Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 15: Of Charlatans And Their Vile Viral Videos

Some semi-regular musings on racing and life in a COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine World 

So anybody have any good YouTube videos to watch?

Ok, in all seriousness … 

We are living in a moment in time when very smart people who have greedy, selfish intentions are looking at all this fear, anxiety and misunderstanding as their time to shine and take advantage of people. 

When people are worried and scared and confused and they don’t quite know all the reasons why there’s always going to be people that see that moment as their opportunity to grab attention for their agendas. 

Take for example the Sandy Hook shooting. 

There are conspiracy theorists out there that will tell you that children, teachers and administrators that died that day never really existed, that they were just names made up as part of a conspiracy against the gun industry. 

I don’t have any shred of thought in my mind that Sandy Hook wasn’t real. But, crazy conspiracy theorists jumped at the chance to say it wasn’t.

And if you watched some of the videos people put out spouting their reasons and supposed evidence for why Sandy Hook was all a theater act put on by the government they do a really good job of trying to create doubts. 

The thing is with anything in life anyone with an agenda can manipulate other people into believing lies by just sounding very confident about what they’re saying. 

That was the case with Sandy Hook. I know smart people who I would have never thought would even for a second question it, who saw some conspiracy garbage put out and actually thought that maybe Sandy Hook wasn’t real. And why? Because it was such a horrific unbelievable unfathomable tragedy that they really couldn’t understand how it could happen, so they were willing to let themselves think maybe it didn’t really happen. 

Recently a lot of people watched the Waco series on Netflix. A group of people put blind trust in a man named David Koresh because he said things that made sense to them. They wanted answers to their spiritual questions and he said the things they wanted to hear. In the process those well meaning folks got brainwashed to believe that sexually abusing children was acceptable in the eyes of God if someone they believed to be their Messiah told them so. Ultimately, he wanted to be their Messiah. He wanted people to worship him to the point that they would believe anything he said and die for him. That ultimate devotion, that someone will die for you just because. And he was able to manipulate their trust to the point that they gave him anything he wanted, including their lives and the lives of their children for his selfish agenda. 

So fast forward to now. A lot of people are scared or confused or worried and part of the reason for that is because even the smart people who are supposed to be in charge are struggling to get a grasp on everything. 

So much of why science is struggling to get a grasp on things is simply because of the nature of these types of viruses. There’s a great series on Netflix called Pandemic which was done before COVID-19 was even a thing. Nothing influenced by anything that is happening right now. 

The Pandemic series does a really good job of explaining how even the greatest scientists and researchers can be left staggered by a new strain of virus that can take over the world all because they’ve never seen it before. 

And that’s the time we’re living in right now. Before December this virus had never been seen before by science or anyone else. So literally all the science and understanding of it is being done on the fly and in the moment. 

And that means that scientists can’t stand at a podium and tell us with full authority how it will act or every way it can be transmitted or what atmospheric conditions will make it die. Good and ethical scientists don’t want to tell you what they think might happen, they want do the research so they reach a conclusion where they can tell you with full authority what will happen. That’s what science ultimately is, breaking down a question and gaining a definitive rock solid answer to that question. They don’t have rock solid answers because the research just isn’t there to give rock solid answers.  

So left are a lot of confused, anxious, scared people because the scientists are supposed to know everything and they don’t so then how can we not be confused, anxious and scared if the people that are supposed to know what’s going on can’t figure it out themselves? 

And then you have individuals who see that fear in others, and understand that people are afraid because even the best scientists can’t explain it to them, and they see that as an opportunity to forward their agenda and get people to believe them. 

Those people who are looking to forward their selfish agendas understand that people who are scared just want answers that sound like they make sense. So they know that if they can put something out that looks professional and sounds professional there will be people that will believe it just because they want something to cling to that sounds like smart answers. 

And with all that comes data and numbers and statistics. Data, numbers and statistics can all be manipulated very easily to make it sound like whatever you want it to sound like. 

For example, you can take the data, numbers and statistics and compare COVID-19 deaths rates for the United States vs. the United Kingdom and France and Italy and Spain and tell people:  “Look, compare the numbers, the United States is doing amazing controlling the death rate of this virus.” But at the same time another person can take those same numbers for the United States that look good against those other countries and use the same exact numbers in comparison to Japan and South Korea and suddenly the US numbers look awful. But it’s all about how you manipulate the data and the message you offer with that manipulation. You can use real numbers to tell a story that might not be entirely false, but you can go far in forwarding the message that better fits your agenda. 

All that said and we reach the video documentary short the exploded across social media in the last two days called Plandemic. 

The woman behind that video, Dr. Judy Mikovits, has been blackballed by the science community for years for being a bad scientist with selfish intentions. And for years she’s complained that she was unfairly targeted when the truth is, she put out bad science and bad research and was called out for it and basically refuted by legitimate scientists and researchers around the globe. 

Part of the reason she was blackballed by the science community was because she was trying to use manipulated research to forward agendas supportive to the Anti-Vaccination movement, which has become huge in recent years. And there’s a lot of money to be made right now if you’re a rogue scientist willing to manipulate data and manipulate research to forward false findings that somehow make the ideology of the Anti-Vaccination crowd sound legitimate. And that’s what she does. 

This was her shining moment because the door was open for her to not only get her revenge on the science community that has made her look so bad, but it was also her chance to raise her cult hero status among the Anti-Vaccination movement. 

