Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 13: Ross Chastain Out, Penny The Star, Peter McNeeley And Mob Rise

Some semi-regular musings on racing and life in a COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine World 

Just another day of quarantine life, chasing down a “Noble Prize” for journalism … sorry, couldn’t resist.

We’re only two days into the week and it hasn’t been all that good of a week for NASCAR Cup Series driver Ross Chastain. 

Imagine being Chastain strolling around Quarantine Life thinking quite possibly you have two NACAR Cup Series rides, then you find out you have no NASCAR Cup Series rides. 

Chastain had been filling in for Ryan Newman at Roush Fenway Racing following Newman’s horrific crash at the Daytona 500. That fill-in stint for Chastain lasted just three races before COVID-19 put the world and Cup Series racing on hold. 

And then during lockdown Kyle Larson goes and he gets himself fired from Chip Ganassi Racing. Chastain, who is part of the Ganassi Development program, has been the name most were throwing out as the likely replacement for Larson when racing got back going. 

So Sunday Ryan Newman announces that he is fully recovered and will be returning to action with Roush Fenway Racing once Cup Series action resumes. No worries for Chastain right? Got that Larson ride to take over? 


Monday Chip Ganassi Racing announces that 48-year old Matt Kenseth will come out retirement for the second time to take over the No. 42 Cup Series ride at Chip Ganassi Racing. 

And suddenly Chastain goes from doing the Conor McGregor Billionaire Strut to looking like Rich Uncle Pennybags on the Monopoly Poor Tax card. 

Local Celebrity 

Those that have been around short track racing for decades in the Northeast might just remember former Speedway Scene Busch North Series reporter and later public relations representative Penny Aicardi. 

It seems Aicardi is using her quarantine time to hobnob virtually with some big time celebrities. 

Actor and Boston native John Krasinski, a former star of the wildly popular sitcom The Office, hosts a YouTube show called Some Good News. 

And on the latest edition he selected viewer recipes to be prepared by celebrity chefs. Aicardi appeared making a Rhode Island speciality called Dynamites, with chef Guy Fieri working to make her dish. Now we can say we knew Penny before she became a huge internet star. 

Penny Aicardi, John Krasinski and Guy Fieri on Some Good News

Binge Watching 

We’re taking it back to 2015 with this gem on Amazon Prime Video, season one of Making of the Mob.  

Now I’m a sucker for most any organized crime documentary, and there are plenty out there. But there are few that go delve quite to the depths of the early days and rise of the mob in New York City quite like Making of the Mob does. 

First, it’s narrated by Ray Liotta, so right there the street cred goes up to about 46 on a scale of 1-10. 

The eight part documentary goes all the way to the arrival in the United States of Charles “Lucky” Luciano and documents Luciano rise to power in organized crime and his development of the family commission that oversaw the mob in the U.S. The series masterfully documents the 50-year rise of Luciano along with his gang including Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel and Vito Genovese. The timeline documents how the mob grew out of New York City to Cuba, Hollywood and Las Vegas. 

Making of the Mob season one earns four out of five snacks on our Quarantine Snacks Rankings.

Making of the Mob Season One

Digging Through The Archives 

Over 19 years as a reporter at the Hartford Courant I was lucky enough to cover an unrivaled spectrum of sports and sporting events. 

And over that time I took on a role as a regular boxing writer at The Courant. During the rise of Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun Casino big time boxing became a staple in the state. 

On December 21, 1996 I sat ringside for my first professional fight ever at Mohegan Sun Casino, working as a reporter for the Hartford Courant.  

I had long been a casual boxing fan. On that night I got an eye-opening introduction to how different boxing is on TV than in person. I’ve long told people there are two things I’ve covered as a reporter that I learned the TV product does no justice in comparison to the live product. The first is NHRA drag racing and the second is boxing. Once you sit ringside at a professional fight you realize television does nothing to truly convey the physical abuse boxers absorb. 

