fortunate through this crisis.

  48. Dareal, you are kinda right. Again. Trump kinda blew everything he had. But, if we get through this and the stock markets go up before the election, we could be getting 4 more years. Not trying to be a jerk just a realist. I really do not want Trump re-elected. But I am not immune to the fact he could. Just trying to look at some “alternate facts”.

  49. Rob, letting the airlines suffer, go under, etc. will cost far more than $50 billion. There are millions and millions of jobs that depend on the airlines. Welcome back too “Too Big To Fail”.

    Kayman, we had some sort of crisis a several years ago, rattled the markets. I do not remember what it was… an invasion, MERS, swine flu, or something else. But the markets did not roar back. People were shaken and started to save, and watched their discretionary spending. That put a damper on the markets. Unemployment filings are already flowing in in large numbers. People are gonna be shaken and will not be eager to spend when this lifts.

    And let’s be real… if Trump is saying the economy is going to roar back when this blows over, we know that will not happen. This is gonna stick to Trump. If the Dems are smart, they will make sure they coat him with it from now to November. A week ago, Hannity was saying this was a hoax, now he’s saying that he has been saying ALL ALONG that this was a serious threat. When are people gonna realize they are being lied 🤥 to???

  50. Todd Carey says

    I cant even read half these comments. 2 people with nothing positive to say talking politics. This is no longer a racing site.

  51. You are correct Todd and my apologies as a third poster that became temporarily caught up in the banter. Maybe the two of them will enter the presidential race as Pres & VP. How scary that would be.

  52. Hey Todd, have you noticed that there is no racing? It has been postponed due to a pandemic. We are discussing that pandemic and the cause of that impact to racing. That’s indeed racing related.

  53. Dareal, your on a roll brother. You keep putting the FACTS out there for all to see. And yes I agree we should point out Trump’s shortcomings in dealing with this, as it has affected not only the sport we live but our every day Life. From some things I saw and heard today it is very feasible that come November, Trump’s shortcomings will be on full display, as we may still be very much engaged infighting for our lives. Stay strong my friend
    Rob P. (I) MA

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