Obviously she targeted Dr. Anthony Fauci because he’s the name everybody knows right now. It would have done her no good to target some scientists nobody has ever heard of before. So she puts out this very well produced documentary short portraying all these awful things that have supposedly taken place behind the scenes and how Dr. Fauci is supposedly behind all these nefarious activities and efforts. And she uses manipulated data and information, but makes it sound really well researched because some people are just really good at doing that. And because it sounds like it all makes sense and it could all add up if you want it to then people believe it because she’s making it sound like these are concrete answers to what is going on at a time when we all just really want concrete answers. 

The science community has known for decades that at some point a global pandemic would arise that science would not be ready for. It’s never been an “if it happens” scenario. It’s always been a “when it happens” scenario. It’s kind of like science knows at some point there’s going to be an earthquake that will likely wipe parts of California into the ocean. They know it’s going to happen some day, but they don’t know when and there’s nothing they can do to predict it or stop it. And similarly, they knew at some point a virus would appear that had never been seen before and it would do exactly what we’re seeing today. 

So you have people like Dr. Fauci and other scientists saying they don’t have all the answers right now, because they really don’t and they all knew when this happened they wouldn’t have the answers right away and that’s why it would be as bad as it is right now. And then you have this woman, screaming, “I do have all the answers you want”, when her real intention is to get revenge on people who revealed to the world that she was an unprincipled scientist. 

And on top of her getting her revenge, she’s also made herself the Super Woman of the Anti-Vaccination world because now all those people feel like the woman who has supported their efforts has now captured the attention of the entire world. Again, there’s a lot of money being thrown around in this Anti-Vaccination movement and she will reap the rewards of that because she is now their absolute Queen. She’s the David Koresh of the Anti-Vaxxer movement as of today. 

There’s nothing wrong with having healthy skepticism, whether it’s about science or anything else. But blind trust in someone that tells you to believe them just because nobody else can give you an answer is dangerous.  

Everyone wants answers that make sense. Sadly, right now there aren’t answers. But people who make themselves sound like they have all the answers sound really really good right now because the people we want to trust just don’t have answers that make us feel better. 

Binge Watching

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even read the description or watch the trailer before I began watching Cracked Up: The Darrell Hammond Story. 

And quite honestly I strolled into viewing it thinking it would be a standard issue 95-minute life and times personality portrayal of one of the greatest but most unsung players in the history of Saturday Night Live. Hammond was the master impersonator of the 1990’s on Saturday Night Live. His portrayal of Bill Clinton for years on SNL is historic television. He’s also the man that played to perfection everyone from Al Gore and Chris Matthews to Sean Connery and Ted Koppel and so many others. 

And then the documentary starts and you quickly realize Cracked Up isn’t some look back at funny characters and life as a 14-year cast member on SNL. 

It’s a dark but absolutely mesmerizing and emotional look at the painful maze of pain that is a lifetime of mental illness brought on by childhood abuse. 

It’s extremely hard to watch at times, but ultimately spins an inspiring tale of recovery, redemption and faith. 

Cracked Up: The Darrell Hammond Story earns four out of five snacks on our Quarantine Snacks Rankings.

Cracked Up: The Darrell Hammond Story

As always, stay safe everyone, keep positive, help your neighbors if you can and wash your damn hands. 

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  1. I once read an article about how facts can be manipulated. Case in point…. The US and Russia has a track meet. The US won, Russia finished second. The Russian state newspaper ran this headline: Russia finishes track meet second, US next to last. Now that’s manipulation.

  2. ted Baxter says

    After reading this I WILL NEVER be on this site again. It is apparent to me you like dareal and all his bs talk. Heck maybe its even you to drive ratings. The site has been the talk of many chats over the last few weeks and this is the icing on the cake.

  3. Great article once again Shawn, thank you.
    The Sandy Hook tragedy was real. How anyone could say it never happened is beyond belief. They ran that theory out so far, that it ended up as a feature story on 60 minutes, I believe. 60 minutes did a great job of busting the conspiracy, yet to this day the theorist still push it.
    Sadly, these maggots exist, and social media makes it even easier to push their agenda. I blame Social media sites like Facebook and You Tube for even allowing this garbage to be posted, they need to do a better job. Unfortunately these people have always existed, and will be here long after we’re gone.
    The only advice I can offer is that people get their information from well established legitimate source’s.
    Hope everyone is safe strong and sane. We’ve been at this a while now, but don’t give in, your doing the right thing regardless of what some might say. Remember staying home to help slow the spread is not “cowering in fear” like Dougie would want you to believe. You’ve all done a great job, and made huge sacrifices for the greater good.
    All essential workers, doctor’s, nurses, policemen, EMS and fire fighters THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SERVICE. You are all HEROES to me.

  4. Ted,
    Sorry if the words hurt you. Just think, now that you don’t have to come here you’ll have more time to watch your Alex Jones videos. Have a great day.

  5. Libertarian Racer says

    this article is EXACTLY why i keep telling people to Get a hobby!! Turn off your devices, Especially the TV, stop watching the news, stop watching talk shows, stop watching comedians, stop watching TV, turn off your tablets, close your macbooks, silence your notifications, and stick your phones back in your pocket… GO OUTSIDE!!! take up woodworking, play with the dog, start working out, experiment with cooking, DO SOMETHING!!! that newspaper that got delivered? the only thing that is good for is starting a fire, in the fireplace, or out in the fire pit. Read a book, yes books are still a thing, just GET OFF THE INTERNET, and turn off the damn tv!! Some form of racing season is coming, are you prepared??

  6. getserious says

    Hey Shaw, you’re doing a great job here. Always have. Don’t let the kind of absolutely ignorant thinking that comes from people like “ted baxter” give you even a moment’s pause.