For my first night of professional boxing I covered a fight between then IBF lightweight champion Philip Holiday and up and coming fighter named Ivan Robinson. It was a fight that saw the pair throw just about 2,500 punches between them. It was stunning and amazing and awesome and I just immediately wanted to cover more and more boxing. 

And luckily I got that chance over the years at The Courant, covering some amazing fights at the casinos and also getting to document the rise in the world ranks of some fantastic local fighters. 

Boxing also meant the chance to write great features because boxers for the most part are just amazing interviews. 

One story that always stuck out to me was writing an advance story for a fight locally involving Peter McNeeley, who’s claim to fame was getting destroyed in Mike Tyson’s first fight after getting out of prison in 1995. So for today’s digging through the archives we take it back to 1998 and Peter McNeeley. 

McNeeley Up For Fight – By Shawn Courchesne, The Hartford Courant, April 17, 1998 

The Chumbawamba song “Tubthumping” plays on the answering machine.

“I get knocked down,but I get up again.You’re never going to keep me down. . .”

The sound of a hissing wind comes through before the voice of Peter McNeeley shouts over the music.

“You’ve reached the Hurricane Hotline! The Hurricane will be back and better than ever April 17 at the Mohegan Sun Casino!”

McNeeley is as boisterous as ever, although there is was no mention of wrapping opponents in the cocoon of terror with which he once threatened Mike Tyson.

McNeeley is best known for lasting 89 seconds in the ring with Tyson on Aug. 19, 1995. It was Tyson’s first fight after the former undisputed heavyweight champion was released from an Indiana prison following his sentence on rape charges. Tyson knocked him down twice before the fight was stopped by McNeeley’s manager, Vinny Vecchione. McNeeley said without question he would do it again.

“You’re [expletive] right I would,” McNeeley said. “I loved it. That was the greatest ride of my life. And that’s why I’m still in the sport of boxing.”

The ride into the Tyson fight may have been the greatest of McNeeley’s life, but what followed was a disastrous rollercoaster of brushes with the law, lawsuits and drugs.

Nearly four years later, McNeeley (43-3, 35 knockouts) trudges on in his boxing career while battling an addiction to cocaine. His hopes now are simple — stay clean and earn another shot at a name fighter.

He takes a baby step in the right direction tonight at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville when he meets Dan Kosmicki (14-15, 7 KO) in a heavyweight undercard bout.

The card is headlined by former WBC bantamweight champion Wayne McCullough (20-1, 14 KOs) in a 10-round match with Antonio Sulas (20-13, 5 KOs). Also, Hartford’s Lawrence Clay-Bey (8-0, 6 KOs) meets heavyweightAbdul Azem Muhaymin (19-9, 12 KO).

McNeeley, 29, doesn’t hide the fact that he had substance abuse problems before fighting Tyson, but said the problems multiplied afterward.

“I had always had a booze and drug problem through high school and college,” McNeeley said. “It just really manifested itself into a powder keg with all that extra money, press and fake friends.”

It all led to a cocaine addiction that cost McNeeley $1,000 a day at its peak. He landed in rehab in November 1996.

“As soon as I got out of rehab it took me about 24 hours and I was right back at it again,” McNeeley said. “I went into rehab, cleaned myself up, but I still hadn’t really conquered the battle. I went from spending $1,000 a day to $150 once a week.”

McNeeley, of Medfield, Mass., said he has been sober for about 3 months and is in his best shape in years. A third generation professional boxer, McNeeleywants a chance to prove he’s more than what his 89 seconds with Tyson showed. Since fighting Tyson, he is 6-1 against mostly lukewarm bodies.

His last victory was Jan. 10 against Larry Menefee, who was disqualified for attempting to ram McNeeley’s head into the corner post.

“The sport of boxing has changed a lot and it’s so watered down it’s just become a name game,” McNeeley said. “Let’s be honest. Even with all the doubters, I have a name. I have a recognizable name in the sport of boxing. Being a white heavyweight hasn’t hurt as for the appeal, and the fat record that I have helps. Being a puncher, people know I come to fight.”

McNeeley feels a fight with Clay- Bey could put him back on the map. Both fighters are under contract with America Presents, a promotional group based in Denver.

