Whelen Modified Tour Event At Myrtle Beach Postponed

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour director Jimmy Wilson has confirmed to RaceDayCT that the Wade Cole Memorial 133 presented by Dunleavy’s Truck & Trailer Repair scheduled for Saturday at Myrtle Beach Speedway has been postponed due to weather.

No makeup date has been set. Rain was in the forecast for much of the day Saturday in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

“With all the teams that we’ve got coming out of the North, we’re trying to be very mindful of everyone’s travel and the extenuating circumstances that we’re all dealing with right now, I didn’t want to wait,” Wilson told RaceDayCT Wednesday afternoon “… I didn’t want to cost anyone any money. So we wanted to pull the trigger and get that done and we’ll try to get this thing rescheduled here soon. The track is looking at some dates right now and we’re looking at some dates to try to figure it out.”

NASCAR officially announced last Friday that the event would take place as a special addition to the Whelen Modified Tour schedule.

The event is set to be a points-earning race for the series with significantly reduced purse from what the series typically runs for. No fans were to be allowed to attend the event and teams were going to be limited to eight participants entering the track, including driver and team owner.

Three regular full-time teams that won events last year with the series had announced they would not attend the race. They include Kevin Stuart Motorsports with driver Ron Silk, Danny Watts Racing with driver Chase Dowling and team owner/driver Dave Sapienza with Dave Sapienza Racing.

Due to restrictions in various areas because of the COVID-19 global pandemic the Whelen Modified Tour has not run any events. Of the first seven events on the 17-race original schedule, six have been postponed indefinitely and one – at Martinsville Speedway – has been cancelled. NASCAR has also already announced the cancellation of the Whelen Modified Tour event that was scheduled for July at Iowa Speedway. 


  1. knuckles mahoney says

    Good move by Mr Wilson.

  2. I’M SHOCKED!!!!!!!


    No, I’m not.


  3. David Fisher says

    As previously predicted. The right call, and it has nothing to do with weather.

  4. Now on to Hickory 10 k to win

  5. Good, I hope they can to do it when fans are able to attend. Big dirt races in SC with fans have already been happening.
    Nascar could use this & ARCA At Toledo to test out a procedure of fans attending before implementing it for cup. Like, are they gonna take people’s temperatures, are they gonna make masks mandatory (they have been making all participants at the cup races wear masks), etc…
    A lot of fans wouldn’t be happy about procedures like that, but IMO its better than not being able to attend at all. People who can’t live with whatever procedure nascar comes up with can stay home.

  6. The weather?

    😉 😉 😉

  7. Tropical storm. Charlotte Speedway is flooded. Fake News though, right?

  8. Charlotte is 175 miles from Myrtle Beach.

    Loudon is still in New Hampshire.

  9. solsticeson says

    guess the waterbowl in waterford is still sinking, miss it a bit

  10. The race is postponed but that doesn’t mean something can’t be learned by the experience.
    Depending on who you listen to NASCAR tried to get a first event in at a place that would allow a race albeit far away and a reduced purse. Or it was a cleaver plan for NASCAR to hold a race for the sole purpose of getting and/or keeping various fees associated with the racing season and/or depress purses going forward..
    I suppose if you’re the type of person the measures their johnson every day it’s important to be right about the reason for the postponement. A random weather event or the sinister deviants at NASCAR foiled by a lack of participation and slithering out of the race using mother nature.
    What I take out of it is two things. First poor Doug Dunleavy who apparently tried to help make a race happen because he is hands down the top supporter of modifieds pretty much anywhere. Getting his name bandied about in association with ill conceived race planning, a Wade Cole memorial in a place that doesn’t know who he is, an attempt to depress NWMT purses, putting people in harms way and all sorts of negative reactions.
    The second thing is the stereotype that NASCAR sits in their ivory tower, makes decisions in a vacuum and simply tells teams the way it’s going to be. That doesn’t appear to be the case here at all judging from team reaction.

    Ken Massa-not happy with distance and purse, happy to race, no mention of not being consulted.
    Kevin Stuart-never said not being consulted was an objection. Low purse, distance and lack of planning going forward were.
    Danny Watts-appreciated the work putting it together but because of the uncertainty surrounding the event decided as a team to pass. Not being consulted never mentioned.
    Dave Sapienza-“I would have rather that they planned it a little better,” Sapienza said Friday. “I wish [car owners] weren’t all muted out of these conference calls. I would like for them, with 30 people on the line, to take a vote or take suggestions. They’re not taking any suggestions from anyone involved.”
    Mike Murphy-no mention of not being consulted by NASCAR.
    Mike Moran- unhappy with Wade Cole memorial so far away but never mentioned not being consulted.