  7. Wow,Shawn, seems Ted Baxter is not happy. You must have hit a nerve.
    I found your article to be very interesting, and informative. There are some really strange people out there pushing their agendas. I’m glad you brought Dr. Judy out. People are going to need to get vaccinated for this virus. We don’t need a bunch of these wackos pushing their BS.

  8. As far as the Sandy Hook thing…. didn’t Alex Jones claim some sort of mental illness made him do that hoax conspiracy? I think that mental illness condition developed when he saw the massive lawsuits and losses he was up against.

    I stopped by the Alex Jones website and he was ranting to his followers that they needed to buy more of his stuff or the site was not going to survive. Sounded like a megachurch pastor telling his flock to keep tithing even when they are unemployed.

    “Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.” – Mark Twain

    “Denied facts are still facts.” – anti-Trump protester poster

    Hucksters, one and all.


  9. Quarantine Chronicles

    Why we aren’t racing

    USA Statistics

    New cases today: 29,531

    New deaths today: 2,129

    Total USA deaths to date: 76,928

    62,000 Americans died in the last four weeks from COVID-19.

    Total World deaths today: 5,589

    The USA has 38% of the world’s deaths for today. The USA has about 4.3% of the world’s population.

  10. Libertarian Racer wants to control the news and information you see.

    I’m not surprised at all.

    Folks, go out and see everything and anything you want.

  11. Rhonda Roland Shearer. Remember that name. This woman put her house up for a $600,000 loan. She used the money to purchase PPE, which she hands out to healthcare workers in New York City. It’s not the first time she has done this, she was actively involved after 9/11, where she went 1 million in debt.

  12. Captain Phil once said ” You can watch things happen…You can make things happen…or you can wonder what the hell happened”
    These words are so true today. As many State, and the federal government watch what happens, doctor’s nurses and essential workers make things happen, while the rest of us are still wondering what the hell happened.
    We control our destiny. Things we do today will affect us tommorow, so do the right thing.

  13. The first use dead Americans by the scum bag in his vendetta against Trump.
    “So we close out another day of the #TrumpPandemic.
    New Cases: 38,764
    New Deaths: 1,951
    Total Deaths: 52,185”

    That would be 24743 additional dead Americans used by the scum bag to advance his political agenda since he first referenced a global crises as the “TrumpPandemic”.

  14. HAPPY V E DAY. To all who served, and continue to serve.

  15. Seems to me Dougie, that your the one pushing an agenda. No wait, maybe welding wonders did it, oh forgot, it was Rickyinmass. Where’s Waldo, can’t find Waldo, dammit I’m so confused.

  16. So dareal has world deaths at 5589 for the day. According to worldometer the population of the world is 7,783,054,230. My shaky math says that is 0.0000718% of the worlds population that died from coronavirus yesterday. Which means that over 99% of the world’s population survived yesterday. Is that a way of manipulating numbers?

  17. Ed J: If I told people that I won the lottery to the tune of $5589, most might say, “That’s a nice little bonus. But, really, no big deal.”

    If I told people that I won $2.04M, I think most of them would consider that to be a big deal ($2.04M = $5589 x 365).

    The 5th largest city in the US is Phoenix, with about 1.74M citizens. The 4th largest city is Houston, with ~2.4M citizens.

    Cut the figure in half to one million premature deaths. That’s the equivalent of San Jose (CA). Hartford has 125K; Providence has 180K; Boston has about 700K.

    Joseph Stalin: A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.

  18. Ed J, sort of. The 5,589 are the KNOWN deaths. It is KNOWN that there are far more. Satellite imagery is showing mass burial sites around the world. Many COVID-19 deaths are not making it into the database.

    Looking at it from your perspective, it is a different way of presenting the numbers. So Ed J., looking at it from your perspective, does anything need to be done about COVID-19? Just look at all those survivors!

  19. Libertarian Racer: The answer is not to put your head in the sand, as you suggest; the answer is to view multiple media outlets and use your education and ability to reason to arrive at the truth.

    Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

    Journalism — regardless of the era — has always been a combination of truth-telling and sleaze. The sleaze wouldn’t exist if people didn’t buy it.

    And yet a free press was so important to the Founding Fathers, that they included it in the FIRST AMENDMENT to the Constitution. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, OR OF THE PRESS; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    So… Maybe we should all focus a little more on learning to be critical thinkers… To being willing to constantly evaluate and challenge our own beliefs… To understanding the difference between OPINION and NEWS… And we’ll all be better citizens.

    Democracy dies without an educated citizenry.

  20. You put the word known in capitals. That is YOUR number not mine. You don’t need to yell at me about a number that you posted. If you don’t think it is correct, then why would you post it? If you KNOW there were more deaths yesterday,show me your facts. My point is not that we shouldn’t be careful about this, but how about some positive spin on a bad situation once in a while.And since you brought up Mark Twain, I would like to give you this quote from him. “The fear of death follows from the fear of life.A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time”. Mark Twain.

  21. Again, I say F— It. Open everything, get everyone back to work. What’s the worse that can happen?
    Ok Einstein, you open everything up. This Disease runs rampent. Deaths skyrocket uncontrolled. Soon, businesses go under. Massive food shortages hit. Essential services disappear as there is no one to maintain infrastructure. Those who don’t die from the virus, starve to death in the dark.
    PEOPLE PLEASE WAKE THE F— UP!!! This disease Will kill you.
    20 million jobs were lost in April, many many more will be lost.
    The numbers you are seeing are grossly under reported. WAKE UP, FACE THE FACTS.