“I’ve seen and heard a lot about Lawrence [Clay-Bey] lately, but let’s be honest.How many fights has this guy had?” McNeeley said. “In the world of pro boxing, he’s a novice. I do see a lot of talent in him, but I’m a veteran. That is a fight that could happen and it would be a good local match. I think I would be too much for him.”

Stay safe everyone. Keep positive. Help your neighbors if you can. And wash your damn hands.


  1. Shawn wrote, “Just another day of quarantine life, chasing down a “Noble Prize” for journalism … sorry, couldn’t resist.”


    Are you being sarcastic? Sorry, couldn’t resist. 😉

    Shawn wrote, ” I’ve long told people there are two things I’ve covered as a reporter that I learned the TV product does no justice in comparison to the live product. The first is NHRA drag racing and the second is boxing. ”

    Incredibly true about the NHRA. TV vs live is so different. Perhaps the most dramatic live events I’ve ever been to. The ProStocks, Top Fuel and Alcohol classes are so very different live, more than TV can communicate.

  2. Well, that really sucks for Ross Chastain. The guy has worked his ass off, trying to secure a top tier cup ride, all the while over performing in some 3rd tier equipment. I thought for sure he’d be named the new driver of the 42 car. Some day a big team will pick this guy up, or maybe his current Xfinity owner might decide to go full time cup.

  3. Daily wind down… Quarantine chronicles…

    We aren’t racing because…

    New deaths today: 1,384

    New cases: 23,196

    Total deaths: 56,797

  4. As of April 27th just over 5 million tests have been performed or about 1.9 % of the population, given 1 test per person. We know many people received multiple tests, so the number of people tested is much lower. Yet, Trump continues to say that anyone who wants a test can get a test.
    your life could depend on it.

  5. Fast Eddie says

    Shawn, I don’t think you’re eligible for the Nobel Prize, but you certainly deserve a Noble Prize for continuing to come up with entertaining info that’s a welcome break from the current reality. Thanks also for your view on drag racing, as that’s where my “racing addiction” started. TV does a good job with all forms of racing coverage but it’s just not like being there to experience it, drag racing definitely being at the top of the list.

  6. Fast Eddie says

    Great for Ryan, cool that Matt’s back, and too bad Chastain was the low man on the totem pole. I think if he does get a full time Cup ride next year Ross will still be eligible for “rookie of the year”. I wonder if that had anything to do with why he didn’t get Larson’s ride.

  7. Fast Eddie, unfortunately Ross isn’t eligible for rookie of the year. He ran too many races in 2019 in various rides. I do hope someone gives him a chance in good equipment, maybe the 48? I really like Ross, the guy is so down to earth, and he’s super talented. He’s still very involved in his family owned watermelon business, although I don’t know how he finds the time. In 2019 he ran trucks for the championship, but also ran Xfinity and cup. If he gets a solid cup ride he will win races, and possibly contend for the championship.

  8. Can anyone believe that the LA Lakers took a 4.6 million dollar loan from the PPP. That is definitely a WTF moment. Glad to see they returned the money, but that whole deal is inexcusable. Shame on you Lakers, shame on you.

  9. Rob P.,
    My take on the abuse of the relief programs put in place. Everybody is blaming the big companies which took advantage of the system. Ruth’s Chris, Harvard, the Lakers, every major hotel chain, the list goes on and on. All those companies did was take advantage of a system that put no restrictions on them requesting relief. What I don’t hear is anyone blaming the SBA or treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin for implementing a system that allowed this to happen. Here’s how life works, if someone is giving something away someone who doesn’t really need it will still take it if there are no restrictions. If Walmart announced tomorrow that they’re giving a $100 bill to everyone who walks into the store on May 1, I guarantee a lot of people who don’t really need that $100 are going to show up because it’s $100 more they can have in their pocket. That’s basically what happened with the relief system the government put in place. The system they put in place should have been more defined, restrictive and focused entirely and sincerely on small businesses and it wasn’t. It wasn’t even close to that. The SBA knew the guardrails of restriction were limited and still put the system out there. The SBA and Mnuchin are at fault, not the companies who only took advantage of a big sign that said “Sign Up Here For Free Money”. I’m a small business owner so trust me, it makes me sick to know that huge companies that really didn’t need help probably got the bulk of the money put out. I know I’m not going to get any relief. But the system is to blame, not those who took advantage of a system that put no restrictions on them.

