Jennerstown Notes: New Team Has First Race Positivity Wrecked; Lutz Carries 2019 Momentum

Ronnie Williams (50) gets spun by Sammy Rameau (06) during Sunday’s Whelen Modified Tour season opener at Jennerstown Speedway (Photo: NBC Sports Video)

With every new season in racing comes the birth of new rivalries or the start of simmering feuds. 

Sunday’s NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour season opening Wade Cole Memorial 133 presented by Dunleavy’s Truck & Trailer at Jennerstown Speedway proved to be nearly wreck free, but one incident brought the drama brewing. 

With 27 laps remaining Sammy Rameau got into the back of Ronnie Williams in a battle for 12th place. The contact sent Williams spinning and ultimately collecting a handful of cars in the pileup. 

Williams is scheduled to drive part-time on the series this year with the newly formed Paul Les owned team, which was purchased from former Flamingo Motorsports owner Eric Sanderson. 

Before the incident with Rameau, Williams had rallied back up through the field after lap one contact forced the team to make front-end suspension repairs early. 

After the race, Williams’ crew chief Adam Skowyra posted on Facebook: “Spend all the money you want buy any chassis manufacturer they can build you but you can NOT buy tallent [sic] or a win!!” 

Asked about the incident Rameau said: “I have no comment. … I have nothing to say about it. It was a racing incident.” 

Skowyra saw it differently. 

“He just blatantly took us out,” Skowyra said. “Earlier in the race we got by him. He kind of blocked us for a little while. We gave him seven or eight laps and he didn’t move out of the way. Eventually Ronnie passed him cleanly. Then he didn’t return the favor. He had a better car than us at that point in the race and he decided to just drive through us. He didn’t even give us a half a lap. It’s a total lack of respect for anybody out there. He can say he’s sorry all he wants, but he blatantly drove right in the back of us. It’s even worse than I thought it was [after] watching the replay.

“Involved in an incident on lap one. … Bent the right front up pretty good. We fixed it the best we could. Ronnie drove his ass off back through the field and we have nothing to show for it. It’s very frustrating.” 

Williams, who started eighth, ended up settling for a 28th place finish in the 32-car field. Williams has won the last two SK Modified championships at Stafford Speedway driving for a Skowyra owned team. Skowyra said beyond the incident with Rameau the team was pleased with how their Whelen Modified Tour debut went. 

“I was happy,” Skowyra said. “We ran well in practice. We were seventh in practice. Qualified eighth. I think that was respectable for our first time. Anything inside the top-10 would have been great for us and it looked like that was going to be a realistic goal to achieve, but the cards didn’t fall that way for us.” 

Rameau, last year’s Whelen Modified Tour Rookie of the Year, ended up 11th

“It was a good day,” Rameau said. “My guys worked really hard to get where we’re at. It was a lot of work in the offseason and I’m glad we were able to get on the track.” 

Lutz Has Strong Opener 

One of the hottest drivers to close out the 2019 Whelen Modified Tour season was Craig Lutz. The Miller Place, N.Y driver had eight top-five finishes in the last 11 events of 2019, including a win a four third place runs during that span. 

That momentum carried into the 2020 opener for Lutz, who scored a second place behind race winner Justin Bonsignore Sunday in his first race at Jennerstown Speedway. 

“To start the season on a good note is huge,” said Lutz, who ended up fourth in the season standings in 2019. “Last year we started the first race at Myrtle Beach [Speedway] 22nd and then it seems like the whole season you’re trying to dig yourself out of that hole. … Everyone on the team has tried to focus on making themselves them better. It’s good to see the results come with the hard work.”

Lutz said the mystery of not knowing how many races the series will run this season due to COVID-19 global pandemic regulations in various places makes every event that much more important.  

“You just try to go out there and do the best you can do every race,” Lutz said. “If it’s 10 races, if it’s six races, you’ve got to make sure you don’t finish outside the top-five or top-10. The competition, everyone is so close now. You’ve just got to make sure that things are going in the right direction.” 


  1. craig lutz has been impressive!!

    shoutout to Calvin Carroll with the top 5!!

    where was the Barney 14?

