Showtime: Stafford Speedway To Offer Pay-Per-View; Revenue To Directly Benefit Competitors

Thanks to state regulations involving reopening plans due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Stafford Motor Speedway is limited to a 25 percent grandstand capacity when they open their 2020 season Friday. 

Available tickets for Friday’s season opening event sold out online within hours of being made available last week. 

Stafford Speedway management understands that some people who wanted to be at the track won’t have the opportunity to get there Friday. They also understand that a lot of their regular customers are still easing back slowly out of quarantine and might not be ready to join in a public group setting. 

And now those people will have the opportunity to still watch all the action at Stafford without being there. 

Stafford Speedway announced Thursday that the track will now offer fans a pay-per-view option to watch their events through their new StaffordSpeedway.TV program. The first Stafford.TV broadcast will take place Friday. 

The newly offered option will be produced in-house by Stafford Speedway with management splitting the proceeds from the venture approximately 50-50 with track competitors. Ultimately, about 25 percent of the price paid for the broadcasts will be returned directly to the track competitors.

“It’s definitely a game changer for us and I think for the competitors as well,” Stafford Speedway chief operating officer Paul Arute told RaceDayCT. “We’ve talked about doing a live broadcast for a long time. We all agreed at Stafford, me and my dad and my mom and my brother, we all agree that the only way for it to work effectively is to give a good portion of the revenue back to the teams. So we have the opportunity to do that and we’re really excited to showcase the best short track talent in the country on a national stage.” 

The Stafford Speedway broadcasts will be distributed through the SpeedSportTV Network. Arute said that through the agreement with SpeedSportTV the track will keep 50 percent of the revenue from broadcast purchases. Arute said about half of that income will then be funneled directly back to teams participating in each event.  

“That’s pretty awesome,” three-time Stafford Speedway SK Modified champion Keith Rocco told RaceDayCT. “It’s not only just the money aspect, but the way the race track promotes themselves and promotes their drivers. Doing something like this just goes above and beyond what everybody else does. The fact that my parents don’t really go to the race track that much, but they’d love to watch it on TV. It’s great for them. They can watch it and feel like they’re part of it without even going to the track. I think it benefits everybody in the racing community.” 

With government restrictions eased for outdoor events, Stafford Speedway is the only short track of the three in the state returning to action this month. Stafford Motor Speedway lost its first nine events from their originally announced 2020 schedule due to state shutdowns. 

“I think it goes to show their true commitment to local auto racing,” SK Modified division veteran Todd Owen told RaceDayCT. “There’s never been a mention of any purse cuts or anything like that. The only thing getting cut right now is their attendance because they can only have 25 percent. For them to still think about the competitors with everything they’re going through, I think it shows that not only are they business but they’re a family trying to make this work for their life. That’s why I think their car counts are as high as they are and I think that’s why everybody is looking to go race there. It’s obviously one of the best places in the country to go race at. My hats off to them. At this point they could just be thinking of themselves and they’re not. It’s pretty cool.” 

StaffordSpeedway.TV events will be priced at $20 for regular Friday night racing cards and $30 for Open Modified and Pro Late Model events. Broadcasts will be available for all events at the track in 2020 except for those involving the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

“Can’t make it to the track because you had to work late or you’re on vacation this week? That’s no longer a problem with,” Arute said in a release. “You’ll be able to watch a full night of Stafford Speedway racing from your phone, computer, or Roku device. The best part is every time you purchase a pay-per-view live stream you’ll be supporting Stafford Speedway drivers.” 

According to a release from Stafford Speedway: “Driver’s payouts will be distributed based on the number of laps completed at each event. This allows for more equitable distribution across all competitors in the field. SK Modified drivers run more laps each week and will get a little larger piece of the revenue share.” 

“After our expenses this ends up being about a 50-50 split between the track and the race teams,” Arute said. “This feels like a big step for Stafford and for short track racing. It may start out small but there’s really endless growth potential for a service like this. We are ready to hit the ground running this Friday with our first live broadcast. We want to give a big thanks to Chris Graner and the whole Speed Sport TV Network team for working with us to get up and running.”


  1. Tommy silva says

    Great news thanks for the info Shawn

  2. I love this Sharing a portion of the revenue with the drivers is a classy move. Stafford does a lot of things right by their drivers.

  3. It’s a little convoluted linking to Roku with Speed Sport but all the other video streaming services are fairly straight forward.
    Click on the streaming service at the top.
    Well done Stafford!

  4. $20 plus tax… No thanks. I’ll watch on the Russian feed.

  5. Racer0921 says

    Will the events remain saved after the live event? I’m not going to be able to watch live but I would pay for it ahead of time to watch it later

  6. Well, Doug, the Arute family heard your plea. At $20 seems like a great deal. Love that half the proceeds will go to the competitors. Well done Stafford Motor Speedway.

