Jennerstown Ready For Whelen Modified Tour Opener; Monadnock Looking To Tri-Track Kickoff

Last November Jennerstown Speedway general manager Bill Hribar was elated to have the opportunity to bring the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour back to the Pennsylvania facility in 2020 for the first time in 14 years. 

Never though did he envision a scenario where Jennerstown could somehow be the season opening event for the series. But such is the possibility in a COVID-19 global pandemic world. 

And Hribar is ready for that possibility. 

Hribar told RaceDayCT Monday that the track is prepared to run its scheduled May 23 Whelen Modified Tour event as planned.

Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf extended that state’s stay at home order Monday from May 2 to May 8. 

“He eluded to, but did not outline, guidelines that will be coming out,” Hribar said. “He’s going to give us guidelines to outline the reopening process. We don’t know what that entails. The silver lining in all this is that he did say they’re going to look at it regionally and Somerset County, where Jennerstown Speedway is located, has one of the lowest reported rates in the state. So we’re holding on to that silver lining that we might be part of the first initiative, all depending on those guidelines and regulations as far as social distancing. We’re being cautiously optimistic at this time.” 

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour was originally slated to open its 2020 season at South Boston (Va.) Speedway on March 21. That event was postponed indefinitely. The Whelen Modified Tour Liquid Death Icebreaker 150 at Thompson Speedway was first postponed from April 5 to May 16 then postponed indefinitely. The NAPA Spring Sizzler 200 was originally scheduled for April 26 at Stafford Speedway and is currently tentatively scheduled for May 31. The scheduled Whelen Modified Tour return to Martinsville (Va.) Speedway on May 8 has been postponed indefinitely. 

“NASCAR is pretty much leaving it up to the individual states as far as their guidelines,” Hribar said. “I’ve been in constant communication with [NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour director] Jimmy Wilson. We’re both on the same page with this. We want to be responsible about the driver’s safety and teams as well as the fans, but as of right now we’re still on that plan.” 

Jennerstown was originally scheduled to be the fifth of 17 races on the 2020 Whelen Modified Tour schedule. 

“Even if we get pushed back I still think we’re going to be ahead of a lot of these other states,” Hribar said. “Regardless if the date would get moved Jennerstown could very well still be the opener for the [Whelen Modified Tour] because of all the other issues going on in other places.” 

Some state officials around the country have shown concerns for groups of people coming into a mildly impacted area from hot-spot areas. Most Whelen Modified Tour teams are based in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. Hribar said he doesn’t have concerns that local or state officials will stand in the way of race teams or officials coming into the area to put on the event. 

“I thought if that was such a big concern they would be limiting travel from state to state already and they’re not,” Hribar said. “For them to say ‘Well Jennerstown you can’t bring people in from New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, North Carolina’ that would just be singling us out when people could travel that way now.” 

The Whelen Modified Tour might not be the first Tour Type Modified division to hit the track. 

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series is slated to open its season on May 9 at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. The race was originally scheduled to run on May 2. New Hampshire currently has a state at home order through May 4. 

“We’re still standing stand strong on that [May 9] date,” Monadnock Speedway’s Jeff Zuidema said. “The only thing that will change that is if the governor makes a move and changes the date. We can’t do anything until May 4. Then we’re supposed to be alright. If we stayed with that we’re going to have an open practice on Wednesday [May 6] and then another [open practice on May 8] and then we’re running on the 9th unless something changes. … That’s where we are. The governor will control it.” 

Said Tri-Track Open Modified Series operator Ed Bennett: “We just have to follow what state and local government is telling us to do. That’s all we can do right now.”  

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  1. Talk about uncharted territory. As if putting on a successful show wasn’t hard enough.
    If Jennerstown can pull it off I can’t believe they’d have a strong crowd but the streaming numbers may be off the charts given the hunger so some kind of live entertainment.

  2. Have a feeling neither event will happen on those dates. I think before the end of April orders will be extended due to lack of testing, plus even if the states do reopen, they will probably exclude large gatherings, again due to lack of testing. THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP!!!!

  3. There was a basketball tournament in Indiana and so far 5 deaths have been traced to that tournament with many more fallen ill.

    I’ll wait, thank you.

  4. If these tracks take a bath on a tour type show they will change their tune. Cup will be back in May but with no fans. The Cup teams only want tracks within a car drive of their homes in NC to start. Still plenty of tv money for everyone.

    Short track racing is crowd dependent and nobody knows what that will look like yet. No TV money here. Hotels are a no go in 2020 for many. I’d like to see the WMT reschedule tracks with one event to later in the year. Tracks with multiple dates might be asked to write off missed events.

  5. Some great news. A good friend of mine who was struggling with Covid, and spent 13 days in a coma, will be released from the hospital on Wednesday. So far it seems as there will be no long lasting health concerns. There is hope after all.
    Hope everyone is safe, strong and sane. Keep doing the right things, it is making a difference. THANK YOU to all the doctor’s, nurses and everyone else who saved my friends life, and continues to battle on the front lines every day. Also to the sometimes forgotten heroes, the grocery store, gas station and liquor store workers, trash collectors, mailmen and anyone else I might have forgotten
    And thanks to all you folks who follow the rules, staying home and social distancing, this would have been much much worse had you all not made the nessasry sacrifices.

  6. These dates are both going to be canceled. The lockdowns for both States might get extended. If they don’t get extended there is no way gatherings will be unlimited in people counts. They are going to start small like 50 people maximum.

  7. dareal. I just looked up an article on the IN basketball tournament. That tournament was attended by 2800 people and took place March 6th when there was only one confirmed case in the State of IN. Since then this virus spread significantly across the country. IN currently has 11686 Covid 19 cases about a month and a half later.

    For perspective I pulled up COVID 19 cases in some of the states we might see racing in this summer. PA .has 33,404, NH has 1,392. CT has 19,815. MA has 38,077, NY 253,060 and NJ 88,722. If I were to guess I think the best chance of racing is NH. Now, I don’t know how much testing each state is doing. So there is a good chance that the lower numbers are just lack of testing in that state. I feel confident that in each jurisdiction there are a lot more infected than have tested positive. Now racing does have a couple of things going for them, most race tracks are in rural areas and the hotspots are typically in densely populated urban areas. The events are not held indoors in an enclosed space and people can spread out. I think one of the biggest problems race promoters will have is their crowd is mostly made up of older people and this disease really has a significant effect on that population. I am not confident they will show up in significant amounts if you opened up the gates. The race tracks need spectators to make money, there isn’t significant tv or sponsorship money to support these local tracks. Honestly I do not think we see a lot of racing this summer. We really need a treatment/vaccine for most people to feel confident to attend large crowd events. I really hope I am wrong. I think a few will try to make a go of it but it just might not be a profitable venture.