  2. Steven Garrepy says

    Helps when you go to the track the week before and test all day with the support of Rob Fuller.

  3. Craig seems to get better with every race he runs. It wouldn’t surprise me if he ended up in contention for the championship. Sucks that Robbie got turned, probably would have had a solid too 10.

  4. Robbie should be Ronnie.

  5. Steven,
    I’m sure it does help. And if you can do it, why not? It wasn’t a week before, it was June 12, so no series rules were broken. And isn’t that the support a customer pays for when purchasing through LFR and Rob Fuller. I’m at a loss how testing at a track should be something someone gets criticized for.

  6. Olo timer trivia
    We all think of BRE as being a one off team, however, back in the day there was another Boehler car racing. Who was the driver? What was the car number?

  7. knuckles Mahoney says

    Agree Shawn. If you have the money and time to test, go do it. Tells me he’s serious about winning. I remember the first race in that car for Lutz, he grabbed the pole. Woody couldn’t do anything in it.

  8. Shawn , It’s called a ADVANTAGE .where were the other 34 drivers ?

  9. Carl,
    Anybody could go test. It’s not an advantage if all of your competitors can go do the same thing you did. Other teams tested.

  10. Steven Garrepy says

    @Shawn, Where in my remarks did I criticize anything or anyone? I plainly made a statement… My remarks were meant to be on the positive side where you have a builder who shows the passion and support for his customers. Who can name me another chassis builder who has spent so much time at the track whether either testing or race day supporting his customers? At Jennerstown Rob spend the entire day walking up and down pit road talking crew chiefs, mechanics, tire specialists, drivers and owners.

    I never referred that any rules were broken about when they tested and it was 8 days (8 days is pretty close to a week) before race day which is perfectly legal.

  11. Steve,
    My apologies, I misinterpreted the tone of your comment.

  12. The rules are the same for everyone. Those who took advantage of testing are the smart ones. Plus, you can’t tell me that Rob Fuller didn’t share data with other teams who didn’t attend the test. Teams rent Stafford all the time, both tour teams and Friday night competitors.

  13. * listening to Morning Bullring there is a faction in the Late Model and dirt world that are saying limit practice of all kinds since it costs so much so figure it out as you race. Who knows if that extends to asphalt modifieds but it definitely is a thing in other parts of the country.
    *the noose. A dark moment along with the confederate flag displays complete with stars and bars flyover. It was Alabama so when in Rome. The King and the teams may have won the messaging war with a show of support. Baby steps in a long journey.
    *It’s not hard to imagine that Mike Christopher and Stehen Kopcik might have had smiles on their faces soon after Ronnie Williams got turned by Rameau. Rocco as well.
    *Preece started 30th and definitely showed he could drive spending time at the front but teammate Stenhouse once again was the class of the team. Still on average not a bad race for our man Ryan.
    *Tuesday morning and no word of a Stafford PPV stream hinted at last Friday. Probably too late with no time for promotion but they haven’t said no yet. With perfect weather predicted, a packed paddock and a sell out leaving so many race starved fans at the gate there couldn’t be a better time.
    *For better or worse the auto racing community is overwhelming supportive of the current president. Saturday he and the Republican leadership at the rally in Tulsa sent the message that they simply will not actively promote safety measures. That message is not lost on Speed51’s Bob Dillner and Alan Dietz on the Morning Bullring program watched by a huge number of short track racers and fans across the country. They celebrate opening and packed houses with a hint of patriotism. Safety protocols treated more as impediments states mandate that hold racing back. It’s too bad the president can’t see his way clear to promote safety protocols. It seems short sighted.
    *who cares if White Mountain is a NASCAR track or not. It’s a first rate bull ring that should provide outstanding competition and the visuals of the mountains in the background are as good as it gets for a national audience to see.

  14. Potato Farmer says

    When was the last time the Whelen Modified Tour raced at a track without a paved pit area? Given Doug Coby’s dirt pit area experience, I expect he’ll have his fellow competitors seeing the dust at White Mountain.