    Dave Sapienza was the most pointed critic and his was more degree of dialogue then anything. Going simply by the above and all the teams that never said anything about their plans for the event publicly it’s clear NASCAR did a pretty good job keeping everyone in the loop on the whole.
    It was never going to be universally popular. There were always numerous ways that the event could be justifiably criticized. In retrospect it appears NASCAR and Doug Dunleavy did a terrific job doing the best they could under difficult circumstances. As fans we should be proud of the teams that, while not all professionals in the sport conducted themselves very professionally under extreme pressure.
    The harshest criticism and rightly deserved should go to we fans. Too many of which made simply despicable, unsubstantiated claims, engaged in conspiracy theories and in some cases used the pandemic as a weapon to attack NASCAR and even teams for their decisions.

  11. Once the news came out that top teams were declining the Myrtle Beach race, NASCAR sent out an email that all personnel must do a rain dance for rain at Myrtle Beach Speedway.

  12. Bob Npt. says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. A memorial race to honor a long time Northeast WMT driver should be held at a Northeast track in front of fans whenever that is possible. It’s a shame to hold it anywhere else, especially without fans.

  13. “Once the news came out that top teams were declining the Myrtle Beach race”

    The only title contender not showing was the 85. Lutz, Bonsignore, Coby as far as we know were going. The 82 has done far to little to call them a top team and the 36 with Dave behind the wheel isn’t a contender either.

  14. Rob,
    It’s up to anyone on their own to judge who is a contender in their own opinion. That said, there were six teams that won races on the Whelen Modified Tour in 2019 and three of those six teams made a choice not to go. You can rationalize in your own way how you see those teams as contenders or not, but that’s a true fact. And there were other top-15 type driver/teams that as of Wednesday had not made a decision if they were going or not. I’m not saying there was going to be a mass revolt or that there was only going to be like 10 cars there, but there was likely going to be at least a couple more well known teams/drivers that weren’t going to go, they just hadn’t made that public before the postponement happened.

  15. Rob, I simply said top teams, not title contenders.

    There are plenty of top teams, field fillers, mid-packers, and just a couple title contenders. The start of every season, some folks here will say it’s such a great field, there are 10-15 cars that can win on any night. And yet, the statistics show at the end of the season, just a couple cars own all the wins.

    Here’s what I posted, just as you quoted, “Once the news came out that top teams were declining the Myrtle Beach race, …”

    See? No mention of mention of “title contenders”.

    Even the perennial mid-packers such Goodale, Pasteryak and a couple others, who will never be title contenders, can sometimes be competitive and add to the show.

  16. I am glad they postponed this race. Virus numbers are still rising in many states. It really wasn’t worth the risk to put on a race.
    As far as title contenders go, there hasn’t even been a race yet. Many teams invested in New equipment over the winter. Some teams bought new stuff with a few races left last year. To pick the top 5 contenders would be a challenge given all the changes teams have made. As far as Wade Cole; the man was a fixture in the tour since it’s inception, before that he competed mostly at Riverside. Any memorial for Wade must take place in New England, preferably Connecticut, his home state.
    Right now, I feel it’s not worth my life to see a race, I can wait it out. I understand there are people with allot of time and money invested in race cars, who probably want to race, but last week at least 4 teams showed us that patience is a virtue. Racing will return someday, but for now we wait. Wear your mask, social distance, and stay home when you can. All those steps will help racing resume sooner rather than later, and who knows, you might save some lives.

  17. “I’m not saying there was going to be a mass revolt or that there was only going to be like 10 cars there, but there was likely going to be at least a couple more well known teams/drivers that weren’t going to go.”

    But that’s not a true fact….

  18. Rob,
    Hence the word “likely”, which basically states that’s it’s “not a true fact” but was a possibility that I feel comfortable calling “likely” based on conversations I had with certain people involved.

  19. Hey, Rob p., wassamaddafuhyou? You daft or sumpin’?

    About the top 5 predictions, when are you going to get it? It has NOTHING to do with equipment and EVERYTHING TO DO with Crew Chief & Driver combos.

    Phil Moran can put a Radio Flyer in VL with a monkey steering it.