  8. Fast Eddie says

    Rob, that’s definitely the best news I’ve heard today! Very glad to hear your friend pulled through!

  9. Rob, great news.

    csg, I’m getting the feel that people are genuinely afraid. This is serious, many people have died, we have been losing people at about 2,000 per day for many weeks, and new cases at about 30,000 per day for even longer. And these death rates are with our society hiding indoors, staying away from each other. There’s no reason to think we can resume any semblance of normalcy any time in the near future, and that means several months. Yeah, there are idiots like those with the AR-15s that think they are going to scare the virus away. I don’t understand their position, with trillions of dollars in payroll protect, unemployment, etc. these people should be fine. But apparently the money isn’t getting to them.

    I do think much more of the population realizes that Trump is an idiot that is not to be believed.

    I am awed at how people in public are heeding the safety requirements. This is serious.

    If the safety and social restrictions were eased or lifted today, it would not change a thing for me. I was quarantining long before it was official, I was socially distancing long before it was official. Weeks before it was all official. As long as new cases are popping up at 30,000 per day and 2,000 people per day are dying, it’s dangerous out there. We can’t even think of easing social restrictions until the new case daily rate and daily death rates are down to zero and stays there for a couple weeks. Or a therapy and vaccine are available. That also depends on testing to see who is clear to go out, who is a carrier, who is vulnerable, etc. That will literally take years at the pathetic, slow rate we are testing.

  10. Fast Eddie, how are you and your wife doing. Better I hope

  11. NYS Gov. Cuomo just extended the state restrictions until sometime in mid May. I think the other states in the east coast coalition are also doing the same. So I think PA will do the same and stay shut down until mid May. The PA Governor is Democrat, and he also went to MIT. 😉 I doubt a track will open or attempt an event any time soon. People are taking this seriously and won’t show up. And having a touring series will bring plenty of people in from out of the region, a very bad idea when travel should be only for essential services.

  12. I second Rob’s inquiry. To some extent I think of the Fast Eddie household every day and the unfair burden people such as your wife and by proximity you endure. Going to have to give you a bit of a slap on the wrist Eddie. If you weigh in here how about a brief update.
    And Rob, you’ve had one good friend pass and another in a coma that recovered. Am I getting that right?
    Very smart comment CSG. Thanks.

  13. Jennerstown is located in central Pennsylvania, also known as Alabama. It is deep red country, they only watch the Fox channel out there and therefore believe that the CORONAVIRUS 🦠 is a hoax. Travel through Pennsylvania at your own risk.

  14. I think Stafford might have to cancel the Sizzler due to the expected crowd but that Friday night could be the opening night for the weekly divisions. There is plenty of room in the stands to mark out the seats for the 6 feet and cancel one lower divisions each week to limit cars in the pits. Get people selling beers, soda, hot dogs, peanuts and popcorn in the stands like the old days. People will keep their distance on their own. The races must go on…..Yes they will need to postpone the Super Late Model race

  15. Dareal, are you for real?? Trumps an idiot??? For the record, everyone was wrong about the corona virus. Gov. Cuomo, Deblasio,Biden , Anderson Cooper, Madow , New York times and all your friends at CNN and MSNBC are all on record downplaying the corona virus. Even Dr Fauci was wrong, NOBODY said it was a hoax but you. BLAME TRUMP FOR EVERYTHING mentality………. You voted for crooked Hillarry I bet. What was your portfolio looking like under TRUMP before the pandemic?? PlEASE, lets stick to racing here on RACEDAY CT and how we can overcome the corona virus.

  16. Rob, great to hear your friend survived and with hopefully no long-term effects. Fast Ed, hope you and your wife and doing better as well.

    Out of all this doom and gloom came some exciting news for my wife and I. We just learned our daughter (the nurse) is pregnant with our first grandchild.

    The national news this morning made reference to the large number of survivors that have been discharged from the hospitals and those who have simply beaten this bug on their own. That number far outweighs those who unfortunately passed. Those survivors are positive news to celebrate.

    There is a silver lining behind every cloud!

  17. Steve that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all What makes any division a lower division? If you or your friends raced in one of these divisions would you still feel the same? Do these teams not put money,time and effort into what they can afford to race? So you say the guy with the most money should race and everyone else should just bow down? No sir it’s either they all race or nobody races.

  18. MA just cancelled school for the year. Everyone knew it was coming but hearing it still stinks as you know the state is nowhere close to opening back up. Stinks for the seniors losing out on a graduation ceremony prom and sports. They also closed child care thru June which means the State will probably not open up until July at the earliest. I think we can write off a good portion of the summer at this point.

    Rob great news to hear your friend made it through. Even though people dont want to be stuck at home, when you hear stories like that you quickly realize the best thing we can do is stay home and try to minimize the spread of this virus.

  19. jay mckinney says

    Darealgoodfella Keep the Politics out of it
    Trump is far from an idiot How was your 401k before the virus

  20. Paul t
    Dareal didnt have a portfolio

  21. I get that everyone is beyond anxious to go racing and suffering from Saturday night cabin fever . But the one thing Dr. Fauci keeps saying is to be cautious about lifting restrictions too soon. I couldn’t wait for the Ice Breaker this year and was hoping to see Waterford re-open too. But even if the governors all lift restrictions and open up the crowd limits, would any of you go anywhere near a large crowd of strangers from God knows where and risk not only your own health but the health of your loved ones to see a race? if so you maybe need to reexamine your priorities. I’ve been going to the races since 1965 and I’m not going anywhere near a race track, local or Cup, at least until the number of new cases and deaths is at or near zero. If that means I stay home all year, so be it. I doubt I’m the only one who feels like that. Promoters have to know this too, not to mention that they have to be paying attention how many people in their market area are unemployed . Those folks who can now barely feed their families aren’t going to be spending the money to go to a tour race or even a Friday night at Stafford any time soon. Between the fear of getting sick and the number of people whose incomes have vaporized, the crowds have got to be way down this year even when the gates do open. Restrictions or not, promoters cant ;keep the gates open for long if they can’t pay to put on the show. I only hope tracks can survive this year to be around next year when hopefully the world is a safer place and people can get back to work .

  22. Jay McKinney and Paul T… my portfolio was doing fine with Obama’s recovery from the Cheney/GW Bush regime depression, and then the Obama economic expansion which Trump has been riding. Then Trump did what he did, and what he didn’t do, resulting in the problems we have now. Trump destroyed the Obama recovery and expansion. He does that often and bigly.

    Hey, your boy 👦 is screwing up big time, bigger and bigger. The bigliest!!!! The most perfect and very strongly screwing up ever possible. More beautiful greater screwing up than any other Administration ever by far. You know that, we all know that.

