Official: Tri-Track Open Mod Series Reschedules Season Opener At Monadnock

(Press release from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series)


Tri Track Open Modified Series officials announced on Wednesday the series will move the originally scheduled season opener at Monadnock Speedway to Sunday, July 5, in the best interest of race teams and fans. 

Following the announcement of the season opener on Tuesday morning, NASCAR officials released a date for Saturday, July 4 at White Mountain Motorsports Park, which pins race teams and fans to decide between both events. The Tri Track Open Modified Series feels this is in the best interest of modified teams and the great fans of our sport. This will allow race fans to catch two modified races in the same state, on the same weekend, without both running at the same time.  

“We realize the schedule complexities that are going to occur during the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we look forward to working with all race tracks and teams to ensure we maximize our shortened race season,” Wayne Darling, Managing Partner of the Tri Track Open Modified Series, said.  

Tri Track has developed a list of strict guidelines to ensure the safety of race teams, drivers, staff and fans. Guidance provided by the state of New Hampshire and local officials, along with CDC recommendations were all used to come up with best practices. Race teams will receive an email from series officials with a full list of guidelines and event information and are encouraged to contact series officials with questions. 

Teams will be restricted to 10 crew members per car, including the driver and car owner, and face coverings are strongly encouraged when social distancing is not possible. Tri track officials will use face coverings. Social distancing protocols will be in place and teams are asked not to enter another competitor’s pit stall to avoid groups larger than 10. Fans are allowed at the track due to guidance provided by the state of New Hampshire that allows the track to operate at 50% of capacity.

The Tri Track Open Modified Series management realizes that some of the guidelines being imposed are not ideal, but we are working to ensure that the health and safety of competitors, team members, officials, employees and fans is paramount at this time. 

A full schedule for the event will be released once available. Fans will be allowed to attend the event at 50% capacity based on the latest guidance from state and local officials in New Hampshire.  

The Monadnock event will pay a winner’s purse of $6,000 with $3,250 to be paid for second and $2,600 for third, with a total purse of more than $40,000. NASCAR has not announced a purse structure for the event at White Mountain Motorsports Park. The Whelen Modified Tour has never run at White Mountain, which is not a NASCAR sanctioned track. 

Any cars that don’t qualify for the race will still earn $500 if they pre-registered early and $300 if they registered day of the event. 

Registration for Monadnock remains open at $150 for just the one event, or $450 for the entire season. The $450 amount is only in place for teams that register by the time of entry into Monadnock. Teams that have already registered do not need to register again. Those who have not must visit and the team info tab to fill out their registration.  

Teams will be asked to contact Michelle at the Monadnock track office at 603-239-4067 with their car number and list of 10 people entering on their crew. If a team does not have 10 people, please just be ready to provide the people you have planning on attending. Teams can pre-order tires at Hoosier Tire East beginning immediately by calling Dan at 860-646-9646. 

Series officials anticipate the remainder of the 2020 schedule will remain in place. A stop at Star Speedway on Saturday, July 25, is scheduled for the annual SBM 125, followed by another date at Monadnock on August 15. Seekonk Speedway’s rescheduled Open Wheel Wednesday on August 26th and the Haunted Hundred on October 24 will wrap the schedule. 

For more information on Monadnock Speedway, visit and follow the track on Facebook. For more information on the Tri Track Open Modified Series, visit and follow the series on social media. 


  1. 1. $6,000 
  1. 2. $3,250 
  1. 3. $2,600 
  1. 4. $2,200 
  1. 5. $1,600 
  1. 6. $1,500 
  1. 7. $1,400 
  1. 8. $1,300 
  1. 9. $1,200 
  1. 10. $1,190 
  1. 11. $1,180 
  1. 12. $1,170 
  1. 13. $1,160 
  1. 14. $1,150 
  1. 15. $1,140 
  1. 16. $1,130 
  1. 17. $1,120 
  1. 18. $1,110 
  1. 19. $1,000 
  1. 20. $1,000 
  1. 21. $1,000 
  1. 22. $1,000 
  1. 23. $1,000 
  1. 24. $1,000 
  1. 25. $1,000 
  1. 26. $1,000 


  1. Sharpie Fan says

    Monadnock website still says July 4th. I hope that they will honor tickets that have already been purchased that have that date on them.

