Speedbowl Driver Suing Track Owner, Former Track Operator, Competitor And Crew Member

A former New London-Waterford Speedbowl driver has filed suit against the track, track ownership, the track’s former operator, a competitor and a crew member involving an assault that took place at the facility in May 2018. 

Former track competitor Ray Reed filed civil action in Connecticut Superior Court late last month seeking monetary and punitive damages from the New London-Waterford Speedbowl Inc., track owner Bruce Bemer, former track operator Whitney Farm Racing LLC, competitor Jason Larivee and crew member Scott Harrington. 

Reed alleges he was assaulted following a Super X division feature at the Speedbowl on May 30, 2018. 

Reed is suing Harrington for negligent, reckless and intentional assault and battery.

Reed’s complaint alleges he was struck and rendered unconscious by Harrington, a crew member for Larivee. The complaint alleges that Reed sustained injuries to his face, a fractured nose, injuries to his neck, a cervical sprain, a head injury, a concussion and post-concussion syndrome. The complaint states that Reed’s injuries are likely permanent in nature and will likely require additional medical care and treatment in the future.

According to the complaint, Larivee is being sued on the basis of vicarious liability and negligence because Harrington was representing him and Jason Larivee Racing while at the track. The complaint states that pursuant to the New London-Waterford Speedbowl general track rules “drivers are solely responsible for the actions of all their team owners, pit crew, personnel and associated team members at all times” while on the Speedbowl property during an event. The complaint alleges Larivee was bound by that responsibility through his registration to compete at the track. 

The complaint also alleges that then track operator Whitney Farm Racing LLC along with New London-Waterford Speedbowl Inc. and Bemer were negligent for a host of reasons including failing to provide adequate security during and after events. The complaint alleges that those parties named were aware of “violent and aggressive behavior” by Harrington and “failed to employ or otherwise utilize a sufficient number of security guards and security personnel to discourage or prevent assaults” and “failed to stop or prevent” Harrington’s assault on Reed. The complaint also alleges the track “retained the services of inexperienced and incompetent agents, apparent agents, servants and/or employees to provide security at track events.” 

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  1. Plugs 2020 says

    Where was Waterford PD?

  2. Longtimefan says

    ALL connecticut police, state, and town, are completely useless at race tracks. they never arrest people who start fights. they will Only make arrests, if everyone involved, including victims are also arrested. the police are incompetent, and lazy. Private security is the only thing that works.

  3. Bold words CLOWNBOY I have good friends who are retired police they are not lazy or incompetent hope you don’t CARRY THAT attitude when you need them to help you

  4. I’ve seen both Stafford and State police remove people from the paddock multiple times over the years.

  5. Two years later? Maybe someone lost there job due to corona? The police are there to uphold order. Within the realm of sport, their first act shouldn’t be to arrest although it does sometimes go there.

    For years, the Seekonk PD would send all their biggest officers to uphold order in the pits on Saturday Nite.

  6. Possibly a 2 year statute of limitation? Last chance to try and get so reparation.

  7. So sad that a gathering of sporting participants can’t behave on their own and must have chaperones.

  8. Wonder what started it all. Maybe the dude deserved an asskicking. We all know how belligerent people can get, especially with a little liquid courage. Busted many a head at parties where some belligerent idiot went too far.

  9. Rich Gourley says

    🏁 🏁 🏁 darealgoodfella 🏁 🏁 🏁 says
    So sad that a gathering of sporting participants can’t behave on their own and must have chaperones

    Kinda like needing moderators on here for the crap you spew

  10. I find Dareals posts to be somewhat helpful, and truthful. If your one of those STUPID idiots who voted for Trump, then you may be offended.
    If you vote for Trump in November, then your just plain a STUPID IDIOT, especially given his handling, or lack of, of this pandemic.