    Still not used to it?

    History isn’t even waiting to judge Trump. He’s being inducted into the Idiots Hall of Fame immediately.

    Imagine what the Trump library will look like? I doubt he’ll get one. It will be like a one room school house full of Sharpie doodles.

  23. CSG, I hear that CT will do the same, they have just not announced it yet. Does the benefit of opening for 3-4 weeks outweigh the risk associated with the children and staff potentially contracting the virus? No sir, not in my world! Call it a year and see you in September.

  24. Ed P, great post and you are spot on. Risk vs. benefit; risk 100%, benefit 0%.

  25. Seeing that half the tour is from LI area, and NY is one of the hardest hit areas, doesn’t seem like a great idea to bring hundreds of people to an area that isn’t as bad off. Same goes for Monadnock. I think everyone needs to pump the brakes a little. The local government will probably have the last say anyways. I don’t see either of those events happening as scheduled.

  26. Ed P., well said. Many people think it will never happen to them, so they don’t care.

    I’m a simple guy, perhaps too simple. But the US Govt has done a little over $8 trillion in relief packages so far, and there are 328 million Americans. That works out to $24,390 PER PERSON. And people are being told they can live on $1,200 for 3 months.

    Call you Reps, Congress persons, Senators, etc. and ask WHERE THE HELL IS THE MONEY GOING????

  27. Folks, this is a health and safety crisis. THIS IS NOT AN ECONOMIC CRISIS. Sure, there are people being hurt financially, but that is good since it is better than being dead and causing deaths.

    The economy CAN NOT BE REMEDIED while the COVID-19 pandemic is blazing.

    The COVID-19 pandemic must be stopped before the economy can resume full throttle.

    This is not a one-or-the-other situation. Remediation of COVID-19 has to come first before people can come out to play, earn money and then spend money.

  28. Closing schools was a no brainer. NH closed them for the school year a week ago. Down south, schools close in May anyway.

    The Trump library will be built at Trump University no doubt. LOL. Only 4 more years of him guys. That’s a cup of coffee if you think about it.

    Just a suggestions but ALL the tracks should open with a regular show to gauge the situation. Jumping into tour events in May to start their season is risky business in my mind.

    I said this a few weeks ago but the NH tracks have been talking with their hearts and not their brains. June/July is a more realistic timeframe. Regardless, it isn’t going to be an highly profitable racing season for most tracks. We may see some go under.

  29. Earl I agree it isn’t worth opening up the schools at this point. Its the right decision it still stinks to hear it even though we knew it was coming. You thought you could see the light at the end of the tunnel to find out the tunnel just got significantly longer. I am hoping other states in far better shape than the Northeast can open up and maybe I can stream some races online. I went mostly to watching racing online last year, there was a lot of racing available. I would love to see some live racing in which a computerized car doesn’t blink away because an internet connection is no good. I think Stafford should look into streaming. An additional revenue stream may be useful when and if they open back up. I am sure some people who are not comfortable gathering in a crowd would opt into watching the race from home.

    Dareal I got about 5% of the 24390 per person. I am sure there are going to be bailouts for everyone as there is just no business being conducted at this time.. A consumer based economy does not hold up well when no one can go out and spend money. I was thinking what I should do with the money I received and well there really is nothing open to do anything with it. There is going to be so many industries and state authorities looking for Federal assistance before this is said and done. 8 trillion is just the start.

  30. Am I the only one Irked by Tri Track collecting $450 for Registration with a season schedule highly in doubt. What if you can’t race on rescheduled dates? What if series only gets 2 races in but we paid for 6? If you dont pre register you lose points and potential purse payouts if fail to qualify. I have not paid my registration because when I do that money is gone, you wont get any refunds.

  31. I don’t believe you will see any racing this season I hope I’m wrong.Shaun I always appreciate your updates since I’m from Long Island however I believe you would have more feedback if politics was left out.Once again just a suggestion there are plenty of websites for that I just want to hear that sweet sounds of racing.

  32. Yes Doug, one of my best friends, a guy I’ve known for 47 years passed last week. But another friend should be coming home tommorow. So although I’m still shaken about my best friend, I find solace knowing another has survived. It still won’t be the same, our gang is down by 1, and we can’t even gather to mourn. I’ll be going about my normal day, and end up breaking down for a time. Things will be better in a few days when I’m able to see my friend, and know he’s ok, and sometime once the virus subsides, we’ll have a proper send off for our friend who passed.
    Hoping Fast Eddie’s wife, and Eddie himself are ok. Haven’t seen Eddie post in a few days.

  33. Earl, great news Grandpa!
    Paul T. I watch MSNBC, and have never heard them downplay this. In fact, just the opposite.
    Face it , TRUMP screwed up big time, and 3 months in he continues to screw up. Where are all these tests he boasts about? 5 million tests were supposed to be done by March 20th, now they’re saying as of May 1st they will have conducted 5 million tests, which I still doubt.
    Trump is now turning this political. This is no time at all for politics, this is a time for unity.

  34. NIH has declared that doctors should NOT use hydroxychloroquine and azithyromicin as promoted by Dr. Trump. 😝 Also, Dr. Fauci has been on numerous news stations saying that it is too soon to start relaxing social distancing, etc. Fauci runs NIH and Trump does not allow him at the daily briefings anymore.

  35. Fast Eddie says

    Rob and Doug, thanks for the kind thoughts and words. We’re very blessed and fortunate to be doing well. My wife is pretty much back to normal and I’m still doing o.k. Our “quarantine parole date” is 4/24. Earl congratulations to you and your wife on your new “almost grandparents” status!
    I thank God that this virus hit my house on a very minor level compared to most. It seems this virus like others hits people to varying degrees, we and Rob’s friend being prime examples of opposite endsof the spectrum. I think if we all continue the “stay home when you can and keep your distance” guidelines in place for a few more weeks, we might be able to start slowly getting back to normal. Although unproven so far, warmer weather may help as well. Although I think Monadnock is a little premature, there still may be hope for the Sizzler. As crazy as it may sound maybe a security or cooler check can also include a temperature check, as that seems to be one of the most common symptoms.

  36. Rich,
    Plenty of series’ and racing entities have collected registrations or season pass payments or season ticket payments. I think obviously most entities will be revisiting things going forward. This isn’t unique to only the Trii-Track Series. It’s not just a racing thing, season tickets have been sold for baseball teams, concert venues, etc.
    And ultimately if you’re worried about your money nobody is making you spend it.

  37. Rich Gourley says
  38. Fast Eddie says

    Rob my apologies for misunderstanding there were two people involved for you. My sincere condolences to you for your loss.