  22. BTW, remember that the great Donald J Trump has said “it is what it is” and you tell me he cares about you.

  23. Mike86,
    For a long time we lived in a country where for most people if Walter Cronkite told you something you probably believed it was true. And it probably was. Sadly today we live in a world where a huge segment of this country’s population thinks if they see it on their Facebook timeline it must be true, when in reality it’s probably the furthest from the truth. We live in an age where nearly everyone has easily accessible access to information, but instead of actually taking the steps to do their own research and form their own opinion, most would rather just let their opinion be shaped by what their neighbor or cousin or coworker posted on Facebook.
    One of the things I noticed in so many places on Facebook when it came to this particular video this week was that people were just adding to the comments on other people’s pages based on the narrative of that particular comment thread. You could tell by their comments that they didn’t even watch the video, they were just basically forming their opinion based on the other comments in the thread. Basically the gang mentality of social media today. “Well, if my Aunt Betty says this video is the truth in her comments, then I don’t even need to watch it, because Aunt Betty wouldn’t steer me wrong.”

  24. If people would accept facts as the facts they are, and then act on those facts, there would be no need for opinions. Opinions are largely for people that can not grasp facts. Facts are obvious, conclusive and irrefutable. Reasonable people do not need to be convinced that a fact is a fact, for facts are obvious.

    Facts are overwhelmed by hucksters, shysters, conmen, and their agendas are made up of self serving greed and grifting.

    Educate the people so they have the tools to think critically and deny these charlatans a place to take hold. Deny education to maintain control over the masses.

  25. Ed J, facts are facts, positive spin is pure bull💩.

    Ed, it is not MY NUMBER, it is the number put out by the experts as the statistics, the facts of the matter. It is also known that there are more deaths from COVID-19 that are not making it into the official count. They are doing their best to make this right, but they are overwhelmed, people are dying in huge numbers.

    There is a desire to make like all is good, and COVID-19 does not exist. States like Texas are claiming an anomalous spike in pneumonia, similar to COVID-19. By many orders of magnitude. Texas is reporting pneumonia cases like 6x the norm. WTF???? The COVID-19 cases reported by Texas are also far below states with similar case numbers.

    There can be no positive spin on this massive scale of loss of life. No way, no how. Ever.

    The environment is clearing up rather quickly with the sudden decrease in human activity. It shows that humans are the vermin of the planet.

  26. Quarantine Chronicles

    Oregon Governor just announced no sporting events with large crowds through September.

    NYS Gov. Cuomo has announced that arts, entertainment, concerts, etc. will be the last to be allowed to reopen.

  27. Ed J. writer, “My point is not that we shouldn’t be careful about this, but how about some positive spin on a bad situation once in a while.”

    Ed J., the USA has plateaued at a death rate of about 63,000 per month.

    My town has a population that is 1/7 that amount. This pandemic is wiping out populations far larger than the size of towns or small cities every month.

    Make something positive about that.

    There is no way there can be a positive spin on that. No way. Ever.

  28. Positive spin, really? There is absolutely nothing positive about this situation. They can’t even say that once you’ve had it, provided you survive, you won’t get it again.
    Positive spin?
    The unemployment numbers yesterday were bad, over 33 million people have signed up for unemployment. The jobs numbers today we’re worse. Some financial experts are saying that the numbers are significantly worse than what we are seeing, sighting other factors. Up to 40% of those list jobs are not coming back.
    Positive spin?
    Although it is getting better in some places, testing lags far behind the numbers needed to accurately track the spread. Some states have stopped reporting cases. Arizona suspended research that was tracking and modeling the virus, and has decided to use the white house produced model.
    Positive spin?
    As bad as things are, our presidents response was ” it is what it is”. Very presidential.
    Positive spin, really?

  29. Oregon doesn’t have any sports until Sept 1 anyway. The football programs out there are already working on Plan B, maybe some rescheduling with the bye week later in the season etc. They can play one cupcake Div II game with limited fans.

    The jobs numbers are terrible but the market is soaring despite.

  30. The stock market is being held up by Tech and pharma stocks. Take those sectors out, and the market sucks

  31. “The job numbers are terrible but the stock market is soaring despite.”

    Don’t confuse the stock market with the economy; the two do not necessarily travel in tandem. For instance, a company’s stock price often rises after a round of layoffs. Good for the stock, bad for the employees… And bad for restaurants, barbers, grocery stores, car dealers, etc. in any community where significant layoffs may have been concentrated. Real world example: In 1982, the unemployment rate started the year at 8.6% and ended the year at 10.8%. The S&P 500 was up 21.6% that year.

    The “soaring” stock market is probably small comfort to the 45% of Americans who do not own stocks. And for those who do, they’re looking to make back some of the gains that have been wiped out over the past two months. There’s a long way to go.

  32. Cup racing is starting to look like a 2 track series. Chicagoland and Richmond have both been moved to Darlington, and Sonoma to Charlotte. All will be 1 day shows. Chicagoland May 17, Richmond may 20, Xfinity May 19. No new truck events. Sonoma will be May 27 at Charlotte, wonder if it will be on the roval.

  33. My bad, thought they were introducing new races, turns out to be same ones we’ve known about, just a more detailed article on NASCAR.com

    The big loser in this deal is Sonoma, who only gets 1 race a year. In all fairness if possible,NASCAR should give Sonoma the fall Charlotte date, but they probably won’t.

  34. I guess we all have facts and alternative facts. That is a phrase developed by Kelly Ann Conway and an administration. Everyone is right because no one got tested or is getting a test. We have no idea and they are testing feces in the sewers to get the answer. Apparently we have a lot of feces in these parts. We will get the answer soon. Over and out.

  35. Coronavirus has hit the West Wing at the Whitehouse. Pence’s press sec. Katie Miller, wife of Trump’s speech writer Stephen Miller, and Trump’s valet.
    That’s ok Don, it’s only 2 cases, and they’ll be gone soon.
    I wish Boone harm, but would find it hilarious if it spread to the whole West wing, especially given the disregard for safety measures they’ve shown.

