NASCAR Cup Series Driver Kyle Larson Fired By Chip Ganassi Racing

Kyle Larson (Photo: Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

Less than 48 hours after uttering a racial slur on a live broadcast of an iRacing event, Kyle Larson is officially out of a ride on the NASCAR Cup Series. 

A day after suspending Larson indefinitely, Chip Ganassis Racing announced Tuesday morning that they were firing the veteran NASCAR driver.

“After much consideration, Chip Ganassi Racing has determined that it will end its relationship with driver Kyle Larson,” read a statement from Chip Ganassi Racing. “As we said before, the comments that Kyle made were both offensive and unacceptable especially given the values of our organization. As we continued to evaluate the situation with all the relevant parties, it became obvious that this was the only appropriate course of action to take.”

The 27-year old Larson was suspended indefinitely by NASCAR on Monday after videos surfaced on social media late Sunday of him saying the N-word during an iRacing event. 

Larson issued a video apology on Monday, but by the end of the day Monday it was clear that his run with Chip Ganassi Racing was likely over. 

After NASCAR and Chip Ganassi Racing announced indefinite suspensions for Larson Monday, his primary Cup Series sponsors McDonald’s and Credit One Bank announced they were cutting ties with him. That decision by the sponsors essentially ended his possibility of remaining at Chip Ganassi Racing. 

Social media was abuzz on Monday with many coming to Larson’s defense following the swift decisions by NASCAR, Chip Ganassi Racing and the sponsors involved.

Larson has run full-time in the Cup Series with Chip Ganassi Racing since the start of the 2014 season. He had six victories and 56 top-five finishes over 219 Cup Series starts with the organization. 

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  1. Buh-bye!!!!

  2. He can’t even collect unemployment.

  3. NASCAR has been working, or least appearing to be working, to break the grip of white supremacy in racing. Then this happens.

    Not that NASCAR has had any success in attracting non-white people to the sport, this certainly isn’t going to help.

  4. Do I think NASCAR and Ganassi did the right thing? Yes and no. They acted like judge jury and executioner. I don’t condone what Kyle said. It was wrong in so many ways. But maybe he deserves a second chance. Maybe this could be educational. Look Racism exists everywhere nowadays. And now divisionism exists even more. NASCAR has a chance to take something very negative, and turn it into something positive. I truly hope that Kyle’s career doesn’t end because of this, and lessons are learned because of it.

  5. Trump is now claiming to have “Absolute” power as president. So should we rip up that sacred document known as the Constitution? He claims “Absolute” power, so that means he takes “Absolute” blame. Trump wants to reopen businesses. Before we can even think of going back to work, we need testing. We need to know who’s got it, who’s had it, and wether or not once you’ve had the virus, can you get it again? The governo’s of NY, CT, MA, PA, NJ and DE have formed a committee to look at what needs to happen to reopen. All those Governor’s have said that the call to reopen will come from them, not Trump. Here in Massachusetts, we’ve yet to peak, and it looks to happen within the next few weeks. Every day that goes by, things get more scary. I hope everyone remains safe, strong and sane. Keep doing what you’re doing, it seems to be working. Although I can’t say the end is near, hopefully soon we’ll be able to say it. Stay safe and wash your hands often.

  6. Rob P.
    I understand what you’re trying to say, but if you really want to label someone as “executioner” that would be McDonald’s and Credit One Bank. Their decision to cut ties with Kyle Larson essentially gave Chip Ganassi no other option than to release Larson. Ganassi isn’t going to field a car with no sponsorship. Had McDonald’s and Credit One Bank stayed with Larson I’m guessing Ganassi would have likely kept him.

  7. Thanks Shawn, I see where you’re coming from. I’m not defending Kyle in any way, what he did was definitely wrong. I just think, maybe, everybody involved may have pulled the trigger too soon. I think everyone involved should have made this into a learning opportunity. I understand CGR not Fielding an unsponsored car, but maybe they could have told Kyle that once reinstated by NASCAR, he would have a ride provided he came up with sponsorship. The guy screwed up, I get that, but should 1 misspoken word end his career? Racism is unacceptable, yet Italians are called “whops” polish people “Pollock’s” Asians ” gooks” and so on.
    It’s funny how a black person can refer to another black by the “N word” and that’s all ok, yet if a white person speaks that word they’re a racist, even if the word isn’t referring to a person.

  8. Rob p., do you like having Trump as the representative of the United States of America?

    After what Larson did, McDonalds, Credit One, Chevrolet, etc. can’t afford to have Larson as their representative.