  15. Camerissa says

    You can’t blame the teams for renting a track and testing. It’s legal and you can learn a lot.
    Sometimes rules need to be made to save teams from their own spending. And to ensure the gap between the haves and have nots is not too great. So in my opinion there should be a few tests open to anyone and no private testing allowed.
    Trivia-during the tour era Jerry Marquis ran a second car out of BRE numbered 34(and ran quite well). Going way back Gomer Taylor often ran a car with Lenny‘s older stuff number 03.

  16. To answer Potato Farmer… Waterford was a dirt pit area many years ago. It was big news and exciting when they finally paved the pit area. Cars were covered with dust and grit in the pits. It was a huge dust storm when the cars pulled in and drove out.

    Put any driver in the same car and the car can still only perform as good as the car is set up. Clearly this does not apply to incapable drivers that won’t be named. Don’t forget the Crew Chief in all your discussions about how well a car performs with different drivers.

    About testing… testing is good, but at this point, why? Teams, Crew Chiefs and others should know what it takes to make a car run on all these tracks. Notebooks should be full. Cars are NOT getting any faster. Testing is good to give a driver more seat time to get the driver comfortable in the car and confident. But look at some drivers that test with no traffic, then wreck in a race because they can’t drive in traffic. Being able to drive in traffic is equally as important as a fast car. Although drivers spend all that test time running without traffic, race conditions don’t allow the car to run the best line all the time. Drivers have to learn to drive in traffic and that’s something they can’t learn in testing. This shows with the few drivers that have most of the bad luck.

  17. LOL, we wait three months to race and then it’s open season on everyone and everything.

    The smart ones test? The smartest one did not test and won by a country mile. The 51 is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers.

    WMMP is a first rate bullring? Based on what?? You been there? I’m not saying it is or isn’t but one needs to have been there to drop that kind of praise. That’s like saying a girl is pretty. Oh really, what does she look like? I don’t know. I’ve never seen her before.

    Beech Ridge pits were not paved when the WMT was last there.

    Bruce Gomer Taylor had a run down 03 Pro Stock for Seekonk as well that was bad fast on occasion.

  18. Anarchy 2020 says

    Isn’t it the MRS that doesn’t allow teams to practice if the track they are running at has an open practice before race weekend?

  19. Doug, the noose incident at Talledega goes to show that there are still some despicable rednecks who still don’t get it. It was heartwarming to see all the drivers and crews band together behind Bubba before the race. My understanding is that that whole deal was organized by fellow drivers, and not NASCAR, which I feel is a great thing. Anyone who’s ever met Bubba knows he is very down to earth and humble, as well as grateful for the opportunity he’s been given. Really nice guy.
    As for the person responsible for that act of hatred hopefully they are caught, and prosecuted, as well as being banned from not only NASCAR, but all forms of racing for life.
    After the race, Bubba approached the stands to greet some first time fans, and made it known that he wasn’t wearing a mask so the perpetrator could see him still smiling.
    Stenthouse gave JTG a great finish, almost pulling off the win. Don’t know where Ryan ended up, but he looked stout in the final stages running up front even with all the nose damage.
    As far as Trump, with supposedly over 1 million people signed up, yet only about 6200 showing up, can’t see how you say he has great support. People who lack the common courtesy to wear a mask in public are just plain and simple stupid people, not nessesarily Trump supporters, who are also just plain stupid people who haven’t got a clue.

  20. 🌈JD🌈 posted, “WMMP is a first rate bullring? Based on what?? You been there? I’m not saying it is or isn’t but one needs to have been there to drop that kind of praise. That’s like saying a girl is pretty. Oh really, what does she look like? I don’t know. I’ve never seen her before.”

    Is there a point?

    I do believe Beach Ridge pits are still not paved.

  21. In Memoriam
    4 years ago today, June 23,2016, the modified racing world list one of its legendary car owners; Mario Fiore. RIP Mario, you are sadly missed.

  22. Ole Timer Trivia
    Luke Warm water had the correct answer to the last question Bruce “goner” Taylor in car # 03.
    New Question
    Who had the most modified wins at Riverside Speedway overall?

