NH Short Track Planning To Run Event Saturday In Defiance Of State Regulations

Riverside Speedway in Groveton, N.H. isn’t one of New England’s most storied or historic short track facilities, but it’s a facility that will be looking to make some bit of history on Saturday. 

The facility will look to become the first short track venue in New England to run a racing event with fans in attendance in 2020.

In defiance of announced state regulations on business closings due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Riverside Speedway owner Mike Humphrey has made the decision to run an event open to fans on Saturday.

New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu announced a phased reopening plan earlier this week for the state which did not include allowing race tracks to run public events. The state has given tracks permission to run private and controlled practice sessions. 

“At this point I’ve been telling everybody, I’m not interested in stuff published about what we’re doing,” track owner Mike Humphrey told RaceDayCT Thursday morning. “We’ve stayed out of the spotlight. I know everything is all public, but I’m not ready to go into statements and whatever as of right now just because that’s the way it is.” 

Late Wednesday the following was posted on the Riverside Speedway Facebook page along with a schedule for a seven feature race card for Saturday: 

“Good evening, Here’s some information for May 23, 2020. Our grandstands will be limited to half capacity. Grandstands will be open at 4:00 pm. Remain home if you are feeling sick. Practice social distancing by staying 6 ft apart. Mask and hand sanitizer will be available. If you do not feel safe coming, please stay home.” 

Riverside Speedway is a paved quarter-mile oval. Humphrey said the track’s attendance capacity is 6,200.

New Hampshire’s “Stay at Home 2.0” guidance released earlier this week states: “Larger group activities and tourist attractions, such as amusement parks, water parks, race tracks, tourist trains, boat cruises, and indoor attractions will be considered for re-opening in later phases.” 

“It’s not a total [decision] in defiance,” Humphrey said of running the event Saturday. “The town is not against it. I will say that. I’m not throwing my police chief under the bus. That’s why I don’t want a whole lot posted. I’m not saying that I have permission and I’m not saying that I’ve been told no.” 

Groveton is a village section of the town of Northumberland, N.H. Chris Wheelock, chairman of the Northumberland Board of Selectman, said the board has not offered any ruling or opinion as a board on the track running the event. 

“There are some restrictions that have been put in place, or recommendations by the governor’s office,” Wheelock said. “The track owner … he knows what the restrictions and regulations are and he’s making a calculated guess. The town of Groveton has not stepped into this. This is a state … and this is my opinion, the [Board of Selectmen] has not talked about his at all. This is my personal opinion. The town has not voted in any way to either support or close the race track.

“The one thing I will say is that our chief of police has been in contact with the [State of New Hampshire] attorney general’s office.” 

Northumberland police chief Peter Pelletier was not immediately available for comment on Thursday morning. 

“I just hope it doesn’t backfire on all of us,” said a New Hampshire short track owner who asked to remain anonymous. “Something where the state says ‘Oh we extended an olive branch for you to be able to practice and everything, but somebody wants to defy us and now all of you are going to suffer.’ I just hope it doesn’t go back to anything like that.”


  1. I kind of figured the stay at home mandate would be challenged around Memorial Day. There is only so long most businesses can remain shuttered. Is this the right decision, not in my opinion, but I am not paying a mortgage and property taxes on a business that is being told to stay closed. It sounds like they have some local support, they are taking certain precautions to minimize contamination. If they go through with it I hope it goes well for them. I do hope this one event doesn’t cause the state to come down with more restrictions for all NH race tracks because I think if we see any racing in NE it would most likely bey VT ME or NH.

  2. I see both sides of this. I like many of you on this site want real racing to return ASAP. I also understand that a lot of these venues have had no revenue stream and it has affected their bottom line. All that being said: I can’t understand why promoters think it’s a good idea (beyond revenue) to bring fans back this early on in the process. Your average fan is older to begin with, when I go the track I see a lot of fans that have other visible health conditions (obesity, difficulty breathing, etc.) that put them at higher risk. Local support for the event is all well and good, the issue is that this virus isn’t “local”. The virus has traveled throughout the world infecting over 5 million people; “hoping” that an event like this won’t further the spread is short sided and foolish.