  7. wmass01013 says

    Sorry if I AM gonna pay $30 for 1 night I better be hearing motors roar and inhaling SUNOCO gas fumes

  8. Racer0921,
    My understanding is they will be archived.

  9. Ole Timer Trivia
    Ted Christopher has 1 late model win at Stafford. Who was the car owner? What number?

  10. New Covid numbers just out. Over 39,000 new cases reported today. A record. Enjoy live short track racing while you still can. Hope everyone is safe strong and sane. Keep doing the right things. The huge sacrifices we’ve all made have gotten us to this point. Unfortunately there are allot of people not contributing to our efforts, which will ultimately see us paying the price for their stupidity
    Cannot stress the point enough. Social distancing, wearing masks, washing your hands, sanitizing surfaces, and staying home when possible have all been effective in slowing the spread, so keep doing it, and maybe we’ll get through this.

  11. “If we didn’t test, we wouldn’t have cases, but we have cases because we test” Words straight out of Trump’s mouth at his rally in Wisconsin.
    You just cannot fix stupid, and Donald Trump is living proof.

  12. Don’t hold me to it but I think the number was 13 and the owner was Joe Hamm

  13. It’s been 8 years this month. 8 years of race coverage, press releases, opinion pieces, opinion polls, Quarantine Chronicles to fill a void in a time no one could have predicted and all at no cost to the readers. Not no cost just no cost to readers. Made possible by advertising partners that we don’t have to worry about recruiting and keeping happy. 8 years of moderating our comments numerous times of the day that far too often are more petty and inane and not worth the time to scan for profanity let alone genuinely ponder.
    If you search topics about regional racing the results most likely will include RaceDayCt and in many cases be the only meaningful search results. It’s not an understatement to say that with regard to Connecticut and the entire region RaceDayCt is not only the single most important means of staying in touch with local racing it’s the only means much like Speedway Scene was in the last century.
    To those that have been single minded in their negative comments about RaceDayCt it’s merely an indication that the job is being done right. If you’re not displeasing anyone at any time what you are writing is probably not worth reading.
    Shawn Courchesne will be in the New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame one day of that I have no doubt. It will be richly deserved because there has been no person with legitimate journalistic credentials that comes close to matching the exposure Shawn has given regional racing.
    Stafford providing a PPV outlet is a new era in local racing. For now it’s an experiment that may or may not work in the long term. Regardless, for a local track to provide their content via PPV on a continuing bases it’s groundbreaking not to mention revenue sharing with competitors. How appropriate many of us read it here first in a place that was ground breaking in 2012.
    Thanks Shawn!

  14. Doug,
    Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it.

  15. I think this is great! If I weren’t a season ticket holder, I’d be all over this.

    The track did a nice job explaining where the money will go, and it’s great to see it supporting participants. I’m impressed with how the track has dealt with constantly changing conditions and how quickly they were able to put this alternative together.

    Think the price is too high? Share the cost… Invite a few friends over, light the grill and chill some drinks.

  16. Sharpie Fan says

    Remember how apprehensive you were, Shawn, about if this was going to work? You were just ahead of the curve. lol
    Thanks for taking race reporting to the next level.
    See you at the track!!

  17. Fast Eddie says

    First off I have to congratulate Stafford Speedway on the great progressive job Stafford continues to do for their racers and fans! This is why IMO they continue to be the #1 short track in the northeast! THANK-YOU to the Arute family and team!
    Second, I have to agree with Doug about Raceday CT. This is by far the most comprehensive site for not just Connecticut but northeast racing, particularly if you’re a Modified fan. THANK-YOU SHAWN!

  18. Fast Eddie,
    Thank you very much.

  19. I won’t be watching live because I’ll be at my local track but as long as it’s archived I’ll be watching it Saturday morning.

  20. Sharpie Fan,
    I think the current circumstances played well into the decision by the track to make this happen. I don’t think they were interested in running events with no fans and only pay-per-view access. The state regulation capping attendance allows them a fan presence, but will likely make it that some that were interested in being there won’t be able to get a ticket. And thank you for the kind words.

  21. Good job Rick, it was indeed Joe Hamm’s #13 in which TC got his only Late Model win.

  22. Ole Timer Trivia
    The Ole Blue #3 has 3 WMT championships in the modern era. Who were the drivers? What years?

  23. For those asking about being able to watch later – the videos will be available for 30 days after broadcast.
    For those complaining about paying $20 – you’re cheap and missing out. If circumstances don’t allow you to be there but you can pay $20 to support the drivers and enjoy the racing then why not participate?

  24. I’d like to echo the praise of Doug, Sharpie and fast Eddie. A few years ago I stumbled upon RacedayCT by accident. Now I’m hooked. Shawn and his team offer by far the most comprehensive coverage of racing in not only Connecticut, but most of New England. The coverage of all the different modified series is top notch. An added bonus is the comments section that a companies each article. Many heated debates have been held here, with everyone allowed to express their views. Where else can you get all of this in one package? Nowhere. Keep up the great work Shawn, looking forward to your induction in the Hall of Fame someday.