  39. Paul T. scribbled, “Dareal, are you for real?? Trumps an idiot??? For the record, everyone was wrong about the corona virus. Gov. Cuomo, Deblasio,Biden , Anderson Cooper, Madow , New York times and all your friends at CNN and MSNBC are all on record downplaying the corona virus. Even Dr Fauci was wrong, NOBODY said it was a hoax but you. BLAME TRUMP FOR EVERYTHING mentality………. You voted for crooked Hillarry I bet. What was your portfolio looking like under TRUMP before the pandemic?? PlEASE, lets stick to racing here on RACEDAY CT and how we can overcome the corona virus.”

    Paul, are you for real? 😳 😆 Trump looks like an idiot for doing what you just did. You think it’s funny or it’s going to work for you?

    I watch MSNBC, NPR, NYT, WaPo, etc. and they don’t downplay it. Well, you can see the included links to see who has downplayed it with their own video. Nothing like using their own words against them.

    Trump hates this one and is suing to get it stopped: 😝

    and this is very informational:

  40. Paul T. wrote” PlEASE, lets stick to racing here on RACEDAY CT and how we can overcome the corona virus.”

    Paul, we are doing just that. It all depends on getting rid of Donald J. Trump. He’s doing or trying to do tons of stupid stuff and it gets talked about here. Although this has nothing to do with stopping the COVID-19, Trump’s talk of trying to buy Greenland was pure stupidity. His insistence to investigate hydroxchloroquine and azithromycin were a waste and is reported to increase mortality. Clearly, remediating COVID-19 needs to start with getting rid of Donald J. Trump as President. He has been the biggest impediment to progress. His negligence allowed the pathogen to spread. 🦠

  41. Wow looks like Paul and McKinney made pigs of themselves and drank all the cool aid , like it’s been said trumps biggest supporters are the uneducated and uninformed

  42. The CDC/NIH are saying we should expect a second wave or surge in the fall. No surprise since many other pandemics have done so. The 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic had three surges.

  43. Fast Eddie, great to hear things are going ok. Yes, I had 1 friend die, but another who survived. His survival combined with your wife and you getting better eases my sorrows. Plus Earl’s gonna be a grandpa, how cool is that? Yes in these bleek days there are days of hope all around. Everybody stay safe, strong and sane. Hang in there, your hard work and sacrifices are paying dividends. Just imagine how bad this would have been if we all didn’t make these sacrifices.

  44. This is why we aren’t racing and won’t be racing anytime in the near future.

    Here’s a good read:

  45. As far as the money. 350 billion went to the PPP, designed to help small businesses. About 85% of that 350 billion went to publicly traded companies, which are far from small businesses, according to ABC news.

  46. A little perspective…

    On average, the USA loses 32,000 people per year to the seasonal flu.

    So far, in just eight weeks, the USA has lost 45,318 Americans. And we have been in hiding for the last month or so. We don’t do that for the seasonal flu. 😷 Just yesterday we lost 2,804 Americans. On average, we have been losing 2,000 people per day for about the last fifteen weeks.

    There is no end in sight.

  47. Dareal, back in Jan, Feb and early march they all downplayed the corona virus……….. Its on tape, print, and tweets etc. Elect ,what an ignorant thing to say . I guess half the country is uneducated and uninformed.I I will vote for sleepy Joe Biden so I can be as informed and educated as you !!!!

  48. Paul T, please post several links to all that tape of all those that downplayed the coronavirus, as I posted links substantiating the facts. Sean ins-Hannity and the Deplorables of Fox took the lead in downplaying it, along with some other quacks. Really funny that when COVID-19 cases and deaths exploded that ins-Hannity said that he had always taken COVID-19 seriously, and it’s on tape, in one of those links I provided for you.

    Hey Paul, you can go find links to Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew, they made statements in support of your position. Oh wait, they made themselves look like total idiots and the three of them had to walk back their pure stupid statements.

    Folks, the CDC has just announced that the fall is going to be brutal… the normal season flu 😷 🤧 AND the coronavirus will be happening at the same time.

    Furthermore, recent autopsy results show that the first Americans to die of COVID-19 died on Feb. 6 and Feb. 17, which is much earlier than Feb. 28 as the date of the first death of an American. Both cases were community spread, no travel cause.

    Folks, hunker down. This is a long way from being over.

    Rob p., all the doctors that speak the truth are no longer at the White House Coronavirus Task Force Daily briefing: Fauci, Azar, and Redield. Only doctor I’ve seem the last few days is Dr. Birx, and she still plays to Trump a bit.

  49. Most people everywhere interpret the future in terms of current events and this forum is no different. At the beginning of March the buzz was all IceBreaker, the conversation how people would support or not support the track in light of Thompson’s decisions on purse even as the caronavirus was gaining momentum. Now the reaction to prospects for events this summer in this forum leaning toward bleak. Like March it may be another situation where we are behind the curve………literally.
    Projections are changing constantly but in Ct we are probably at the peak of infections right about now. There are signs of improvement as hospitalizations and deaths level off and start to decline. The landscape in June based on projections may be completely the opposite of now and the outlook for racing different.
    As of today the vulnerability by age group as reflected in the daily tracker on is pretty much as expected. If you are 60 and up your chances of dying if you contract the virus 16.8%. Probably high because a lot of cases are not hospitalized, not reported, not tested and recover. Nonetheless if you are over 60 you need to weigh the risk carefully.
    On the other end of the spectrum are those 59 and under. According to the numbers provided in the CT government portal the odds of dying are a fraction of a percent. If you’re under 30 the chances of dying statistically insignificant.
    I wouldn’t write off racing too quickly
    I like steves thinking. Not the Sizzler so much but a regular show to start. See what the landscape looks like and move forward or not based on the results. I don’t know how you handle food but there is room for the crowd to be nicely distanced. I can see hand sanitation stations and masks where there is proximity as well. In many ways I don’t see the risk being much greater then going to the grocery store weekly. The key is being smart and as far as I can see in stores people are responding well. Race teams can make their own decisions. If you’re Gramma or Gramps maybe you should sit this one out.
    Would this codger go? I’d like to think I’d be smart but probably not. I’d look at the infection rates and if they looked good and it was one of those pristine summer nights and 80 degrees it would be off to the races I’m thinking.
    Recall what you are used to seeing at the races, then a summer with no races at all. What may happen is probably something we’ve never seen before somewhere in between. It’s not inconceivable that in addition to track common sense public health requirements and fan behavior being different, the reduced number of older fans we typically see at races could be replaced by younger fans looking for any form of entertainment.