  3. “We’ve stayed out of the spotlight.”
    You’re in the spotlight now for sure.

  4. Looks like a whole bunch of country bumpkin winkin’ and noddin’ going on. But then, NH is one of those states that believe it is above the law, and liberty provides for ignoring law and order. Liberty is defined as anything they need it to be at the time.

  5. Live Free or Die

  6. James Scott says

    This event will never go off. I can understand the frustration of the track owner but no doubt he is asking for trouble. I would think the town of Groveton is also. Bad move but I can see the frustration of the track and fans alike. I am frustrated myself.

  7. With all this publicity, it will be interesting if the police, sheriff, state, county and town are going to enforce law and order. Will the Governor allow this flagrant violation?

    Live Free or Die

  8. Someone will get infected….all because of “greed”…I love Auto Racing…but lives and “total” safety should be a priority…..not profit….

  9. There’s opening with State guidance, approval and oversight and then there is this. This isn’t part of the valid discussion about states opening anything responsibly. This is a wildcat action that James most likely is correct on. Pushing the envelope in hopes of getting the state government to take a look at their situation but not willing to confront state police on race day.

  10. I’ll be back in a bit. I’m taking a victory lap.

  11. Gloria,Young says

    If in route so home ,take your temperature before your enter the track ,be responsible and sit 6 feet away from other groups of people ,stay with your group .pack your cooler and enjoy the race ,I know I will .

  12. This can backfire spectacularly and ruin chances for other tracks in the future.

    But as they say, Live Free or Die.

    The track owner needs to understand he has a very local and limited market to draw racers and fans from. He can’t afford to lose any.

    Look, the Germany situation was traced back to two friends in a restaurant sharing a salt shaker. The Chicago outbreak was traced to a birthday party and a funeral. The New Rochelle outbreak was traced to a temple. Very simple, innocuous events changed history and affected millions of lives.

  13. whats the delay on opening NH back up? low number of cases. other states that have opened up (Georgia, SC, Florida for example) havent seen the spike in cases predicted by the “we want gloom” enlightened folks in big ciites. i heard that NY big block modifieds will be racing in front of spectators at Cherokee in SC! i dont think the folks down there are gonna mind that their state will have visitors from the hardest hit state. people there will be safe, practice social distancing, and most importantly will hold themselves accountable for taking a risk they choose to take. the rest of the country does NOT want to take the advice of the governors in NY and CT. those states have been run horribly and they’re both over governed. thanks guys, but the rest of us will live safe and take advice from people that arent power hungry and looking to profess gloom to scare people into thinking they need to give more power to useless politicians (democrats and repuiblicans)! i wish i lived in NH or SC, i would attend these races, practice social distancing and self accountability!!

  14. Phil for President!

  15. Margaret says

    I completely agree that the insanity needs to end and I’m glad to see somebody standing up. That said I hope that this doesn’t backfire and wind up with negative consequences for racing in New Hampshire. There’s a whole group of people that have put a lot of effort into making the progress that they have. Granted, it shouldn’t have ever come to this and most of us agree that the restrictions are absolutely ridiculous, but it’s going to be a real shame if this backfires.

  16. My wife’s family is from Groveton. She still has relatives in the area. I’ve been to the track many times. While this is a ballsy move by the promoter, you have to see the area. Its about 50 miles from Canada in an isolated area of the North Woods part of the state. Economically depressed since the big paper mill closed. There isn’t even a major highway close by. No reason to really go there unless you live there.So it s not like trying to do this at Stafford or even Claremont, 30 miles to the south where the population density is much greater. I also did a little checking on line and currently there are NO diagnosed Covid cases in the entire region until you go about 30 miles south to Littleton , and even there only 4 reported cases. Makes sense since more cows live in this area than people. Don’t believe me? Drive through and roll down your windows. your nose doesn’t lie!. Other than this track, the most exciting thing to do up there on a Saturday night is the local church supper . Its a nice little track showing its age a bit, that doesn’t draw a lot of cars or fans. Social distancing should not be a problem.It’s a throw back to a much simpler time. You wont find a manufactured chassis or an engine that came out of a professional builders shop in the pits. I’ve said many times in other posts on this site that I would not risk my health or my familiy’s to go to a race until this pandemic is over. But if Groveton is still running in July when we visit the family and no cows have been diagnosed with the virus by then, I’ll be there with my mask on, after the church supper of course. LOL.