  23. Be safe folks.

    Rob p., Trump and Parscale got majorly punked by teenagers. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Tulsa was a colossal embarrassment for the Trump train. The Trump train derailed while pulling out of the station.

    NASCAR clearly showed Trump the 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 in a big and major way. That parade in support of Bubba, and against Trump and the white supremacy his Administration represents, was awesome. That was certainly not a great showing of support for Trump 👶 .

    👏 😎

    Fauci and company testified today. The government is preparing for a huge outbreak of COVID-19 in the fall, and are getting ready to increase testing such that it will make what we’ve been doing look like the proverbial drop in the bucket. It unnerved me right to the bone.

    Some areas are retracting and going back to more strict social distancing, and many others are considering it. Don’t be surprised if our short season gets cut even shorter.

    Be careful folks, be safe. Wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, keep your hands off your face. This ain’t over.


  24. I know JD it’s an outrage isn’t it. How dare I say something nice about one of your own New Hampshire tracks. We have to do this dance from time to time don’t we. Thing is these purity tests never come from the heavy hitters in this forum that demonstrate extensive knowledge on topics. They come from the petty insecure types like you that seem to enjoy judging, showing how smart you are and bragging when your right and in your case when you were wrong but forgot.
    The deal is I rented opening night on PPV streamed via NSN Network in Vermont. I don’t even care about Late Models but wanted to support the track in the way I could. Based on what I saw the visuals of the track were absolutely majestic just like the track logo implies. The track surface looked good and the Late Models were competing in two well defined lanes which leads me to believe the modifieds will really make use of the outside lane. No I don’t know anything about the pits, if the food is good, beer is cold but then again I didn’t comment on any of that. I commented on the visuals of the track and competition and believe I was qualified to make that comment not that I should have to prove it to the likes of you.

  25. No Hate Crime committed, according to the FBI. Apparently the noose was there since October. 1 question; What the hell is a noose doing in the garage area? I smell a cover up

  26. Anarchy 2020 says


  27. See here’s the thing Rob I’ll never agree with you on. In my view using explosive terms like “despicable rednecks” is in the same vein as the N word. In a way using it in that manner is behaving very much the same way as the people you are criticizing. A northern redneck if you will. It also offends those that read this forum from the south or more rural regions that share the exact same feelings as you about the confederate flag but get their back up when they see you using a negative stereotype.
    You talk to Adam Skowyra from time to time don’t you Rob? Try using some of your really blunt descriptions with him. Like saying all those Republicans at the rally not wearing masks were being stupid. He’s a huge Trump fan and I’m guessing it would not be appreciated..

  28. Anarchy,
    Careful, you’re letting your racist show. … Obviously this whole thing doesn’t look good for NASCAR and raises plenty of questions, but for you to compare Bubba Wallace to Jussie Smollett is really disgusting on your part. Jussie Smollett concocted a fake crime. Bubba Wallace had nothing to do with this being reported to NASCAR. He wasn’t even in the garage where it was found.

  29. No hate crime? Just because a noose is as common as the Confederate flag in Alabama does not quite clear this. A noose as a rope pull is not appropriate. A noose is a symbol of hangings. Just because that’s part of southern heritage does not make it right.

    It shouldn’t have been there. That it has been there so long makes this worse.

  30. Anybody see the comments posted on SM by Dustin Skinner, son if former cup driver Mike Skinner? The remark was so offensive that I won’t repeat it. Reading that remark, even though he later apologized, led me to a few conclusions 1. Dustin is most definitely a racist 2. Mike should seek serious psychological help for his son, before the guy hurts someone. 3. NASCAR, and any other sanctioning body should ban Dustin for life 4. Law enforcement should look into those comments, and charge this guy with hate crimes.
    If you want to read the comments, just Google Dustin Skinner. Really surprised this hasn’t made mainstream news yet. His comments were very very inapropriate, and an ” I’m sorry ” just doesn’t cut it.
    #I stand with Bubba

  31. Rob p., it’s out there. It’s disgusting and definitely a reflection on his parents, no matter how much they say otherwise. Perhaps there is a reason his career was over a long time ago after just one truck race and he’s not a factor today. He’s still young too, only 35 years old.