  50. Here’s a great video that should be helpful, if not entertaining:

  51. Dareal, unfortunately my work PC won’t allow me to read or access those links.No excuses , just the facts…. Look, I get the fact that you don’t like Trump and that’s fine. But wasn’t it Biden who said Trump was fear mongering when it came to the corona virus?? Gladly meet you at Stafford, Seekonk or Thompson’s beer line, whichever opens first………

  52. Got a good chuckle last night while watching the news. Cuomo is now concerned about his neighbors in CT, NJ, etc. potentially open beaches because people from NY will potentially travel to those states. Andy a few points you need to be aware of; a. the New Yorkers are already in CT, MA and RI see the plates all over the landscape, b. they fled your COVID-19 infested city months ago to escape the virus renting summer residences to take shelter and thanks to those people by the way for infecting the rest of us, c. if you are now so concerned about opening beaches in neighboring states increasing the potential for spread and exposure, where was that concern when the masses were fleeing like rats from a sinking ship?

    And then there was Ned, why didn’t you close the border like RI did and be pro-active about protecting the residents of the nutmeg state from the influx of COVID-19 infected from NY?

    Yep, these two are definitely not on my Christmas card list for this year.

  53. Plugs 2020 says

    Don’t believe that people that only watch MSNBC aren’t as stupid as people that only watch Fox.

  54. Plugs 2020 says

    Dafella only loves to chastise the Alabama, redneck, toothless racefan type. But would he dare to say a peep about the rich, white Democrat type that are fleeing NY in droves to their summer houses in CT and RI?

  55. Plugs 2020 wrote, “Don’t believe that people that only watch MSNBC aren’t as stupid as people that only watch Fox.”

    I’d agree with you on that in the same way I know I am not as smart as you.

  56. Paul not something I made up , if you could read you might have seen that comment before now

  57. Paul T, what are the sites? Breitbart? Alex Jones? CNS? Fox? You must know what sites you go to. What are they?

  58. Tucker Carlson !!! You didn’t answer my question about Biden saying Trump was fear mongering.

  59. Paul, he won’t don’t waste your time.

  60. Paul, Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson is a promoter, an advocate. He’s not a neutral, unbiased newsman. That’s easy, just say Fox, it’s not news. 😝

    What question about Biden saying Trump was fear mongering are you talking about? And make sure it’s real, not from Tucker. You must provide a link to a source other than ultra-rightwingnuts.

  61. Associated Press

    Joe Biden faces the most important decision of his five-decade political career: choosing a vice president.

    The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee expects to name a committee to vet potential running mates next week, according to three Democrats with knowledge of the situation who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal plans. Biden, a former vice president himself, has committed to picking a woman and told donors this week that his team has discussed naming a choice well ahead of the Democratic convention in August.

    Selecting a running mate is always critical for a presidential candidate. But it’s an especially urgent calculation for the 77-year-old Biden, who, if he wins, would be the oldest American president in history. The decision carries added weight amid the coronavirus pandemic that, beyond its death toll, threatens to devastate the world economy and define a prospective Biden administration.

    “We’re still going to be in crisis or recovery, and you want a vice president who can manage that,” said Karen Finney, a Democratic strategist who worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. “This seems like a much more important decision than usual.”

    Five-decade political career, the poster child for term limits. If elected would be the oldest American president in history, enough said. Why do you need a “committee to vet potential running mates”? Karen Finney, a Democratic strategist who worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign (hint, hint is the Benghazi bombshell on the list?). It appears this guy needs help blowing his nose. Why can’t he make his own decision? Just what we need, a president who is going to be led around like a little puppy by pickle puss Pelosi, Schumer and their cronies.

  62. Paul T., Biden is not managing the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump is. Trump is using the deaths of 2,300 Americans per day to run daily campaigns disguised as press briefings. There were no daily White House press briefings until the COVID-19 crisis.

    BTW, Trump campaigned heavily with fear mongering. What your point? Trump campaigned that the USA was a 💩-hole and only he could fix it. Don’t you remember that? That’s fear mongering. He was riding the Obama economy until he neglected 😩 dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and let it get way too far before acting. So far, he hasn’t reached the bottom and he’s digging furiously.

  63. Hey Earl remember John McCain he went against others advice , how’d that work out for him , she’s probably still looking at Russia out her window

  64. DaReal, the next four years will fly by. I promise.

  65. JD, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Trump’s stupidity is profoundly entertaining. So there’s that. He has been pure gold for Saturday Night Live, great for the ratings. 😉 I just wish the lives of Americans and billions around the world were not at risk because of him. That is the reality and sad part of all of this. Hillary might not have been a real looker or as entertaining, but you can’t say that this is better than what we would have had with Madam President Clinton. Hillary was a well liked Secretary of State with truly great relations around the world. Trump is a Court Jester and laughing stock of world dignitaries.

    The Trump machine is spooling up, right out of the McCarthyism playbook.

  66. Plugs 2020 says

    Right dafella. Fox is not real news. Just like Rachel Madcow and her friends at MSDNC. But you knew that already.

  67. That was a very compelling entry provided by Earl. Not in what was said but more what it implied.
    Apparently for Earl the idea that a nominee for president would enlist the help of people representing elements of the diverse Democratic Party is a weakness. I’m fairly sure Trump chose Pence as a bit of a consensus pick that had the connections and skills to bridge the establishment Republican Party with the rising Trump insurgency. Nonetheless, in the end it was perceived as Trumps pick alone as is pretty much everything he does since that is his brand.
    For me the very nature of our Republic was born in the rough and tumble world of consensus building starting with the Continental Congress and eventually the consensus that framed the Constitution. Washington himself was in a position on more then one occasion to become an autocratic figure yet assuaged it and deferred to the consensus.
    I thank Earl for framing the current choice almost perfectly. Those of you that seek an autocrat with greater power for decisions. Cutting through the red tape, telling us the way it will be and that’s that. I’m not in that camp. I view what Biden has done as the way it should be as messy as it is. It may be old fashioned, it may struggle to survive in hard times like these where autocracy has certain advantages. From Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus to Roosevelt’s New Deal and war powers we have granted autocratic powers to the president at times in our history. For me it can be the right decision at certain times including these but Trump is not the right person to bestow it on.
    The choice is simple. Allow a guy that seeks more power to have it and continue to purify the government with malleable people who whose primary qualification is to defer to the president. Or go back to the more traditional way the country was founded which is allowing qualified people to speak truth to power and consensus building.
    The challenge in the next election for Democrats will be to heal some of the damage Clinton caused with the intolerable label and other divisive rhetoric that drew the same wedge in different groups of voters much like Trump did. To attract Independent and disaffected Republicans as well as liberals with policies and a platform that may not be everything they want but gives them a voice. If it’s done with a spirit of unity that is a counterpoint to Trumps brand of continual antagonism it may prove to be fertile ground.
    The choice is stark. The virus will change us forever but the choice in November is even bigger and will have more lasting affects.