  2. I hope its a day Race, with the weekly guys running the night before as originally scheduled.

  3. Tri Track took the high road, in the interest of teams and fans. Meanwhile the schoolyard bully NASCAR moves on unscathed. In light of these events, I’d be willing to travel 100 miles to see a Trip Track event, rather than 20 to see the NMWT.

  4. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”



    darealgoodfella says
    June 16, 2020 at 1:57 pm
    The capacity is reduced to 50% at the NWMT and TT events, and the tracks are far enough apart that there should be little to no conflict.
    How many cars run both series full-time? None. There has been little to no crossover in recent seasons. No big deal at all.


    darealgoodfella says
    June 16, 2020 at 1:53 pm
    The capacity is reduced to 50% at the NWMT and TT events, and the tracks are far enough apart that there should be little to no conflict.


    darealgoodfella says
    June 17, 2020 at 9:38 am
    hey knuckles, if it was well known, then why was it scheduled in conflict? Either they are dumb, didn’t know, don’t care, or as I said, the two tracks are far enough away, combined with 50% capacity requirements to not be an issue.
    I’ll go with I’m right again.
    Both events will draw the 50% and both will be considered very successful per the needs of the
    #TrumpPandemic preparedness requirements.



    JD says
    June 17, 2020 at 9:16 am
    My guess is TT will cave and move the date but they shouldn’t. TT always does their best to avoid conflict as it is in their best interest.

  5. “This will allow race fans to catch two modified races in the same state, on the same weekend, without both running at the same time.”

    Seriously, how many people will benefit from this? How many people are going to go to both events?

    Look, Doug and all his alter egos and personalities were never going.


  6. Don’t mind DaReal. He is just mad because he has been wrong about everything thus far.

    I’m praying Sunday is a night race. Too hot in the afternoon. We learned that from the tour race there a few years ago. Lots of people have the week off. Just make it a night race. Live it up. I’m actually thinking about doing the triple with PASS on Friday night. What the heck. It’s been a long off-season. I need my fix.

    Buy your tickets early.

  7. JD wrote, “Don’t mind DaReal. He is just mad because he has been wrong about everything thus far.”

    Thanks JD… Doug, and all his fake screen names are clueless.


  8. Who’s the Big Dog???? NWMT.

  9. I wouldn’t call them the big dog. I don’t understand why they are doing this to other series. They say their goal is to promote racing, and bring people together for the love of the sport.organizing a race at a non sanctioned track to directly compete with another series, one which some of your top drivers compete in, is not showing a love of the sport, it’s trying to dictate the sport. NASCAR could have easily scheduled the race for July 5th, and everyone wins. Personally, I don’t see what makes the WMT so great. At Stafford I’d prefer to watch the open 80 shows, or the weekly SK races, I think they provide better racing. I find the WMT shows to be overpriced, and quite frankly boring. Maybe with the decline of the MRS the tri track series will expand to more races at more tracks. They seem to have a good purse structure, and do draw good cars. They even pay the teams that don’t make the race, which I find to be cool. But, that’s just my opinion, and so far, I’m still entitled to it.

  10. I hate to say it but I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!
    The king of Moronia, Welding Wonders, cannot come up with an original thought, instead he resorts to reposting others posts, out of context, then uses another of his screen names to gain praise.
    for those of you who don’t know, Moronia is a little known nation of, you guessed it ,…MORONS. And Welding Wonders was recently anointed their king. In Moronia, their king doesn’t live in a castle, he lives in his mom’s basement.
    Hey wonders, go back to your basement in Moronia, you pathetic cellar dwelling idiot.

  11. Ole timer trivia:
    When Mike Stefanik first started racing, what town was listed as his home town?

  12. I guess the first thing I notice Rob is you posting at 8:12 typically critical but fairly coherent, then at 2:03 AM with an understandably harsh critique of RickyinMass, WeldingWonders and myself then again at 5:32 AM. When do you sleep?
    What I particularly can’t relate to is speaking derisively of basements. It seems very popular in comment sections and I don’t get it. As a lad the basement was a haven to escape my sisters and occupy myself with whatever younglings do. Playing with my slot cars, building models or later on practicing the drums and perhaps smoking a little weed.
    I never had a basement rumpus room as an adult but aren’t they status symbols? A man cave complete with big screen TV, bar and whatnot. Have your buddies over for some poker, beer, cigars and all the trappings of manhood. How is that not a good thing?
    I may be an idiot or moron as you say but the memory of mom calling me up for dinner is not only something I can’t imagine being ashamed of but a fond remembrance. If you’re a man now with a basement man cave and your wife calls you up to eat you are equally are a lucky man I should think.