  17. Ed P., the reason to NOT conduct these events is to keep outsiders from traveling up there and bring the pathogen 🦠 up there. The traveling and mobility is the enabler of the spread.

  18. “will hold themselves accountable for taking a risk they choose to take”

    So … You’re saying that anyone who attends this event is going to sign a legally-binding waiver that says neither they nor any family members will seek medical treatment if they contract coronavirus?

    That statement — hold themselves accountable — implies the risk is confined to the risk taker. That is false. But people just don’t want to understand — or are too selfish to care — that their actions have repercussions for others.

    Are the concessions going to be open? Will there be shared-use condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc)? Is there a souvenir booth there? Will people be touching merchandise and putting it back? Will the front or back gate be accepting cash and making change? If they’re accepting only plastic, is the card reader going to be wiped down after each transaction? Will there be restrooms and/or porta-johns? Excellent places to spread a virus.

    People pick up the virus, have no idea they have it, and spread it on to others — who may be unfortunate enough not to be asymptomatic. And, as someone noted here, the racing crowd doesn’t exactly skew young. The mortality rate rises with age.

    All it takes is a single person to spread this to multiple other individuals. And each of them can do the same. And so on, and so on. COVID is a hell of a lot more contagious than the flu.

    This is NOT about making a choice that affects only YOU.

    Someone mentioned Georgia… There was an article THIS MORNING saying that the hospitals in the big cities there were in dire straits.

    What do you suppose is the availability of hospital beds — let alone ICU beds — in a rural corner of NH?

    It sucks to have to keep repeating this kind of info. But it’s so sickening to keep hearing people say, “I’m willing to take this risk,” when there’s a good chance that they won’t be the one to suffer the consequences.

  19. Libertarian Racer says

    I’m taking a road trip, and bringing a mask, that mysteriously keeps falling off. This is Great!!

  20. I have not been to Grovetona yet. I looked up the drive time Its 3.5 hours one way. Than I thought, that’s a long way to go to be turned away by the Royal Canadian Mounted police/NH state police. I would be interested to hear how this event unfolds, I hope there is an update after the fact. I do believe there will be more and more of these little protests and disobeyance of orders the longer this lasts. I am sure the city/town/state isnt forgiving the property taxes or reducing them based on the fact they are not allowed to open. The whole situration sucks. I see arguments for both sides. Its a no win situation.

  21. Has anyone who has responded here has the virus yet? I am betting no. If you are scared then keep listening to your Governor in Connecticut and New York. You do realize the rest of the country is laughing at you all.

  22. Ballsy move. The event has a 50-50 chance of happening. If they do race, hope it doesn’t lead to more cases of Covid. What happens (or doesn’t) will affect all of the New England tracks. Hope all goes well. Good luck to everyone involved.

  23. Ok, Sonny, I’m not taking sides here, but I will say the “Has anybody here had the virus?” rhetoric BS just isn’t going to fly. I don’t care if you’re all about opening a nursery for window licking children, that’s just not a barometer that should be used to judge anyone or anything going on right now. I haven’t had cancer. Do you think I should take up smoking now just because? I’ve never been in an accident while driving on the wrong side of the highway. Maybe I should give that a whirl and see if I can beat the odds? I could go on and on. No I’m not “scared”. I’ll be at the track when it opens doing my job and taking precautions. And not so much because I’m scared of getting sick myself, but because I don’t want to get infected and pass it on to others who might be scared, or who might die. We all make decisions based on our own feelings and opinions. So sick of this garbage of people thinking they’re so high and mighty that if someone doesn’t agree with their opinions then they’re just “scared”. Grow up man, this isn’t fourth grade recess anymore. For you to come on here and label people who might not want to go to the track as “scared” or throw out the “Have you even had it?” bro-talk garbage is just callous and ignorant. If you think it’s all a joke that’s fine, I’m not going to judge you for that, it’s your opinion and you have that right to have it. But at the same time, you’re also not going to come here and play the “Who here has had it?” game. I’ll answer though. I haven’t had it yet. I have multiple family members that have and it wasn’t pretty. Oh I also have a friend who had it and recovered. He contracted it from one of his parents. Two nice people, healthy, active couple in their mid-60’s. Yeah, they’re also both dead now. They died within two weeks of each other. Imagine that? Would you ask my buddy if he was scared? You can do whatever you want and I’m all for it. Make your decisions, make your calls, you do you. But it’s not your place to judge anybody else on how they want to make decisions for themselves. Seriously though, what is wrong with you?

