Claremont Motorsports Park & The Racing Guys To Host Open Modified Event

(Press release from Claremont Motorsports Park)

Claremont Motorsports Park, Maurice Enterprises, The Racing Guys and The Long Island Mod Maniac, along with numerous sponsors are proud to present the Racers Honoring Racers 100. This race will be an open competition style event for pavement Modifieds on August 28th, 2020.

This race was originally scheduled to be run at the Waterford Speedbowl but due to unforeseen circumstances, the races organizers as well as its loyal sponsors have decided to move it to Claremont Motorsports Park and honor some of the tracks local heroes.

This race will be run in honor of a number of the legendary modified drivers that made their names at Claremont Motorsports Park. Some of the invitees will be Dwight Jarvis, Peter Daniels, Punky Caron and Donnie Miller among others.  “We really want to honor the modified drivers that made their names at Claremont Motorsorts Park”, said race co-promoter Dick Williams. “With all that is going on in the world and the state of CT, it just wasn’t going to happen at Waterford so we got together with Mike (Parks) and here we are. We can’t wait to get some of the greats that put this speedway on the map together and pay homage to them.” Details of the events that will honor the living legends of the Claremont Modifieds will be announced in the coming weeks along with a schedule of events for race day.

Williams, Parks, Maurice Hurd Jim Schaefer and Wayne Coates have put together a huge purse for this event, totaling in excess of $45,000. The winner’s portion will be $10,000 with a goal of a minimum check for $1100 to take the green flag.

“We are still seeking sponsorship for this event”, said race supporter and Claremont native Maurice Hurd. “Things are coming together nicely but the more we get, the more we can give back to the teams. Hopefully with this announcement there will be a local buzz and we can get some local businesses involved.”

With this event moving to the Thrasher Road speed plant the excitement continues to grow around the track and first year promoter Mike Parks. “Despite all of the craziness in the world today our season has started off pretty well. We had two very successful pay-per-view events and are just now welcoming back our fans”, stated Parks during a recent break in his very busy schedule. “This event is just the Icing on the cake for an amazing 2020 season.” Parks went on to say, “I can’t thank Dick (Williams) and his group enough for helping to bring this event to Claremont Motorsports Park. All of those guys, Dick, Jim (Schaefer), Wayne (Coates) and Maurice (Hurd) have been huge in making this happen and I can’t thank them enough”.

This event will be a 100 green flag laps with heat races and consis to qualify the starting field. In addition to the Tour Type Modifieds the NHSTRA Sportsman Modifieds will be in action along with the Late Model Sportsmen, Street Stocks, Six Shooters and Pure Stocks.

A full schedule of events for the nights racing will be released soon along with pit gate fees and grand stand ticket pricing. All state guidelines still in place will be followed for the safety of fans, competitors and staff alike.


  1. The next date for NASCAR to schedule a race on.

  2. 🤣🤣🤪🤪😝🤣😝🤪😝🤣

    And to think I commented not too long ago about what these guy were up to.


  3. No surprise. They announced six months ago they were going to do something in 2020. This is a Friday show so much less of a chance of conflict. The only track that could screw them is Stafford and I don’t see them doing that. Not worth the bad PR.

    Not sure why these guys love Waterford so much. The place is off many fans radar. Can’t draw a crowd since the scandal broke.

    Worst business decision of the year thus far is easily MRS scheduling five shows in CT. Only two of the tracks on their schedule are operational at the moment. What a dumpster fire they are right now.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    JD, I think Dick Williams had some past affiliation with the Speedbowl. I thought I read somewhere he ran the track at some point. For me it’s too bad it’s not a Saturday event, I don’t know if I could get the day off to go.
    I’m sure the MRS knew they were gambling a little with the Speedbowl dates, but Thompson? Who knew the virus was going to attack the world? The question is, will the MRS just go with what they have, or will they try to schedule additional events? Beech Ridge lost one of three so far. Star and WMMP only have one each. And maybe someday we’ll find out something from Thompson.

  5. You are correct Freddie. If this was at the Speedbowl the place would be packed. The bowl produces the best racing in CT. Just my opinion but I bet that many people would agree.

  6. I’m not sure what you mean by Stafford screwing anyone. They have a regular show scheduled for August 28. Then there is the fact Stafford has been Friday night forever. What is interesting is all the Stafford SK teams fielding tour type modifieds that could have gone to this race but won’t be available or would have to pick their priority. Dowling is scheduled to be an SK regular this year so he in the 00 as well as Ronnie Williams in the 25 will have major conflicts. Rocco, Korner, Galko, Gervais, Moeller, Ruffrano,Owen and more have to pick one over the other. You’d think they’d drive in their Stafford SK but who knows. That’s a big spicy meatball of a purse.

  7. This is going to be a horrible race turnout unfortunately, Stafford is running the same night, and most open tour teams all participate as either drivers or crew at Stafford on Friday nights. Also Seekonk 10k Wed show is scheduled same week. 2 10k to win shows in same week is great but Clearmont might be the worse track to hold this at. The fact that Williams and Schaefer are no longer waiting for Waterford is telling for this season, its not opening.

  8. What I meant was I don’t think Stafford will reschedule a WMT race for that night.

    I’m sure Claremont will get a good turnout on top of their own regulars. I bet MH will be there. Andy J? Plenty of WMT guys not associated with Stafford and part time teams to make it fun. Not to mention TT guys. These guys promote. They work at getting cars and they have 2 months to prepare. This event will be fine.

  9. I have the same belief the best racing in CT is at the Speedbowl. I hope they reopen this year. The longer it stays closed the harder it will be to reopen. I really like what LI maniac and the racing guys have done for tour type modifieds. I will try to support this new venture and will continue to support tri track whenever I can.

    I honestly don’t think Stafford will reschedule the tour race. I think they are just going to pick up with the schedule and run out the season and probably add some regular shows at the end to get to enough shows to appease the season ticket holders. Maybe add an open mod show or two. I don’t think 25% capacity or even a 50% capacity Whelen show would be a profitable venture especially considering they cant do a PPV model with NBC having broadcast rights. You have to think Nascar running shows at non nascar tracks for a fraction of the purses might leave a bad taste with Stafford. Why would Stafford or Thompson who has the bulk of the Nacar tour schedule want to pay the original purses if these other tracks are getting reduced cost shows. Nascar really messed up in their attempt to ensure their drivers wouldn’t support these other modified tour shows. I am sure Nascar will find another track to run a competing show against this Claremont show. It seems to be the only way Nascar will schedule a tour race is on top of a competing modified show.

  10. I don’t share the notion the NASCAR sits around waiting for a organizing group to schedule a race then tries to squash it with a competing race for some sinister reason. This is a different type of season obviously. Everyone is struggling to schedule racing, accounting for states rules and not go broke in the process.
    Whatever NASCAR requires normally doesn’t apply this year. They can negotiate with Stafford and Stafford with them to come up with some way to have a big race that can make enough money to justify it. By now it should be clear that there is money in PPV. The 25% deal is short term, it will soon be at 50% baring some major increase in infections. NASCAR races at Stafford are higher then 50% but certainly not 100%. 5100 paying front and back gate paying customers at NASCAR prices with NBC Sports Gold may more then cut the mustard.
    I do hope if Stafford does do the PPV next week like Paul Arute alluded to that they use NSN in Vermont and not Speed51.

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