  13. I rarely sleep. Like the great Eddie Vetter, I’m able to obtain a deep state of meditation a few time a day. I’ll go 4-5 days without sleep, and when I do sleep it’s only a couple of hours. It’s called achieving a higher state of mind, something you’d know nothing about. Look it up

  14. Rob p., this is American capitalism at its finest. The NWMT is the 1,600 pound gorilla and can do whatever it pleases. It’s that simple.

    Trivia question: Springfield, MA

  15. Camerissa says

    Trivia question: Wilbraham Mass
    Also home of the Friendlys bush on the mass pike

  16. Congrats Camerissa, good job, didn’t think anyone would get that one.

  17. Ole Timer Trivia
    How many races did Bob Polverari win in a modified at Stafford?

  18. polverari won just one modified race at stafford. the 1981 stafford spring sizzler.

  19. Good job Phil. My brother was 7 years old at the time, and I’ve got pics of him building a beer cup castle with Bob in the clubhouse following that race. Turns out, my wife, who’s a bit older than me , was good friends with Bob throughout his racing career. He owns a farm in Southwick MA now.
    That was a hell of a last lap battle between him and Evans, if I remember Bob won by a little more than a bumper.

  20. Ole Timer Trivia
    I’ll try and make it a little harder.
    I don’t remember the year. Ron Bouchard was in contention for the modified division championship at Stafford, when he destroyed his race car. Who was the car owner who stepped up, providing Bouchard with a ride for the remainder of the season?

  21. Given how this year has gone I fully expect rain on July 4th to mess everything up even further.

  22. knuckles mahoney says

    Gee Dareal ,never saw you as a capitalism fan. Go figure.

  23. JD posted, “Given how this year has gone I fully expect rain on July 4th to mess everything up even further.”

    What are you talking about?

    You’re the one constantly posting all is well, there’s racing all over the place, and you have rainbows shooting out your ass. Except when you posted the season is over.

  24. knuckles posted, “Gee Dareal ,never saw you as a capitalism fan. Go figure.”

    Yep, you are wrong yet again.

    I prevail.

  25. rob p…
    i’m stumped on the Ronnie trivia, but i hope someone else here steps up with the answer!!
    really like the trivia you’ve been asking! thank you!!

  26. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”



    Rob p. says
    June 18, 2020 at 5:32 am
    Ole timer trivia:
    When Mike Stefanik first started racing, what town was listed as his home town?

    😷😷😷 darealgoodfella 😷😷😷 says
    June 18, 2020 at 1:25 pm
    Trivia question: Springfield, MA


  27. DUH! King Doug has spoken, proudly proclaiming he was right again. DUH! When you look someone up on Wikipedia, it doesn’t list their hometown, it lists their place of birth. Even say place of birth. Dareal simply made a guess of the answer. Although his answer wasn’t the correct answer, at least he took a shot at it, more than I can say for any of your multiple personalities.

  28. And the answer is: Lenny Boehler. Forgot who was driving for Lenny that year, but when Ron destroyed his car in the midst of a tight points battle, Lenny stepped up putting Ron behind the wheel of “Ole Blue for the remainder of the season. The car did not carry the familiar #3, they renumbered the car #7 so that Ron could continue to collect owners points. Not sure if Ron won the championship

  29. Ole Timer Trivia
    This one’s a 2 part question
    In the early 80’s Ed Carrol, who’s family owned Riverside Park Speedway, came up with a new concept. It was called Pro Stock. Cars similar to these were running in other regions of the country, where they were called late models.
    The division was to start racing the following year, and Ed wanted to let the fans have a sneak peek. A car was constructed, and durrind race events, was brought out to run “hot laps” this car was considered a prototype for the new division. So here are the questions.
    1. When the car made it’s debut, who was the driver?
    2. Who built it?