  24. Thank you, Shawn. I also have friends who have had their families devastated. Bet your ass I’m scared. And I don’t really care who knows it.

  25. Sonny posted, “Has anyone who has responded here has the virus yet? I am betting no. If you are scared then keep listening to your Governor in Connecticut and New York. You do realize the rest of the country is laughing at you all.”

    What was your point of that post?

    I am indeed scared. This is a brutal disease, I don’t want it, I don’t want anyone to get it. It’s a brutal, devastating disease that kills people. I find the guidance from NYS Governor Cuomo to be very helpful. And Governor Lamont is also very helpful.

    Sonny, if you are not afraid, please tell me why. Maybe you know something I don’t. I would appreciate your help and advice.

  26. I participate in a touring series scheduled to compete at this facility. I sent an email, and am expecting a public response from tour officials as to their intentions of maintaining a scheduled event at a facility that operated in defiance of a State’s health and safety directives. My company has worked tirelessly, at great expense, and with cooperation of state economic development office to provide a safe work environment for the protection of our employees, families, and customers. I expect the same for any organization I am affiliated with. Thank you Shawn for your research and bringing this issue to my attention

  27. James Scott says

    Shawn great comments. Tired as well of these people with such a narrow perspective. Loudon is in July and even if fans are allowed I am very close to eating my tickets and cancelling my reservations for this year. Maybe some of these people should wake up get this chip off their shoulder. Its my choice, I listen to science. Love to have somebody call me scared. This event will never happen. I am sure a cease and desist order will be ordered soon.

  28. Sonny, your an idiot. “Has anyone here had the virus?” I haven’t, but lost 1 lifelong friend to it, came real close to losing another.
    Listening to my governor doesn’t make me “scared” it makes me a responsible adult, who cares about others, not just myself. As far as the rest of the country laughing at us. I live in Massachusetts. California is quickly catching up in numbers, might have even passed us. The rest of the country is seeing rising numbers of cases, due to their irresponsible state government. I don’t think anyone is laughing.
    Have you taken your chloroquine today? You sound like one of those MAGA hat wearing, rocket launcher toting idiots they show on the news every day. It’s idiots like you who spread this disease. No matter what your buddy Trump says the virus is very real, very deadly and it’s not just going to disappear.
    To everyone else out there, who are doing the right things, hope everyone is safe, strong and sane. Don’t be a “Sonny”

  29. It’s been nearly three days since Riverside announced they’re planning to defy the state guidelines by racing, and I still haven’t heard a peep from the state on the matter. If you’re not going to enforce the guidelines, and you’re not going to protect the tracks that have been following them, then what was the point of even issuing the guidelines in the first place? Talk about having no backbone.

    Also, as someone who used to go to the track semi-regularly (key words: used to), I’m calling B.S. on the new owner’s claim that the track holds 6,200 people. It holds maybe 4,000 including the pit grandstands. The only way you’re fitting 6,200 in there is if people sit in each other’s laps — which isn’t exactly social distancing.

  30. Sonny contributed, “Has anyone who has responded here has the virus yet? I am betting no. If you are scared then keep listening to your Governor in Connecticut and New York. You do realize the rest of the country is laughing at you all.”