  36. No sports in Oregon? Try telling that to the minor league baseball teams which are beloved out there. Season goes through the summer. There’s a baseball league up there with many teams. Checkout the schedule.

    The Ducks are to Oregon as the Huskies are to Connecticut.

    Spring sports have all been cancelled since March.

    The stock market is all a house of cards right now.

  37. Rob p., the NASCAR people do not want to travel, they made that clear. They only want to do one day events, close to the shops and their homes. Traveling is very bad right now and looking that way for the next many, many months. Travel bad. No good. Don’t do it.

    If Katie Miller has it, then Stephen Miller most likely has it. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  38. Yes Dareal, this should prove to be very interesting indeed. The downfall; Trumpty Dumbmbty will now be pushing his spin that testing didn’t catch the virus in the WH so why test.
    What Trumpty Dumbty doesn’t comprehend is that by aggressive testing you can map the virus, and it’s trends, and if you start to see a case rise in a certain area, you might be able to contain it. “It is what it is”
    Trumpians only test after someone drops dead, which, as we all know,is far too late. “It is what it is”
    Hope everyone is safe strong and sane. Although Dougie would have you believe that staying home doesn’t matter anymore, I think you all know different. I thank all of you for the great sacrifices you’ve made, the life you saved may be mine.
    First responders, doctor’s, nurses and every essential workers THANK YOU you people are HEROES to me.

  39. Quarantine Chronicles

    Coronavirus 🦠 TrumpPandemic TrumpPandumbic

    Why We Aren’t Racing

    Breaking News: VP Pence’s Press Secretary Katie Miller has tested positive for coronavirus 🦠. She is the wife of Stephen Miller, the head policy maker for the Trump Administration. Yes, that Stephen Miller, the one with the gills. And a valet for Dopey Don has also tested positive. The whole West Wing has been exposed and is contaminated now.

  40. Quarantine Chronicles

    Why We Aren’t Racing

    #TrumpPandemic 🦠

    USA Data For Today

    New Cases: 29,162

    New deaths: 1,683

    Total Deaths: 78,611

    In related news, Katie Miller, Press Sec. for VP Pence has tested positive for COVID-19. Katie Miller is the wife of Stephen Miller, the head policy cretin for Trump.

    A valet for Trump has also tested positive.

    And COVID-19 is sweeping through the Secret Service.

    The West Wing is worse than a swamp. It is a bog of primordial soup. Full of pathogens. 🦠

  41. Going by those numbers 1 person died every 48 seconds, for the last 24 hours.
    Is 1 person dying every 48 seconds a good trade off for having some stores open. The more we open up, the lower that number gets. Where do we stop? Do we stop when we hit 1 every 40 seconds? Or do we wait till 1 every 30 seconds, 3000 people per day. How much death is acceptable?

  42. The first use dead Americans by the scum bag in his vendetta against Trump.
    “So we close out another day of the #TrumpPandemic.
    New Cases: 38,764
    New Deaths: 1,951
    Total Deaths: 52,185”

    According to numbers provided by the scum bag that would be 26426 additional dead Americans used by the scum bag to advance his political agenda since he first referenced a global crises as the “TrumpPandemic”.

  43. Americans, by a large 30-point margin, are resistant to re-opening the country now, believing the risk to human life of opening the country outweighs the economic toll of remaining under restrictive lockdowns — a concern that starkly divides along partisan lines, according to a new ABC News/Ipsos released Friday. (5/8/20)

    In the new poll, conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos’ Knowledge Panel, nearly two-thirds of Americans said they more closely align with the view that opening the county now is not advantageous since it will result in a higher death toll.

    But those attitudes show deep partisan divisions, with only 6% of Democrats, compared to 65% of Republicans, siding with the viewpoint of opening the country now to salvage the economy. An overwhelming 92% of Democrats and only 35% of Republicans oppose an immediate re-opening, citing the effect of the deadly virus. Independents trace the outlook of the country, with 36% supporting opening up the country now, and 63% opposing such a move.

    I wonder why an overwhelming amount of Republicans want the re-opening? Is it really possible they’re stupidly willing to sacrifice their health, as well as the health of others, in an attempt to bolster Trump’s sagging poll numbers?

  44. Based on the numbers Doug posted we are losing a person about every 44.6 seconds. The number is falling rapidly, this is not good.
    So I ask, when will the death rate become unacceptable?

  45. Quarantine Chronicles


    Why we aren’t racing.

    Daily Summary

    New cases: 25,524

    New deaths: 1,422

    Total deaths: 80,037

    Social distancing works.

  46. Roy, from Sigfreid and Roy died if complications from Covid 19.

  47. The first use dead Americans by the scum bag in his vendetta against Trump.
    “So we close out another day of the #TrumpPandemic.
    New Cases: 38,764
    New Deaths: 1,951
    Total Deaths: 52,185”

    According to numbers provided by the scum bag that would be 27852 additional dead Americans used by the scum bag to advance his political agenda since he first referenced a global crises as the “TrumpPandemic”.

  48. Quarantine Chronicles

    Can we all agree that Trump’s Ignore-It-Away approach isn’t working?

  49. I thought is was COVID-19 and came from China. Must have missed something.

    Hates all republicans, loves democrats,

    Biden sexual allegations heating up. He denies it, so did Clinton and we all know how that all shook out.

    Let the games begin.

  50. We’ve lost over 80,000 Americans to this pandemic since Feb. 28.

    Folks, the deadly coronavirus 🦠 pandemic is not a normal element of modern society.

