Quarantine Chronicles Volume 4: No April Fooling Real Life Rant, Getting Carole Baskin, Binge Ratings

Some semi-regular musings on racing and life in a COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine World 

Saddling up on the soapbox for a bit of a rant here. It’s an ironic take some might say in that it’s a rant offered up April Fool’s Day. 

Mind you, we’re not talking here about pranks and jokes. 

We’ve often said here that social media can be a wonderful tool and purely evil. That fact is only magnified during these troubling times.

We live in a world where social media has become a place where false information flows like the falls over Niagara. 

Whether it’s the sharing of disinformation regarding politics, pop culture, business or personal, the spreading of factually incorrect information has become a part of our lives that we can’t get rid of. 

Up to this point we’ve become used to a world where the spread of false information might influence an election, or hurt a business or maybe damage the reputation of a celebrity or even someone you know. 

In the world we live in on April 1, 2020 spreading false information can cost people their lives. 

We recently saw the Facebook page of a well-known NASCAR competitor and on that page someone was still ranting last week about how the COVID-19 global pandemic was simply an election year scare orchestrated by “Dumbocrats”. 

Think what you want about the current pandemic, think what you want about political reaction on either side of the aisle, think what you want about its harrowing effect on life and the economy right now in this country, but can we all just agree this isn’t a “scare” by a political party or the media or whomever? Can we all just grasp the sobering fact that 100,000 to 200,000 people dying in the next few months from a virus is not an election year political scare tactic? 

The scary part of social media right now is that there are people out there who sadly still tend to believe a lot of what they read on social media because they’ve been trained like Pavlov’s dog to do that, especially if the source of that information is someone they respect or somehow affiliated with someone they respect. 

When the owner of the page where this information mentioned above was posted was asked why he would allow people to post clearly false information that could lead others to believe there’s nothing to worry about and no need to take precaution his answer was that he can’t control what people post on his page. That’s false. It’s more than false, it’s a cop out of epic proportions. You can speak on your own page and tell someone it’s wrong to post false information that might make people believe incorrectly that they’re safe from getting sick or dying. Or you can simply delete it because it’s wrong. 

We also recently saw a Facebook page where a well-known local racer shared a sentiment saying: “Quit letting the media control you” in essentially telling people to get out and live their like always because the message of the need for social distancing being shared by the media is a false narrative to create panic. 

And yes there are people who will read that and quite possibly believe it and put themselves or their family in danger because they trust that person. 

Let’s just talk for a minute about society today. If someone of influence – let’s call that person Bobby Believable – stands in front of a group of 1,000 people and tells them “I heard if you stand in front of an oncoming locomotive you will survive” probably most people in that group listening will be smart enough to form their own reasonable opinion that Bobby Believable is wrong. 

But you know what, there also might be one or two in the group who so respect and trust Bobby Believable that they’ll believe him. Why would Bobby Believable steer me wrong? He has 5,000 followers, he wouldn’t want to harm anyone. He cares about me, he wouldn’t want to see me harmed. 

People need to realize the influence they have over others right now, and just how dangerous – or even deadly – that influence can be. 

Here Kitty Kitty 

If you haven’t yet watched Tiger King on Netflix, what are you waiting for? 

And oh, apparently they’re coming for you Carole Baskin … 

eRacing Numbers 

Seriously, though, 1.3 million people watched the eNASCAR Pro Invitational Series event simulcast Sunday on Fox and Fox Sports 1. Good for NASCAR for making something out of nothing right now. 

Binge Watching 

Some rapid fire ratings on the binge watching scale today sticking with a sports theme. 

Season one and the recently released season two of Formula One: Drive To Survive on Netflix have been astonishing watching, even if you’re not a fan of Formula One or even motorsports. The videography of action is breathtaking, the inside look behind the scenes is remarkable and the storylines are simply tremendous. 

Formula One: Drive To Survive earns four out of five snacks on our Quaratine Snacks Rankings. 

Formula One: Drive To Survive

Today Netflix released the second season of Sunderland Til I Die, so we haven’t dived into that just yet. 

Season one documented the life and times of the English football club Sunderland AFC. 

Like with the Formula One: Drive To Survive, you don’t have to be a fan of soccer to get pulled deep into this eight part series. The series truly illustrates the immense cultural influence that soccer has an England. It makes the NFL seem like the minor leauges. 