  11. It’s getting tough to look at this site with comments like that. Free speech is a wonderful thing until it’s not.

  12. Viva race fan says

    Typical Ray Reed , Easy way out. He has drank many a beer in parking lot after races. Who really know why he was injured ?
    I’m sure He has cashed a few checks from the speedbowl while cheating . Was asked and never took heads off for measurements. Think he threatened to lawyer up then also. Remember him and crew screaming at officials several times. Good luck.

  13. The reason this all happened was reed got moved for the win then reed crashed into the guy after the race at high speed. While reed was being escorted off the track the crew member whacked him a good one. Perhaps if he didn’t use his car as a weapon he wouldn’t have eaten the asphalt it the pits afterwards.

  14. Knuckleheads…..plain and simple…. knuckleheads who need to grow up….

  15. Rob P. I voted for Trump so according to you I’m an idiot huh? Well in my book an idiot is someone who runs off at the mouth and puts others down simply for thinking different than you. Shawn I thought one of your rules on this site was no name calling yet almost every post Rob P. makes has a Trump bashing and his followers are idiots. Is this a racing site our a political site? Some leeway is understandable in these difficult times but calling people names over politics should not be allowed. From what I can tell from months of Rob P.’s posts he is a liar and a fake tough guy.Busted many a head at a party huh. I’ll take things that never happened for 500 Alex.lol

  16. How’s the grandstand project progressing at the Bowl?

  17. Hey Rob, I’ll keep my constitutional right to vote, tks. The Trump haters hate on Donny but never exactly love on Biden. Trump vs Biden isn’t much of a choice regardless of your political affiliation.

    The same people who are here telling the racers to grow up are calling voters schoolyard names.

  18. JD, nice try, but you failed strongly bigly. With your, “The same people who are here telling the racers to grow up are calling voters schoolyard names.”

    Imitation is the finest form of flattery. You Trumpers should be beautifully flattered. You love when Don does it. It’s part of the package and show. Just riffing on Don, that’s all. You can’t possibly call that out when your boy does it as he breathes, without looking like a profound hypocrite. You Trumpers think it is funny when Trump does it, but cry when it is aimed at you. It is you Trumpers that are the big babies in the schoolyard.

  19. JD, where did Rob say anything about your Constitutional right to vote being taken away? Please provide a quote. tks

    Trump is going after the right to vote so he can install his family as the royals. He is attacking voting rights, access to voting, and making it harder for folks to vote. Don the Con has been giving Jared plum assignments, and Jared will be promoted by the Trump party, formerly the GOP, as the next President. You read it here first. And then their kids, and so on and so on.

  20. Rafter fan wrote, “How’s the grandstand project progressing at the Bowl?”

    Bless you.

  21. Bob Freeman says

    I was driving up Route 85 yesterday and the grandstands were clearly being constructed. They were very visible from the road.

  22. I didn’t vote for Trump in the last election by the way. I didn’t vote for Clinton either. I lean Republican but will vote otherwise when the right candidate comes along. I however, as an adult don’t riot when the election doesn’t go my way. As an adult I don’t call someone who voted for the other candidate a “Stupid Idiot” like I’m in 3rd grade still. I, as an adult try to listen to all positions prior to developing a political position.

    My previous quote got cut off. What I said was I will keep my constitution right to vote anyway I choose. I’m a hard working, tax paying American veteran who gets one vote. Calling people names because their one vote isn’t the same as yours is childish. Like him or not, The Trumpster won the election. He is your president. Maybe that changes in November. Maybe it doesn’t. The Dems thowing a hissy fit for the last 4 years has only increased the odds he gets re-elected though.

    Making it harder to vote??? Please… You guys are already working on excuses for November because you know what is likely to happen. Guess what? If Biden wins, I’m going to do nothing but wish him the best and go about my life.