    No matter how much Trump, Pence, DeSantis, Abbott, et al. try to convince you otherwise.

  51. Keep in mind, not all states are reporting numbers. This means the actual numbers are most likely significantly higher.

  52. The more Trump bangs on sexual allegation against anybody, the more his history of sexual abuse, non-disclosure agreements, pay-offs to silence women, the Entertainment Tonight video, grab them by the p****, Stormy Daniels, Karen McDugal, et al. will come back to massive headlines. Trump denies it all.

    I do hope Micheal Cohen gets his book out soon, before election day.

  53. Trump’s Ignore-It-Away approach doesn’t even work for all the sexual allegations against him, and his cases that are in court right now.

    The virus does appear to have originated in China, but Trump failed to respond to it, hence it is called the TrumpPandemic. He watched the house burn for ten weeks before calling for the fire department.

    The dean of the Yale Med school just said it will take two years to get a safe, effective vaccine.

    Trump isn’t running for reelection, he’s running to stay out of prison.

  54. Trump is really Irwin Mainway.

    See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veMiNQifZcM

  55. Trump now says the pandemic is going to go away on its own, no need for a vaccine.

    Wonder how long that will take?

  56. Thank God you have your daughter and son-law to do your research for you. Plus you are an engineer (or so you claim) and they live in fantasy land.

  57. Hope you aren’t wondering about the 2020 Olympics. The 2020 Olympic Games were postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Same reason why we aren’t racing.

  58. Earl, it must be exhausting to be a Trump supporter.

    Every day you have to figure out how to defend an idiotic comment or insane action, just because you can’t admit you made a mistake and voted a total moron into the most powerful office in the world.

  59. Can’t make this stuff up… the three top doctors on the White House Coronavirus Task Force are self quarantining for two weeks. VP Mike Pence, the de facto leader of the Coronavirus Task Force is “laying low” for a couple weeks after close West Wing staffers have tested positive.

  60. You know what is exhausting? You. Speaking of idiots, looked in the mirror lately? Thanks

  61. Earl, was Joe Biden in the Trump Administration when the COVID-19 #TrumpPandemic broke out?

    The answer is “no”.

    Does Joe Biden have anything to do with the TrumpPandemic? No.

    Why do you keep bringing up Joe Biden in this thread? Does Joe Biden have anything to do with the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing and shutdown? Please explain why you keep bringing up Joe Biden in the discussion of the Quarantine Chronicles and why we aren’t racing this season.

  62. Don’t really think I owe you an explanation for anything so don’t waste your time asking for one.

  63. Quarantine Chronicles

    Why we aren’t racing

    Daily Summary USA Statistics

    New cases today: 20,329

    New deaths: 750

    Total deaths: 80,787

    All while on stay at home or similar advisories.

    COVID-19 is affecting 212 countries and territories around the world.

  64. When I ask Trump supporters to defend his actions, they WITHOUT FAIL try to deflect my claim by blaming other people for everything that’s wrong today, because there is no defense for his actions. I’m buying stock in Kool-Aid since so many people are drinking it, a la Jonestown.
    My criteria for voting in November will be to vote for anyone that’s not Trump and has a pulse,

  65. The first use dead Americans by the scum bag in his vendetta against Trump.
    “So we close out another day of the #TrumpPandemic.
    New Cases: 38,764
    New Deaths: 1,951
    Total Deaths: 52,185”

    According to numbers provided by the scum bag that would be 28602 additional dead Americans used by the scum bag to advance his political agenda since he first referenced a global crises as the “TrumpPandemic”.

  66. Earl, can’t you reply with all the relevant wonderful achievements of the current administration? It’s very sad that Mr. President is carrying on like the pandemic is all done (while he remains sequestered from the rest of the world for his own protection) and is telling everyone else it’s safe to go back to work, while more and more companies, schools, venues and other entities are shutting down with no timeline for reopening. There are COVID-19 cancelations going into 2021. Total defiance of the President.

  67. The correlation between David Koresh, Jim Jones and Donald Trump is perfect. It is stunning how there are huge masses of people ready and willing to willfully follow and defend such vile cretins. There are people today that are willing to risk their lives and the lives of their families in the name of Trump. All while Trump is doing all he can to make sure he is protected from the pandemic, and using all his followers to build his personal wealth at their expense.

  68. Trump spent Mother’s Day Rage tweeting. He sent out and retweeted over 100 times, about subjects long gone by. Tell me how this is good intelligible competent leadership. We can do better people. We MUST do better.

  69. The NBA is talking about ways to get started, and Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks is having none of it, saying it is not safe and he isn’t putting his organization at risk.

    Cuban also hired a firm to go and survey the region to see how well businesses are following Texas rules for reopening and they found only 4% were in compliance. That’s Texas for ya!

    Take-out restaurant businesses in my region, somewhere within a 349 mile radius of Thompson Speedway, has all but disappeared. Very few restaurants are still operating in this take-out only mode, less and less people trust it as safe. Grocery stores are jamming and wiped out, that’s where people are getting their food nowadays. My dining bills have been a big fat ZERO lately.

  70. Quarantine Chronicles

    Why We Aren’t Racing

    Milestone Note

    81,001 deaths

  71. 1 fighter, and 2 corner men have tested positive for Covid 19, no names released. This happened at Saturday’s event, and the fighter was allowed to fight.

  72. Sundays event at Darlington should prove interesting. No practice, no qualifying. Line em up and race. And most crew chiefs, and road crew have not been involved in preparation of the cars, to lessen the probability of spreading the virus. Yup, this is gonna be interesting.