  9. How about NASCAR? They had something going there that was getting traction. Filling the void and it was good. They spent a lot of time and money taking a risk as did the network. How about all the other sponsors associated with the sport not just the sponsors for the one car? Now NASCAR has to do a bunch of explaining and apologizing and it won’t do any good. The stereotype was reinforced.
    Tough punishment. A short term career death sentence. Life sucks but he caused way more damage then just the team and team sponsors.

  10. Is Larson selling his rig?

  11. Dareal, I’d rather have the crackhead on the corner as a representative rather than Trump. He’s on TV right now. He says he see light at the end of the tunnel… it’s Joe bidens tour bus coming to put him out of a job
    Now he’s trying to blame the WHO for this mess. The same WHO that wanted to send 250,000 Covid tests to the U.S. back in January, only to be told no thanks by Trump. He claims to have “Absolute” power, but refuses to take “Absolute” blame. Now he wastes 2 hours of precious time each day telling lie after lie after lie.
    The sad truth is, there are still stupid people who hang on his every word. People say name someone who could have done better we’ve got Obama, George Bush, George HW Bush, Clinton, both Bill and Hillary, Reagan, Carter, Ford, even Nixon. All would have done better because none were egotistical idiots.
    Think of all the lives that have been lost. Senseless death due to an inadequate response from an under qualified President. I truly hope people remember these past few months come November, and vote for the person most qualified to be President. Someone who will put the needs of the country before their own. Someone who won’t get laughed at and mocked on the world stage.
    Hoping everyone is safe, strong and sane. Hang in there, and know we’re all in this together, and together we will emerge victorious against this disease. Be safe, and wash your hands.

  12. How the hell did firing Larson get all the way to Trump and Covid 19? Really some of you need a freakin’ hobby. WOW!!. I cannot disagree with the hit Larson took because what he said was exposed. and in today’s world just not acceptable. However, I bet everyone on here lunch that if every NASCAR Cup driver was miked up 24 /7 so the world could here what they sound like when not in front of mega dollar sponsors car , half of them would be out of rides tomorrow. (except maybe Jimmy Johnson LOL). Now even when someone is in the privacy of their own environment trying to have a little fun they all have to be altar boys because in the i desert that is the available live sports programming landscape today people are hard up enough be entertained literally watching others who just happen to be celebrities play video games . In the words of Sheriff Buford T. Justice – “what the hell is the world coming to?”


  13. Let’s keep America great again. 4 MORE YEARS. I think Trump has done a great job, but he says some stupid crap. Larson should have to take sensitivity training and be able to return They let Tony Stewart back after killing someone.

  14. Yeah Trump’s great. Let’s do a quick review of his accomplishments. 1. He gave a giant tax break to the Uber rich, while middle class and lower class people’s taxes increased. 2. He managed to piss off virtually every Allie we have. 3. He became buddies with a couple of dictators who played him like a fiddle, to the point that now world leaders laugh at and mock him. 4. He attempted to wall off the southern border to keep out the ” illegals” . Actually more people crossed the border illegally in Trump’s first year, then in all 8 years Obama was president. And now the latest F..up. He failed to act, after receiving information about Covid in December. Instead he waited till March before enacting half asses measures against the virus leading to where we are now. Yup he’s great. What the hell are you smoking? Have you been drinking antifreeze again?

  15. Oh, by the way, his latest endeavor; There are approximately 3500 DACA recipients, who right now are working throughout the country, in hospitals trying to save lives. Provided they survive the virus, he plans on deporting them. That’s a great way to say Thank You ain’t it.

