Quarantine Chronicles Volume 6: Simulation Road Rage, Who Is Staying Home, Comebacks And Binge Rankings

Some semi-regular musings on racing and life in a COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine World 

So it took all of the three events for the eNASCAR Pro Invitational Series to have its first full-blown controversy erupt on Sunday at virtual Bristol Motor Speedway. 

Richard Petty Motorsports driver Bubba Wallace left the race after 11 of 150 laps after getting hit by Clint Bowyer. 

“That’s why I don’t take this shit serious. Peace out.” Wallace posted online. 

In the world of simulation racing Wallace’s tantrum is referred to as “rage quitting”. 

But the fun was just beginning on social media. 

Blue-Emu, a brand of pain relief, was sponsoring Wallace and Landon Cassill in the event.

The company has been an associate sponsors with Richard Petty Motorsports since 2005. 

After Wallace posted on Twitter about the incident a message the Blue Emu Twitter account responded to Wallace with a GIF of President Donald Trump staying “You’re Fired!” and then a response saying “GTK [Good To Know] where you stand. Bye bye Bubba. We’re interested in drivers, not quitters.” 

The whole incident certainly raises some interesting ways to look at things from both sides. 

On the one hand a lot of people need to remember that ultimately this is adults playing a video game to entertain fans during a time when unfortunately NASCAR can’t hold real events. We can go back and forth on the argument all day of whether or not it’s a video game. It’s a simulation of a real life competition. Yes, it’s a video game. And it’s a video game that many people are taking way too seriously in many facets over the last few weeks since broadcasted iRacing events featuring some of the top names in motorsports have flooded the market. 

On the other hand, if the brand paid someone participating to serve as a representative of the company they deserve to be represented in a professional manner, the same they would expect if it was a real event. 

While some might laugh at Wallace’s tantrum, the company was paying for exposure and the fact is Wallace voluntarily quit so they have every right to be disappointed that they didn’t get what they paid for. 

In the end Blue Emu certainly got a lot of attention from the whole incident, probably a lot more than if Wallace had just raced at the back of the field for the rest of the event. 

Behind The Curtain 

While we’re on the subject if iRacing and the Pro Invitational Series, Matt Weaver of Autoweek has a great look behind the scenes at Fox in their change from broadcasting live racing to simulated events. 

Stay Put

(New York Times Image)

The New York Times offered a fascinating look – using cell phone data – at what parts of the country are heeding the call to stay home and what parts are just going on with life as usual.

Come on folks, really, if you don’t need to be out don’t go out. Is it really that difficult.

As Dr. Deborah Birx told the country on Sunday about staying home: “This is the moment … to do everything you can to keep your family and friends safe.”

Comeback Kid 

We recently joked with former Stafford Speedway SK Modified driver Sean Foster that it would be doomsday before he returned. Apparently he took that to heart. 

Crona Watch 2020

If you need a little daily laugh, following Bob Marley’s daily Crona Watch 2020 shorts should help a bit.

Binge Rankings 

Last week I mentioned jumping into the recently released Netflix docu-series How To Fix A Drug Scandal. 

Well, all done. And yes, if you’re into the True Crime genre this is an absolute must watch series. 

The series looks at two massive breakdowns by two drug chemists in separate State of Massachusetts drugs labs and how those breakdowns set in motion the dominoes of coverup and the realization that the cases of thousands of convicted criminals in the state needed to be revisited. 

It’s a fascinating look at how a system most would think would have checks and balances beyond belief really just didn’t. 

How To Fix A Drug Scandal earns five out of five snacks on our Quaratine Snacks Rankings.

How To Fix A Drug Scandal

Next we’ll dance back to racing and look at Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story on Netflix. 

In the realm of sports documentaries I’d categorize it as very well done, though quite quirky at times. 

The documentary is packed with tons of great voices of motorsports and some fantastic footage from 1980’s Trans-Am and IMSA action. 

After watching it my feelings about Willy T. Ribbs is that he was an immensely talented driver who was definitely shortchanged by the fact that he was a black man trying to make in motorsports at a time when the sport was essentially as white a snow across the spectrum. 

But in my own amateur psychoanalysis opinion, Ribbs’ own arrogance was as much a part of his getting shunned as his skin color. Even today, on a scale of 1-10, Ribbs’ arrogance is about a 47. 

And maybe the most surreal part of the documentary was seeing the former Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner for the documentary, talking about their time together when Jenner was involved in sports car racing. It was just odd seeing Caitlyn Jenner reminisce of a team when she was Bruce Jenner and deeply involved in motorsports. 

Upitty: The Willy T. Ribbs Story earns three out of five snacks on our Quaratine Snacks Rankings.

Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story

Stay safe everyone. Keep positive. Help your neighbors if you can. And wash your damn hands.