  73. Many top economists are saying that if economic recovery began today, it would still take 10+ years for the economy to reach where it was before Covid 19. With Covid numbers still rising, and jobs being lost daily, this is most likely to get allot worse before it gets better
    Donald Trump’s feeling is that the economy is going to bounce back instantaneously, and our economy will be even stronger then it was before Covid 19, by fall. He also believes the virus will just disappear, and that there will be no more waves, despite Anthony Fauci saying a second wave is definite
    All his actions accomplish is needless death, in an effort to save his campaign. Even as businesses reopen, people continue to stay home, unless threatened with losing their unemployment benefits, which many people have yet to receive. This is more prevalent in Republican led states.
    Is this the person you want as your president? A person who puts money ahead of human life. A person who’s moral compass is so screwed up, it’s amazing he can find his way to the oval office. A person who solves problems by shifting blame, or outright lying. Donald Trump is anything but presidential. No president in history has been laughed off the world stage, and openly mocked by other world leaders. No other president has nearly destroyed relations with our closest Allie’s, while forming alliances with our enemies.
    People we can do better than Donald Trump, we MUST do better than Donald Trump. Our lives literally depend on it.
    Hope everyone remains safe strong and sane. Those of you who have continued to do the right thing, THANK YOU, the life’s you saved might be mine and my family’s.
    First responders Medical workers and essential workers, THANK YOU
    Anyone who has lost someone, family or friend, to this virus, I am truly sorry for your loss, a loss that might have been avoidable.

  74. Quarantine Chronicles

    The AHL just cancelled the rest of the season.

    But let me put a positive spin on it… the sun will come up tomorrow.

  75. Does anybody find it suspicious, that now that the topic of expanded mail in voting has been brought up, that Trump fired the postmaster general, and replaced him with a political campaign contributor?

  76. Slapnuts says

    Hey Rob P if your going to shoot off your mouth about everything and keep smooching with dareal at least get your info correct. Yes a fighter and members of his team tested positive for covid but he did not fight. He told them as soon as he arrived at hotel that he had family members that have covid. The UFC was testing everyone anyway but he volunteered this information. Oh ya did he look like he was ready to die from the virus? No huh.lol

  77. Viva race fan says

    This is exhausting . I can’t wait to get on my boat and self isolate lol. We are now in a different way of life maybe forever who knows ? I’m not sure how people have enough time to post here day in and day out . Glad for Shawn it’s can be some good reading . Speedbowl strands are looking good 2 nd set just about done. Drive by Dailey good progress . Thanks for all the people who.put there self in harm’s way to comfort the needed. God Bless all.

  78. Slapnuts the info posted came from the local news. It was them who said he was allowed to fight.

  79. Trump claims we have the lowest per capita death rate in the world. We actually rank #131 of 140

  80. Rob p. says
    May 11, 2020 at 10:30 am
    Trump spent Mother’s Day Rage tweeting. He sent out and retweeted over 100 times, about subjects long gone by. Tell me how this is good intelligible competent leadership. We can do better people. We MUST do better.

    For those of you that think Trump is running our country, that’s one tweet every 6 minutes for 24 hours. I think Trump supporters just can’t spell ruining correctly.

  81. From yesterday’s White House #TrumpPandemic Press Briefing:

    Trump: “I understand you very well, better than you understand yourself.”

    That was really funny coming from a guy that can’t read a script, has no idea what he’s reading, and can’t put together a phrase.

    It was a raucous question session, as usual. Trump called good questions “nasty”.

  82. knuckles Mahoney says

    Slapnuts, don’t even bother trying to educate the uneducateable. They think that when they saw it on CNN that it’s gospel, and just read through these posts to se their hatred for Trump and any Republican/conservative. They can’t even get the facts right about a fighter at UFC 249, who in fact did not fight because of being Covid positive. If they can’t get that little well known fact correct, you gonna trust anything they have to say? Unless you’re a scientist involved with covid or intimately involved with treating these patients, like me, you have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m so sick of these dumb asses like Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Dr. Saphier, Dr. Gupta, and others on all the networks acting like experts in Covid 19, when in fact there are no experts on Covid 19. Dr. Saphier is a freaking radiologist, so she doesn’t even see patients, and yet flaps her lips like she’s an expert. Dr. Oz is a half assed Cardiothoracic surgeon, who, when he became more famous dumped his cases on his partners, and flaked out. Yeah I want my info from him, LOL. Speak to which you are an expert in, otherwise just shut up.

  83. knuckles Mahoney wrote, “Unless you’re a scientist involved with covid or intimately involved with treating these patients, like me, you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    Please tell us exactly what kind of scientist you are. What is your education, job title, and job content.

    Thanks in advance, again.

  84. The UFC fighter story was reported on Western Mass News. They are the ones who said he was allowed to fight. As for Dr Oz, the guys a quack, and has been called out as such for years. Dr Phil ain’t even a doctor, and is only famous because of Oprah. And your totally correct, there are no experts on Covid 19, they are learning as they go. Oh, wait , there is 1 expert; Donald Trump, total expert, understands everything there is to know about the curus, just ask him.