    Sonny, your FEARFUL 😧 leader, Donald J. Trump, is TERRIFIED about getting the coronavirus. Even before this pandemic, he would freak out on anyone that sneezed, coughed or cleared their throat in his presence. DONALD J. TRUMP IS AN ADMITTED GERMAPHOBE. Your 🐓💩 leader requires everyone around him to be tested and do everything possible to prevent infecting him. Your boy Don-the-Con is TERRIFIED of getting COVID-19. And he does all this while refusing to wear a mask 😷.

    Sonny, are you afraid of contracting COVID-19?

  31. Mike,
    I would say at this point the state is probably looking at it as nuisance matter, and their silence speaks volumes. It wouldn’t shock me if they’re staying out of saying anything – at least publicly – as a way to not bring anymore attention to this, then they’ll take action when needed. Or possibly they already have taken action and those involved aren’t saying anything. I’m not saying it’s the case here with this owner, but a lot of business owners across the country – not just in racing – have made public declarations that they will defy state orders not just because they want to open their businesses, but also because it’s a PR Trick that many of their customers or potential customers enjoy seeing. I found it odd that the owner of the track said he was trying to not bring publicity to the event, but then continued to talk to me after saying that, and even at one point jokingly said “I’ve probably said too much here.” He could have very easily said he didn’t want to comment and that would be that. Combine that with the fact that the track advertised the event with multiple posts on a very public forum known as Facebook, a social media outlet with (2.6 billion) active users. If I was looking to keep something quiet and not get publicity I wouldn’t put up multiple posts on the largest social media network in the world advertising what I’m doing. We’re operating in a climate right now where every publicly declared move to defy regulation is being watched, and that microscope is obviously on short track racing facilities, which we all know are suffering because of shutdown orders. Anyone that puts up a public declaration that they intend to defy regulations to operate their business and then acts shocked they got attention for doing that is either lying about being shocked or entirely uneducated about how social media works. And I was a little surprised by the 6,200 number. I asked him what capacity for the facility was and that was his answer.

  32. The population of Groveton per the 2010 census is 1,118. The town took a big hit when the major employer, a paper manufacturer, shut down. The town had to sell the remains of the paper plant for scrap.

    The only way they are going to fill those stands is to draw people from outside the area.

    At one of the the meetings Trump had with Kim Jung Un, Trump repeatedly assured folks that he was not going to call KJU fat.

    Much of what goes on with this is pure posturing and ploys to rattle cages, blow the dog whistle. Rile up the natives and try to pressure the authorities to loosen up. It’s all made for TV, or FaceBook, drama. A way of playing the victim card.

  33. Sonny, I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone that has contracted COVID-19 and recovered, and those that died, thought it would never happen to them.

  34. The common thread with people like “Sonny” and his ilk is fear. They’re either trying to induce it, or they’re projecting their own fears.

    “If you’re SCARED, keep listening to your Governor…” In other words, Show that you’re a MAN, not a MOUSE… Show you’re not a COWARD… And do whatever the hell you want! Because that’s what REAL MEN do!

    “You do realize the rest of the country is laughing at you all?” And aren’t we all just SO AFRAID of being laughed at… at being mocked? Quick! Reverse course! Do the thing that will stop people from laughing at us!!

    “Sonny” has the emotional maturity of a pre-pubescent.

    I picture “Sonny” as a little boy, paying rapt attention to his daddy, admonishing him to leave aside foolish notions of values and morals. “Always listen to the crowd, Sonny. They’ll tell you exactly what you should do!” And Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” played in the background….

    Meanwhile, in the real world, FOX News has a recent poll showing Biden is more trusted to do a better job than Trump on 1) China (by 6 points); 2) coronavirus (by 9 points); and 3) healthcare (by 17 freaking points).

    Another Fox poll has Trump’s handling of coronavirus at 43% approval rate. Fauci is at 74% and state governments are at 70%. It’s almost as if most people like their governors.

    Unlike others posting on here, I can’t say that I don’t wish coronavirus on anyone. Clearly, some people need to experience it firsthand to understand it.