  20. solsticeson says

    I seem to recall reading something about reduced purses. If theyre not going to let fans in wheres the purse money coming from. If youre not lucky enough to get decent sponsors or have a good profitable business or have family money, like Richie Evans Otis Elevator money, like they say you can make a small fortune in racing if you have a large fortune to begin with, Same applies to going to a casino alot.,

  21. solsticeson says

    I seem to recall hearing something about racing w/o fans for reduced purses, Wholl be paying the purses? Why would a driver travel that far for that kind of treatment, unless youre smartly running a profitable business, have great sponsors or family money like Richie Evans Otis Elevator money, why go? Racing nowadays can be similiar to going to a casino too much, you can make a small fortune if you have a large fortune to begin with.,

  22. A few major cancellations in Massachusetts today. The Boston Marathon, which had been moved to September, will not run this year, for the first time in its history, except 1918 when a military relay was run. The Basketball Hall of Fame enshrinement scheduled for July has been cancelled. Those hall of famers will be enshrined in 2021, provided the pandemic gets controlled. The Brimfield Antique’s Show has cancelled it’s July Show, Brimfield is a right of passage for antique collectors.
    Given these major cancellations, I wouldn’t count on Seakonk racing in front of fans, or even racing, anytime soon.

  23. I seriously doubted these teams would travel this far for NASCAR. Why would teams go there? For half the pay to race in front of no fans without any testing to run a limited schedule? Anyone that believed this is just drinking the Kool-Aid. I am not the smartest chicken in the coup, but, I kinda know when I am being bamboozled. But by all means, if you believed this more power to you. You are all better than I.

  24. Here are the facts. Fuller gears up to run a 10k to win race in Hickory on May 30th. NASCAR realizes this might not be good for them so they announce a race on what date?……yep. May 30th. Smart chess move on their part. They said the teams would have 2 weeks notice before a date was announced. The Hickory race gets out and NASCAR gives teams 6 days notice? Entry blanks sent out 4 days before teams have to leave for the event? Something stinks.

  25. Listen to Rob p. folks, he speaks the truth.

    Pay attention… there are cancelations, postponements, etc. happening like avalanches. About 24 states still have INCREASING cases and deaths. Some cities have maxed out ICUs. And you stupididiotmorons are screaming tyranny, conspiracy, overreach, abuse of power, and psychosis.

    We have been in distancing mode for some two months, and the deaths have stacked up several times worse than a very bad flu season. The death rate is holding steady on the national scale, and we have a long way to go. If we relax quarantine, infections and deaths will skyrocket.

    You know you always wanted to stay home and watch TV all day, well, here’s your chance.

    So my wife and I took a ride a few days ago to get some fresh air and take the car for some exercise. We didn’t get near any other people. There are plenty hiking trails and parks in the region, and every one of them were closed. The hiking trail entrances usually have small parking areas on the side of the road, and those areas were blocked off with huge tree trunks or berms made with wood chips. These are indeed semi-permanent obstructions to prevent people from using these facilities.

    This is serious people.

  26. Stan I agree it appeared as though Nascar scheduled MB as a knee jerk reaction to fullers race. The postponement is probably a blessing to Nascar given some of the driver reaction to the event. I hear the 2 CT casinos are opening June1 so maybe race tracks will soon follow. I am not sure how the state can allow inside entertainment frequented by a much larger crowd all walking around in which people touch slot machines frequently but not allow out door entertainment where social distancing can be better deployed as you mostly statically sit in one spot. My guess it probably has to do with the Indian nation sovereign nation status…..and or money.

    Seekonk cancelled their big July 4th thrill show citing they would not be able to hold events with fans by then given MA reopening plans. Its a shame about Seekonk, its their 75th anniversary and they had some interesting events scheduled. Not sure we will get to see many of them. RIverside NH opened last week and cancelled this Saturdays show. There is banter on Facebook indicating the State fined them or threatened to heavily fine them for opening with fans. Granite State pro stocks are scheduled to run at Claremont without fans next week with a pay per view available on Speed 51. So that is something locally, if they are allowed to run. A few tracks in Upstate NY are running without fans with a PPV model. So a few tracks are trying the PPV route. I am not sure when or if we will see some races in NE with fans.

  27. csg, I read the CT Governor is pleading with the casinos to not open. Apparently it has to do with sovereignty and CT has no control over the casinos. 🎰

    If the casinos open, it will bring in traffic and people from away. Not good. We do not need this now at all.

  28. Any Wade Cole Memorial event needs to be in Connecticut.

    Preferably Stafford.

  29. csg, the state has no control over the casino opening or not. They are a sovereign nation. If you knew the Internal controls they have instituted it is probably one of the safest openings the state will see.

  30. https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/coronavirus/article/Lamont-s-top-agency-heads-lawmakers-tour-CT-15299098.php?src=sthpcp

    The casino’s are a complicated issue for sure. They’re located in a part of Ct hit less hard by the plague. Job losses have been extensive and the casino’s are critical. The State and towns need the revenue.
    Geezers congregating in a pandemic is never a good thing. Allowing geezers to gamble in unsafe conditions is self defeating and dangerous. The tribal nation is sovereign but doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The casino’s think enough of the concerns to invite Ct officials in to show what their plans are, convince them they are responsible and there appears to be a meeting of the minds.
    It’s like a lot of things we see happening. Some turmoil as each side positions itself then a meeting of the minds that that allows a reasonable compromise that isn’t perfect but hopefully safer.

