Devil’s Bowl Speedway Getting Cars Back On Track In Vermont

Around the Northeast short track operators and grass roots racers are waiting – some patiently, some not – for any light at the end of the shutdown tunnel thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

In Vermont one facility is getting ready to get cars back on the track, albeit in practice sessions under a host of restrictions.

Management of Devil’s Bowl Speedway in West Haven, Vt. announced their reopening plans on Friday.

See below for the announcement from the track:

Devil’s Bowl Speedway COVID-19 Update

Friday, May 8, 2020

Dear Fans, Racers, and Friends,

We hope and trust that you all are staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are certainly unprecedented times that have affected, and will continue to affect, every aspect of our daily lives. While it is certainly frustrating to not always be allowed to enjoy things that we have sometimes taken for granted – like dirt track racing at Devil’s Bowl Speedway – the health and safety of everyone is far more important.

Some encouraging news: Governor Phil Scott on Wednesday, May 6, announced new guidance under Addendum 13 of Vermont’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order, which will allow outdoor recreational activities to resume, albeit under strict guidelines. With this new guidance, Governor Scott has granted permission for the state’s stock car tracks to open with limited practice sessions.

As of this writing, we have postponed the date of our 54th season opening race event at Devil’s Bowl Speedway. The racing event on Sunday, May 17, has been cancelled. For now, the smart choice is to take things step-by-step and await further guidance from Governor Scott. We will evaluate any further changes daily, and we will be sure to communicate any adjustments promptly.

We have been working to ensure that Devil’s Bowl Speedway will follow mandated health and safety guidelines, and we are pleased to say that we are ready to begin holding private testing sessions next week.

Please note that these testing sessions will be held under many restrictions in accordance with the “arrive, play, and leave” guidance in Addendum 13 to Executive Order 01-20 (Play Smart and Play Safe: Restart Phase V), issued by Governor Phil Scott on May 6, 2020. It is crucial that all participants understand and adhere to the following rules:


1.      No persons shall be permitted on the grounds of Devil’s Bowl Speedway if they are sick or symptomatic with fever, cough, and/or shortness of breath.

2.      Each person will have their temperature taken (with a non-contact thermometer, if available) before entering the premises.

3.      The use of face masks covering the nose and mouth will be mandatory for Devil’s Bowl Speedway employees. All others will be highly encouraged to use face masks, and Devil’s Bowl Speedway will make every effort to have a supply available.

4.      Hand sanitizer will be made available for everyone.

5.      When possible, walking paths will be indicated with direction and traffic flow.

6.      Race team trailers/pit stalls will be a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet apart. Participants will be required to stay in their respective pit stalls as much as possible, and to always maintain proper physical distancing of six (6) feet or more from other groups.

7.      Personal vehicles will be parked no less than ten (10) feet apart in the parking lot. 

8.      Restrooms will be open, with hot water and soap readily available.

9.      Registration windows will not be open. Upon arrival, each team will be given a registration form/waiver of release, a pen, and five (5) pit pass wristbands, to limit physical contact. Teams will be directed to leave completed forms at a designated area to be determined.

10.  Food concessions will not be open.


1.      Racing and general admission ticket sales will be suspended at Devil’s Bowl Speedway until such time that it is safe to have spectators attend as in any previous non-pandemic period. Only closed, private testing sessions will be held until further notice.

2.      Officials and staff will work strictly on a volunteer basis, with a limited number of staff permitted to be on Devil’s Bowl Speedway grounds.

3.      Competitors are not required to attend – registration and attendance is strictly voluntary.

4.      Test sessions will be available only to residents of Vermont, per the Governor’s orders, to include drivers, team and family members, track staff and officials, or others.

5.      Grandstand seating will be closed.

6.      Test sessions will be by reservation only. Race teams will not be permitted to attend unless they have received prior approval from Devil’s Bowl Speedway officials.

7.      Testing sessions will be restricted to a maximum of ten (10) race teams.

8.      Teams will be restricted to not more than five (5) persons per racecar including the driver.

9.      A flat fee of $125 will be charged per team, plus a 4% credit card transaction fee ($5). Payment for registration ($130 total) must be made electronically via credit card at the time of reservation, prior to entering the facility.

10.  The pit area will be open at 4:30 p.m., with testing sessions held from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The facility will close, and all persons must exit by 8:45 p.m.

11.  No personal vehicles will be permitted in the pit area.

12.  There will be no tires or fuel sold on site.

13.  Rental electronic scoring transponders will not be available.


·   Wednesday, May 13        5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.            Pits Open 4:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.

·   Thursday, May 14           5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.            Pits Open 4:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.

·   Friday, May 15                 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.            Pits Open 4:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.

·   Saturday, May 16            5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.            Pits Open 4:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.

·   Sunday, May 17               5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.            Pits Open 4:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.


