Riverhead Raceway Cancels Racing For Month Of June Due To COVID-19 Restrictions

(Press Release from Riverhead Raceway)

Riverhead Raceway owners Eddie & Connie Partridge and Tom Gatz announced Monday morning that due to the continuing Covid-19 worldwide pandemic and subsequent federal and state restrictions put into place by local & state officials they are forced to cancel all racing events for the month of June.

In losing events slated for June Riverhead Raceway will have lost 11 on track events to date in 2020.

On the bright side Suffolk County in which Riverhead Raceway is located entered Phase 1 of reopening this past Wednesday May 27th. If there are no setbacks Phase 4 should be attained in mid to late July offering a glimmer of hope for a 2020 race season on Long Island.

Tom Gatz noted he is starting to piece together an amended 2020 schedule in the event all goes well during the various phases of reopening in Suffolk County. Track GM John Ellwood proclaimed the facility is ready for racing if and when the restrictions are lifted or Phase 4 of reopening is reached.Β 

The official track statement reads, “Due to Federal and Local regulations regarding the Covid-19 virus, Riverhead Raceway regrets to announce that all events in the month of June have been canceled. We will continue to monitor regulations set forth by the state and we will be ready to race when those regulations change and allow us. All of us at Riverhead Raceway are hoping that you and yours are staying safe and home during this worldwide pandemic.” 

Riverhead Raceway is located 77 miles east of New York City and was considered by many experts to be the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak in the United States.


  1. Should not be a surprise.

    Wall will probably not run on July 11 being in northern Jersey and the vicinity of the NYC hotspot.

    Oh the tyranny, the virus is in control.

  2. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m going to guess it will probably be late August before any racing happens. The protests across the country throughout the past week may set reopening back several weeks, due to the large crowds. The most important thing is people’s safety right now.
    Hoping everyone is safe strong and sane. Keep social distancing, wear a mask and wash up. Your actions are making a profound difference, so keep fighting the fight.

  3. Racing at Claremont June 5 and 12 no fans only ppv

  4. WTF, Donald Trump has enacted his corrupt power to try and activate the Military, to stop the protests going on Nationwide.
    He could have come out, and pleaded for peace in the streets, assuring the people that justice would prevail, maybe pleading for the arrest of the other 3 officers involved
    , Or at least taking them into custody…instead, he basically declares war against the people of this country. We’ve all seen the images. Mostly peaceful protests. Fringe groups are attaching to these protests, only to cause destruction.
    99% of the protesters are peaceful. For the most part, most are wearing masks, but there is no social distancing. These Fringe groups are mostly white supremacists, and far right wing groups. They are the type of people who associate themselves with Trump, because of his hateful rhetoric.
    Donald Trump has been speaking hateful rhetoric for years, greatly dividing our country. At times like this we need someone to lead this country through this, yet no true leadership exists.

  5. This is a racing site talk about your non racing politics on another site all this non racing bs is getting old here

  6. Get Real says

    Hey Rob p.
    I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not but they have been burning down buildings and looting for 6 nights. Perhaps you would like it to go on for months. I guess as long as its not your property it doesn’t matter. Trump has spoken out on the killing of George Floyd multiple times, and condemned the actions of all the officers involved. He has also said that the right of the people to protest peacefully must be protected, but we can’t let cities across the country be destroyed. I do agree that fringe groups are attaching themselves to these protests, the only problem is that these are far left groups like Antifa. If you could get yourself to turn off CNN for 10 minutes you would be much better off. Lastly, if you really do feel that white supremacists are the ones behind the destruction that has been going on for a week wouldn’t you want the military to be deployed to stop it? Or would you rather the governors continue to do nothing so you can blame Trump?

  7. I reside in Cts quiet corner, Windham Country, so called covid deaths were at 14 for the season, there are in between 116 and 118k residents in this county, now theyre reporting 13 deaths, did someone come back to life? Do the math, 13 out of 117k, the govts pulling the wool over our eyes and most are falling for it, I feel awful for the people out of work and being put out of business, thanks again Shaun.

  8. Oh this should be informative. News blurb dodge ball. CNN and MSNBC vs the vast right wing talk radio complex is a battle to see who can chuck the fastest hard ball that no one could avoid. A silly game really because hardened partisans never change their minds and never tire of playing news blurb dodge ball.
    Meanwhile up in the quiet corner a conspiracy afficionado is projecting the risk factor for his corner of the world on the entire world and concluding hoax.
    I don’t see the June 12th date Tom. What’s that all about?

  9. Well then solsticeson, it certainly looks like social distancing has worked out in that sparsely populated county. doh. You really are an idiot.

    Look, when the police are killing people and then getting away with it, what are the people to do? There’s only so much oppression, suppression and abuse people can take before they have nothing to lose and that forces them to lash out. Dopey Don rattled a hornets nest here for sure. This protest against the Trump Administration is across the country and the world. There are protests around the world against Trump. The USA is now a laughingstock because of Don the Con.

    Tom s, the only race going on now is the race to defeat the virus. The virus is winning right now because stupid people refuse to do what is necessary to prevent feeding and spreading the pathogen 🦠.

    New Zealand clamped down very strictly and they are at no new cases, in less time.

  10. Anarchy 2020 says

    Rob P, I guess MSNBC doesn’t report on what’s been going on in NYC for the past few days. Cops attacked, run over, shot at. Looting, businesses destroyed in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn. Over 30 cars set on fire. Two Brooklyn lawyers, Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman arrested for throwing, making and disturbing Molotov cocktails. Yeah Rob look at all those far right white supremacists. Closer to home cops injured, car set on fire and “protesters” stormed the Providence place mall. I don’t know where you live Rob but when those far right white supremacists start burning down your city or town, let us know.

  11. Anarchy 2020 says

    Yep dafella. Look at all those stupid protesters spreading and feeding the pathogen. Social distancing is over in the cities across the country. In a couple weeks at least according to dafella, the corona numbers will be sky rocketing out of control.

  12. Don Lemon on CNN has accused Trump of sending in White Supremacists disguised as African Americans to loot and burn Democrat controlled cities. Does Trump have no shame?

  13. Doug the June 5 show at Claremont is granite state pro stocks plus regular divisions. June 12 show is street stocks and mini stocks part of there mini stock madness program. Granted not mods but it’s a start

  14. Anarchy, I’ve watched the news, on multiple channels. I’ve seen the looting and destruction in NYC, and many other major cities. The people doing all this are not protesters, , they are opportunists, taking advantage of these protests. For the most part these scum only show up after dark. They are there for one thing, and one thing only…. To cause chaos. The people who are there to protest the injustice happening in this country have been for the most part very peaceful. They all want the same thing… Equality. The color of your skin should never determine how police, or anyone, interact with you.
    After Donald Trump’s stunt the other night, the protesters are now protesting him too.
    Trump could have handled this whole situation very different, but, like with everything else he didn’t, instead fueling the outrage gripping our country.

  15. Anybody see the guys in the 350,000 dollar rolles Royce out looting in NYC?

  16. Yes Rob P, its the white supremacists disguised as African Americans who are causing all the trouble

  17. White supremacists disguised as African Americans? WOW, they must have a good makeup artist to pull that off!

  18. Mike H posted, “Yes Rob P, its the white supremacists disguised as African Americans who are causing all the trouble”

    Stupid is as stupid does, or in this case, posts.

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