  31. What a week. Last weekend we all watched as crowds gathered across the country, putting many at risk. A few days ago we surpassed 100,000 deaths from the virus. George Floyd was murdered by a cop, and last night we watched Minneapolis burn.
    What was our president doing? Rage tweeting, then when Twitter fact checked him, he signs an executive order, basically saying you can’t be held responsible for what you post on SM. A great use of time. NOT.
    LOOK AROUND PEOPLE. It’s become clear that we cannot rely on our countries government for help. It’s up to us now. We the people. Please don’t be fooled, things are not as they appear to be.
    Keep social distancing, wear a mask, stay home if you can, and don’t gather in crowds. It’s really not much to ask . Is it?
    We are the greatest nation on Earth, it’s time we started acting that way.
    “Ape alone…weak. Apes together…strong” learn from the Apes. Together we can and will beat this virus. Together we will get people back to work. Together we will someday race again. But this only happens if we work together.
    Hope everyone is safe strong and sane. Keep fighting the good fight, your sacrifices have made a difference. Say a prayer for George Floyd, and all the others taken unnecessarily

  32. One thing I noticed watching coverage of the protests in Minneapolis. The peaceful protesters did practice social distancing and wore masks.
    If protesters can do it, we can too.
    The virus still exists, although your president would want you to believe otherwise. Be careful when out. Practice social distancing, wear your mask. We all want racing to return. But racing will only return when we beat this virus down. We all have made sacrifices in the past three months. Let’s not waste what we’ve achieved. Let’s band together for a common cause… To see the return of short track racing in New England. We can do it if we work together. Thanks to all who have helped.

  33. And in other news, Ace Speedway expecting another large crowd on Saturday.

  34. And another prediction bites the dust
    . Yes Virginia there is such a thing a Santa Claus. There will also be professional sports in Mass in 2020. In fact they are making plans to open up with approval of the Governor on June 6th.
    “By Christopher Smith | [email protected]
    Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker announced during a press conference Friday that the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Revolution can begin reopening their practice facilities June 6 with safety precautions.”

  35. Plugs 2020 says

    What peaceful protest were you watching Rob? Every protest I’ve seen, riot or otherwise there has been 0 social distancing. Most had masks which is good. So technically and dafella should agree, because of the protests going on in every major city in the country, corona numbers will be going up big time very quickly.

  36. JD says:
    And in other news, Ace Speedway expecting another large crowd on Saturday.

    yeah? spectators are permitted to enter? modifieds?
    may have to get the crew together, pack up a cooler and enjoy the sights, sounds of smells of the Groundpounders!

  37. JD, you going to Ace?

  38. Key word “practice” facilities. Did not see anywhere where it said the professional sports season including games were starting.

  39. If the biggest Modified Series (Wmt) with no fans can only produce 4k to win and 500 to start, what is Tri Track and MRS purses going to look like? I am sure track operators are already telling series it’s reduced purse’s or it’s not happening. Will these series stand firm on the pre agreed amount’s and possibly lose a date? This fallout from Mrytle Beach has brought the ugly truth of costs (tracks and racers) vs payouts into the limelight.

  40. With no fans allowed, tracks are telling the series or whoever wants to put on a race that they can rent the track for this amount, bring your own purse. The end.

  41. We talking about practice.

  42. Plugs, there was a peaceful protest that they were showing on CNN in Minneapolis. It was in the afternoon, and they showed people marching down a street. They were all at least 6 feet apart, and wearing masks. I guess wearing masks is common in protests, but I was surprised by the distancing.
    It’s a shame that the protests turned violent, because it takes away from what they were protesting for.

  43. Celtics due to start training Monday. No locker room, no therapy rooms. Maximum of 4 players present, 1 player each half court. Sounds like we’re a long way from seeing actual play. Stage 2 phase 1 to start on or around June 8th. Phase 2 to start a few weeks later depending on results from phase 1. New England Patriots most likely to play home games without fans deep into the season.
    With all the protests taking place these dates may be in jeopardy.
    Earlier today I saw images of peaceful protesters. They were social distancing, and wearing masks. As the violence ramped up, social distancing went away. These protests are no longer about George Floyd. They’ve now turned into riots rather than protests, and are happening in major cities throughout the country. These riots are not affecting us now, but will soon as the number of Covid cases in these areas rise. One step forward and 2 steps back. Trump’s rhetoric drives these people. His endless calls for revolt have now come to fruation, although how we arrived here is through the murder of a man accused of passing a counterfeit 20 dollar bill. Twenty bucks has caused so much destruction.

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