·   First come, first served at all dates

·   Teams must register and complete payment prior to attending

·   Each test session – 1 racecar, 5 people – $130.00 (credit, debit, or PayPal)

·   Individual track rental is available – contact for details and pricing

·   Contact:

o   Mike Bruno – (802) 236-9141

o   Justin St. Louis – (802) 355-3282

o   Email – [email protected]

We realize – and deeply regret – that this current order excludes our dedicated and passionate supporters from New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and elsewhere; nearly half of our regular fan and competitor base is from outside Vermont, along with several track officials and key personnel. We understand the Governor’s reasoning for this exclusion, though we hope that those restrictions can be relieved soon.

We have been clear since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic that we cannot and will not race without our fans present. Racing in front of an empty grandstand would be a poor financial decision for our business, and it would simply be unfair to hold a race without the people who love and support it.

Whether the Governor’s orders change or not, Devil’s Bowl Speedway will not survive either in spirit or on the bank ledger without the support of ALL our fans and participants, whether they are from Vermont or not. Other facilities are planning to race without spectators while offering a live video stream, but that is not a viable option for Devil’s Bowl Speedway, and it will not be in our plans. We can get by on test sessions for now, but we will wait to hold racing events until it is safe to do so with everyone present.

With that said, we are excited and relieved that things are moving in a positive direction for Vermont, and we will do what it takes to ensure that the opening of Devil’s Bowl Speedway does not set that progress back. We encourage you to remember that the COVID-19 pandemic has not gone away. Several of our own loved ones and many more in our extended racing family have been affected by this disease, and we continue to take things very seriously. Racing is a way of life for many of us, but it should not force a choice between life and death. We will do our part to try to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while easing back into a normal routine. It may still take some time, but we will get there eventually.

We truly, deeply appreciate the support of everyone in the racing community. We will remain in contact with you as this process develops quickly. Get those cars ready, and as C.J. Richards used to say: “Keep the faith.”

We will see you soon!

Mike Bruno, Owner/Promoter

Alayne Bruno, Owner/Administration

Justin St. Louis, Media/Marketing


  1. Plugs 2020 says

    Who are the idiots allowing people outside of their houses. Someone alert dafella and Cuomo.

  2. It’s a start. Some things I picked up on. Vermont residents only. I think it’s a smart move by the track. And I like that they acknowledged the out of state competition.
    They mentioned screening temperatures, with a touchless thermometer if available. That’s a no brainier as far as type of thermometer, but we all know you can have Covid and be infectious to others, without showing a temperature. Maybe you should have to prove you’ve tested negative within 2 days prior, or get those instant tests the WH uses.
    They said they would not run races without fans, as it would be a poor financial decision.
    I didn’t see anything about limiting the number of people per team though.
    At least some competitors will get a little track time. Good decision made so far, I hope everyone stays safe and virus free. I still think it’s going to be a while before we see real racing.

  3. 10 teams per session max, 5 people per team max including the driver, physical inspection to enter, Vermont residence only, no food or drink, minimal interaction. Man that’s depressing for something that’s considered entertainment. A job sure but for recreation it’s draconian.
    That’s some pretty impressive writing laying out all the restrictions, the rational for it all and a look to the future. A future they must feel will include racing or why would they do this? Wonder how those charges against Bruno are going?

  4. Only 5 people per team including driver. Limiting it to 10 teams per practice session. It is limited to VT residents only, it really stinks for a lot of their regulars from NY like Kenny Tremont who can not participate.

    Like you said, its a start. Given all the restriction in VT which has a significantly lower Covid case count than CT MA or NY and is governed by a former racer what are the chances we are going to see racing anytime soon in those more infected states. My optimism for attending local racing is starting to wane.

    I watched the outlaws sprinters from Knoxville IA last night. NO fans in attendance in a place that holds probably 25k. It was only 1 division. The haulers were parked with an empty space between them. Most pit members and official had face coverings when shown on camera. They had 2 mics for interviews. Most of the drivers did comment it was great to be racing but it was different racing in front of empty grandstands. Overall it looked like they took several precautions which should allow them to continue racing. Hopefully Nascar watched and does as good a job or better with their upcoming shows because if they get it wrong it will be headlines next day. It was good to see live racing with cars that don’t randomly blink out of existence.

  5. This must be incorrect. There are 2 months of posts here saying there would be no racing in 2020.

  6. JD contributed, “This must be incorrect. There are 2 months of posts here saying there would be no racing in 2020.”

    JD, where in this post did it say there will be racing at Devil’s Bowl?

    “We have been clear since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic that we cannot and will not race without our fans present. Racing in front of an empty grandstand would be a poor financial decision for our business, and it would simply be unfair to hold a race without the people who love and support it.
    Whether the Governor’s orders change or not, Devil’s Bowl Speedway will not survive either in spirit or on the bank ledger without the support of ALL our fans and participants, whether they are from Vermont or not. Other facilities are planning to race without spectators while offering a live video stream, but that is not a viable option for Devil’s Bowl Speedway, and it will not be in our plans. We can get by on test sessions for now, but we will wait to hold racing events until it is safe to do so with everyone present.”

