Additional Dates Announced For Stafford Speedway iRacing Series Presented by All Phases Renovations

(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

New events have been added to both Stafford Speedway’s driver and fan iRacing leagues including a new invite only Tour Type Modified Invitational set for Friday, May 15th. All Phases Renovations has stepped up as the presenting sponsor of the four event series that will include three different types of cars as well as weekly payouts for the top-3 finishers.

The 4-race schedule is set to include a Street Stock race, Late Model race, and two Tour-Type Modified races. The first 3 events will pay a weekly $250 purse across the top-3, including $150 to win, $75 for 2nd and $25 for 3rd. The Modified Invitational scheduled for Friday, May 15th will pay $350 to win, $200 for 2nd, and $150 for 3rd. The 80-lap Tour-Type Modified event will be invitation only. Winners from Friday’s events will have a guaranteed entry in the Invitational. Additional criteria to enter the race will be announced in the coming weeks.

“iRacing has been a great way to get our racing fix,” explained Larry Westgate of All Phases Renovations. “We really enjoyed last week’s event and we look forward to mixing it up with a few different divisions and capping off the series with a special event and a bigger purse.”

All Phases Renovations, based in Massachusetts, are your hardscape and carpentry specialist. With projects ranging from patios, to outdoor bars and kitchens, to pool renovations, All Phases can tailor your outdoor construction needs. For more information and to check out some of their work visit their Facebook Page.

Bonssa Tufa and Jeff Maconi will continue to host the live broadcast of these events weekly on the Stafford Speedway YouTube page beginning at 7pm. Be sure to subscribe to the Stafford Speedway YouTube channel to receive updates.

Prelim night is set to continue with support from Horton Group. Horton Group has partnered with Stafford Speedway to add 3 additional Prelim Night events with the final event scheduled for Wednesday, May 6th and broadcast live on Stafford Speedway’s YouTube channel. The top-5 from each prelim night will advance to Friday’s event.

Founded in 2000, Horton Group LLC is an award-winning, full-service construction, general contracting and facilities maintenance firm specializing in developing and building a variety of projects in the residential and commercial sectors. For more information visit their website,

eStafford Speedway Schedule 

Stafford Speedway eSeries presented by All Phases Renovations

  • Race #1 – Street Stocks 50 Laps
  • Friday, April 24th
  • Live Stream – 7pm Stafford Speedway YouTube
  • Race #2 – Late Models 60 Laps
  • Friday, May 1st
  • Live Stream – 7pm Stafford Speedway YouTube
  • Race #3 – Tour-Type Modifieds 80 Laps
  • Friday, May 8th
  • Live Stream – 7pm Stafford Speedway YouTube
  • Race #4 – Tour-Type Modified Invitational 80 Laps
  • Friday, May 15th
  • Live Stream – 7pm Stafford Speedway YouTube

Prelim Night presented by Horton Group

  • Race #1 – Street Stocks 50 Laps
  • Wednesday, April 22nd
  • Race #2 – Late Models 60 Laps
  • Wednesday, April 29th
  • Race #3 – Tour-Type Modifieds 80 Laps
  • Wednesday, May 6th
  • Live Stream – 7pm Stafford Speedway YouTube

For more information, visit, checkout Stafford Speedway on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.

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  1. So as I understand it the switch to different cars is a switch in programming that requires a change in driving style. Tour modifieds more powerful, use up cyber rubber faster, lose handles and are less forgiving. Street Stocks loosy goosy and under powered so who knows how that will work out.
    Good show last night. 500 plus viewing it and good enthusiasm in the real time comments. Calls for an experienced sim racer Ronnie Williams to appear. Maybe he’s afraid to compete in an even competition where pure driver ability wins races. Glad they are continuing it. Nice to see Cole running up front. Christopher and Hodgdon no accident they continue to perform. There’s an art to it they say every bit as complex as the real thing and they appear to have gotten the hang of it.
    Ryan Fearn has to be disappointed with his experience in the medium so far. Now if he can break out with a win in the Streets or Late Models that would definitely be evidence that the cyber divisions are every bit as different as the real thing.

  2. dan butler says

    Believe me Doug, there is a BIG difference in the cyber divisions….sit back and enjoy this Friday, I think you will see a different crop of drivers rising to the top.

  3. Being grateful for what we have in this environment where we are reminded every day for what we are losing is not in favor at this point in time. Nonetheless I did see something that reminded me to be grateful about a couple of the people critical to local racing who may be some of the best in the entire history of regional short track racing. I’ve gleaned it from the latest Bottom Shot Podcast.
    Paul Arute- mom and dad are the ultimate deciders but for whatever reason Paul Arute has emerged as the face of management at the track. Not a fan of the rampant nepotism of family businesses however in this case I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job then Paul. From the Podcasts to the roll out of sim racing involving Stafford drivers to fill a void Paul has been the point of the spear reminding fans and competitors that racing is alive and well albeit delayed. In the latest podcast Paul summed it up nicely putting this crises in the context of historical challenges the track has had over time. Be patient, roll with the punches and racing will resume hopefully sooner but in any case eventually. He delivers the message in a confident, mild mannered way completely devoid of pretension and self serving empty promises. No details, no promises, no problem. Just we’re here, we’re controlling what we can, staying positive and will be ready when the time is right.
    Scott Tapley-brought up in a low buck racing family, college educated, vast experience and success on race teams, fabrication skills, track management and now race direction. If you sat down and made a list of what the ideal race director qualities would be before this guy came along they wouldn’t be as comprehensive as what Scott Tapley has actually delivered.
    Who does that. Gets in a car, drives 16 hours from Maine to Riverhead via Stafford Speedway and back every weekend to be the bad guy enforcing rules. Doing it quietly and pulling it off with virtually universal respect.
    Mr. Tapley is completely devoid of pretense sighting on multiple occasions his intelligent and successful wife for making his commitment to racing possible from a financial and time commitment standpoint. Being notoriously hard and self critical of his own decisions and studies how to anticipate problems and make better calls as he spends endless hours in his car.
    Ok I know I went overboard. Maybe I’m all wet. After all what can a fan know just by reading, seeing and digesting everything available with the experience of having raced at the track decades ago. Still I’m confident I’m headed in the right direction.
    There have been bigger crowds in better times. However I can’t recall more capable people in management at the track and not just the two I’ve mentioned. Include Ma and Pa Arute, Tom Fox, Scott Running as well with apologies to all the other top notch people that are less public but equally important.
    Paul says they will be spending the down time painting the track and I’m viewing that as symbolic of an optimism that racing will resume when the time is right with the track looking spiffy and ready for top notch competition with loaded fields.

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