  23. JD, you say you didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton. Perhaps you didn’t vote for president, or you voted for a third party or write-in. The privilege to vote is not exclusively about getting what you want, and having it your way, there is also a defensive position, a protective position, to make sure what we are going through does not happen. A third party candidate has no chance of winning. You might have felt all smug and full of righteous indignation by not voting for one of the two party candidates, but what you did was enhance the chances that Trump got elected. You might have thought neither Clinton or Hillary were worthy of your vote, but that denial of your vote to a major party candidate got Trump elected. Yep, that’s right. Trump was known to be a clear and present danger long before 2016. Hillary was not entertaining like Don, but she would not have this circus going on. Can I prove that, of course not. But I can tell you “I TOLD YOU SO!” about Trump. Why people did not see that and make sure they vote Hillary to prevent the Trump debacle was amazing. Trump was a well known thug in NYC.

    Hillary is associated with Obama and Bill. Look, you might not like Obama or the Dems, but the Obama years were pretty good. Recovered from the W & Cheney years. The Bill years recovered from the Reagan and GHW Bush years. Hillary was part of the Obama Admin. No circus. The big problem people had was a black family living in the White House. Too bad. And don’t drone on about Bill’s dalliances. You knew what you were getting with Trump long before Election Day. Hypocrite much?

    JD wrote, “Calling people names because their one vote isn’t the same as yours is childish.” Yes, that is true and I would never do that. I respect difference. But how anyone could still vote for Trump after all that was uncovered before Election Day is stunning. Trump represented racism and hate, and people wanted that above all else. How women could vote for Trump the way they did was stunning. Do you believe that all those women that spoke out against him and accused him of assaults were paid actors? Keep that in mind when the Trump machine floats stories like that against Biden. Amazing that this woman speaks out now, so late in the #MeToo movement.

    You say that Trump won in 2016. Really? Well, have you heard that Trump wants to shut down VOA? Voice of America. Hopefully you know what that is, especially as a veteran. Well, it turns out that VOA reported, for the trillionth time, that another investigation concluded that Russia and Putin interfered in the 2016 election to get Trump elected. Trump* should be written like that, with the asterisk. Our arch enemy, Russia, wanted Trump as president. You think Putin wants Trump so the USA would be stronger? Putin wants Trump, so that means he can’t be good for Americans. RUSSIA WANTS TRUMP AS PRESIDENT.

    JD, my son-in-law is a history buff and Presidential historian, daughter is a lawyer. I could go on, but it just wouldn’t be fair. They teach me quite a bit. Voting is about who you want, but sometimes it comes down to who do you want to make sure does not get into office. 2016 was one of those years. And now, this is what you caused. Especially those of you that did not vote for a major party candidate. You failed to protect the nation and American people. RUSSIA WANTS TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT, HOW COULD THAT BE A GOOD THING? This is not “Lord of the Flies”.

  24. Sean Curtis says

    I like KFC!

  25. Hope everyone has a good weekend and don’t drink to much Lysol !!!!

  26. Plugs 2020 says

    Dafella says imitation is the finest form of flattery. Soo that confirms it. Dafella is a closeted Trump lover.

  27. The new Grandstands look GREAT!! Coming along nicely,turn 4 to the flag stand are UP!!! Now they’re putting up the ones from flag stand to turn 1. And they’ve installed beautiful, stat of the art, modern lighting system, and light poles, for the midway. It looks Great, major progress!! The irony is, there’s a real chance, Waterford could very well be the first track to open this year….. Now THAT would be spitting in the faces, of the haters, the doubters, and the Trump haters!!

  28. You lose all credibility when you vote in zombie chuck and do nothing Nancy. And if your vote is for sleepy joe? You need the lord.

  29. Hey Trump2020, can you please share a link to the Speedbowl 2019 results?

  30. Plugs 2020 says

    Dafella could go on but it wouldn’t be fair. I say go on dafella, go on. We already know your expertise on every subject imaginable. Why stop now?