    You read the column like Trump didn’t read the President’s Daily Press Briefings. You know, the stuff about a pandemic and stuff like that.

  7. No racing at Devil’s Bowl, just some practice time.

  8. JD,
    I’m still up in their air on whether or not there will be racing in CT or the Northeast in 2020. I’m certainly trying to stay optimistic there will be, but I would be hard pressed to define private practice sessions as “racing”. That’s like saying baseball is back because five players from the Red Sox got together and took batting practice.

  9. The really good news is that there’s a Home Depot just 25 miles to the east of the Devil’s Bowl in Rutland, so the teams can stop off on the way to the track to get their gardening supplies.

  10. Kevin Kristant says

    A PPV option may work for some tracks like a Stafford or bowman gray. But no way for a devils bowl. It seemed successful for Knoxville last night.

  11. NH announced they plan on opening the colleges and universities in Sept. Just more evidence of a return to normal in the not too distant future.

    I have to listen to SCs interview with Bobby Webber still but I already know Bobby is less than pleased that all the box stores around the corner from the track are packed and he can’t get a practice authorized.

  12. It would be poetic if Waterford gets all gussied up with the #TrumpPandemic still wreaking havoc, and the track can’t open. Nah, the place isn’t going to be ready to open before the #TrumpPandemic is over. And there’s no end in sight for the #TrumpPandemic.

  13. JD, Trump has been announcing opening for weeks and it hasn’t happened. Many places have announced they are closed until the end of Sept. and reassess then. Some colleges have announced no in-person schooling until Jan 2021 the earliest. Plenty of evidence that a return to normal just isn’t in the cards for any time in the near future.

    Big box stores are deemed essential. A race track is entertainment and not essential. A race track is classified as entertainment and the last business that will be allowed to operate normally, with crowds.

    Those big box stores are essential and are jamming with people buying supplies to do all those home projects and gardening, at home.

    Florida opened up on Monday and they are seeing soaring case numbers today.

  14. I have a friend who drove by the bowl and he said there was visible progress being made with the grandstands. It would be just the Bowls luck if they get everything completed and have to remain closed due to health issues.

    I am in a state where you can be fined for not wearing a mask. I went to the grocery store and everyone had one on so people are listening. The state just opened golf courses so I am hopeful that we may see some racing in June or july…..I just hope that isn’t in 2021.

  15. csg, golf is way different than an arena like a short track packed with people. I can see golf operating, but not small tracks and the crowds. No crowds.

  16. 👅👅👅 TJ 🌽🌽🌽 says

    dareeealll is the Donald president Trump of this community WHEN you look at all the bluster and SUCH but but BUT iit is not interesting how in LOCK step he or she is with the web Master bro hmmzy hmm hmm but what I like is a good strong man with a firm hand so let’s go racing boogie boogie boogie

  17. Dareal – 5 deaths is Florida yesterday May 10

  18. steve, is that all?

    steve, carefully read again what I wrote… I wrote that Florida opened on Monday and they are seeing soaring case numbers. Deaths will follow in about 2-3 weeks. Wait for it. FL is seeing lots of new CASES since they opened. Deaths will follow. And more and more cases.

    And FL is one of the states that is fiddling with how they report their numbers. After that big spike.

    You don’t have to worry, steve, Trump will take care of you. Just like he took care of those 80,000+ in the last two months.

  19. My bet is August you might see some NH Racing with CT and NY-NJ highly likely not happening this year. Will there be points still or just trophy chasing?Will Tracks be forced to cut Purses and raise Admission to make up for money lost? Will cost of Tires go up? Still lots of unknowns that will all need to be addressed, there will be lots of side effects.

  20. Numbers in Florida, Texas ,Arizona, Iowa, Colorado, and others are being grossly under reported due to republican leadership’s wanting to reopen their states. The actual numbers are allot higher. Doing this only hurts us, the American people, who they claim to care about.
    Republicans care for one thing, and one thing only…Money. they put profit ahead of human life. They actually think if they ignore the virus it will go away, some Republicans are still pushing the Democrat Hoax Theory. It’s hard to believe that such stupid people can actually hold position of power. Not all Republican Governor’s are idiots Massachusettes, Maryland and Ohio have governor’s who actually care about the residents of their states.

  21. I get it, people want to get back to work, including me. But, we’ve spent 2 months now at home, and it’s working to a point. Testing is ramping up in many states, but we’ve still not tested enough. For the most part, we still have no idea where the virus is spreading.
    The way I look at it, is it really worth my life, to see a movie, or go out to dinner, or go to the races? NO, NO, It’s not.
    We all know how bad the federal government screwed up, and they continue to screw up. States have been left to fend for themselves. Another couple weeks in isolation won’t kill us. The economic damage has been done.
    Hope everyone is safe strong and sane. Hope you all had a decent Mother’s Day. My mom passed away last year, so mine was sad. Hope you all continue to do what’s right… Staying home if possible…your sacrifices are making a difference in this fight.
    To all the medical, and essential workers THANK YOU. The world would stop without you. Your all HEROES to me.