    Don’t see how anyone could think they could rant like that and then say, “I’m sorry” and expect to be believed. #WhatAnIdiot


  32. I sorta remember the son Mike Boehler running a old blue 34. Orange numbers. This is to Rob P. and late 90’s or early 2000’s.

  33. I’m relieved that the noose incident was not a targeted hate crime. One can never be too careful. I am incredibly impressed with how NASCAR unified to show how it will not put up with that sort of hate, and with the solid reaction of support for Bubba.

  34. Anarchy 2020 says

    Ok fine. He’s no Smollett. Not sure why everything makes you a racist now. Did you or anyone think for a second that maybe it wasn’t an actual hate crime? Because apparently if you have had just the slightest bit of skepticism you’re probably a racist. Bubba sure was quick to take advantage of his new found fame. But that’s the American way I suppose. The FBI sent in 15 agents and said no hate crime. At the end of the day I do feel bad for the guy in all seriousness. Unless all of a sudden he starts winning races. This is all he’ll be remembered for after his career.

  35. Old Observer says

    Mike ran the 34 for a couple of years & stepped out of the seat when his father was ill, Jerry finished the season in the 34. When Gomer ran the 03 Mod, it was his car thought he did drive the 3 also.

  36. Anarchy,
    You feel bad for him but yet you just equated him to a person who created a fake hate crime? And yes, the fact that you came on here and very publicly insinuated that Bubba Wallace set up a fake hate crime for attention when its known he had nothing to do with anything that was reported does in fact make you a racist. You can criticize NASCAR all day for their obviously bungled handling of what happened in this situation; but Bubba Wallace should bear no brunt of the blame because someone saw something and reported it to NASCAR.

  37. Hello, Old Observer. I am from Ct and only know who drove #3 here and there. Bugsy and Desaro before my time. I vaguely remember Bouchard in the car. I was young. I do remember the race after Lenny passed at Seekonk. That was a great tribute and a sad night for everyone there.

  38. Anarchy posted, “Not sure why everything makes you a racist now. ”

    Only you can make you a racist.

  39. So, if you are the old observer, and sit near the top row at Thompson coming off of turn 4, we know each other. My father is the one who is an old timer that loved Christopher. You obviously know old blue and I am assuming you are in full regalia. I will wear my Jerry Marquis Brady shirt if there is a chance we can watch a race this year! So you know it is me.

  40. Well doug,
    Just got to watch the talledaga race I recorded From Monday. Imo, Ryan had a great day. He finally showed me (Imo) he could get to the front and hang on his own. And he got there by racing, and not by attrition, which as you know, has been my criticism in the past on superspeedways for him. His 15th place finish for me, is not indicative of how well he ran the second half of that race. No cautions, the call on pitting for fuel. (For a lot of teams for that matter). Mike Joy missed it, but Ryan did a masterful job, getting through relatively unscathed, when Elliot got turned 2 cars in front of him. Dont know how he got through that, other than great driving and great spotter ability. Kudos.
    So sure, the 47 took 2nd, but the 37 did a great job for JTG in this one. Keep it going. Double header Pocono. Gonna be a grind. But this run has made me optimistic. Fingers crossed. B

  41. Bobf, Preece had a good day, with some bad or strange luck. He was able to get to the front and hang there. Sure he was getting pushed. He led a line a couple times. Perhaps out of sync on pits.

  42. Seems pretty dumb that you couldn’t look around the garage and realize everyone has the same rope. The media loves to pile on with this stuff without even seeing the evidence.

  43. Rob,
    Not defending NASCAR here, because I think this whole situation was bungled from the start and they probably didn’t need to put out a statement Sunday night before doing any sort of investigation. That said, my understanding is that this was a the only garage door in the garage area where there was a rope pull handle tied in that particular way resembling a noose.

  44. Kaymen, forgot all about the 34 car. Did it look like ole blue? If so, I guess there would be 2 correct answers, but I was focusing on goner and the 03.