Sunderland Til I Die season one earned five out of five snacks on our Quarantine Snacks Rankings 

Sunderland Til I Die

Next up is Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story on Amazon Prime Video. 

If you were a fan of the NHL through the late 80’s and 90’s you know what a force the legendary Bob Probert was on the sports of hockey. 

Probert lifted the role of NHL enforcer to an almost glamorous status and long reigned as the NHL’s undisputed champion of fighting. 

But off the ice Probert’s legal problems and addiction issues were something he could never get away from, right up to his tragic death in 2010. 

Tough Guy takes a deep into the fame and infamy of Probert in a compelling and emotional way. 

Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story earns four out of five snacks on our Quarantine Snack Rankings.

Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story

Stay safe everyone. Keep positive. Help your neighbors if you can. And wash your damn hands.

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  1. Thank you again Shawn and your team for RacedayCT, and for keeping us informed on what little racing news does surface.
    Like you said, here on April 1st, 2020, this is no April’s fool’s joke, this is no political hoax. This is as real as it gets. Sadly, before this is over Everyone here will most likely know somebody taken too soon by this virus.
    Now is the time for Bobby Believable to step aside, and let the professionals, like Anthony Fauci, inform the public of the facts. Now is the time for people to wake up, and pay attention, and listen to the professionals. Now is the time to take this as serious as a heart attack.
    No matter what true, evidence based, science based information is given out, there will still be those who believe, and support Bobby Believable. Not much you can do when dealing with those, shall we say, Believers. Everybody, I hope your all still safe, strong and sane. Keep using common sense, and washing your hands , sanitizing your surroundings. Remember, Ape alone…weak. Apes together…Strong. by the way, all 3 Planet of the Apes movies are pretty good flicks, would recommend them. Be safe people

  2. Watching the White House Coronavirus briefing now, Trump is doing all he can to distract away from the coronavirus. The news is very grim. They are doing a presentation on deploying military assets, Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force, to deter drug trafficking, and going after the Mexican cartels. Somebody needs to point out all the tunnels that are bringing in a very large amount of contraband right under our noses.

    Trump needs many and huge distractions and diversions away from his coronavirus disaster.

    Esper and Barr spoke so far. Nothing to do with the coronavirus so far. Four people have spoken so far on this drug operation.

    Pretty sad. Trump has refused to allow daily press briefings for years, and now he’s doing them with subjects to distract away from the #TrumpPandemic. 🦠 So sad. 😔

    A reporter just asked why is he doing this drug interdiction op all of a sudden. Why now given the #TrumpPandemic crisis? So sad.

  3. Unfortunately Dareal, this is the world we’re stuck in for now. I’ll bet there are some republican senators wishing for a do over on the impeachment right now. Fortunately there is an upcoming election, and hopefully Trump world comes to an end January 21, 2021. Like I said before, if re-elected Trump will reduce us to a fourth world country. Keep in mind, he can still do allot of damage in 8 months. I’ve unplugged from the News. Had to do it, couldn’t stand the blatent disregard for human life this president has. Watched all 3 Planet of the Apes movies back to back, now binging the show Air Disaster, on Smithsonian on demand. Will probably stay news free for a few days, except when Governor Baker does his updates. Do feel better, no longer homicidal. Suggest people try unplugging. Hope everyone is safe strong and sane.

  4. Apparently the Chinese doctors who tried to warn the world early on have disappeared. That’s probably the president’s fault too? China has been less than forthcoming since the get go.