  22. I would be shocked if tires go up. A major component of tire manufacturing is oil. Oil demand is way down and the price should continue to stay low until demand either picks up or production declines. I paid 1.89 a gallon today. Purse and ticket prices may be adjusted. Thompson already did adjust their purses significantly and kept the ticket prices unchanged. I would think they wouldn’t make another adjustment. Stafford has raised the ticket prices the last few years and are currently at 20 for a regular show 30-44 for a special. Increasing them again when many people have taken a significant financial hit probably would not be a great idea. Have they said anything about season ticket holders. I know it is not Staffords fault but if racing is not allowed with fans for a significant portion of the season they should do something for season ticket holders,

    Ct released some guidance in reopening up that included restaurants museums and zoos. Most of their guidance included social distancing and operating at 50% capacity. Stated face masks where encouraged but not mandatory. Restaurants outdoor seating no bars. So if a museum can open and a zoo can reopen why cant an outdoor racetrack if they take necessary precautions. The article I read said phase 2 would be June 20. I don’t know much about each phase but I am more hopeful we may see some racing in CT at some point this summer having read zoos and museums will be opened. Today, MA announced a 4 phase approach to reopening with a goal of beginning around May 18th. A report will be issued which will include what industries can open. MA numbers have been trending better lately. Hopefully it continues and we can salvage a portion of the summer. I would love to see a show at the konk wearing a face mask and sitting 6 feet from a few of my racing buddies.

  23. I really don’t see racing happening. Think about this. Stafford’s stands hold roughly 9000. Social distancing in mind, you’d only be able to sit in every 3rd row, so 3000. Now sit 6 feet apart in each row and your attendance would only be about 1000- 1500. On a regular Friday night the pits are jammed up pretty good, no feasible way to social distance. And with the bleak attendance numbers, running a race wouldn’t be financially feasible.

  24. Going by governor Baker’s comments Seekonk will not race this year, unless without fans. Gillette Stadium, Fenway and college stadiums will most likely remain shuttered until 2021, along with any other large venues. MGM Casino in Springfield is laying off another 1900 employees and terminating 500. Casinos will most likely be in the last group to open.
    This all sucks, and might have been avoided had the federal government made an actual attempt to contain mitigate and track the virus. Experts are saying the unemployment number, currently 14.7% could reach 25%. Yet the federal government still takes very little to no action.
    Remember these days, and all the events you missed out on when you cast your vote in November. 4 more years of Donald Trump will assure that America becomes a fourth world country.

  25. Elon Musk is threatening to close his facility in California, and move it to Texas, unless the governor allows him to reopen at full capacity within a few days. I say let him move. Dead people in Texas aren’t going to build his cars any faster than the dead people in California, should the governor give in to his demands.

  26. Quarantine Chronicles

    Why we aren’t racing.

    Daily Summary

    New USA Cases: 18,196

    New USA Deaths: 1,008

    Total USA Deaths: 81,795

    Be careful if you have to go outside. The life you save will be your own.

    Dopey Don can talk the talk all he wants, but the people aren’t buying it. It’s a ghost town out there. People are rightly afraid. Obituaries are pages and pages and pages long, a whole section by themselves now.

  27. It will cost a few hundred million or a couple billion to build a new plant in Texas. And a couple years before it comes on line. This pandemic might be over by then. It will end up being a total waste of money, and even worse, Elon will have to live in Texas. Elon has too many problems already to bring this one on himself. Looks like CA will start loosening up in a couple weeks. Elon can save billions.

  28. 1 death every minute and 24 seconds. Keep in mind many republican states have started classifying Covid cases as pneumonia. And other republican states are not even reporting numbers. They are skewing the numbers in an effort to reopen, even though cases and deaths continue to rise. Also they are trying to establish a level of consumer confidence. Some states are actually forcing workers back, informing them that if they don’t return to work they will lose unemployment benefits. Benefits that some have yet to see. What is Trump doing through all of this? He is tweeting about flavored vaping products, and Jim Comey, and other things long gone by. Very presidential indeed

  29. carl block says

    You guys in New England whine too much .

  30. N.Y. state was warned back in august that this flu season was going to be hit hard with severe pneumonia cases And did nothing to prepare for it . Thanks Gov. Cuomo for spending our state budget on solar panels

  31. Carl Block,
    Can you cite that information about the state being warned in August about the upcoming flu season? I haven’t seen or heard of that reported before this.