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  1. Thanks again Shawn for this article. Bubba Wallace blew it. He could have limped around for the remainder of the race, or until he got black flagged, but instead threw a childish tantrum, and jeopardized a sponsorship. Look, I get it, everyone is stressed out to the max, and if you say your not, your lying, but these cup drivers were invited to participate in this, to bring some entertainment to the fans, and have a little fun. It’s sinse evolved to sponsorship, and being nationally broadcast, which makes it from having fun, to doing a job. I wonder if Bubba will be back next week. Look at Clint Bowyer, he sucked, admitted it himself, but he hung in there and eventually wound up 11th. Look, sim racing may be the only racing they’re doing for quite a while, and I only see it getting bigger as it goes. If a certain driver has the attitude that it’s just a video game, and I can quit mid race if I want to, maybe they shouldn’t be invited back, after all, there are other drivers. Just my opinion.

  2. Fast Eddie says

    It just goes to show you, when you are involved in any endeavor involving sponsors, You may not be ‘working” for them 24/7, but you are certainly representing them 24/7, and need to conduct yourself accordingly. That’s why sometimes you don’t have to be the winningest or best in your field to have sponsors, you need to give them a good representation.

  3. Just a couple if quick things if I may.
    I knew I was going to be tied up with a project of my own, by myself yesterday as designed. So, I did the next best thing. And recorded “the race” on Fox to watch later in the day. With that usual” until space is needed” option when I set it on the dvr.
    In later playback, just when it was coming down to the ”nitty gritty, 40 or so left to go, whap!!! All of a sudden I have Emeril Lagasse hawking a pressure cooker!!!
    Now I have nothing against Emeril but, Asaaahhhrrrggg! My wife thought I was having a stroke.
    So, add the “time” no matter what when dvr’ing I just learned, so I thought I’d pass that along if you are recording on cable (xfinity anyway)
    So question, impressive that Preece battled back to 6th. Can anyone tell me if he did a reset in order to do that? When he restarted after the “incident” up front, Mike Joy stated he stayed out. I’m assuming he would have pitted at some point for tires and or fuel. Did he reset as well, or get to 6th with the damage?

  4. After crash Preece 25 on lap 2, 14 on lap 18, 13 on lap 34, 12 on lap 44, 11 on lap 51, 9 on lap 72, 11 on lap 114 and 6 on lap 140 to the end.

  5. 3 cheers for the captain of the USS Roosevelt, he did the right thing, and lost his job because of it.
    The Trump administration continues to screw things up. Thank God we have people like Governor’s Cuomo and Baker, among others who despite the lack of federal help or responsibility, continue to lead the people, trying their hardest to keep the death till low. It’s unbelievable that there are still states without stay at home orders, which puts everyone in jeopardy. Dark days are here.
    Hoping everyone 8s safe, strong and sane. Stay home if you can.
    THANK YOU to everyone out there fighting for us. You are all heroes to me.

  6. Doug;
    Did he take a “reset” at all after his “incident” on lap 2?
    Does not appear he did, and if not, he had a great day.

  7. Think of yourselves as lucky. Lucky you live in a state with a governor who cares about his people. There are still a handful of states with no stay at home orders in place. For those unfortunate enough to live in those states, it means going to work, even if you have the common sense to want to stay home. People can’t stay home, because if they do, without that stay home order, they can be fired. One governor said we’re not New York, referring to the number if cases. But we all know even 1 Case of Covid, is one too many. I cannot comprehend why these governor’s would be so Stupid. What have they got to gain, when they’ve got everything to lose. Donald Trump can fix all of this by issuing a Nationwide stay at home order, so why hasn’t he done so. It’s hard for people to vote for him if they’re dead. Just my opinion.

  8. Stay put.

    The rural areas are going to be savaged. These low population density regions are in big trouble. Apparently even low population density areas are not being spared from this contagion, and these areas are also NOT following the Dr. Fauci recommendations. The Governors of many of these areas are not requiring social distancing, etc. That’s where people are still traveling like there is no problem.

    This is for certain. I’ve done several cross country road trips through these regions, and I still wonder at how people survive living out in the rural, and extreme rural regions. There is no such thing as emergency care. Call 911 and it could be hours before anybody shows up. If there is cell phone service. Hospitals are hours away, if you are lucky. Local facilities are at best urgent care and not equipped or staffed for this pandemic.

    People are probably dying out in these areas already, perhaps thinking it’s “just the flu” and won’t be noticed until survivors start wondering where have Earl and Betty been, why haven’t they been to church, bingo, the gun store, the hog fest or the diner lately?

    It’s going to be very brutal in the rural regions.

  9. Yes, Dareal, cannot stress this enough, STAY HOME if you can. Even though the convenience store on the corner is open, doesn’t mean you can go there every day. Soon our healthcare systems will be overwhelmed, if their not already. Be smart, use some common sense. Plan your outings to last at least a week or two if you can. I realize stuff happens, and that unplanned trip to the store is inevitable, but try your best to STAY HOME.
    A quick shout out to those on the front lines…THANK YOU!
    Hope everyone is safe, strong and sane. Hang in there, someday this will pass. Until then STAY HOME!