  10. Shawn and Rob,

    Totally agree, the program was not designed properly to get the money to those that need it. But Munchkin can sit back and say they distributed trillions in relief as if it was a good thing. Over 8 trillion dollars have been released, yet millions of people are still panicking about the relief payments. Why are these people, most of which work the restaurant and retail industries, still without the support they were promised, yet companies with access to market capital have gotten mega million dollar payments. It’s gonna blow up, these people working restaurants and retail are mostly Dopey Don’s base and he’s leaving them to fend for themselves. The plan Cruella de Munchkin put in place was clearly horrible, and trillions of dollars will never make it to individual people, getting grabbed by some corporation and then to stock holders. I want to know who is going to pay all that back, individual voters or corporations?

    The other thing to notice was the coverage of the food bank distribution the other day, I think it was at the Rent. Thousands of vehicles lined up for hours and hours for free food. I was stunned at the line up of vehicles. I was expecting to see some pretty old beat up cars in line, but there were mainly if not predominantly very new and very expensive cars and trucks in line. Just didn’t make sense. The kind of money these people had tied up in a car or truck and then being on line for handouts did not make sense at all.

  11. Nothing make sense nowadays. Big business taking advantage of a program designed to help small businesses. Some returned the money, some didn’t total lack of oversight.
    As for seeing new expensive cars in line for food handouts, I can understand that. Most of those people probably had good jobs before Covid hit, now allot of them have gone almost 2 months with little or no income, and soon, may end up having that car repossessed. Nobody should be too proud to not take a hand out. People are struggling out there. Just read an article regarding stimulus checks. There are people who won’t see their stimulus till August or September. Social security recipients who don’t file taxes, but have direct deposit won’t see their checks till mid May. Not everyone has a “rainy day fund”, and most people who did, have spent that money. In most states, if you are self employed, you don’t qualify for unemployment insurance. Things are rough right now look at all the farmers, watching their crops rot, because the demand is low, and they can’t even get the food to food banks.
    No one should feel ashamed that they needed to go to a food bank to feed their family. These are unprecedented times.
    Hoping everyone is safe, strong and sane, hang in there, and take the help if you need to

  12. My wife’s friend Patty is at it again. The newest conspiracy theory; Back in 2015 Obama paid Chinese researchers 32 million dollars to develop this virus, and unleash it in December if 2019.
    Who makes this stuff up? Really? Before the 2016 elections Obama put this in motion. Next thing you know, she’ll be saying that Bill Clinton ordered this. I’ve informed my wife, that I don’t want that wacky bitch in our home. Totally twisted.

  13. Governor Baker just extended the “stay at home” order till May 18th. Pans are being made for reopening Massachusetts, but no date has been set, it all depends on the state of the virus.

  14. Def Sec Esper just extended the military travel ban, which includes domestic travel, until June 30.

    What’s the Government know but not telling us?

  15. I prefer to have financial hardship than be dead.

    If that’s liberal, call me a liberal.

  16. “Over 8 trillion dollars have been released, yet millions of people are still panicking about the relief payments. ”
    While it is true the majority of people will not get physical checks for a long time the 8 trillion figure is bogus.
    There have been four emergency bills so far associated with this crises.
    -The first phase “was an $8.3 billion bill spurring coronavirus vaccine research and development” (the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2020), which was signed into law on March 6, 2020.
    – The second phase was “an approximately $104 billion package largely focused on paid sick leave and unemployment benefits for workers and families” (the Families First Coronavirus Response Act), which had been enacted March 18, 2020.[10]
    -The third phase was the massive $2 trillion CARES Act, set up $1,200 one-time direct payments to most Americans, expanded unemployment benefits, provided $500 billion in corporate aid and $350 billion to the PPP small business program enacted at the end of March.
    -The forth worth 484 billion centers around providing $380 billion to shore up the PPP program for small businesses and also includes $75 billion for hospitals and $25 billion for disease testing.