  45. Rob, what you posted does not appear to be accurate. The garage might have had the same rope. Rope is rope and I’d accept that all stalls had the same ROPE. But it appears that only one stall had the rope fabricated into a noose. A noose is a very specific knot that is associated with lynchings and hangings. And lynchings and hangings are directed at one specific group of people by another specific group of people. That’s not very nice at all.

    Please refer to this:

  46. Funny how the 2nd wave virus talk is picking up as the protests die down.

    Kinda feel bad for Bubba. The media sought him out and put him on the front page because of his skin care color. Bubba never once sought out to be at the forefront of any of this like Kapernick did. Now he is getting crushed for something he had no part in.

    Preece finished top 10 in Daytona last year. It’s not like he doesn’t run well on plate tracks. He has strung together a few top 15s this month. Not bad for that car.

  47. JD,
    I get that there are people that think this is all media driven, and certainly saying talk about a second wave is picking up as protests die down seems to indicate you’re saying “Talk” is media driven. First, long before there were protests there was plenty of solid evidence from medical experts that there would most definitely be a second wave. The history of pandemics shows that there is typically always a point where the initial numbers go down, relaxation of containment efforts takes place and then a second wave comes through which often is worse than the initial one. And I’m not trying to put words in your mouth, but typically when someone refers to something as “talk” they’re inferring it’s something not to be believed. So yes, I don’t think case numbers is any way to rank numbers rising because obviously there’s more testing. That said, at least seven states have seen the highest hospitalization rates thus far over the last couple weeks. THAT, is a fair barometer that obviously transmission is on the rise in those places. You can say there are more cases because more people are being tested. But having more hospitalizations now than a state did in say March or April or May truly shows that transmission is on the rise in those places. Hospitalization numbers are spiking in Texas and spiking in Arizona. That’s a real thing, not just “talk”.

  48. The 2nd wave has been known of and expected long before the protests happened. The protests happened when George Floyd was killed by another example of police brutality, not long ago. History shows that these pandemics have subsequent waves. It has been expected for months, long before the killing of George Floyd triggered the protest against police brutality.

    The original wave is moving across the country as expected, and the states that have been negligent are getting hit hard. Texas for one is getting clobbered. Gov. Abbott played the ignore-it-away game, Texas called the surge of deaths pneumonia, and now they are in big trouble. Several other states are in big trouble. You can’t ignore the bodies piling up, hospitals filling up, or missing friends, neighbors and family.

    This is where smart people learn from others. You would think that what happened in NY/CT/NJ would be an example for others to learn from and make sure it doesn’t happen to them.

    Sad how that has been well publicized and covered by the “talk” and media, yet so many people still don’t get it.

    As much as Trump is playing like the #TrumpPandemic is all over, the Federal Government is still preparing for MASSIVE testing capacity in the next couple to few months. If you watched the testimony of Fauci and others yesterday, it was very alarming to hear what they say is coming in the next few months and that we need to scale up testing capacity many fold to be able to deal with it.

    Bubba spoke out against the NASCAR de facto symbol of the Confederate flag. That is an equivalent to Kaepernick taking a knee. He put himself out there just as Kaepernick did. Different causes, still putting himself out there to be subjected to irrational and racist blowback.

    This noose deal just shows how pervasive racism and white supremacy seeps into society. A noose is a well established symbol of hate, white supremacy, fear mongering, bullying, terrorism, and oppression targeting black people. It’s as inappropriate as the Confederate flag. That the noose was there was disgusting and very sad. I’m glad it turned out to not be a targeted attack on Bubba.

  49. sour grapes of tolerance says

    nobody tied the garage pull into a noose to intimidate or cause BUBBA harm.. you can tell by looking now long that “noose” /pull/knot was present or if it had been tied recently .STFU. NASCAR again got it wrong. everyone in the world over reacting BEFORE the facts are known.. no one cares sport going away soon with no fan base regardless of COVID .. NASCAR is a joke . if they really practiced diversity there we be an equal amount of black/white /women/LGBTWXYZ.. the best drivers are not even there ..if you have money you have a seat..plain and simple ..hypocrisy at its finest . affirmative action coming soon to NASCAR why hasn’t NASCAR courted Tyler Perry ..or Oprah ..or JAY Z Beyoncé.. they don’t have the funds to field a cup team?? inclusion for all.. NASCAR has been a ponzi sceme for one family for years .. without sponsorship there is no NASCAR.. and I could care less

  50. Rob P…

    im gonna answer Stan Gregor to your trivia question on most Riverside park wins….