  68. Todd Carey says

    Come to read the article and slide through the comments and see the same 3 people day in and day out fighting over politics. I don’t need to actually read any of them because its been the same 3 people yelling about the same things for the last 2 months. Yet these are the same 3 people telling everyone else how to live their lives and how everyone else is stupid. Yeah I want to take my advise from 3 people that spend all their time on a racing page yelling about politics.

    I guess its the new National Enquirer going down the same slippery slope that the Chrome Horn did with all the negative posts.

  69. Knuckles Mahoney says

    Why do I even come to this site anymore? It’s become an allowed joke, for the sake of continued relevance.

  70. Todd, are you aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide shutdown?

    What racing do you want to talk about?

  71. Knuckles Mahoney,
    Your choice if you don’t want to visit anymore. I don’t think anybody is making you. I’ll say this about people who leave a comment saying they’re not going to read this site anymore or they’re going to stop coming here or whatever else it is they say along those lines. Over eight years of doing this I’ve found the people that take the time to leave that comment are the people who oddly just keep showing up over and over leaving the same old comment that they’re not going to come back anymore. I know it’s not your first, or even second time saying that. Strange how that works. And unfortunately, you obviously won’t see this response because you’re probably not visiting anymore right?

  72. Hey Knuckles, Doug used to threaten to leave, but he stayed. Doug tried to make it look like it would be our loss. That didn’t work, it was very sad when he still showed up. Perhaps the funniest part with Doug was all his screen names. Just as pathetic as Trump when he used fakes names such John Miller, David Dennison, and John Barron.

    Knuckles, we are discussing the reason why racing isn’t happening, which is the failure of the Dopey Donald Administration to remediate the COVID-19 pandemic.

    You know of some racing we can discuss?

  73. Todd Carey 3/17-“I cant even read half these comments. 2 people with nothing positive to say talking politics. This is no longer a racing site.”
    Todd Carey today-“Come to read the article and slide through the comments and see the same 3 people day in and day out fighting over politics.”

    The contagion has grown by 50% in a little over a month if Todds test results are correct. Perhaps a quarantine is in order.

    There have been a number of people this time around with the same beef about comments on politics including I would assume those weaponizing Covid-19 to make political points. It’s a fair beef. What might clean things up is a rotating thread for comments on politics with no topic or article. That way those of us that want to vent can do so without upsetting the flow of comments more relevant to the topic at hand.
    Just a thought.

  74. So that’s what you think about me scum bag. Fair enough let me tell you what I think about you.
    As you know scum bag I do not see any merit in anything you type from racing to politics to the current crises. In this case I refer to you as a scum bag for your blatant opportunism. From the moment Trump came down the escalator in 2015 you’ve hated him and never gave him a chance. You hated him so much you routinely dumped Trump grenades on literally any racing conversation just for the fun of it.
    On March 9th about how you would be at the IceBreaker mocking references to the virus threat.. Soon after you were crowing about how you saw it coming, were social distancing and got the appropriate backlash for your disingenuous and obvious posturing.
    All the current coronavirus crises is to you is material to use against Trump. Your endless sighting of stories bastardized and rendered meaningless by your own distorted interpretation so much trash like the person you are.
    In 2016 Hillary Clinton lost the election by about 77,000 votes in three key States. Many on those lost votes were the result of her labeling people intolerables creating a backlash that guaranteed her lost votes. You have used the same term repeating her stupidity.. Pennsylvania will be a key battle ground State and you’re here comparing people in Jennerstown to Alabama doing your best to chase off votes there as well with your far left rhetoric. One could easily conclude you are a Trump supporter dead set on destroying Biden’s attempt too heal some of the wounds from 2016 by committing the same stupid mistakes Clinton made.
    From coasting in the corners, to claims of being involved with teams, the engineering claims, toe way down on the list of important race preparations, claiming not to be sexist while calling Ms Fifield Missy you’re just a scum bag. This latest attack using the current crises as a weapon against Trump feigning some kind of interest in the public good the final proof of the craven, ham handed opportunist you are.
    You’re either a Trump supporter or the stupidest Democrat in the country.

  75. Doug wrote, “So that’s what you think about me scum bag.”

    Are you really surprised?


  76. Knuckles Mahoney says

    Shawn and Dareal, where did I threaten to leave? I questioned my own sanity for coming on the site, which is a racing site, and all I see is contempt for conservatives, calling us all stupid, Alabama like Neanderthals etc. But here, let me point out where you and others were wrong, and showed hatred maybe of anything conservative. I posted in another thread that dareal would be real upset when Trump wins in November. The response was basically you would do ok with it because you endured 8 years of Bush. This shows not only your hatred of Trump but any Republican I guess. I didn’t like Obama, but hey, he didn’t do a bad job, and in the end my life didn’t change one bit when he was in office. I said I practice medicine, and someone replied, oh I guess then you’re at least a nurse. News flash, nurses don’t practice medicine. They practice nursing. Someone commented about how the protesters in Michigan were carrying automatic weapons. First off automatic weapons were banned in 1986. And there is no way to tell if a weapon is automatic or semi automatic without actually examining it or firing it. I could keep going about some on here where people really don’t know what they’re talking about, get their information from the media, and take it as the truth. I just have one question for ya dareal, and others slamming Trump. And try to answer honestly. Has your life really changed at all since Trump became president.

  77. Ever since the light bulb went on scum bag and you pivoted from die hard race going fan to realizing Covid-19 was a gold mine providing ammunition to attack Trump I’ve been sickened by your blatant opportunism. By shear volume seizing control of the Democratic message like yours is representative of what the party believes. The endless links to stories and attaching your own distorted interpretation with a homey “folks” like everyone is too stupid to read the news and draw their own conclusions..
    There is plenty to criticize Trump for but you being so maniacally biased against the guy you’d be the last one to trust interpreting events.
    How bad are you. As the crises has escalated, while Mr. Courchesne and just about every other contributor in this forum has tried to divert to less dyer topics as a diversion you have hammered relentlessly almost unabated weaponizing the crises against Trump. You never say what you are for. Never support other candidates or suggest policies or anything productive as an alternative. Never show you know the greater issues at stake of even have and interest in them. Just the endless stream of stories tying Trump to virtually everything bad happening in America today and meticulously ignoring every single good thing the administration has done.
    Well I’m here to tell you buddy boy I won’t be voting for Trump under any circumstance but completely reject your demented brand extremist nonsense where your only issue is Trump. I reject your condescending and backward references to anyone that supports Trump believing that berating them will shame them into rejecting the guy. Winning elections is mostly about consensus building and you trade in the exact same divisiveness and subtraction Trump does.
    You’re making the same mistakes as Clinton and are therefore either a Trump mole or the stupidest Democrat in the country.