  5. I just think concentrating on the misinformation in social media is only half the story. The other half being talk media. Hundreds of pundits on primarily AM stations in every media market in the country channeling opinion of primarily a geezer audience. For them everything including this crises is political. Every statement by an expert, administration official or Democrat viewed through the prism of politics. With a few exceptions like Michael Savage they have followed the presidents lead in stressing the economy over the virus and only recently have started giving the virus priority and only because Trump has.. They still however filter everything the administration does through the political filter claiming Trump is making all the right moves while at the same time overcoming Democratic and media interference that serve no constructive purpose. Although the crises has resulted in a massive socialist like stimulus with capitalism taking a back seat for a time the pundits with their labels of liberal, socialists, communist and all the associated tropes go on in a complete detachment from reality.
    If you read some obtuse political taunt on social media and the person writing it is older you can bet it probably came from talk media. In this forum there have been many helpful and supportive observations on the virus. Unfortunately there have been more from people with primarily politics on their mind and an agenda to promote. People in both parties are doing good work from Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer and Treasure Secretary Mnuchin on the stimulus act. A historically massive stimulus passed in record time by a Congress risking their safety to do it. Governors from both parties are doing good work trying to get much needed equipment in short supply. Yet in talk media and even here partisans from both sides cannot bring themselves to give any credit to the other side for any reason.
    If the question is “can we all agree” I’d say the answer will probably be no regardless of the body count.

  6. What China did or did not do has nothing to do with the gross negligence, recklessness and incompetence of Trump. Look at how successful South Korea has handled this. And a couple other countries.

    Watch the press briefing from the other day, maybe Tuesday. Trump admitted he knew all along and just wanted to be positive and a cheerleader. 📣 If you were up on the news, you would have known that the Trump Admin authorities knew of this months ago, and only took action just a couple weeks ago.

    Now because of Trump’s stupidity and megalomaniac narcissism, the economy will tank even worse and hundreds or thousands more will die.

    Trump finally found a way to destroy the Obama Economy.

  7. China clamped down hard, mandatory stay indoors right from the start. China has been slowly and carefully reopening over the last several weeks. Factories restarted a couple weeks ago. China acted early and mightily, and for the most part, contained the outbreak to a region. South Korea acted early and kept the outbreak tame there. I believe it was only ten days from the time China confirmed the virus to when the USA saw the first case on our soil. The way things look now, we are not going to reopen for months, long after China has reopened.

    Because Trump decided not to act early on, we are in a HUGE mess that will take far longer to contain. All our numbers are still in the early stages of skyrocketing.

  8. I am going to STOP coming to this site. I come here for racing, and ALL i hear is political BS from people on BOTH sides. If I wanted that I would turn on the TV. So good bye until July.

    PS Stop hiding behind initials and psuedonyms

  9. Kenneth,
    Sorry to hear you’re leaving. All I will say is that I’ve had a pretty open door policy on comments on this site since 2012. The rules are pretty simple as far as what is and isn’t allowed and I’m not going to change that now. The comments section is a living, breathing forum and something that most websites these days have gotten rid of because publishers don’t want to deal with overseeing this kind of forum. It’s a place where people with like-minded interests can virtually congregate and can have conversations and debates about most anything, and that doesn’t always mean it has to be specifically about racing. If people want to have conversations/debate about the issues facing us as a country right now they are welcome to go right ahead and do that. I’m not going to stop it. And actually, you don’t have to read the comments. You can read the content and never scroll down and look at the comments. Again, I understand why you feel the way you feel and I’m sorry if you don’t want to visit anymore, but nobody is forcing you to read the comments.

  10. It took GW Bush 8 years and two wars to destroy the economy. Trump did it in 3 years. Trump must be so proud.

    The USA response to the COVID-19 is the WORST. The #TrumpPandemic is killing more people and tanking the economy.

    The states and Governors have been leading this NATIONAL PANDEMIC. Two Governors in particular have been outstanding, Governor Andrew Cuomo from New York State and Governor Gavin Newsom of California. The country has been tuning in to Governor Cuomo’s press briefings to find out what is going on. Gov. Cuomo was making clear weeks ago that there will be hospital bed shortages and ventilator shortages, all while Trump was saying we’re good and this will go away like a miracle. Who has been telling the truth?

  11. Kenneth Latham, please let us know of some racing that is going on so we can discuss it. It appears you are driving up to the tracks and wondering why they are closed. Ken, do you have any idea what is going on?

    Please post that list of local, regional racing that is going on so we can discuss it. Looking forward to it.

    Your list is gonna be a BIG FAT ZERO.

    So in the absence of racing, this is what we have.

    And quite frankly, Shawn’s Quarantine Chronicles are what we need to help get through this.

  12. What racing do you want to discuss Ken? Be specific. Ain’t none happening. People are just filling the void. We’ll get back to racing talk as soon as racing resumes I would imagine. Everyone is doing things outside of the box. I will talk about basket weaving if you present an interesting enough discussion. I’m sure DaReal and Dougie would too.