  35. Shawn,

    It will be interesting to see what happens once Saturday afternoon rolls around. I have a hard time believing the state can continue ignoring such an event once it’s already begun. By then, though, the damage may well have been done health-and-safety wise. And if the state does just let it happen, other tracks are going to feel pressured/obligated to open up soon as well — even if it’s still not safe to do so — because they can’t afford to lose all their business to the one track that won’t follow the rules. It’s a tough situation, for sure, but one where I think state ambiguity/ambivalence (at least publicly) is only going to make things worse.

    Also, it doesn’t surprise me that the owner kept talking to you. It’s human nature — once someone starts talking, it’s usually hard for them to stop.

  36. I’ve got a feeling that come Saturday morning there’s going to be a large police presence at the track telling people to go home, and the track owner will get some sort of warning.

  37. A few weeks ago a track in IN I believe was going to open up against state orders. The DPW put up Jersey barriers blocking the access road a few nights before the scheduled event. The race did not run. Well played Mr Government. Well Played.

  38. Rob p., “Large police presence” in that part of New Hampshire? No way. The State Police satellite office is about a half hour east of Groveton in Berlin. The Northumberland PD doesn’t even have a website. It’s a Mayberry RFD kinda place.

    The question is, will the Northumberland PD do anything to enforce public safety?

    We shall see.

  39. NH is currently being invaded by southern New England folk. Looks like 2019 up here. Not sure where they are all staying but they are here.

  40. Shawn ignorant is the reporter who wrote this garbage after the track owner didn’t want anymore publicity. It’s one thing for a track to post on social media it’s another for an outside media outlet to after basically being asked not to. Am I scared of death or this virus? No. I am an adult. I understand death is part of life. I don’t live in a fantasy land where we are all going to live forever. As my 90 year old grandfather says, when it’s your time to go it’s your time. If you think this track is going to attract people from away then that shows the fantasy world you all live in. The traffic coming into Maine this morning was almost to the mass border. You infected New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts people are already all over Maine and New Hampshire. You have been here for weeks and aren’t quarantining one bit yet our hospitalization and Death numbers have been dropping steadily. If you remember when this started we were told it survives in a cool damp climate. Well it’s in the 80’s in New Hampshire and dry as hell. Keep living in your scared fantasy land. You will live forever.

  41. Sonny,
    Ignorant reporter who wrote garbage? Wow. Here’s how the world works Sonny: Facebook has 2.6 billion (YES Billion with a B) active users. If you advertise your event multiple times with multiple posts on the world’s largest social media network, you’re not keeping anything a secret. You want the world to know. If he wanted to keep it a secret because he wanted to let racers race he could have reached out to every racer individually that competes there regularly and told them to spread the word among friends and family. You can’t post your event on Facebook and then cry because someone wrote about you posting your event on Facebook. Secondly, we’re not talking about some frat house having 75-people over for a keg party. It’s a public entertainment venue that is operated under business codes and regulations. So no, it’s not my job to keep it a secret or regulate how much publicity a track operator gets.

  42. Knuckles Mahoney says

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure”.

  43. Knuckles, nice quote. Let me expand on its meaning. There was a rebellion going on that was suppressed. A rebellion that Thomas Jefferson said was based in ignorance when he wrote the passage from which that line came from. Just like those that are rebelling against the social safety needs to prevent the rapid decline of the coronavirus pandemic. Their rebellion is based in ignorance.

  44. >> The fact that anyone thinks a reporter should fail to report on a newsworthy story (in this case, an event that could result in covid-19 cases in a rural area) because the subject ‘doesn’t want publicity‘ is mindblowingly dim.

    >> Try to stay current with the news. In a pandemic, science is being done on the fly. Theories can change rapidly (e.g., recommendations re the use of masks have evolved).

    >> The virus may transmit less efficiently in warm, humid environments. But the effect is thought to be modest (e.g., See Louisiana, Singapore). Masks and social distancing practices are still needed outdoors. This is a global pandemic … we have evidence and data from all over the world … think beyond your own little hamlet.

    >> Per Maine.gov, new cases are NOT “dropping steadily.”

    >> NH.gov does show a downward trend in the “epidemic curve.” However, that timeframe is clearly identified as a “period of uncertainty.”