  78. Biden vs Trump grandpa vs grandpa GREAT CHOICES AGAIN just like ’16 Romney and Obama where have you gone 🕵️

  79. Knuckles Mahoney says

    Well said Doug. I wish I could articulate like that, but I’m just a dumb rednecked conservative who just happens to license to practice medicine.

  80. Rich Gourley says

    darealgoodfella is quite the fool. It’s very easy to just skip his comments and ignore him/ Hopefully he just goes away.

    As far as his political commentary he’s just a MSM fool repeating what he’s been trained to do. He has no original thoughts, just spews the MSM headlines of the night. Pretty sad and pathetic really

  81. Knuckles wrote, “Has your life really changed at all since Trump became president.”

    Well, I’ll time my answer to before the COVID-19 pandemic. 😝

    You’re damn right it changed. The markets and industries my family are involved in are always at risk to the Great Orange Orangutan’s petulance. The economy up to the impact from COVID-19 was the continuation of the Obama economy, and you know it. Trump learned early on to not pick winners or losers, to not go after companies or industries, or not talk up companies or industries. His bloviating sent ripples through the markets. That added incredible turmoil in the markets. Everyone is walking on pins and needles, fearing the next temper tantrum. The overall economic indicators are not looking great, and we are being very careful because Trump is clueless and incompetent. If you really are a medical practitioner, you are immune or insulated to this, the workings of industry. I’m not belittling you, my doctors are quite fascinated with my industrial experience as if they never had any idea there was a world other than medicine out there. That never stops surprising me.

    And the deficit is going to come due. It always does. How’s Trump doing with that? Remember what happened when Reagan went wild, ran up a deficit? When GWBush tanked the economy? W inherited the Clinton economy. Yeah, it’s coming, it is inevitable, and Trump is the last person you want as president when the economy slows. He’s just gonna give away more money for praise. Please do not bring up the deficit under Obama, he had to deal with the economic recovery and wars that the Cheney/Bush regime got into. But you gotta admit, “No drama Obama” was a nice time. So yeah, life has changed with Trump, we have to be very careful, and living it every day. I’ll take Obama over Trump anytime. Life was far more calm and predictable without Trump.

    Do you really think Trump has not detrimentally impacted any American lives?

    Hey Knuckles, I hope you watched and listened to Trump this evening with his daily campaign presser that he calls the White House Coronavirus Task Force as he presented his medical expertise regarding the ingestion/insertion/use of bleach/disinfectants and UV sources. Even SNL wouldn’t do what Trump did. Pure comedy, even a staunch Trumper would have to run away from. Let me get you started… early on back in Feb or so Trump said it was like the seasonal flu and it will go away, disappear, like a miracle when the weather warms. Well, COVID-19 🦠 has traveled the world to every climate: hot, warm, cold, humid, and dry. He’s trying to say again it will go away when the warm weather gets here. You wanna explain it to him?

    Trump proves over and over that you can’t fix stupid. He’s getting worse. It’s getting scary now. So yeah, my life has been impacted by Trump.

    Then add his total ineptitude in dealing with COVID-19.

  82. Plugs 2020 says

    Dafella claims that because of the corona, all he wants to talk about is Trump. Folks, either this dude is clueless or just generally unaware. Since the election, just about every post of his, regardless of the subject has been about Trump. Folks, this is a case study of TDS. Folks

  83. Knuckles wrote, “Well said Doug. I wish I could articulate like that, but I’m just a dumb rednecked conservative who just happens to license to practice medicine.”

    How do you license to practice medicine?

    Can you explain? What exactly is that?

  84. I used to think Dareal was a bonehead, especially when it came to racing. Then I learned to read his writing through his train of thought, and that she ha moment hit. Dareal does some good research here, bringing up overlooked points.
    Look people, we are facing something none of us has ever faced. We’re just trying to help keep people up on the issues. Shawn has been great for letting us post these conversations, and links. Yes this is a racing sight, but if you haven’t noticed, no racing going on. And when there is racing news Shawn does a great job of covering it. In his Coronavirus Chronicles he even posts old stories, some even from his early days at the Courant. These have been interesting and entertaining.
    In the meantime, Shawn has been kind enough to allow us to inform, and to share stories, like mine about my two friends.
    How else would we have found out that Fast Eddie’s wife, and Earl’s daughter are both nurses fighting in the trenches, or that fast Eddie’s wife contracted the virus, and eventually so did he. How else would we know they both beat the virus, like 1 of my friends. How else would we know Earl’s gonna be a grandpa. Through these posts I’ve gotten to know some of you better than I ever would if we were discussing racing. Even learned that Doug watches morning Joe, just like me.
    Look, racing ain’t happening, and probably won’t happen for a long long time, so sit back, relax, read on, and you just might learn something you didn’t know. I truly hope you all are safe, strong and sane, and that you continue to do the right things. Stay home if you can, and practice good hygiene. If your an essential workers, THANK YOU, you are very important right now, and don’t let anyone tell you your not, we need you. Please stay safe as you can out there.

  85. Hey Knuckles, ponder this:

    Responding to President Trump, the maker of Lysol felt compelled to issue a statement:
    “We must be clear that under no circumstance should our disinfectant products be administered into the human body (through injection, ingestion or any other route)”

    Trump is your bruh.

    So you asked if Trump has affected my life, I answered. Let yourself be further enlightened. Trump insisted on calling the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, the kung flu, kung fu virus, China virus, and other ethnic derived names. He was warned about that numerous times, and insisted on doing it. Now, Asian Americans are being hunted and assaulted and beaten. Do their lives matter to you? Has Trump changed their lives? They live in fear now, with Trumpsters looking to beat them down because Trump blew the dog whistle. Knuckles, you must be laughing at that. How many of these beat downs have you participated in?

    Knuckles, you claim to be a licensed medical practitioner. Exactly what does that mean? Doctor, nurse, … what is your specific title, such as doctor or nurse, and what is your job function? Tell us about your typical day.

  86. How very informed you are Rob p. DGF was a bonehead and now he’s pushing the same agenda as you he’s a sage of wisdom. Pushing an endless series of links and headlines that make Trump not just perpetually incompetent and evil but the only news in your world that even worth consideration. Trump, Trump, Trump that’s it for you guys. Repeating story after story in the news like you discovered it and are breaking the news to an audience to dumb to get any of it.
    Tell you what Rob p. It’s not courageous or enlightened to view people pushing the same distorted and limited agenda as you yourself are. You aren’t performing any service. You’re filtering and presenting information only consistent with you strong anti Trump beliefs. You are no more informative or reliable then the most rabid Trump supporter just off a talk radio bender of Rush Limbaugh.
    My view Rob p both you and DGF are stuck in a world of hatred, headlines and opportunity while missing the bigger picture by a mile. An entire sea change in the economy and social structure why you repeat the latest Trump outrage.