  13. The Gov. of Georgia just announced that until just a few hours ago, he had no idea that the CVD-19 virus 🦠 can spread asymptomatically. Pure stupidity. This has been in the news for weeks as being one of the biggest challenges to containment. What an idiot. Claiming you didn’t know is not an excuse, nor does it exonerate you. It is an acknowledgement of being totally unfit for the job.

    Folks, a national lockdown is needed, and is needed about ten weeks ago. The contagion has spread all around the country for the last 10 weeks and has all different timings. The only way to stop it now is a total national lockdown. Otherwise, there will be nearly persistent relapses and localized outbreaks. A total lockdown is inevitable. The sooner the better, and better for the economy. Get it over with. Otherwise this will drag on for months and months, and deaths and deaths.

    Look at China. Their new case rate is nearly zero, negligible compared to the rates of the rest of the world. Since the middle of February until now, China has only seen an increase of about 3,000 cases. The USA is increasing cases by 25,000 PER DAY. South Korea is increasing by ONLY 89 cases per day. For those of you that want to shout out that the USA is the world’s leader, think… we are an abomination. We are a train wreck that won’t stop. And the Federal Gov’t REFUSES to declare a national lockdown.

    The number of COVID-19 PSA on TV is just stunning.

  14. My wife and I were watching the Gov. Andrew Cuomo press briefing this morning. I look over to my wife and she was crying. 😢 She commented at how relieving it was to listen to someone speaking of this crisis as the emergency it is, in complete, comprehensive sentences, and not constantly bragging about themselves, attacking others, or blaming someone else.

    We were just watching the CT Gov. Ned Lamont press briefing and she said it was so nice to listen to Ned and his staff speak so clearly and professionally, and stay on topic.

  15. Thank you Shawn for allowing us to vent, and share, and covering any racing news that does surface.
    Dareal, I’ve been tuning in to Cuomo’s briefings too, I find them informative. Have to commend you too, the links you post are great, and informative.
    We all are anxious, most of us have been home for weeks. This is scary stuff, nothing to joke about.
    Hope everyone is still safe hope to see you at the races when they do resume.

  16. Rob, relax. Listen to Dr. Fauci. He is now stepping out and questioning why we have not declared a national lockdown. He’s rattling Trump. Just hunker down and chill. Protect yourself. Gov. Cuomo and Dr. Fauci are the best news out there. Even Dr. Birx is cramming reality into Trump’s face.

    Think about it… we can finally stay home, sit on the couch and watch TV all day.

    I’m fully expecting this social distancing to run into the way distant future. With the lack of a national lockdown, there will be scattered outbreaks all across the country, for months and months and months, sending infection all across the country over and over until almost everyone has been infected. There will be rebound outbreaks. That will take a very long time, well over a year. And be far more costly, in lives and the economy, than if we just did a solid lockdown for a few weeks.

    We are going to have to protect ourselves from the idiots that think they are invincible, exercising their liberties, and can do anything they want.

    Just hope the management of this country can do the correct things correctly to put this pandemic behind us quickly

    In other news, Trump Co. is doing massive layoffs, and has started talks with the bank to defer loan repayments. Don-The-Con is getting squeezed and desperate. He needs distractions and diversions more than ever. That’s why he’s talking about drug interdiction and attacking Iran over the pandemic.

  17. Here you go folks… Pay attention to when this was going on.


    And now, to treat and save Americans, we are searching for that very same equipment and paying exorbitant gouging level prices.

  18. I have to give a shout out to our Mass governor here as well. To broker a deal for 1.3 million masks from China, brokering the deal with China to allow the plane to land and load and go, with no issues, to broker a deal with Kraft for plane and crew. And then what does he do? He tries to help fellow governors in some small way, and immediately gets 100,000 masks designated for RI, and 300,000 to NY. Already in the road, and the plane only landed lest night. Pretty decent guy in my opinion.
    You can see him calling out the Feds, and drawing Trumps ire. Imo, our guy cares and has moxie as well. No party lines here, as he is republican. Stay safe all.