    >> People like Sonny are going to keep this damned virus around longer than it should be.

  45. Knuckles Mahoney says

    BTW, before the nut jobs here say I’m inciting violence, I am in no way condoning violence. What Jefferson meant was the from time to time you must rebel against overreach and tyranny.

  46. So what are you suggesting here? That we revolt because we can’t go watch race cars in person? I’m disappointed in so many people in the comments here. We’ve got grown people that have never been inconvenienced or oppressed a single day in their lives. This is made clear by their selfish and childish behavior.

  47. knuckles, please give us details on the overreach and tyranny that is going on right now. Use your licensed medical practitioner self and expertise to provide all the credibility you possibly can.

  48. This is a statewide story now. WMUR picked it up yesterday. The owner isn’t laying low anymore and is outwardly defiant of the state order.

  49. Mike86, you’ll appreciate this… this coronavirus has already mutated to 39 known strains.

  50. A reader writes: “I’m not trying to incite violence, but here’s a quote that literally endorses the spilling of blood.”

    While the intent of the Jefferson quote is somewhat open to interpretation by history scholars, it’s more contemporaneous usage has been by those seeking to justify violence as a means to end.

    For example, Timothy McVeigh wore a shirt with this quote.

  51. Dareal: Wellll, I don’t know that I “appreciate” that fact, but I get where you’re coming from. This isn’t going to make developing a vaccine any easier. In fact, we may need a secondary shot down the road.

    And, of course, that’ll just create fodder for those who don’t understand that science is about postulating, challenging, and revising.

    Then there are the anti-vax clowns. (Apologies to any actual clowns.) And the even bigger idiots who think Bill
    Gates is trying to implant people with microchips via any vaccine he may play a role in developing.

    The Beavises and Buttheads are going to drag us ALL down.

  52. “And, of course, that’ll just create fodder for those who don’t understand that science is about postulating, challenging, and revising. ”


    We unfortunately have reached a time where a certain percentage of society believes that if all is not understood by science, none of it is correct, or if new data is discovered that changes a previous understanding, none of it is to be trusted. There’s also the unfortunate ignorance that “science” is simply one person’s statement of opinion or belief, completely ignoring the peer review process or replication of results by multiple studies.

  53. To All:
    Just putting this out there (Sonny), sadly for the second time this week. Two pretty simple rules in the comments section here: 1. No vulgarity; 2. No threatening people.
    They’re immensely simply rules. Literally, five words in total to spell out both of the rules. It’s actually amazing to me that some find these two very simple rules as complicated as they apparently do. Once again, just to make sure it’s clear, two rules: 1. No vulgarity; 2. No threatening people.
    And before I check out, also, if the comment doesn’t get approved for publishing, submitting it again 14 more times typically doesn’t help the process. Just sharing that little tidbit. Also, e-mailing me and trying to rationalize why a vulgarity wasn’t really a vulgarity or how your threat wasn’t really a real threat typically doesn’t help to get your comment published. … Thank you, carry on.

  54. Shawn, I can’t imagine all the sniveling, whiny, 😫 crybaby emails you get.

    And of course, these emails are from the macho men. 🤣🤣😝😝🤪🤪🤪

    Bless you. 🙏

  55. I am curious how this event went if anyone went or know anyone that went please share your experience. Did the police intervene? Did they get a good crowd of fans? How many cars showed up, more than they typically get less than they normally get? There was a rumor on facebook that the AG were going to intervene.

  56. CSG,
    I haven’t seen much of anything on social media channels about anything happening there. Ironic I guess when you consider the owner advertised about the event on Facebook multiple times then complained that it got too much publicity. WMUR in New Hampshire ran a report on Friday about the event and an Associate Attorney General for the state of New Hampshire said the office had been in contact with the track owner and “urged him to reconsider” his plans. The Associate Attorney General was quoted in the story saying: “We will most certainly take steps to enforce the governor’s orders.”

  57. Please tell me what I said that was A.viloent in nature B. Vulgar. I put facts up about Maine that apparently you didn’t like. Doubt this will get published either. Oh by the way, they are racing with heats about over with.