  32. How the heck is Jennerstown going to be the WMT opener now in June? Pa has 50 person max capacity in Yellow Counties, this has 0% chance of happening and its starting to get Comical with all these dates coming out to only get canceled again, its like hey lets release a date so we can get a quick press release and lets cancel it shortly after and get another press release! How about we wait until the States actually open up to full capacity before scheduling anything.

  33. Rich, great points. Racing is entertainment, has no essential value to society, and is pure risk. The risks of all those people traveling and risking spreading the virus 🦠 is dangerous. For example, VT will try to have track practice days with ONLY VT residents. Hence, why we aren’t racing. There’s no way small track racing, with no TV contracts and large sponsorship, can put on an event with no fans in the stands and a PPV arrangement, and be survivable.

    It’s comical reading people talking about garden centers jamming and using that as some sort of a definite sign that racing will happen imminently.

  34. Did I miss something? Did they announce a makeup date for J-town? I went to Nascar website they still have the May 23rd date for the tour at Jennerstown. They should probably correct that so some race starved fan doesn’t show up expecting to see modifieds and get a practice that can not be attended by fans. Jennerstown’s website has an opening race date of June 6th followed by 13th both hosting a 5 division program. They have a June 20 and 27th listed as TBD. June 20th the tour is scheduled at Riverhead which hasn’t been postponed yet but I think we all know the likelihood of that show given the state of the virus in NY. Also Seekonk has a tour date scheduled for June 6 which to the best of my knowledge hasn’t been officially postponed yet. So if Jennerstown is the opener for whelen tour that means Seekonk and Riverhead are cancelled/postponed and the opener would be one of those TBD either June 20 or 27th.

  35. Per the schedule, next event was to be J-town. Given what’s going on and that opening of a track, classified as a NON-essential entity, it would be something opened at the very *END* of the reopening process. We are just starting to open now. I doubt J-Town will happen. The next event is supposed to be Seekonk, and MA is in a pretty serious situation and I doubt a large venue will be allowed to operate. The next event is supposed to be Riverhead on June 20. Long Island is still part of a hotspot and highly risky area. I vote that isn’t gonna happen. Crowds are tightly packed at Riverhead, just can’t see it. The next event is supposed to be Wall. Same reasons as Riverhead, don’t see it happening. NJ is having a very hard time now, no way they can pack people in that tiny bullring in a few weeks. No way. It would be pure stupid crazy if any of these events happen.

    It’s silly to consider any further. Travel would be pure stupidity. Mobility is the enabler of this highly contagious pathogen.

    Congress and the experts such as Fauci are already concerned with a second wave in the fall.

  36. CSG

    Jun 20th is what is being proposed WMT at J-Town, pre existing WMT schedule is no longer valid.

  37. Expect a press release in the coming days but what Rich said is the rumor.

    NHMS could easily be added to several touring division schedules given their ability to spread people out. All previous schedules are pretty much null and void. Everything is being reworked on the fly.

    Thinking down the road, If ever the WMT were to run New Smyrna, 2021 would be the year.
    Unless of course the world ends before then. Still have to survive the hornets and post election riots in November.

  38. Oh Rich, people love to be told what they want to hear, even if it gets cancelled in a few days. Expect that to happen a few more times.

    But for sure, it is silly 😜 🙃 to repeatedly announce a new “date” only to change it again. They need to sit tight and wait this out, wait until the officials say it’s okay to resume that particular business or activity. Racing is the furthest from an essential service, and that’s why it is part of the last group that will be allowed to reopen. We still don’t have all businesses with redeeming value fully open yet, so there’s a long way to go before racing and entertainment will be cleared to open. Major music artists have cancelled their entire tour schedule for 2020, they stopped trying to reschedule.

    NHMS is NOT a good idea. Because of the remote location, it requires all teams to travel great distances, and that MOBILITY is the enabler of this HIGHLY COMMUNICABLE virus 🦠. Do not want to bring in thousands of people from all over the northeast and perhaps outside of the northeast, spreading or picking up the virus as they travel to and from NHMS.

  39. If Cup can go to Darlington (a remote track) and back for a one day show with approval from all involved than the modified tours in the northeast can do a one day show in Loudon. Absolutely no difference. Still crossing state lines. Outdoors is the safest place to be.

  40. Thanks for the information guys. hey these announcements keeps hope alive even if we all think the likelihood of it happening is at best a coin flip. I did see some video from Roaring knob speedway which held a race last Saturday. It was filmed by a guy in the stands. I have no idea if he was a fan or pit member or what. I looked up roaring knob its in PA.. A quick google search shows its only 44 miles from J Town, They run Sundays normally so we can hit them up on the out of the way home after the Whelen tour race. I love it when a plan comes together.