  16. You can be a rabid Trump hater if you like. Scan the news round ups and watch him looking for the next outrageous statement or behavior then bring it here and say see……see what he did now? Problem with that is when it comes time to vote it’s not going to cut it. Democrats all up and down the line are going to need policy recommendations and plans to address the fix we’ll be in after the battle with the virus is won. The economic and debt wreckage will be epic and exceed the bill after WWII. We’re in a battle now with other priorities. When the dust starts to settle the public will be made aware of the cost of the war, the damage it’s done and will need to have confidence in whomever they vote for has the qualifications to deal with it going forward. Could be an elected politician or they may decide they want an autocrat.
    JR Racing pretty much encapsulated the challenge. Trump made America great in three plus years so let’s keep it that way. Republicans decried Bernie Sanders plans as being too costly yet here they are socializing America’s industries and debt at numbers they said before would ruin the country.
    I personally don’t think Trumps domestic and international policies had been anything special and in many cases they’ve been reckless. That debate is moot now. Whatever good he did do from a questionable tax cut to eliminating rules and regulations via executive order is all gone now. All the businesses with strong balance sheets his policies helped lower in value by massive percentages and in many cases needing bailouts to survive.
    America did not become any more or less great under Trump but it doesn’t have to for him be re elected. Just as long as people like JR Racing of which there are millions like whatever that whole Trump persona thing is, believe he’s made America great and are willing to vote for it.
    OK so Trump pretty much stated what many of us thought was his mindset going in and apparently this crises has given him the opportunity to verbalize “very strongly”. Historically dictators and autocrats have always grabbed power when citizens attentions were diverted in a crises. He’s got absolute power. Not true yet but we’re getting there.
    Maybe JR Racing and the millions of other supporters either knowingly or unknowingly want an autocrat in charge. Fed up with a bickering Congress and media they view as hampering every move their guy makes. Putin is an autocrat/strong man. It’s Congress, the Federal Assembly a shell and Putin’s administration comprised of undying loyalists. The Russian economy is about the size of Italy and pretty much a one trick pony based on oil yet the people love Putin.
    Maybe that’s what JR Racing is saying. Take the reins big guy. We trust you to keep America great just by you being you. They’re ready for a strong man, willing to back a fundamental change in our Republic while the Trump haters think the next election is a typical exercise in Democracy. It may very well be a choice in continuing the existing system or the last stage of converting the Republic to an autocracy.
    Presidential demeanor, competence, the Constitution, voter rights. Democrats may be bringing platitudes to a knife fight. They may need bigger knives.

  17. Being reported today that Larson was dropped by Coke prior to last weekend for unknown reasons. He was no longer part of their family of drivers program when he dropped the slur. Interesting…

  18. Fast Eddie says

    JR racing, the guy that Tony Stewart ran over got out of his car and tried to go over to Stewart’s car on the right side while he was moving. The wing configuration gives you no visibility there. Then he grabbed for the top of the wing. That put him directly in front of the right rear tire at maybe 40 mph. There were videos online clearly showing this.
    As for Kyle Larson, there are three sides to this story. He made a huge mistake and tried to apologize. As sincere as it may have seemed, the boss obviously wasn’t happy, and neither were the people paying the bills. Maybe somewhere down the road he might get another chance. I know this is over simplifying it, but if someone did that in the workplace, the boss would be irate, and the owner would probably tell the boss to fire him. As much as I liked him as a driver, he’ll have a long arduous road back to NASCAR, if he’s even allowed the opportunity to do so.

  19. The PGA has set a June 11th return. No spectators though. I seem to recall a certain someone saying this would happen. Nascar won’t be far behind. Two sports that will draw well on TV right now and that don’t absolutely have to have fans on site to put a good product on TV.

  20. Dr. Fauci does not praise King Trump. Fauci is knowledgeable and therefore a threat to King Trump. Fauci will be fired Friday evening.

  21. Save the politics for another day.this is a racing site.If you can’t talk racing then don’t waste everyone’s time.

  22. Kyle has hired John Rocker to be his sensitivity coach. Ganassi is negotiating with Willie T Ribbs to come out of retirement, says he has been working out and can still get it done.

  23. Could I get some clarification on your directive Bob? Are you banning everything not racing including movie reviews, observations on the crises we’re in as well as politics? I have to tell you I’ve been saving a pretty good healthy meatloaf recipe I’ve been working on and was hoping to uncork it if Shawn adds recipe’s to his free form Quarantine Chronicles.

  24. JR Racing… regarding the Tony Stewart comment you made. The kid that got killed killed himself. He got out of his car and tried to attack Stewart as Stewart drove by under yellow. The kid was also reported to be stoned. The kid did it to himself.

  25. Bob, the conversation around here is rather tame and quite civil. Well, except for Earl and some other guy… they get on here and spit out their teeth once in a while.

    Don’t like the subject? Don’t read it.

  26. JD, the trucks and xfinity series have been effectively operating to a TV only audience forever. However, I read that the teams could not operate in compliance with the social distancing requirements and that shuttled any thoughts of doing real racing.

    Golf courses are being closed.