  10. I think any state that has it, should suspend the lottery, and stop selling scratch tickets. It’s amazing how many people venture out just to play their daily number, or/and to buy scratch tickets. STAY HOME PLEASE. Is that 2 dollar scratch tickets worth your life? Or the lives of other you may infect if you have Covid and don’t know it?
    Be safe, stay strong and sane and STAY HOME.

  11. Dr Fauci said yesterday that we may never return to pre- Covid normalcy, and that any secure sense of normalcy won’t come until we have a proven vaccine, which is about at least 18 months away.
    In Wisconsin, the Republican led legislature refused to postpone today’s elections. They were backed up by the Republican majority state supreme Court. When the governor, wanted to add 6 days to the deadline for mail in voting, the Republican majority U S. Supreme Court said no. So the people of Wisconsin have a choice, vote and risk infection, or stay home.
    You cannot tell me that the Republican party, and it’s legislative members, with very few exceptions, have the well being, and safety of the American people in mind. This is criminal neglegence, and voter suppression at its best. Just my opinion.

  12. I don’t know how that dad gum reset works and can’t find anything explaining how Nascar is treating it for the exhibition races. I think Preece did reset. They were allowed two. How it all translated to ending up 25th I don’t know. What I do know is that through great driving he steadily advanced back into a respectable position using only good driving technique seeing as how the cars were equal. I’m clearly biased but think it evidence of how good a driver he is. Furthermore I’ll take a wildly speculative flight of fancy in saying that owners are watching drivers “race craft” as Byron defined sim racing. If Preece can show consistent superior performance it will be noted as a positive when driver changes come up.
    I guaranunfreakintee Kroger loves it when they see their logo at the front even if it’s sim racing. Still can’t find the ratings for the Bristol race but so far NASCAR, the network and advertisers are very happy about the viewership jumps they have seen.

  13. This virus 🦠 does not appear to have the same ebb and flow of an established, seasonal virus, like the *NORMAL* flu and common cold. So in that sense, what Dr. Fauci is saying about needing a vaccine to protect the population fits with other illnesses like polio, chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella, etc. that have been contained with a vaccine. It should also be noted that the anti-vaxers have allowed these once controlled diseases to spring up because they refused to get their kids vaccinated.

    Rob p., staying home is not possible for many. The nicotine, alcohol and caffeine addicts have to travel frequently to get their fix. And the gamboling addicts. These people are also not capable of buying large quantities at once so they can stay hunkered in for a long time without having to go out, so they have to go out at least weekly when they get their checks. Bad situation. Liquor stores were deemed essential because the problems that would happen if the alcohol addicts were not able to get their alcohol. The need for nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and gambling will clearly drive people to put their lives and the lives of others at risk.

  14. The other thing you all have to pay attention to and make sure it sinks in is that Trump is relentlessly talking about removing social distancing restrictions, he places the economy over the health of the people, while the Governors are all saying that this will be at least a multi-month event. Also, several Governors that spoke out early have said that this was all known several months ago, that they were briefed on coronavirus by Federal authorities. Cuomo has been telling the Feds they needed to do more for a long time.

  15. Thanks doug.
    I could not find it either.
    I know they get 2 but if they use one, Im not sure if you go a lap down or just the tail end of the field.

  16. I don’t see Charlie Baker reopening Massachusetts any time soon. Right now I believe we’re going till April 29th, but a report on the news at noon time said Western Massachusetts might not peak till mid May. Right now I’d be surprised if we open back up by August, but I really hope I’m wrong.

  17. Illinois official rushes to McDonald’s with 3.4 million dollar check to secure medical supplies. That was the headline on CNN, which was verified by the state comptroller, and it actually happened twice. She said these drastic steps were taken, because they could no longer wait for supplies from the federal government. The last shipments they received were unusable due to dry rot and mold. If I’d read it online or something wouldn’t have believed it, but saw it with my own eyes. This is very very sad, in what’s supposed to be the greatest country on Earth. But that’s what happens when you elect a failure for president.

  18. Staying home and idiots… do a search on Ammon Bundy from Idaho. Remember I was telling you earlier about the folks that will perceive these social distancing and “stay at home” orders as infringements of their liberties and Constitutional rights…

    Search out Ammon Bundy. He’s from Idaho.

  19. If he wants the virus, give it to him, shoot him up with it. For that matter any of these idiots that want the virus, shoot em up, isolate them so they can’t spread it, and let them be.
    Man, there are some really
    _______ STUPID people out there.

  20. Some racing news. Mike Stefanik has once again been nominated for the hall if fame. Let’s hope they vote him in.

  21. In the several weeks prior to the travel restrictions from China, (which was an OBVIOUS admission that there was a problem in China), several hundred thousand Chinese were traveling to and from the USA. And hundreds of thousands of Americans were traveling to and from China. We do lots of business with China, and Chinese students go to school here.

    Read this:


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