    So far the total is 3 trillionish.

    I don’t agree Mnuchin should be singled out for the Cares Act under funding debacle. He was one of the few in the administration to work with Democrats starting with the first bill initiated by House Democrats..He also worked with them on changes to the Cares Act that resulted in significant changes. It is true Congress gave the SBA great latitude in designing the rules and clearly they failed. I don’t see how you can go from Mnuchin to the SBA while giving over 500 members of Congress a pass that basically punted it to the SBA.
    In the end it was poorly made sausage. However if the choice is wait to make really good sausage but be too late or make poor sausage but have it mitigate a crises it seems to me the latter is the lesser of the evils.

  17. I love this series… Very entertaining for a period with so little going on.


  18. Steve Munuchin has been working his ass off trying to get money to the people. He’s had to adjust his payment schedule because Donald Trump wanted his name to appear on all the stimulus checks, many of which had already been printed out, forcing the IRS and treasury to have to void out and reprint checks. They only print a limited number of checks per day, and still have regularly scheduled checks to print.

  19. Daily summary… why we aren’t racing.

    New deaths today: 2,470

    New cases today: 25,409

    Total deaths USA: 59,266

    First death was the end of Feb.

    The social distancing restrictions are being extended all over the place.

    Defense Secretary Esper has issued an order for military personnel that there shall be no travel, not even domestic travel, until June 30. So if the Govt isn’t allowing its forces to travel, maybe the citizens should follow that advice.

  20. ” Donald Trump wanted his name to appear on all the stimulus checks, many of which had already been printed out, forcing the IRS and treasury to have to void out and reprint checks.”

    I can find no reference to any checks being voided. The administration said the change to add Trumps name would cause no delays and that was clearly not true. The overwhelming response regarding the the unnecessary delay to assuage Trumps ego was much like this one from Forbes on 4/.15.

    “According to multiple IRS officials, this decision will delay the issuance of paper checks as the IRS information technology team needs to make a programming change before the checks are passed to the Bureau of Fiscal Service for printing and issuing. ”

    It was a programming delay.

    “Neither Trump’s predecessor, Democrat Barack Obama, nor Republican George W. Bush before him put their names on stimulus checks during their White House tenures.”

    The stimulus payment should have been a net positive for Trump. As it stands with the majority of people not getting paid for literally weeks and the narrative of the programming delay virtually ever where Trumps name appearing on the check may actually turn into a net negative.

  21. Doug, Steve Munuchin was on MSNBC a few weeks ago explaining the situation, that’s where I got my info from.

  22. Daily COVID-19 summary.

    New cases today: 28,429

    New deaths today: 2,390 Americans 🇺🇸

    Total deaths: 61,656 Americans 🇺🇸

    Still running at about 2,300 DEATHS PER DAY.

    Be safe. Get yourself informed by legitimate sources and authorities.

  23. Texas is gonna be a mess. Given the correlation between the number of confirmed cases and deaths, Texas is in trouble. Several weeks ago, Texas reported a huge spike in pneumonia. Texas currently has 749 COVID-19 deaths. Other states with the similar amount of cases have 1,600 deaths. Texas is also going to relax social distancing and such. They have a fire simmering and are going start fanning the flames by unleashing the people.

    Keep in mind that we have been under stay home conditions and social distancing for several weeks. If we release social distancing practices the infection rates and deaths can only explode.

  24. Two months ago today, the USA had its first COVID-19 death. Today, two months after the first death, there are over 61,000 COVID-19 deaths of Americans.