  27. Doug;
    To be clear, the above from “bob” is not me, the “bob” that talks to you about Preece, modifieds, ect. Maybe I need to change my handle?
    Just needed to make sure no confusion, and in no way, any disrespect what so ever, to the “bob” that posted above. Thx

  28. Ok, we are all a bit stressed out right now. None of us have ever been in this situation before. It’s easy to say stay home, much harder to do so. Relationship’s get strained, mental anguish sets in. Basically what I’m trying to say is that this sucks.
    In times like these we look to leadership for solace, but all we’re getting is lies, and deception. Trump is far from a leader, and more a divider. His endless denial makes things even worse. The problem is, he keeps screwing up. Now, he wants his signature on all the stimulus checks, an uneeded delay of money for people who really need it. He acts like he’s personally giving people this money when we all know it is not him, but the U.S. government using taxpayer money. Screw ups like this are all too common.
    Right now we need a leader, someone who can tell it to us straight,someone who cares about each and every American Life, not just the rich.

  29. OH so its me causing all the problems here? Spit out my teeth? Really? Conversation quite civil? Is that what you call it when you berate everyone that does not agree with your personal opinion or your political position? Ever look in the mirror? Talk about a problem child, you will see one when you look in that mirror.

  30. Just listening to the world news @ 6:30 and they are talking about putting all sports events on hold until 2021.

  31. Rob p., there’s gonna be a whole new generation of baby boomers in a few months.

  32. Earl, saw the same thing 2021. Anybody know someone who’s got or died from Covid? I got a phone call a few minutes ago from a life long friend. It wasn’t a good call. Another life long friend of mine passed away this morning. He was 53 years old, and in great health. The last time I’d seen him was New Year’s Eve, and I just spoke with him last Friday. Covid hit him hard and fast. I plead with everyone, please stay home if you can, if you can’t wash your hands as often as you can, and sanitize things before touching them. I don’t want you to end up like my friend. Stay safe strong and sane. Hang in there someday this too will pass. God bless.

  33. Plugs 2020 says

    We need a leader like Biden who probably doesn’t even know what Obama just endorsed him for, never mind what he had for breakfast this morning.

  34. What is Christy Noam thinking? For those who don’t know, she is the governor of South Dakota. 644 confirmed cases at the Smithfield plant in Sioux City, and many more throughout the city, yet no state wide stay at home order. It’s the STUPID people like her, that put us all in jeopardy, as this virus goes unchecked there. How many people will die before she does issue an order? STUPIDITY on her part. It’s people like her that will hinder the efforts of other states who have managed to somewhat contain the virus. Why are the Republicans so eager to open America back up when they know doing so will result in death?

  35. Ricky Taylor, from team Corvette has a high dollar sim rig. He was competing in an e-racing NASCAR race, and got involved in a wreck. The Sim shook so violently that it actually collapsed, and he wound up on the floor. Now that’s realistic. Maybe he’ll install a 5 point harness. I guess the collapse was traced to a faulty add on part, which he replaced when rebuilding his rig.

  36. There is a show on the Science Channel ; Mega Machines Sea Giants. The episode aired tonight is all about the USNS COMFORT. very interesting, probably available on demand.

  37. Fast Eddie says

    Hi Rob, sorry for your loss. My wife works in a nursing home. A few patients have it and a nurse she was friendly with died from it. Her friend called in sick and suddenly died a week later. We both got tested when we found out; she’s positive and I’m negative. Fortunately her symptoms are very minor compared to most; we’re very lucky, blessed, and thankful for that. I am also fortunately still able to work from home. We both need to think about every little meaningless mundane thing we do and do it differently while we are quarantined to try and keep each other safe. Hang in there everyone, and don’t neglect any precautions you can take to stay safe.

  38. Rob p., regarding Kristi Noem, South Dakota and the Smithfield pork processing plant.

    When the Smithfield worker started getting sick 😷, VP Mike Pence told the workers that they have to “show up and do your job.”

  39. Rob p
    Lets keep politics out of this

  40. More on the South Dakota Smithfield situation…

    The meat packing industry has a workforce of mostly Middle Easterners, Muslims. Muslims that don’t eat pork. If you watch the TV coverage, you will see a population of plenty of Middle Easterners. Middle Easterners have become the predominant make up of workers in the meat packing industry.

    You think a GOP Governor is gonna care about the Middle Easterner workers?

  41. Junior, stupid people occupy politics. Those same stupid politicians are responsible for the lives of the constituents and citizens. It’s the democratic responsibility to speak out.

    Sorry, but not sorry that your team is monopolizing the stupid.