  31. Viva race fan says

    Turn 4 stands till middle of front stretch are almost 100% had a top back rail to install it looked. Guys there everyday working . Lots to do but with Gov. shut down maybe timing will work out this year . God Bless all of us.

  32. Fast Eddie says

    Viva & Trump2020, thanks for the update! Glad to hear they’re still making progress.

  33. Spitting in the face of the haters and doubters I get. How Trump enters into it escapes me.
    Yes indeed thank you for the updates. I’ve been checking in on Facebook and there had been nothing.
    I’m guessing by it’s absence the Monadnock mistake has not been repeated.

  34. Fat Eddie says

    Doug if you’re talking about the Monadnock grandstands, that was a very different setup than the Speedbowl. The big issue at Mondadnock is the old stands were elevated about 3-1/2 feet off the ground and the new ones are at ground level. The Ppeedbowl stands were at ground level originally, a little farther from the fence. The track wall is a little lower than Monadnock, or at least it looks that way. Now if the stands are made for normal sized people and not short skinny 12 year olds, they will work.

  35. Fast Eddie says

    Sorry about the spelling; my fat fingers and my little keyboard don’t always get along.

  36. Plugs 2020 says

    Saw a picture of the new stands today at the speedbowl. Place will be different for sure. I wonder if someone could send a picture to dafella. As he is an engineer I would like his approval of the construction of the new stands. Whenever they do open I will not feel safe until dafella says that they are. Thank you.

  37. 10/4 Eddie. Thanks.

  38. Would be kinda poetic if the ‘bowl gets all gussied up and still can’t open due to the 🦠 and persistent death rates. .

  39. darealgoodfella says
    May 24, 2017 at 10:16 am
    “Doug, being optimistic is wonderful. Being delusional is something else.
    Teams, the employees, staff, fans, sanctioning body, fans, series, fans, etc. have all made it clear they are not supporting the track as long as Bemer is still the owner. They have pulled out and made it clear they are not going to be involved with the track. Without the cars, teams, series, staff, etc., and oh yeah, those paying customers, there is nothing going on at the track. Nothing.”

  40. darealgoodfella says
    May 26, 2017 at 10:34 pm
    “Doug, I’m glad to see you understand this is more than the regular Saturday night prostitute deal.
    Why then can’t you understand that because of the extraordinary and heinous conditions with this case that people don’t want anything to do with the track as long as the current owner is associated with the track? The isn’t the “normal” prostitution, the world’s oldest profession, between consenting adults that you read about regularly. This is very different.”

    darealgoodfella says
    May 27, 2017 at 3:49 pm
    “This problem was caused by Bemer. Nobody wants to spend money at the track because of Bemer. The track is not viable without fans, also known as CUSTOMERS.
    If you want to dream that Bemer will operate the track at a recurring loss, go ahead. You are facing a very rude awakening.”

    darealgoodfella says
    May 31, 2017 at 5:10 pm
    “It’s been weeks since the grandstands were identified as the explanation the track not opening for the season. It’s been a long time, plenty of repairs and replacement could have happened, and a new opening date could be announced. After all, all those teams need time to get the cars ready, so a considerable lead time would be appropriate.
    But still, I doubt a viable crowd will show up unless the track is sold.”

    I would think that a person who has been so spectacularly wrong about the Speedbowl since the Bemer arrest was announced would have the common sense to just sit this topic out.

  41. Bernie20never says

    Dougy, do you understand the stands were empty. They were running SK races with 2 competitive cars and 10-12 cars on average? You may want to call someone wrong for the hell of it but the place is bound to fail with current ownership. While it may not be “nothing going on” it’s damned near close to it.

    The last Saturday night show featured:
    6 Late Models
    11 Sportsman
    10 Ministocks
    12 SK Lites
    13 SKs (with that same 2 with any chance of ever winning)

    The features looked like heat races. The car count nearly outnumbered paying customers in the stands. Shiny grandstands will never remove the stench of the current Speedbowl ownership.

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