Riverhead Raceway Set To Open For Racing On Aug. 1

Riverhead Raceway became the latest track Wednesday too announce plans for reopening following COVID-19 global pandemic shutdowns.

Management at Riverhead Raceway announced a revamped schedule for the 2020 season Wednesday with the track set to open on Aug. 1 and run to Oct. 31. 

Riverhead was originally scheduled to host the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour on June 20 and Sept. 19.

The Sept. 19 event remains in place with the June 20 event being rescheduled to Oct. 17. 

Riverhead will host open practice days on July 18 and July 25. 

The track will open with a seven-event racing NASCAR Advance Auto Weekly Racing Series card headlined by a 50-lap Tour Type Modified feature. 

The track will host 16 NASCAR racing events through Oct. 31.


  1. Richard Wisniewski says

    When was the world series supposed to be this year. The 17th weekend?

  2. Richard,
    The Sunoco World Series at Thompson Speedway is scheduled for Oct. 9-11.

  3. Great news!!
    If the politicians are fair and consistent (no chance in that, I know), Riverhead will be allowed to have as many spectators as the place can hold!!!

  4. Phil, have you been living in a cave? Now is not the time to be packing people together. There’s a little thing called a pandemic happening right now. Trumpians would have you believe the virus is gone, it’s not by any means. States that aggressively reopened are seeing record breaking case loads. Some would want you to believe the higher numbers are due to more testing taking place, they’re wrong. In fact, most “experts” say the worst is yet to come. Tulsa, the place where Trump will hold his big indoor rally Saturday has seen record numbers day after day, and have even begged Trump to cancel the event.
    The reason Stafford will reopen next Friday is because people in Connecticut, and Massachusetts continue to follow guidelines, which have mitigated the spread of the virus, to a point where numbers continue to decline. But, the state has st a 25% capacity limit for the events. We should consider ourselves lucky that we have leadership that actually cares about their citizens, rather than using them as political pawns, and enjoy the events while we can. If the “experts” are correct, the racing season may be short lived.
    Everybody stay safe strong and sane. Keep doing the right things. If you have to ask, it’s already too late.

  5. Rob P…
    Not in a cave, but I purposely don’t watch the news. However, I did see that there was a rally/protest in Brooklyn recently with about 20000 people shoulder to shoulder. Based on that event being allowed in NYC, why wouldn’t the powers that be allow 4000 or so race fans to attend a race out on Long Island?

  6. Protesting is considered to be an exercise of 1st amendment rights. Freedom of speech. A racetrack holding an event for which they charge admission is a sporting event.
    Governor Cuomo expressed his concerns about so many people being so close together, and urged the protesters to wear masks and social distance, which of course although the majority wore masks, there was no social distancing. He also urged protesters to get tested for Covid.
    To compare the recent protests with a sporting event is just absurdity.
    Maybe the Partridges will allow 20,000 people to show up, not charge admission, and label it as a protest, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I think both Ed and Connie are smart enough and caring enough to follow the guidelines set by the state.

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