  41. Darlington is a short 2 hour drive from the NASCAR Cup shops. That is not remote at all to the NASCAR shops. That was the point made by the team personnel, tracks must be one day shows close to home during this pandemic. Loudon is many, many hours from the dispersed NWMT team shops. Very difficult for them to get to the track at an early hour, with under card series, to make it a one day show. Draw a 2 hour radius around Loudon, how many teams are within that radius? 💥 All, or any, of the modified teams are not within a short distance of Loudon, like the Cup teams are to Darlington. NWMT teams/personnel are from all over: NY, NJ, MA, PA, CT, etc. A NWMT event at Loudon would draw people from afar, hundreds of miles away, exactly what the COVID-19 guidelines recommend against. The travel for the NWMT tour teams to get to Loudon could be many times what the Cup teams will travel to Darlington.

  42. Yes shawn ,cbs [new York] evening news did a small piece on the upcoming flu season back in late august . Warned that this flu season can lead to severe complications such as pheumonia and would hit the more populated states the hardest . New York being one of them . Influenza combined with pheumonia is the nations 8th leading cause of death Iam sure that information came from the health department or cdc.

  43. It’s a little different seeing as how NHMS would draw from more densely populated areas hit hard by the plague. South Carolina not so much. It’s different because there will be no fans at Darlington and racing up here isn’t just about having a race for the sake of having a race it’s having one with a chance of making money. That said demand is a coiled spring compressed over time. If you are in a State like New Hampshire, the casualty rate is nil in a month or two like projections forecast and New England in general is doing better all you can do is look around and ask why the heck aren’t we racing. Monadnock and Star have plans filed with the State. It would be a surprise if they didn’t have shows later on. NHMS sure, what are you going to have and how are you going to not go broke doing it. NHMS has more space obviously but they also have a bigger nut to cover to do it. A NWMT event, a big multi division deal with fans spread out and NBC Sports Gold streaming. Maybe it’s something new or maybe it’s the Musket but the odds heavily favor something happening.
    . In Enfield, Ct we were getting 10 or 12 new cases a day not long ago and now with everyone out and about getting supplies for spring chores we get a few new cases reported daily. One day none. Sample size too small or don’t trust infection rates fine. Hospitalizations in Ct have been going down steadily for more then a couple weeks from 2000 ish on April 22 to 1189 yesterday Change is afoot. If the trend continues it’s a new ball game pun intended.
    Personally I think the pendulum has swung in favor of regional racing and the time to kiss it off until 2021 is over. .New Hampshire almost for sure, Ct tracks still a question mark. If that’s the case then sincere people with business interests resetting dates is not a fruitless waste of time it’s making changes as circumstances change.

  44. Carl,
    I think your characterization of a warning of New York being warned that they would be “hit hard with severe pneumonia cases” for the 2019-20 flu season is somewhat of an exaggeration of reports that there could possibly be a worse flu season in 2019-20 than there was in 2018-19. One, I’ve searched for a CBS News report like what you’ve described and can’t seem to find one archived anywhere. I can’t find any specific warning or alert from the CDC warning of “severe pneumonia” expected in the 2019-20 flu seasons. There are some stories where doctors debated what was to be expected of the 2019-20 flu season during the summer of 2019 based on what had been faced in previous months in Australia, but nothing specifically warning of places being “hit hard with severe pneumonia”.

  45. Flu season predictions are about as credible as seasonal weather predictions from the Farmers’ Almanac, and annual hurricane predictions from the NOAA/NWS. Flu season predictions have to take into account the degree that the expected flu virus has mutated from the pathogen the vaccine was based on. That’s hard to do. They are taking a gamble every year, a best guess. The annual flu vaccines are different every season. That’s why there is not a 100% effective rate for the flu vaccines, and they can vary greatly. We know that flu vaccines are not 100% completely prophylactic, but can lessen the severity of impact in the event a person that receives the flu vaccine then comes down with the flu. 😷 🤧 🤒

  46. The NY,NJ,PA drivers are already talking to Ace Speedway in NC. There are only a couple CT drivers on the tour anyway. Teams will be spread out in the garage area. One day show. Minimal undercard division. How many of these guys have done the Loudon to Stafford back to Louden in years past?? Plenty. You could also do a PASS/MRS or TT show with a more centralized base. Just saying… As the schedule makers think outside the box new events could pop up. How about the WMT in Martinsville in Nov. Another possibilty. United Airlines flights are packed as people cross the country all day long. A few guys driving a rig up north or down south won’t be the end of mankind.

  47. Anybody else see the Ban from NH Gov that serving Out of State Patrons is subject to fines or permit cancellations? How is that going to affect NH racing? Star and Monadnock both had their plans for paid practices denied and that was on a very small scale, Doug you think a full blown Race is coming soon? The Town Folks know that if permission is granted that out of State Teams will be coming, they will be using local gas stations, food places, restrooms etc and NH want’s no part of that currently.

  48. JD,

    Just for the sake of being factually correct, saying “only a couple CT drivers” are on the Whelen Modified Tour is not even close to true.

    Of the top 26 drivers in the Whelen Modified Tour standings in 2019, excluding Wade Cole who tragically passed:

    – Six list a Connecticut hometown
    – Five list a Massachusetts hometown
    – One lists a New Hampshire hometown

    So 48 percent of that group of 25 drivers is from North of Long Island/New Jersey/Pennsylvania.