  19. Great news Bob, maybe he can throw some to the nutmeg state as well. My daughter is an RN in CT on the front line of defense and I know she and her coworkers would appreciate it. Thanks Robert Craft for the plane and crew and Republican Governor Charlie Baker for his kindness & compassion.

    WOW, a Republican Governor doing something outstandingly correct then crossing party lines to assist other States. That is amazing since from what I have been reading on several threads Republicans are all garbage and the Democrats are God!

  20. Yes Bob, Charlie Baker is a stand up guy, probably the best Governor Massachusetts has had, at least in my lifetime. Governor Cuomo has a head on his shoulders as well, and is doing everything in his power to try and defeat this virus. Got to give a shout out to Bob Craft, his flight crew and everybody involved in the trip to China, Thank You! The events of yesterday show clearly that people in leadership do have heart, and compassion. These are going to be the people who, when the history books are written, will be looked at as having a prominent role in defeating this virus.
    Dareal, I too think we will see this lasting for months and months, maybe years. All we can do is keep doing what we’re doing. Stay home, wash your hands, sanitize everything and use common sense. Although our federal government has let us down in a big way, local government seems to be doing the right thing here in Massachusetts. It’s funny (not) how Trump still is politicizing this. This is not a red problem nor a blue problem. Now is the time to put politics aside, and work together as Americans.
    Everybody stay safe, strong and sane. Be prepared for the Long haul. Someday this will be behind us, provided everyone does as asked. Stay home, and practice common sense

  21. Earl;
    Please thank your daughter for me. And to any other of the Raceday Ct nations loved ones who are on the “front lines” of this epidemic, my wife and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please pass along, that this family of “John Q. public” , is aware, is supportive, and pray for our leaders and health care professionals, who are out there putting their butts on the line. It is not lost on us, not for one minute.
    Hopefully, maybe, all the partisan politics can be put aside, for the better of the common good. Live to fight another day as it were.
    Earl, we too have loved ones on the front lines of this in the healthcare industry, and I share your apprehension. Godspeed. Chins up, if everyone does the right things here, while there will be very unfortunate demises, very unfortunate, we will get to the other side.
    And we can actually debate who is better at the track and why. Just keep the faith. And oh yeah, as Shawn says “wash your damn hands”!! Great line.

  22. You can’t give enough credit to Baker. The masks aren’t being used in a hot spot and this wasn’t a desperate measure. They went to the States strategic stockpile and another half million that couldn’t fit on the plane may be coming as well. Baker is doing what good leaders do and that’s planning ahead.
    Is it anything more then a credit to Baker, Kraft and the State of Massachusetts? I’m not seeing it. Sending a private plane owned by a billionaire half way around the world to get supplies we can’t manufacture enough of and aren’t using our most powerful military in the world to transport is not a good thing in the longer run. How Kraft or anyone else mentions party affiliation in the donations to NY isn’t exactly a proud moment either.

  23. Well, baker took charge and put something together , after the 3 million masks and equipment that was ordered by the state of mass, was confiscated at the port of NY. Yes I agree, huge need there. But that did not help our health care proffessionals in any way, for sure.
    So we were down to bare bones up here . So he had to do something, as our health care people were getting to dire straights here in Boston. As for “stockpile, they went to Marlboro to the distribution warehouse to be distributed, which they currently are. Could not leave them on the plane and, distribute as needed. And yeah, he sends 300,000 of them to a non hot spot like, I dont know, NY?
    He at least is up front and trying, no denials. I applaud him or any governor for that matter that is being pro active when the rug was pulled out from under him. Would he serve the state and it’s people better to deny this scourge exists, wring his hangs, and blame partisan politics? I know people up here on the front lines of this thing, are extremely appreciative, that Baker, seemingly, has their backs. Jmo

  24. Bob, please say THANK YOU to your daughter for me as well. I know how you feel, my sister is also in the trenches.

  25. Doug, don’t know how you get your information, but I’ve never heard Bob Kraft mention party affiliation when speaking of the China trip. We all know Bob Kraft is a Republican, and Trump supporter, but Massachusetts is his home. Charlie Baker is also a republican, but old school kind of guy, who has allot of compassion and truly cares about the people of Massachusetts. What this came down to was a bunch of good people banding together to do the right thing

  26. Earl, sorry to hear about your daughter, and all the RNs, Drs, EMTs, etc. that have been put at extreme, unnecessary danger due to the incompetence and sadistic, megalomaniac narcissism of Donald J. Trump. Earl, because Trump refuses to declare a NATIONAL LOCKDOWN, your daughter is going to be at extreme risk for many months and months instead of a few weeks. And the economy is going to get hammered over all those many months and months. The economy would be so much better off if a NATIONAL LOCKDOWN happened, get it done in much less time, and slowly manage the reopening. LIKE OTHER COUNTRIES ARE DOING SUCCESSFULLY. The way Trump is doing it, this will take months and far more damage to the economy and people.