  25. TrumpFanRacer says

    @robp Putting politics on a short track racing site? You Liberals are always mixing politics and other things. You can vote for a senile old moron, who been in Washington (and never fixed the problems he’s talking about) for 41 years. Trump did more for Americans (not sure if you are one) in his 3 1/2 years, than Biden did in 41 years. Oh well, we know we can’t fix stupid and LIBERALISM is stupid…

  26. Rob P.
    Thank you very much.

  27. Trumpfanracer, if you buy any of the B. S. The president is pushing I feel sorry for you. You must be a really pathetic person to believe him, especially where Covid is concerned. I brought Covid up, because ultimately it does affect us in the racing community. All Trump has done in his 3 1/2 years is to divide this nation, and lie to the people. His unwillingness to accept Covid for what it is has lead to many unnecessary deaths, and as long as he’s allowed to continue his rhetoric, more people will die. Truth hurts doesn’t it.

  28. For those interested, the WMT race from Jennerstown will air on NBCSN tonight at midnight.

  29. Shawn;
    You already know how I feel about this site through my various emails.
    But I’ll say it publicly:
    I know of no such other forum, that covers live events, writes (sometimes) provoking articles, just to get people talking to each other! Sometimes it goes good, and other times, well, maybe a little off the rails eh?
    But I know of no other outlet, where I can have an input on a live forum, be I right or wrong, where it is posted.
    What a great job done by your staff as well, for live updates, photo’s ect. Shout out to them
    To boot, when everything was shut down due to covid, you gave me, and others, a platform to vent, spend time, and exchange ideas, when there were very limited places to turn to, in the short track racing world. Your site helped me I know, brighten my days, waiting this out (it aint over by a long shot) In the days of “house arrest quarantine”!
    I don’t know how you put up with a lot if this, er.. “stuff”posted here sometimes, you must have a boatload of patience as well!
    So I’ll say it again, publicly this time, thank you and your entire staff for what you do. Short track hall of fame racing stuff imo. b

  30. wmass01013 says

    Just to clarify I think the pay per view that Stafford IS great for fans and teams, I highly applaud them for doing it, I just don’t feel paying $30 for a night to watch online is for me, I wanna be there if possible but to all who want to pay it ENJOY It!!!
    As far as Shawn and this site I have enjoyed reading Shawn’s thoughts since his Courant days, the NHMS weekends were always fun to read about his sometime interesting adventures, this site by far is the best Modified and racing site of ALLLL!!!, I may not always agree with Shawn’s views But he lets US say our thoughts and always has the best coverage of all NEW ENGLAND and northeast Racing,
    THANK YOU SHAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Anybody see the news about the pathetic idiot that owns 311 speedway in NC? The idiot posted on Facebook that he was selling ” Bubba rope”. The post has been taken down, but the damage is done. Just another case of Racism rearing it’s ugly head, and the pathetic people who support it.

  32. Bobf,
    Thank you very much for that. Very much appreciated.

  33. wmass01013,
    Thank you very much. Appreciate that.

  34. daRealAmazonian says

    You can buy a Bubba rope on Amazon. They are a form of tow rope used by off road enthusiasts.

  35. Thomas Barmstarn says

    Rob P may have just went past Dareal as the biggest dummy around. You actually think a Bubba rope has anything to do with Bubba Wallace and racism? Its a freaking towing rope dude. When I think I have seen and heard it all another person accuses someone of being racist over nothing.

  36. Thomas,
    Please tell me you’re not really feigning ignorance of the topic:
    You may want to read this story: Gov.’s Office condemns speedway owner’s racist FB post in wake of Wallace noose incident
    Or you may want to read this story: 311 Speedway loses affiliation with Kernersville company, driver series
    Or try this story: 311 Speedway losing partnerships after controversial Facebook post

  37. Thank you for the back up Shawn. Yes there is a row rope named Bubba rope, but that’s not what that guy was pushing in his Facebook ad.

  38. Camerissa had the correct answer.
    Ole blue’s 3 championships
    Wayne Anderson ’94
    Tony Hirshman ’95 ,96

  39. Ole Timer Trivia
    For what team did Woody Pitkat make his NWMT debut?

  40. wmass01013 says

    Don King 20 after James Civalli was FIRED after Riverhead incident

  41. Wmass got the correct answer

  42. It wasn’t a fun little poll. The final tally was 51% to 49% or about 293 yes votes based on 575 votes cast. Didn’t seem like a resounding endorsement but apparently that was enough positive feedback to pull the trigger on streaming.

  43. Rich Gourley says

    How was the broadcast from Stafford last night ?

  44. did anyone get the PPV? How was it? Any issues? I decided against getting it last night. I figured give them a week or two to perfect the broadcast and I already had 4 races to watch on other streaming services already paid for. I also saw they were running the SK’s last and wasn’t sure I would make it to the end. What time did it get over? How was the race? Looks like they had good fields of cars in most divisions. It must have been nice to see some in person racing. Best wishes stay healthy

  45. Watched the whole show. Awesome. I can’t go due to health considerations, but for me it was a no brainer to pay the cost of a regular ticket. Learning curve in place, but overall a very good production. Will be watching again this week.

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