  25. “Texas is gonna be a mess. Given the correlation between the number of confirmed cases and deaths, Texas is in trouble. Several weeks ago, Texas reported a huge spike in pneumonia. Texas currently has 749 COVID-19 deaths. Other states with the similar amount of cases have 1,600 deaths. Texas is also going to relax social distancing and such. They have a fire simmering and are going start fanning the flames by unleashing the people.”
    It is likely true that the covid-19 cases in Texas are under reported. It is also true the the Covid 19 cases reported by any group or organization about any location are grossly under reported.
    USA Today 4/28
    “Dr. Tom Ingelsby, director of the Center for Health Security of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said numbers represented on the Hopkins dashboard don’t accurately portray the total amount of cases and deaths in the U.S.
    “We know at this point that there has been a very, very important undercounting of total cases,” he said.”

    Whether it is Texas or Ct the numbers are wrong. The only thing that can be trusted if anything is to be trusted are the trend lines. To assume the direction of Texas will defy projections is a possibility but highly unlikely. Texas especially is a vast, diverse State in terms of population density and will face outbreaks and declines in cases at different levels in different areas. A one size fits all restriction policy for Texas especially is not logical going forward.
    For those interested the University of Texas interactive site providing State by State Covid 19 data may be a tool worth checking out.

  26. There’s been a whole big bunch of delays, postponements, cancellations, etc. being announced around here.

    Seems to be a trend.

    Then I see announcements from the Administration and they make it appear like everything is just fine.

    Be careful who you believe. Your life and the lives of those around you depend on it. You can be sure that those that have died from COVID-19 did not intend to, or thought it would never happen to them.

  27. Quarantine Chronicles nightly summary.

    Lots of racing cancellations and postponements announced the last couple days.

    New COVID-19 cases for today 30,829

    New COVID-19 deaths for today: 2,201

    Total COVID deaths: 63,856

    Make sure you pay attention to credible sources of health information and news.

    Be safe. The life you save may be your own, a family, neighbor or friend.

  28. Quarantine Chronicles, May 1

    April plateau (average) rates:

    New daily case rates: 30,163

    New daily deaths: 2,106

    Total deaths end of April: 63,856

    NYS was a big driver early on, accounting for up to 40-45% of the daily death and new case rates. NYS is slowly fading, but many other regions are starting to blossom, holding the numbers up.

    Projected deaths for May, using April average: 65,286

    So be careful who you trust.

  29. Plugs 2020 says

    Lamont wants to open some places up on the 20th. But I thought he was a democrat.

  30. The Republican Convention is scheduled for late August, and the republicans are considering options to a large gathering of people over several days.

    So keep that in mind as you wonder when the next race will be. The Republicans do not want to gather and put themselves at risk. But they’ll force you back to work and pass laws so your employer is not responsible or liable for your safety at work.

  31. There was a woman in Illinois, a hairdresser, protesting to reopen Illinois with safe social distancing. How do you social distance if your a hairdresser?

  32. Quarantine Chronicles Daily close.

    New deaths today: 1,897 Americans 🇺🇸

    New Cases today: 36,007 (one of the highest if not THE highest ever)

    Total deaths: 65,753 Americans 🇺🇸

    Be careful. The life you save will be your own.

  33. Plugs 2020 says

    Ask Lamont Rob. The Democrat governor of CT wants to open hairdressers this month.

  34. I truly think that before May 18th we’re gonna see data coming out of the states that opened today, that will push our dates back even further. States that haven’t yet peaked are opening. Bad idea, that’s gonna turn out bad for everyone

  35. If you think your life is bad, having to stay home, think of all the first responders, doctors and nurses who go to work each day. Overwhelmed with death, these people are suffering a huge psychological toll. Fast Eddie’s wife, and Earl’s Daughter can probably attest to that. Not to mention the extreme risk of infection.
    Hope everyone is safe, strong and sane. Hang in there, and keep up the good fight.