  51. Very glad to learn that this wasn’t a targeted hate crimes against Bubba. What does worry me is that in fact there are people out there who wish him harm, people like Dustin Skinner.
    To compare Bubba to Jussie Smollett is like comparing apples to coconuts. Smollett created a hate crimes to try and save his job, which wasn’t even in jeopardy. Bubba, along with others, simply asked for the banning of a known symbol of hate, which quite frankly should have happened years ago. Bubba didn’t ask to be thrust into the spotlight, yet through it all has handled the situation with dignity. At 27 years old, I hope to see him in the sport for many years to come, and applaud his courage, and composure throughout the past few weeks.

  52. Still strikes me as “odd” that out of all the garage door ropes, only the one where the 43 was assigned turned out to have a rope tied up like a noose. I may be over analyzing the situation.

  53. Ole Timer Trivia
    Who had the most modified wins at Riverside Speedway overall?
    Reggie Ruggerio had the most wins overall, with nearly 100 wins in both the #11 and #44.

  54. Ole Timer Trivia
    Which limited sportsman driver used a Maxwell House coffee can for an air cleaner?

  55. Anarchy 2020 says

    Who tied the noose? Arrest them.

  56. sour grapes of diversity says

    anyone who has ever strung or hung an old style reel type clothesline knows how hard it is to get an old knot out.. it took the FBI to tell this “noose” was not tied recently..??? its an OLD knot for a door pull for gods sake. leave it to the politically correct anarchists at NASCAR to view it .. say OMG its directed at our token mixed race driver and rally the troops for a feel good moment. probably the most embarrassing moment ever in NASCAR ..a failed publicity stunt.. what’s next an African American only race series ?? we can call it BLACAR .. PS Bubba Wallace is nothing special just a man no better no worse than the other participants and a mediocre driver at best. well now would be the perfect time for NASCARS first gay driver to come out of the garage so to speak with all these feeling flowing he will be embraced with open arms.. will we be flying the rainbow flag too ??? got to build that fan base !!!

  57. 🌈JD🌈 posted, “Funny how the 2nd wave virus talk is picking up as the protests die down.

    Funny how two Secret Service officers/agents on-site for the Tulsa rally have tested positive, and therefore DOZENS of Secret Service officers have been ordered to self-quarantine.

  58. A video from an interviewer popped up, sorry I forgot to save the link, but it goes from stall to stall and you can see the door pulls of numerous stalls. Only one noose. The rest were not tied into a noose. Some were simple, plain nothing but a cut off end, and then my favorite, a bunch o simple knots to make a clumpy ball on the end. Somebody went to a rather decent effort to tie that noose.

    Again, a noose is a symbol of intimidation, just like the Confederate flag. There’s no reason to display it.

    The racist white supremacists look really pathetic when they complain about white supremacy being under attack and then play the victim card.

  59. It’s Alabama… a noose complements the Confederate flags. All part of the white supremacist heritage.

    Don’t be surprised if you see more nooses flying at tracks to replace the Confederate flags.

  60. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”




    -A noose as a rope pull is not appropriate.
    -A noose is a symbol of hangings.
    -I’m relieved that the noose incident
    -But it appears that only one stall had the rope fabricated into a noose.
    -A noose No hate crime? Just because a noose
    -a noose is a very specific knot
    -This noose deal just shows
    -Only one noose
    -Again, a noose is a symbol of intimidation
    -a noose complements the Confederate flags
    -Don’t be surprised if you see more nooses

    GOT IT!!!!!!!!! NOOSE BAD!!!!!!!