  42. We knew it was a matter of time and now it’s starting to hit our little community.
    Fingers crossed for the Fast Eddie household.

  43. Fast Eddie, sorry to hear that news. I pray you and your wife beat the virus. Stay strong my friend, I am praying for you both.

  44. Dareal, thanks for the clarification regarding Smithfield. I still cannot comprehend why any governor would hesitate to enact a stay at home order. Many people have no other choice than to go to work, because if they don’t show up they can be fired, where as if a stay at home order exists, their jobs are safe. Do I think any Republican politician cares about middle easterners? Hell no, all they care about is wealthy white people. Sad, very sad, but unfortunately true.
    Please everyone, do your part, stay at home if you can. If you need to go out wash your hands often, and use common sense. I pray that everyone is safe, strong and sane. Keep doing what your doing, it seems to be helping. To all the people seemed essential workers, THANK YOU.
    I hope people join me in saying a prayer for Fast Eddie and his wife, along with everyone who’s been stricken by this pandemic. Always remember “Ape alone…weak. Apes together …strong” if we all learn from the Apes and stick together we will prevail.

  45. Rob P, my condolences on the loss of your friend. As I have said before my daughter is an RN right in the trenches and we pray that she stays healthy and safe. She is our hero.

    Fast Ed, thank God your wife is going to be OK and you dodged the bullet. We have to fight the fight, take all the precautions and will beat this thing.

    Everyone stay healthy and safe!

  46. Plugs 2020 says

    Uh oh. It’s the racist Chinese corona infecting Muslims angle. Keep em coming dafella.

  47. Fast Eddie says

    Thanks for the kind words and prayers guys, it’s been a pretty stressful for the last ten days. I didn’t want to bother anyone with my troubles, but I did want to let Rob know that he was not alone in dealing with the stresses and stains of this horrible virus. And Earl , I thought I remembered you saying you had a nurse in the family. With three sister-in-laws also nurses I’m certainly with you on that as well. Be cautiously vigilant and stay safe, and hopefully at some point this year we can talk about northeast racing.

  48. Earl, please express my gratitude to your daughter. She is one of the many people, including Fast Eddie’s wife, that leave home in the morning knowing they are walking into Hell.
    I’ve said before that everyone will probably know someone who gets infected by this virus. Covid is an equal opportunity killer. Like I said yesterday my friend Mike was 53 years old and in excellent health. In a matter of a few days he went from healthy to dead. The thing I’m having a hard time coping with is that he died alone. Very sad, spent most of last night crying, knowing I’ll never see him again. 47 years of friendship wiped out by an invisible killer.
    I truly hope that everyone is safe, strong and sane. It’s been a rough few weeks.
    Fast Eddie and your wife, along with Earl’s daughter are in my prayers.
    All we can do is hang in there. Keep doing what your doing, it seems to be working. Hoping to meet everyone soon at the RacedayCT pre-season party.

  49. Eventually we will heal this country, not because of Trump, but rather in spite of him.
    To date,less than 1 million tests have been done. Mike Pence said today that by the end of April 5 million tests will have been done, which accounts for 1.47% of the population.
    Republican governor’s want to reopen their states soon, some as early as tommorow. These actions are going to lead to more needless death’s.
    Kellyanne Conway can’t understand why things are going so slow stating ” this isn’t Covid 1, it’s Covid 19, we’ve been through this 18 times”. She has no clue that the 19 is because the virus started in 2019.

  50. Correction around 2.5 million tests have been done, and another 5 million tests by the end of April which equals 2.21%.

  51. I’ve been waiting for Trump to blame all of this on Obama, and he finally did, saying he inherited a broken system. The system was fine until he dismantled it. The outgoing Obama administration even briefed the Trump people that they needed to be prepared for a pandemic. He’ll probably blame JFK next.

  52. Rob P. – Very sorry for your very difficult loss. I wish there were more comforting words to offer…

    Earl – Please thank your daughter for her service and courage. Sending best wishes of safety to her and your family.

    Fast Eddie – I’ll join everyone here pulling for the speedy recovery of your wife and the safety of your entire family. Please thank her as well.

  53. Thanks Barry. Yes the past couple of days have been difficult indeed.
    I hope everyone is safe, strong and sane. Keep up the vigilence. Fast Eddie and Earl, your families are in my prayers. Hope everything works out.

  54. Thanks for the kind words guys, I will pass them on to my daughter.

    And yes, Northeast racing would be great right now along with eradicating this dam virus!