    A couple states doing a lockdown and then a couple states not doing a lockdown won’t work. All have to do the lockdown. The few idiots like the REPUBLICAN Governor Ron Desantis makes it futile.

    This can’t stop being political when Trump won’t stop complaining about not being praised, or he automatically disrespects others for not worshipping him.

    Trump failed to act for some ten weeks. He watched the house burn for ten weeks before he called the fire department. And even then, he’s not letting the fire department do its job. He’s controlling what they can and can’t do. And Trump refuses to declare a NATIONAL LOCKDOWN.

    Earl, you are typical, cowardly REPUBLICAN. And you can’t wait to vote for him again.


  27. Anybody watch the show Highway Thru Hell, or Heavy Rescue 401? Man they show some brutal wrecks. Those Canadians don’t slow down for anything 100km/ he in a blizzard, and they wonder why they wreck. Anyway, interesting show if your looking for something different.

  28. No doubt, a big thanks to Bob Kraft. But… you have to realize he has ulterior motives. He is still fighting that case where he patronized a prostitution salon masquerading as massage parlor. Last I saw, there were felony charges still in play. Since he got into that trouble, he has been profoundly generous, building up a very positive PR reputation.

  29. Far enough Rob here is what I read.
    Alexandra Francisco, NESN 4/2/20 sighting Kraft’s statements to NBC Sports Boston.

    “I thought it would be great if we could do something to actually compliment governor (Andrew) Cuomo’s great leadership in (New York), so I wound up speaking to the governor of Massachusetts and said, would he allow us to give 300 thousand of the masks to the people of New York City,” Kraft said, via NBC Boston.

    “He immediately … said yes. And I think that’s so cool that a Republican governor wanted to do whatever he could to work with a Democratic governor in Cuomo. This transcends politics and brings everything together.”

    Kraft also hoped the gesture would help bring together some rivaled fan bases, or perhaps wanted to be funny in giving New York Giants and New York Jets fans a reason to appreciate the Patriots

    “I personally have a deep affection for all the citizens of New York City, and in a way, I just thought it might be cool if the owner of the New England Patriots is doing whatever he can to help Jets and Giants fans have better health.” If working together during the crisis transcends politics, then it should definitely go beyond NFL allegiances as well.

  30. I could care less if Bob Craft got “serviced”. What he did the other day was an unselfish gesture to help the people of his state, and neighboring states. You don’t see Trump’s private jet in use, hell no, Trump won’t even use military planes to bring the stuff back. Other billionaires have also stepped up like Elon Musk and Richard Branson, taking up the slack to keep supplies coming in. It’s almost like Trump wants 100-200 thousand people to die, and no republican Senators, or governor’s have the balls to stand up to him, with the exception of Charlie Baker.

  31. Doug;
    I got Dareal’s point about the “pr” aspect of it all.
    But at the same time, personal motives or not, he, and his organization stepped up.
    Regardless of party affiliation, or who is pulling strings in Washington. Our republican governor was brushed aside at the Federal level(it appears, yet to be determined). So he did what had to be done. And then they reached out across Mass borders to try to help in some. small way.
    That was my only point. If I’m taken to town on that, then I’ll just agree to disagree. These are not perfect times, and sometimes, well, ya just gotta dance with the devil, if indeed that is, the case here.