    Not saying there isn’t a good base drivers from South of Connecticut, but to infer that there is only a couple drivers from Connecticut or places further north is just simply wrong.

  49. Rich,
    The way I read the ban put in place by New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu, as of right now that ban on serving out of state residents is only in place for campgrounds and golf courses. It’s a fairly narrow scope right now. Even Sununu himself has mentioned that he can’t close the border or turn non-residents away from most public entities because it would violate the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution which forbids state from discriminating against interstate commerce.

  50. JD wrote,

    “The NY,NJ,PA drivers are already talking to Ace Speedway in NC. There are only a couple CT drivers on the tour anyway. Teams will be spread out in the garage area. One day show. Minimal undercard division. How many of these guys have done the Loudon to Stafford back to Louden in years past?? Plenty. You could also do a PASS/MRS or TT show with a more centralized base. Just saying… As the schedule makers think outside the box new events could pop up. How about the WMT in Martinsville in Nov. Another possibilty. United Airlines flights are packed as people cross the country all day long. A few guys driving a rig up north or down south won’t be the end of mankind.”

    Reading that was like watching and listening to an ad lib Trump press briefing. Where do I begin?

    Just about all mod drivers come from the NY/NJ/PA/New England region. What’s your point? The DRIVERS are talking to Ace Speedway? What about the owners? 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

    “There are only a couple CT drivers on the tour anyway.” Not true, and what’s the point?

    The sun will come up tomorrow.

    “One day show.” Really? How can that be? From the northeast, it is a two day trip for the hauler, one way. That’s a five day event for the hauler driver, at least. Folks will have to travel from the northeast at least a day or two before the event. And then another day or two to get back home. Again, it is the mobility that enables the spreading of the coronavirus 🦠.

    You will 💩 too if you eat regular.

    “How many of these guys have done the Loudon to Stafford back to Louden in years past??” What’s the point? Loudon to Stafford is a 2.5 hr drive. What’s the point?

    A triangle has three angles.

    “As the schedule makers think outside the box new events could pop up.” No. The pandemic will not allow large gatherings of people. No schedule can overcome that fact.

    “How about the WMT in Martinsville in Nov.” Yeah, right when the second wave of coronavirus is expected to hit, and far worse than the first wave. The Fed is still sourcing MASSIVE pandemic supplies preparing for the fall outbreak.

    Circles are round.

    “United Airlines flights are packed as people cross the country all day long.” You have no idea what’s going on, do you? But let me start with, what’s your point? Air traffic is down almost 100%. Empty planes are being flown for bizarre reasons, such as the bailouts, that require planes to be flown so the ground crews and maintenance crews are still needed and saves those jobs. The skies are freaking empty!!!! Many remote routes to smaller airports have been suspended for lack of passengers. Just about every plane I see nowadays is a freighter. You think there will be an operating airport anywhere near Ace Speedway?

    “A few guys driving a rig up north or down south won’t be the end of mankind.” End of mankind? Maybe not. But add in all those other people, officials, and the rest of the teams, visiting stores, rest areas, restaurants, etc. can and will be transmitting or receiving coronavirus infections. How many illnesses or deaths will be acceptable?

    Rand Paul thinks schools should be reopened, doesn’t think the mortality rate is too bad.

  51. Shawn wrote,


    Just for the sake of being factually correct, …”


  52. So, 20 out of 26 are not from CT and somehow I am wrong?? You get my point. Last I checked MA and NH were not CT and I didn’t mention either of those states. One correction, I said drivers earlier and I should have said teams. The Ed Harvey #1 and 99 are based in NC with CT drivers. As is the Burt Myers #1 when he does come north. Pee Dee racing is not in the points but they come from down there as well. The driver of course is from PA. Point being, there are not A LOT of WMT teams based in CT Haven’t been for a while. A lot of NY,NJ teams.

    Gov Sununu Task Force is expected address race tracks on Friday. Expect the allowance of practice and potential of tentative racing in the not too distant future if things remain on course.

    CT to Loudon, back to Stafford, back to Loudon in the same day is 7.5 hrs. My point was if teams and drivers can do that in a single day (7.5 hrs)like they have in the past they could do a single day show in NH. Go ask Hossfeld how many times he did the Buffalo to New England and back home in the same 24hr period. These teams do it all the time. Loudon could even make room for the teams with Mobil RVs to camp provided it meets current state standards.

    DaReal, you can argue all you want, there will be racing in 2020 just like I said there would be. Change the narrative all you want but it is going to happen.

    Even Doug has come around on this.

  53. To you Rich, the Gov of NH said this week out of state folks are welcome as long as they follow the rules laid out. I’m not sure if you are aware that NH borders MA and people have been crossing back and forth forever. As mentioned earlier, states can’t close there border to out of state folks. RI tried that with NY a couple months ago. NH is open for business. Come on up!! You all are welcome.

