Bobby Webber Jr. And Bonssa Tufa On Episode 76 Of Unmuffled

On Episode 76 of Unmuffled we catch up with Star Speedway owner Bobby Webber Jr. and talk about his efforts to get his race track back in business up in Epping, N.H.

We’ll also talk with eStafford Speedway announcer and Quinnipiac student Bonssa Tufa about his introduction to short track racing in 2019, helping with Stafford’s iRacing efforts during the Pandemic shutdown and his views on diversity in motorsports.

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  1. Star is in the same position as the Devils Bowl. They’ve submitted a plan and are ready to have a practice for teams. All they need is approval. Man I feel sorry for Webber who is in the same boat as so many other small business people. This thing hit at perfectly the wrong time. New Hampshire is peaking right now with only 5 deaths per day. They’ve been impacted so little the projection is a step ladder down instead of a slope to nil by early July. They can race. They probably should race. The only problems are 1) it’s entertainment and low priority and 2) the risk of out of towners coming it is a giant unknown.
    Can we race a Stafford. I don’t know we may be to scarred in CT. Even Stafford has been hit hard with 17 deaths. I still think it can be done up North. Even a TTOMS fanless race streamed by Speed51. They were going to do it anyway. I have to believe the pay per view subscriptions would be off the charts even for a tour modified race only. I’d be willing to bet it’s being discussed right now by a whole bunch of tracks looking into streaming to see if it’s a workable business model. Works down South.
    OK so now I know Bonssa Tufa. First from the Stafford IRacing, now here and from his Facebook page. I think he’s outstanding announcing and hopefully Stafford has a place for him when thing return to normal. African American, educated, into racing and talented. Just what local racing needs. You’re gonna need a thick skin Bonssa even with all that talent. Still a lot of backward folks in racing but that’s changing as well. Maybe not at Waterford if they open but Stafford for sure.

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