    Stay healthy and safe!

  55. Pres Bush put a pandemic plan together in 2005. Obama inherited that plan. Not sure what happened since then or since Trump got into office but it is well documented there was a plan in 2005.

  56. Rob P, I understand where you are coming from being heart broken about your friend dieing alone with no one there to comfort him. I will be honest with you, that is one of my biggest fears when my time comes to meet my maker. No one deserves to die alone and my heart goes out to all the families that have lost love ones due to this virus that could not be with them when they passed.

    I was very fortunate to have the honor of being with both my Mother & Father when they drew their last breath, to hold their hand, comfort them and tell them I loved them. As difficult as it was they did not die alone. Even when I loose a pet (who I consider a family member) I stay with them and hold them until it is over. But that’s me because I believe no one deserves to die alone.

    On the other hand I was not so fortunate when I lost my daughter many years ago in an auto accident. She was alone in the vehicle, killed instantly as determined by the autopsy report and thank God she did not suffer. However, it still to this day bothers me terribly that I was not there to at least hold her hand, her tell her I love her and say my goodbyes. Rob P, I know exactly how you feel.

    Anyway, on a much happier note as Darryl Waltrip would say; Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, lets go racing boys! Nothing like the smell of Sonoco racing fuel, beer, soda, pizza, burgers, fries, onion rings, sausage and peppers or what ever you vice happens to be and I can’t wait.

    God bless and stay safe!

  57. 3 cheers for Governor Andrew Cuomo. He just ripped Trump a new one. Trump continues to screw things up, and it was cool to see Andrew rip into him.

  58. Cuomo’s explaining Constitutional law, and he’s doing it like he’s teaching a 3rd grade class, so Mr Trump will maybe understand. LMFAO

  59. JD, W initiated the pandemic planning. President Barack Obama POTUS44 strengthened it so much more that he was credited for creating it. And because Obama was so strongly associated with the pandemic plan, Trump came along and annihilated it. This is and has been all over the news.

    Rob p., that was an EPIC New Yorker take down. Trump is an idiot, he did it to himself, and Cuomo made that perfectly clear. Even used documentation. And earlier in the week, Trump declared himself all powerful. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Trump claims he never saw the memo from Navarro about the pandemic warning. ⚠️ Ignorance is no excuse. Still.

    Sadly, Fauci is going to be fired. He will be scapegoated. This evening.

  60. I really hope your wrong about Fauci, Dareal, we need him working on this. I wish I’d seen all of Cuomo’s update, only saw a snipitt on MSNBC it definitely was epic.
    Massachusetts has hired 1000 people to work on contact tracking. Hopefully that will help in getting control of this.
    Hope everyone is doing ok. Eddie and Earl hang in there, your families are in my prayers, wish I could do more.

  61. Rob p., the White House Coronavirus Task Force (WHCTF) is now scheduled for 6 pm this evening.

    Given that Trump has brutally humiliated himself this week, he’s gonna strike out. He’s has to show how tough and strong he thinks he is. Also, look for Dr. Fauci. Dr. Azar has already been “disappeared”. He was a leading member of the WHCTF and didn’t go along to get along with Trump, and Trump whacked him.

    In a way, it is kinda funny. The nerds are winning. The doofus is getting his dupah kicked over and over and over by the nerds. Unfortunately, there are millions of people that think this is just a continuation of some reality TV show.

    Tune in at 6 pm. Pay close attention. He can’t even read like an adult. He has to sound out words to pronounce them, there is no cadence, indicating no comprehension.

    Here’s the website:

  62. Chloroquine, because if the virus doesn’t kill you the heart attack will.

  63. Earl, I too fear dying alone, hopefully it won’t happen. I know what you mean about pets too, my cat is family, as all my pets have been. I truly hope your daughter makes it through this safe and sound. Please let her know that in my eyes she is a hero, I’ll keep saying a prayer for her, as well as for Fast Eddie’s wife, and Eddie himself. And I’m all in on the racing, can’t wait for the sights, sounds, and smells of the track as I sit there drinking my 8 dollar beer. Someone needs to invent a candle with the smells of racing. Hope everyone is safe, strong and sane. Keep on keeping on. God bless

  64. Just a shout out to everyone who posts, and of course Shawn and the RacedayCT crew. This sight has become a bright spot in an otherwise boring dismal day.
    Hope all of you are well. Waiting patiently for the RacedayCT pre-season party, so I can put faces to the names.
    Stay safe, strong and sane

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