  87. ” I’m not belittling you, my doctors are quite fascinated with my industrial experience as if they never had any idea there was a world other than medicine out there.”

    Even with everything going on DGF can take the time to throw out yet another self serving, self aggrandizing, self congratulation bomb that there is no proof of while being completely irrelevant to anything. Not just A doctor mind you but doctors. Always with the hyperbolic flourish.
    You can add that to all the other crap he’s claimed credit.
    Good luck with that Rob p.

  88. Doug, don’t drag me into your hatred of Dareal. Like I said there are allot of things, racing things mainly Dareal and I don’t agree on. But when it comes to Trump, and his handling of this situation, we both agree. I try to focus on things that are well documented, and in some cases offer my own opinion on the subject. One thing that I still to this day can’t figure out is how people can defend an outright lying egotistical narcissistic idiot.
    The reason we’re not racing right now is totally the fault of Donald J. Trump’s ignorance. Now, 4 months in, he’s still screwing up. The more he screws up, the more lives are lost, and the more time is stolen from us. Trump, day after day, claims Absolute power, yet denies absolute blame. Since day 1 Trump has turned the Coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic into a political war. This is no time for politics at any level of government. Right now there should be no red, there should be no blue. Right now is the time to put politics aside and present a United front. Republicans at all levels of government, with a few notable exceptions care about 1 thing only…money. they are unwilling to help us lower class individuals, who live paycheck to paycheck, and have proven it time after time. So pardon me for expressing my hatred of Republicans in government, but I’m just plain sick of getting shafted day after day. I’m tired of all the lies, and hearing how great everything is going, when in fact things going smoothly is no where near true. I’m sick of being worried that my kid sister is not safe at work due to the lack of PPE, which is being used as political leverage. I yearn for some honesty about the situation.
    People are going hungry, and losing their homes, because Donald J Trump insisted that his name appears on the check, as if he himself is the one giving people the 1200 dollar stimulus they continue to wait for. I’m sickened that the president of the United States, the most powerful man in the world tweets things like Liberate Michigan, Liberate Minnesota and Liberate Virginia, causing people to congrigate in protest, at a time when people should be staying home and social distancing. So now you see Doug, why I’m so angry.
    You can choose to support Donald J Trump Doug Just as I can Choose to hate him that’s the beauty of living in America but don’t accuse me of lying about Donald J Trump, when everything I say is backed up by fact, sometimes consisting of Trump’s own words

  89. So far Doug, I have endured the loss of a lifelong friends, and the near loss of another. All the while watching another lifelong friend go through the pain of watching his mother die in a nursing home, having contracted Covid 19. I continue to lose money because of mandatory work stoppages. All the while I sit home day after day, each day getting 1 step closer to bankruptcy.
    I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of Donald J. Trump, who ignored all the warnings he received, meanwhile downplaying the whole situation until the time came when it was way to late to stop this virus. Therefore I say “LIBERATE AMERICA…DUMP TRUMP”,

  90. Rob p., ignore Doug. He’s triggered. He’s pulling a Trump and trying to divert, distract, cause chaos and divide. He wants to deflect away from his disaster of many screen names and getting caught by his own carelessness. Just laugh at him. I made a short post and he’s posted tomes in response. I haven’t read a word of any of them. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪. The longer his posts, the harder I laugh. 🤭 😆 😂

  91. Will do Dareal, us smart people need to stick together.

  92. Last year I tried posting with 2 screen names, but always ended up arguing with myself

  93. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Then imagine what happened with Doug when he had many, many screen names. Oh boy.

  94. Rob p., smart people don’t need to stick together. They already have all it takes. The dumb ones need to stick together, they need their tribes. Herds stick together, so do tribes.

  95. We say a lot of things in this forum that mostly come and go without much affect. The scum bag to his credit or shame may have actually done something to affect votes. Pa is a key battleground State and the electoral votes precious. A Democratic vote in rural Pa including in and around Jennerstown counts as much as a vote in Philadelphia. By comparing rural Pa to Alabama the scum bag could actually have affected votes. It’s not unreasonable to think people in and around Jennerstown would stumble on his elitist statement. That they may very well be considering voting for Biden but see nothing has changed since Clinton and get their back up once again.
    So you’re part of the smart group of people are you Rob p? Were that so you would have said “we smart people need to stick together.” I’m guessing DGF labeling people in rural regions is fine with you. The definition of redneck not only refers to a geographical orientation but also can include the words “ narrow, prejudiced, or reactionary”. That’s the DGF/Rob p tag team. Northern rednecks. Destructive Northern rednecks at that.
    I’m not dragging you into anything Rob p. You’ve rationalized all the bad things in your life and projected them onto Trump. The result is a endless stream of distorted cherry picked, negative outbursts that make it sound like Trump is the only person in the world. He isn’t. The pandemic has hit a lot of countries hard and Trump didn’t cause their circumstance.
    I certainly do not hate the scum bag I think he’s pathetic. You have joined his demented crusade and view yourself and he as smart. I view it as two boneheads as bad as the worst day long talk radio listening Trump diehard telling each other they are smart.

  96. Well Tri Track is supposed to be racing in 13 days, anybody think that is happening?

  97. Liz Cherokee says

    I want to read this, but a cursory look tells me I’m going to need a whole lot more Red Bull and vodka to do that. Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll get a case of Absolut and try… Until then bottoms up boys–you do really NEED to be drinking more! xoxo

  98. Liz, Doug is triggered, no amount of ethanol will help. Help you that is.

  99. Tell me how this isn’t the fault of Trump’s stupidity Doug. I’m waiting

  100. But Liz, this is an epic thread, I highly recommend a deep read.

  101. I looked up a few articles on the state of the virus in PA. Tom Wolf Gov of PA is set to open up some counties into the yellow phase of restrictions starting May 8th. There is supposed to be more guidance tomorrow, May 1, as to which counties and which type of businesses will be allowed to open. The state is currently in the red phase which is basically stay at home order. The yellow phase would open up certain business with social distance restrictions in listed areas. However it looks like theatres and gatherings of people over 25 people would not be allowed in the yellow phase of opening. I did read they are opening golf courses somewhere in my travels. Golf courses are outside racing is outside maybe we got a shot. That being said, I am thinking the likelihood of the Jennerstown race scheduled in May going off with fans is rather low. I found it interesting to read up on other states and compare them to what we are going through here. Below is the website I found with much of the information

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