  54. FYI, the “hometown” listed for the drivers is kinda meaningless in the context used here. The listed hometown and where they actually live are often two very different places. For example, Bobby Santos III is listed as from Franklin, MA but has has lived in Indiana for many, many years. Andy Seuss is listed as from NH but he’s been living in NC for several years. Same goes for a couple other drivers.

    JD, WeldingWonders is clueless, just looking for a friend. He’ll point in any direction the wind blows and he can get someone to walk with him, or he can make it look like he’s your pal. Good for you, enjoy his company. That’s like making friends with Jeffery Dahmer and Hannibal Lechter.

    JD, teams and drivers do not go back and forth between Loudon and Stafford and back. Just the driver does, and at that, it was rare. Helicopters or planes were involved. The drivers were running different series, different cars and teams. Just the driver was doing the Loudon to Stafford trip.

    JD, there is a pandemic 🦠 going on, are you aware of that? ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

    JD wrote, “Expect the allowance of practice and potential of tentative racing in the not too distant future if things remain on course.”

    Huh? What does that mean, if anything? In particular, “potential of tentative racing”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What is tentative racing? Isn’t “potential of tentative” redundant? You aren’t exuding much confidence at all. You are loading up with all sorts of hedging and CYA’s.

    I’m not changing the narrative, I’m just trying to get you aware of this pandemic that’s been going on, how the Federal Gov’t is preparing for much worse in a couple months (there is massive procurement and stockpiling going on), and how your insistence that all is well and ready to go racing is just as credible as when Trump said the country was going to reopen on Easter. FYI, it didn’t happen.

    JD wrote, “These teams do it all the time.” No, no they don’t. You sound like Trump when he said it was only one infected person and it’s under control. Then the 15 people and it was under control.

    The world is still not flat.

  55. I think the NWMT Coul indeed run a race at NHMS. There’s enough space in the paddock area to allow for physical distancing. Teams could be restricted to a degree. The big problem is you have drivers from NH, MA, CT, RI,VT,NY,NJ and PA.
    Also have drivers coming from NC and SC. The diversity being the travel, and out of state people
    They can’t close state borders, but they can ban out of state people from participating in the events. If they clear those hurdle then they have to deal with the fans. At NHMS, there is allot of space in the grandstands to social distance provided you get the same attendance as in years past. They could sell a certain number of tickets, first come first served. But now you have fans from all over traveling to the track. That’s the problem everywhere, with every sport.
    They also could go with pay per view
    ” It is what it is” the situation is fluid, and constantly changing, so it comes down to wait and see.

  56. You started like a normal person DGF.. At least fairly normal in 2013
    darealgoodfella says
    May 15, 2013 at 11:07 am
    The MRS exists because the NASCAR Tour had participants looking for another option. There has been talk for decades of taking the Tour independent, out from under NASCAR.

    Seven years it’s been. You were a fan that went to NWMT races and made comments about the races. Then over time you started saying you were actually involved with modified teams. Later on you made more and more claims. Being an engineer, advising doctors, walking 3 mile a day or riding 15 miles. You clearly age. 7 years later still an old guy posting comments to fill time during the workday when actual people are working.. But your claims of who and what you are never age. In fact you get younger, stronger, smarter and more important as time goes on.

    Now look at you. The plague has enveloped every aspect of your consciousness with contagion and dead bodies everywhere. Your comments are a mess of emoji’s flitting around from badgering people to anti Trump news blurbs to defending whatever nutty thing you’ve said. You speak of people agreeing or not in terms of playground alliances. You’ve totally given up on racing and in fact are trying to will it not to happen.

    Was the MRS formed because NWMT teams wanted another option? Time has shown that is not the case. You started out seven years ago being wrong. In the interim you’ve been wrong about LFR, race cars coasting in the corners, the Speedbowl, Coby using a cheater carburetor, Hirschman, Oswego being a bullring, no competitive passing at Seekonk…….it’s exhausting trying to encapsulate how wrong you’ve been on so many things.

    I think what we have here is an age related thing going on. Your posts are a mess compared to seven years ago. Will there be racing in the Northeast in 2020? I’d say read DGF’s comments carefully. If he says definitely no racing then gas up the car and get ready to hit the road because a race is on the horizon for sure.

  57. “United Airlines flights are packed as people cross the country all day long.” You have no idea what’s going on, do you? But let me start with, what’s your point? Air traffic is down almost 100%.”

    Airliners are packed because most of them are parked. Some people still need to travel so people are squeezing into the few remaining flights. In some cases, where there used to be 8-10 flights a day between two points, there are now one, and the one is a smaller aircraft than what would have flown the 8-10 legs.

    I have many friends and relatives working for airlines. Many are furloughed, those that aren’t are either flying much smaller (and lower paying) equipment or very few hours a month.

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