  85. RichC, good one!

  86. knuckles Mahoney wrote,

    “Slapnuts, don’t even bother trying to educate the uneducateable. They think that when they saw it on CNN that it’s gospel, and just read through these posts to se their hatred for Trump and any Republican/conservative. They can’t even get the facts right about a fighter at UFC 249, who in fact did not fight because of being Covid positive. If they can’t get that little well known fact correct, you gonna trust anything they have to say? Unless you’re a scientist involved with covid or intimately involved with treating these patients, like me, you have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m so sick of these dumb asses like Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Dr. Saphier, Dr. Gupta, and others on all the networks acting like experts in Covid 19, when in fact there are no experts on Covid 19. Dr. Saphier is a freaking radiologist, so she doesn’t even see patients, and yet flaps her lips like she’s an expert. Dr. Oz is a half assed Cardiothoracic surgeon, who, when he became more famous dumped his cases on his partners, and flaked out. Yeah I want my info from him, LOL. Speak to which you are an expert in, otherwise just shut up.”

    knuckles, you just called everyone else idiots, and identified yourself as the only one with any knowledge and expertise with Covid. I’m guessing you graduated from Trump University? You are behaving with the profound megalomaniacal narcissism as Dopey Donny. You say all the others have no clue, and that you are the only one that has any idea. That’s exactly what Trump does. Remember, he says he’s the only person that can “fix” the country. knuckles, he looks like a complete idiot when he does that, just as you do so now, using the same technique Trump uses. From Trump’s White House #TrumpPandemic Press Briefing just yesterday: Trump: “I understand you very well, better than you understand yourself.”

    So knuckles, you speak as an expert in Covid, while claiming everyone else is an idiot, exactly what Trump does. Tell us about your extensive years of training, field of expertise, and field experience, that makes you this self-proclaimed expert in covid. How many decades of field experience in your field of expertise do you have? And what is your field of expertise? I don’t think med schools have programs focused on Covid. And finally, tell us your field of expertise, and your job function.

    Clearly, Oz, Phil McGraw, and Drew Pinsky said stuff that was pure 🦇💩🥜 that a regular person should recognize as such. Knuckles, I noticed you left Dr. Drew off your list of rage. Is that because you respect him for his medical contributions to the Covid #TrumpPandemic?

  87. Quarantine Chronicles

    Why We Aren’t Racing

    The USA just passed 82,000 Covid-19 deaths.

  88. Quarantine Chronicles

    Why We Aren’t Racing

    North America Perspective

    Population of the USA 🇺🇸: 328 million, 248 COVID-19 deaths per 1M

    Population of Canada 🇨🇦: 37.6 million, 134 COVID-19 deaths per 1M

    Population of Mexico 🇲🇽: 126 million, 28 COVID-19 deaths per 1M

    And Dopey Donny says he closed the borders to Canada and Mexico to keep the coronavirus 🦠 out of the USA. He thinks closing the borders will hide what he’s doing from the eyes of the world. 🌎 🌍

  89. knuckles Mahoney says

    More evidence for the people who think they know everything.


  90. Dad gum knuckles well done. A lot of supportive information on the web. Pulled out my trusty bottle of Osteo Bi-Flex and there it is, vitamin D…….for anti inflammation no doubt. May reduce symptom severity? What’s the harm?

  91. knuckles Mahoney says

    Rob P, for once I agree with you. I wish Trump would just shut up about the science, and tell us what the plans are for other things. Dr Oz is a fruitcake, Dr. Phil only exists because of Oprah, along with Gayle King. Did Dareal post something, not sure, I’m not reading his crap anymore.

  92. Slapnuts says

    Dareal you are proving what a lot of people have been saying all along. The covid death rate is higher in the US because you could cut your head off with a chain saw and when they test your blood if covid is present that’s what killed you. Now obviously that’s a bit silly but seriously we have such poor health as a nation to begin with so you have people with more aliments just hanging on and covid is the final straw. That’s why I think death toll so hi in US

  93. Knuckles, first off, thanks for your service,
    I try to get what I post, the UFC thing came from my local news, thought I could trust the information.
    Right now it’s like total info. overload,everywhere you look it’s inescapable. If you watch the same channels long enough you’ll see contradictions. I wish the media could move on from Trump’s failures, but he keeps doing it. We need our media to give us useful information

  94. Slapnuts, you are completely wrong. The indicated and actual death rates in the USA are very different. The INDICATED death rate is what we see reported, the deaths that are actually counted and attributed to Covid. The experts have been saying for a while that the ACTUAL death rate from Covid is higher because there are deaths that happen at home, DOA’s, that were not known to be covid+ that are then attributed to the flu, pneumonia, etc. instead of Covid. Early on, only those that were alive and tested as covid+ were tracked and then assigned Covid as COD. If a person that was not previously known to be COVID+ died, the system was not set up to test that DOA for COVID, hence the COVID death undercount. This has been talked about for a while from many Governors. There were lots of DOA’s in NYC that were not counted early on. Even Dr. Fauci testified yesterday that the ACTUAL COVID deaths are far greater that what has been reported because of all this. And out in the rural areas, there will be lots of DOA’s that are probably Covid that go unassigned or attributed to something else.

    Slapnuts, you really think the USA is the only country that is so stupid to assign Covid as the COD when someone had their head cut off?

  95. Rob p. wrote, “I wish the media could move on from Trump’s failures, but he keeps doing it.”

    Best line ever. 🙃

    Folks, facts are facts. A fact denied is still a fact.

    Opinions are not facts. Opinions are not irrefutable or above reproach.

    Those of you that have been using the UV light up your anal sphincter, how’s that working out? The White House Pandemic Press Briefing where Trump recommended the use of injecting/ingesting bleach and disinfectant, and inserting a UV light source, has been rated by NPR hosts as the most craziest of all time. For you Trumpsters, how can you still follow and back an idiot that did something like that?

    Folks, I highly recommend trying NPR for your source of facts. Plus they have really nice, calm voices. They have many podcasts available, even some dealing exclusively with the COVID-19 pandemic. Or you can use Voice of America for a news source, available online, and many podcasts covering many topics.

  96. Furring that press briefing, did anyone catch the look on Dr birx’s face after Trump mentions injecting disinfectant… Sheer terror.

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