  61. Luke Warmwater says

    Pete ‘The Travling Man’ Fiandaca, #135

  62. Good job Luke Warm water it was Pete fiandaca and his famous #135.

  63. Ole Timer Trivia
    What driver comfort feature is Geoff Bodine credited with bringing to cup racing?

  64. Anarchy 2020 says

    They’re tearing down Washington and Lincoln now. Civil war memorials, statues of abolitionists ect. And when I say “they” I mean mostly white people. Not much about black lives anymore is it.

  65. Cool suit.

  66. power steering

  67. Sorry Doug, try again

  68. sour grapes of depression says

    I am thinking more about the noose.. possibly the person who tied its intent was a cry for help that they wanted to commit suicide by hanging themselves. we need to be more sensitive due to covid perhaps someone was feeling depressed and fastened the noose in a symbolic gesture?? LOL racist see only what they want to see … a noose for hanging.. LOL here are some other uses the described “knot”…
    To attach a hook, swivel or lure to your fishing line….As a tie down for a boat, vehicle, tent, etc. since it is a self-tightening…For artistic purposes….For making paracord knife lanyards and bracelets….or as a door pull for a garage ??

  69. I don’t know if this is a credible source but I did remember the cool suit for some reason.

    “He didn’t exactly fit among the good ole boys who then dominated the sport, and he didn’t do things the same way, either: He introduced power steering, the cool suit and the full faced helmet to NASCAR’s top division and only the cool suit proved to be a passing fad.”

  70. Junior had the correct answer
    Geoff Bodine introduced power steering to cup cars. It’s really surprising it wasn’t used earlier.

  71. Ole Timer Trivia
    5 drivers have won the “most popular driver” award the same year they also won the national championship, name them.

  72. Doug, read through that link you provided. It does look like he introduced the cool suit, as well as full faced helmets, in addition to power steering, but power steering is the innovation he’s most noted for, with many mentions during broadcasts. But your answer of cool suit would be an acceptable answer, so thanks

  73. 🎀🎀🎀 Liz Cherokee 🎀🎀🎀 says

    It can’t be anyone recently, because Melissa is the three time defending champion of the Whelen Modified Tour Most Popular Driver. She was so popular they retired the trophy 🏆! #GirlPower Go Girl Go! 🏆🏆🏆

  74. Yeah. 34 was essentially the old blue #3. With orange numbers. A back up car no doubt. That car still looks, if you squint and pretend, like one of the Chevettes or a Pinto wagon they ran decades ago. Pretty sure it was a Chevette. Either way a Lower roof line. But you know. Still the same. Was and not store bought. And I appreciate that.

  75. Rob P. I like it but know idea when that was a thing. Evans, Stefanik, Christopher, Fuller, Hirshman? If not Evans, Coby first Championship? I like the trivia!!!

  76. Geoff Bodine also ran a 2 speed powerglide automatic transmission in the Modifieds that was banned.

  77. Good job kaymen
    Evans 1978 thru 1982
    Jeff Fuller 1992
    Stefanik 1997,’98
    Hirshman 2005
    TC 2008

  78. Mellisa Field was the last person to win ” most popular driver” in 2016. The award was discontinued starting in 2017.

  79. The only limited sportsman I would believe is the 81 from Thompson. Worked on trucks, older guy, and was sneaky good on the bottom. Do I remember his name, no. Was before Gleason took the number.

  80. Bodine also introduced the automatic transmission in the Modifieds before it was banned. But I digress…

  81. Ole Timer Trivia
    Ted Christopher had 1 late model win at Stafford. Who was the car owner? What number?

  82. I’d like to give Old Timer Trivia an at-a-boy as well. Positive, entertaining and informative. Well done Rob!

  83. Thanks Doug. In these trying times, I’m just trying to have some fun. Glad you enjoy it.

  84. Ole Timer Trivia
    The Ole Blue #3 has 3 WMT championships in the modern era. Who were the drivers? What years?

  85. Camerissa says

    It was 3 years in a row. Wayne Anderson then two with Tony Hirschman. I’m guessing mid 90’s but not sure on years.

  86. Great job Camerissa, yes it was Wayne Anderson in ’94, then Tony Hirshman ‘ 95 and ’96.

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