  36. The contempt I have for DGF and he for me is a thing in these pages that should not be but it is what it is. The question is, in any comment can I reach out to the moderator and RaceDayCt audience to make a greater point about a person I am clearly biased about that resonates. Probably not but I’ll try.
    Political orientation shouldn’t enter into any comment. The comment should be based on the strength of the point being put forward. That’s not realistic when the comments are loaded with bias, distortions, fabrications and emotion like here. Since people look first to political orientation I will say if Biden dropped out of the race because of the accusations against him there is no circumstance where I would vote for Trump. Were the Democratic Party to put up a plugged fire hydrant against Trump as a symbol to stop the daily fire hose of pettiness, grudges, speculation, stream of consciousness rants and associated nonsense emanating from White House I’d vote for the plugged fire hydrant.
    That said there’s are things that Trump has done wrong and things that he hasn’t. One thing he did not do is cause the pandemic nor cause it to reach our shores. Were Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Reagan or Obama president we’d be dealing with the pandemic. At some point what the Trump administration did or did not do that could have mitigated the crises will be evaluated. That time is not now. The election will be decided in large part on how people grade Trumps response to the crises. What is absolutely not true is that this is in any way Trumps pandemic nor is it fair to place the sum of all the deaths and associated misery solely at Trumps feet.
    In other threads and especially this one DGF has shown the death count. It’s not news for anyone unless they purposely avoid the news, we all see and hear of it every day. The numbers aren’t even real. Most experts agree they are grossly understated. Nonetheless seeing them rise that in a pandemic like a war can only go in one direction is sobering.
    From the time Trump came down the escalator DGF has relentlessly attacked Trump for legitimate reasons and completely distorted things he’s made up by dot connecting. Point is DGF would be the last person to trust with regard to any statement made relevant to Trump.
    This is a racing site. Entertainment. The normal banter and conflict mostly contrived tug of wars about things that are forgotten almost as soon as they are raised. The pandemic is not entertainment. People that have died should not be used in a recurring unpaid anti Trump advertisement masquerading as sincere concern. Especially with biased commentary.
    In various threads and especially this one DGF has shown the death count. Were it to be a reminder of what we have lost or memorial to those falling victim to the plague it could be seen as noble. For DGF it is not noble. It is crass opportunism that uses dead Americans to score political points frequently with anti Trump editorial commentary.
    It is very true that no one holds DGF in lower regard for empty claims, posturing and self promotion then I. I would suggest however that using dead bodies of Americans to score political points is a level of crass opportunism that will never be exceeded in these pages or most other comment sections for that matter.

  37. Rob p., that data is already happening. The next couple weeks are going to be bad. Those states were starting to pop before the relaxation. The thing is, there has been no data to indicate the pandemic is in a verified decline so these states should not be considering relaxing constraints.

    Florida screwed up and they are refusing to report their numbers. Texas is reporting an unusually high pneumonia outbreak while having low COVID-19 deaths for the number of cases they have, so the “pneumonia” deaths are believed to be COVID-19, so they don’t look so bad.

    The NY-NJ-CT region is still a LARGE hot spot and will take a very long time cool down.

    I’m stunned that people are complaining about not being able to go out, going racing, etc. Instead, they should be laser focused on what they can do to stop the pandemic. This is a condition that requires all of us to do our part. If just a couple people are careless, cavalier, reckless, selfish, etc., it can cause a huge setback for many, many people.

    In order to go racing, we must ALL do our part through social distancing to stop the propagation of the coronavirus. Once the 🦠 is gone, we can resume. No sooner, since it will surge right back.

    Be careful, do your part, the life you save will be your own.

  38. Like I said in another thread, if you think the last few months were bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. All these states reopening, while having no control whatsoever of this situation is tragic. I understand, people have bills to pay, but legislation can take care of those problems. No amount of legislation is going to help you when your DEAD.
    The economy is tanked now, imagine what things will look like when the waves hit, and all the Wall Street investors have a giant sell off because of the lack of Futures confidence. Not to mention the drop in consumer spending, as DEAD people are neither consumers or spenders. This is serious stuff, and I fear that there are allot of misinformed people who think thing are just peachy. WAKE UP PEOPLE! We haven’t even cracked the surface on this thing. Only 2% of the population have been tested 2%. WAKE UP.
    Please STAY HOME it is helping to slow this down, and maybe just maybe we can slow the death till till we get a viable vaccine. The weather has warmed up, but guess what, the virus is still here

  39. Insipid Cybil, I have no contempt for you. I just read only your first sentence, and that’s all I read. You are not worthy.