  58. Sonny (Ah Norman Harris),
    From your comment that was no approved: “Thank god for the electoral college other wise you dumb asses from there and California would control the whole country.”
    Again, I know you’re struggling with the reading thing, but two SIMPLE rules: 1. No vulgarity; 2. No threatening people. You broke rule number one. Now, it’s not my fault that you’re not grown up enough yet that you haven’t mastered the art of expressing an argument or opinion without using vulgarity. But, if you want to post comments here that’s all you need to do. I’ve obviously posted other comments here from you that did not contain vulgarity, so I think you can do it.
    And as far as them racing there, I don’t care. I think what you don’t understand is that I don’t care if they’re racing or not racing there. It’s not my job to care what happened. I’m not emotionally indebted to the place. I wrote a story about a track owner who said he was going to open despite state officials telling him he was not allowed to. I write about short track racing and obviously short tracks being closed across New England right now is a topic of interest to many people who visit my website. Judging by the traffic that story got, it was a topic of IMMENSE interest. My job as a journalist is to write stories about topics people want to read about and obviously I did that. That’s it, nothing more. I have no dog in this fight. I wasn’t cheering for either side to win or lose or whatever. And I honestly don’t care if the track owner wanted his event kept secret. He advertised it multiple times on Facebook, a social media forum with 2.6 BILLLION active users. Sorry bud, you don’t advertise an event multiple times on Facebook and then cry that you got more publicity than you wanted.

  59. knuckles mahoney says

    Ian, I can’t believe you could be so, well, unclear of the quote. It wasn’t about not going to see a race, it is the track owner who is rebelling. I for one applaud him, but he better be ready for the consequences. I see Dareal keeps commenting, must have too much time on his hands. Dont read him BS though.

  60. knuckles posted, “Ian, I can’t believe you could be so, well, unclear of the quote. It wasn’t about not going to see a race, it is the track owner who is rebelling. I for one applaud him, but he better be ready for the consequences. I see Dareal keeps commenting, must have too much time on his hands. Dont read him BS though.”

    So knuckles, as an alleged licensed medical provider, you condone the track and the track owner’s actions that enabled putting the health and lives of many at risk during this pandemic?

    Didn’t take some oath and swear to do no harm?

  61. To recap, short track racing took place in NC and NH with fans last night. Two things DaReal said would not happen this year have happened.

    Now comes word yesterday that Claremont Speedway in NH is going to run a Granite State Pro Stock event there with no fans but broadcast on the internets. Yet another thing DaReal said would not happen.

    Last night could not have gone any worse for DaReal’s predictions. You may want to pump the brakes on those Nov election predictions after this week too.

  62. What channel is the Indy 500 on?

  63. Alabama has been lax on following CDC guidelines regarding social distancing, etc. Their ICUs are jamming!!

    JD, what races have you recently attended?

  64. Via WMUR, The governor stated today he expects the state Dept of Justice to take swift action against the track. Ironically the next story on WMUR was how Americans nationwide have largely ignored the orders and then they interviewed fans from a packed Ace Speedway from last night. Go figure

  65. Sununu will see to it that NOTHING is done regarding the defying of law and order, and it just gets forgotten as quickly as possible. Sununu will pay lip service, keep up appearances.

    When is the next race at Groveton?

  66. So it has been a few days since Riverside ran, where there any repercussions imposed for opening in defiance of stay at home orders last weekend? I saw some pictures on their facebook page comparing them to pics of Hampton beach. There certainly seemed to be less people more social distancing at the track compared to Hampton but the poster could easily of taken/showed pics to prove his agenda. The results posted showed car counts in the single digits for most division, the crowd seemed sparse not sure it that is low compared to normal for them. They have another race scheduled for this Saturday, well it is on their schedule. If there aren’t any ramifications from holding this event, do you think more tracks will go ahead and open up against state orders/recommendations? I would think some of the NH tracks that have been petitioning the state to open might just go ahead and run events. Race season isn’t very long in NE and those property tax bills are due June 1 unless they delayed them.

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