  30. Watching the Boston news tonight it looks like Seekonk won’t be a go before Aug 1st at the very earliest.

    Star is running a 75 lap Late Model show next Saturday. Might be an opportunity for some of those Seekonk cars to get on track.

  31. If anyone has trivia questions, I urge you to post them. I’m trying to stay with the Ole Days, but any era, any division will do. Kinda trying to have a little fun, while we wait for the return of local racing
    How about you Shawn? With your history of racing, I’d imagine you could produce some good questions. Again, my aim is to have fun with it. I appreciate those who have posted answers, hope your having fun. Maybe one of these questions will bring back a memory of a good time y’all’s had.

  32. Just so y’all know. The questions I’ve posted are based on my memories, I’ve done no research (Google ECT..) when coming up with these. Y’all have some fun

  33. Old Observer says

    As questionable as it looked in the beginning, I highly doubt NASCAR & WMMP could have thrown this deal together in less then 24 hrs.
    As a side note my calendar which has more X’s then I thought possible had the MRS at WMMP on the 4th.
    I’ll be at both shows!!!
    Stop the B****ing & enjoy what races we can.

  34. Anyone know who bought the Dick Armstrong / Geoff Bodine modified #1 and ran it at the Danbury fair Racearena in the late 70,s with success ?

  35. I talked to WeldingWonders Rob and he thinks you’ve done a really good thing with the trivia questions. It’s entertaining and at the very least diverts you from your attacks on Trump that be honest now are getting a little tedious and predictable.
    My take on DGF’s answer is that he looked it up on Wikipedia, saw the place of birth and misinterpreted it as hometown which for most anyone else would not be funny. It is funny however for a guy that claims “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”’s” all the time. Especially an old Stefanik fan that has supposedly been at countless races when he was introduced with his home town. Then ends up looking it up on Wikipedia and getting it wrong.
    WeldingWonders suggests you go into the RaceDayCt archives that go back to 2012 and do a little research to find questions that most race fans can relate to. You can get the question and have an authoritative answer at the same time.
    It’s your baby so don’t be palming it off on someone else and especially Mr. Courchesne since he has enough to do. Keep up the good work.

  36. wmass01013 says

    BOBBY ALLISON did the debut of Pro Stock at Riverside park
    WHO BUILT I don’t recall

  37. Bobby Allison drove the car. It was built at RGM. Probably by Mike Stefanik as I believe he was working there at the time. As a side note, when the division started the following season, almost none of the cars looked like the prototype. Almost everyone had bodies that looked nothing like the original car.
    Other trivia question- Lou Funk Jr. #58. Later sold to Gino Spada and numbered 4

  38. Carl, was it Lajoie?

  39. RGM Racing over by Hoosier Tire in Manchester? Stefanik did work there part time building cars at night in the 1980’s. .At least he was doing it at night when I bought parts. The engine was a Chevy Targetmaster reworked by Don Merrimen who did engine work out of West Springfield Auto Parts if memory serves.
    Impressive knowledge on the Danbury RaceArena.

  40. Ed J gets credit for the first to answer, but credit to Doug, who also had the engine builder.

  41. Ole Timer Trivia
    Unsure what year it was. It was Spring Sizzler weekend. All day Saturday Greg Sacks had the fastest car, but ended up hurting the motor. What did his team do, out of desperation, to ensure he’d be able to race on Sunday?

  42. Carl Block I believe the Dick Armstrong/Geoff Bodine #1 was purchased and driven by Kenny Webb at the Danbury Racearena.

  43. Correct Ed J , Speaking of Bobby Allison . Bobby and another Winston cup driver raced in several dirt modified race’s during the mid 80’s, in our area to help promote bobby’s sponsor . Can anyone name bobby’s teammate in that adventure ?

  44. Mike H , Kenny’s car that year was the tour type modified #4 that ran the new England race scene up to 1980 .Can’t put my finger on the driver/ owners name .

  45. That #1 Bodine car has been up at the Loudon museum for a while. I think it’s still there. Absolutely gorgeous restore.

  46. Bobby Hillin Jr – Troyer Mud Bus #8 , Miller High Life sponsorship . RE: 6/21 trivia Q

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