  32. Doug, where in there did Bob Kraft say he was a republican? Did I miss something?

  33. In WWII the War Production Board was established to direct and fund manufacturing and provide resources toward the goal of military related armaments and supplies. One priority was what became the M4 Sherman Tank. All three auto manufactures were directed to manufacture tanks using a common design. Each used their own engine, the abundant aircraft radial engine being the most common used but otherwise the design was uniform. The tank evolved and improved over the years but the base design remained the same with an astounding number of tanks close to 50,000 manufactured over the 5 years it was produced. The War Productions Board would eventually be responsible for over seeing 40% of the entire world’s war armament production even after starting relatively late.
    That was the country at it’s best in desperate times. We’re early on in this crises and the Federal Government has done a remarkable amount fiscally, economically and from a supply standpoint to help mitigate the impacts where it can with what they have. GM and Ford as well as many other companies are working feverishly to produce needed products not the least of which are ventilators. Public and private research labs are working on a full spectrum of ways to attack the virus much of which is funded by the Federal Government.
    On the other hand I get no sense of a coordinated national strategy needed to fight a war at all. Mike Pence is in charge of the Federal task force overseeing the response but I can’t find any place where what they are doing or what they are planning on doing is documented. Millions of masks were confiscated in NY by whom and where did they go? Mostly it seems like the Federal Government has decided to help the States where they can but otherwise States are on their own and in many cases competing with each other. The help is more shoot from the hip emergency response. Vague references of equipment going to various States. Edicts toward companies to make things. Bickering back and forth with Governors. Cheer leading some manufacturers promising to help produce much needed supplies and bickering with others. Crises day trading.
    Maybe it’s time to bring some of the former military men that were fired from the administration back into service along with their strategic planning skills and absence of politics. As it stands the administration employs a series of C list Cabinet officials and department heads, many of which are interim, who’s primary qualifications are subordination to Trump. The A team is on the sidelines.
    The need now specifically is strategic planning in supplies and resources on a national level. Tooling and production capability to produce the supplies and equipment needed that will take time but should be coordinated. Concurrently a Federal Emergency response team of mobile hospitals, health care professionals, morgues to be directed to hot spots across the country as they arise. And yes, military intervention in high population hot spots where an unruly citizenry is endangering the greater population.
    My view is that what is happening is kind of like the start of the Street Stock races I remember. Everyone going in the same direction because there is no other choice but otherwise it’s chaos with a hint of anarchy.
    The Sherman tank was more then adequate in 1942 but became completely over matched as the war progressed. The radial engine that most US military Sherman’s used was a terrible engine choice based on it design characteristics. What made the weaknesses of the Sherman tank so effective, besides crew generated tactics, was the massive number of tanks produced that were fast, agile and reliable.
    We have the massive fiscal response from the Fed. We need the massive military like tactical response in personnel, production, supplies and distribution.
    I didn’t intend to get bogged down nit picking at the Baker/Kraft mission of mercy that was admirable in every sense. My larger point is that while admirable the fact it had to be done is a symptom of how uncoordinated and inadequate our response has been on a national level.

  34. We were a much more industrialized nation back then. Maybe that is part of the problem now. I would guess mills, shoe factories, clothing manufacturers could be made more ready equipped to be converted to producing what this country needs now, for this crisis, versus car manufacturers. But maybe I’m wrong about that, as that is not my field. I just know that most all of the ppe gear required, is manufactured in Asia.
    Strategic for future? Yeah, maybe, maybe not, who knows what the next “19” could or would be.
    I agree with your point, as I stated earlier, it appears all states have to mostly fend for themselves. It seems The feds, even if they are trying, have a long way to go here with cohesive, organized response, maybe due to the sheer enormity of it all. I’ll be benefit of doubt Bob, on that. Yeah, we all know… but I’m just gonna leave at that. I’m gonna try to find something else to do, by myself I guess, and wait to see what happens next.

  35. Rob p., Mark Cuban made a pretty compelling comment. He was saying that companies had better be careful about jumping to do layoffs and worrying only about their immediate financial bottom line. That they need to realize they will be remembered and identified by what they do, and perhaps what they don’t do, in these times that will determine what happens to them when this is all over.

  36. Bob, thanks for the kind words and I will pass the thanks on to my daughter as I know she will certainly appreciate it. Her mom and I are just praying she remains safe through this and we are very proud of her. It is tough to be in the position she is in especially with a husband and children at home.

    Please thank your loved ones who are in the line of fire for me. May you and your family stay healthy and safe as well.

  37. Thanks Earl;
    They are certainly our true heros.

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