    You 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 aren’t even worthy of contempt. Only laughter. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Still triggered, eh? 👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅

  40. Quarantine Chronicles Daily Summary

    Why There’s No Racing With Fans in Attendance

    USA 🇺🇸 New Deaths Today: 1,691 Americans

    USA New Cases today: 29,744 Americans

    Total deaths: 67,444 Americans

    First death: Feb. 29

  41. Check out Trump’s schedule, he’s doing a Fox Channel special tonight from the Lincoln Memorial called “America Together: Returning to Work”. Does not look like it will get TV coverage from the legitimate news bureaus. https://factba.se/calendar

    And then there’s this:


    Still wondering why you can’t go to the track?

  42. I keep saying it. I don’t think we’ll see Racing this year.

  43. Daily Coronavirus Quarantine Chronicles summary

    New cases today: 27,348

    New deaths today: 1,154 Americans 🇺🇸

    Total deaths to date: 68,598 (First Covid-19 death on Feb 29)

    Wash your damn hands.

    The life you save will be your own.

    Be careful. Can’t be too careful.

  44. Dopey Don just said the USA could lose 100,000 people before a vaccine is developed.

    We’re losing 2,100 Americans per day, and have been for the last several weeks. Works out to 63,000 deaths per month. We’ll lose that many per month until a vaccine is available. If social distancing is relaxed, far more will be lost.

    So over the next six months, that will add up to 378,000 Americans.

    Election Day is in six months.

  45. From 5/2 to 5/3 that’s 1154 additional dead Americans being used by a scum bag to make a cravenly opportunistic political statement.

  46. Hey Doug, your use of multiple screen names was a premeditated, deliberate and intentional attempt to be devious, distrustful, deceitful, dishonest, etc.

    Doug, you conclusively and irrefutabley proved that you can not be believed or trusted. Therefore, you can not function as the judge of all others as you pose. Everything you post is worthless. 💩 is worth far more because it can be used as fertilizer. You and all you post are worthless.

    Propaganda 101:

    #1: If you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

    #2: Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.

    #3: Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident that they are acting on their own free will.

    #4: It [is] vitally important for the State… to repress dissent, for truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

    – Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister for “Public Enlightenment” (Propaganda) in Nazi Germany

  47. It is clear that the smart general public is following advice from the doctors, experts and scientists, and in doing so are ignoring Dopey Don and his sycophants.

    All sorts of events that would have large gatherings of people are being cancelled or postponed with no reschedule date.

    Trump gets tested regularly, has everyone that may come near him tested often, yet he’s saying it’s safe to relax social distancing and go outside, and be normal. When I see all the GOP walk among the people, in crowds, among their constituents, then I’ll believe it’s safe.

  48. Shawn, when will we see Volume 14?

    This is a great series.

  49. Ya, Dareal, this is starting to get real. Experts are saying that if you represent the time of this virus as a percentage, we’ve just passed 1%. Some are saying we might be dealing with this 2- 3 years from now, and that was if we did everything right. We are far from doing everything right. Death toll to approach 250,000- 350,000 in some models, again if we did everything right. Experts are admitting that they under estimated this at first.
    We still lag in testing. Scientists still don’t know much about imunity. Scientists are working hard on several ( hundreds) of vaccines, but say it will be early next year before a safe vaccine can be developed, if they can even develop one, and if this virus doesn’t mutate. Everything’s just peachy.
    Hope everyone is safe strong and sane. I know 98% of you know that when I say stay at home, I’m not saying cower in fear at home. Our sacrifices are working, so keep fighting the good fight
    2 words Marijuana Gummies. Trust me they work great.

  50. Plugs 2020 says

    So, if we do everything right then we should shut the country down for 3 years. Sounds good to me 👍

  51. Plugs 2020, or until a vaccine is developed. Trump just said he thinks there will be a vaccine by December 2020.


    Oh, and Trump fired our leading vaccine expert.

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