Stafford Speedway Announces Revised Mid-Summer Schedule

(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

After the successful completion of NAPA Auto Parts Opening night, Stafford Speedway management has announced a revised mid-summer schedule.  Two Saturday events have been added to the schedule; Saturday, July 18th and Saturday, August 1st.  Both Saturday events will feature Open Modified 80 events along with non-points SK Light Modified and Street Stock events. 

“After reviewing last Friday’s event we decided to move the Open Modified 80 events to Saturday night and pair them with the SK Light and Street Stock divisions,” explained Stafford Speedway President Mark Arute. “Both the SK Light and Street Stocks will run both Friday and Saturday with non-points events on Saturday. The Lights and Streets are a great show and we’re looking forward to the Saturday Night specials.”

Race fans will be treated to 7 events over a 30 day period starting this Friday, July 3rd with the Midstate Site Development Firecracker 30. All events will continue to be capped at 25% capacity with tickets going on sale the Saturday prior to the event at 8am. Race fans will also be able to tune in live on, a new pay-per-view streaming service with 25% of each sale going directly to the drivers. Visit for more information. 

Stafford Speedway season passes are good for all events. The schedule for the remainder of the 2020 season will be posted in early to mid-July.

Mid-Summer Schedule

Friday, July 3rd

Midstate Site Development Street Stock 30

SK Modified® 40, Late Model 30, SK Light 20, Limited Late Model 20, Street Stock 30

Friday, July 10th

Stafford Speedway Weekly Racing

SK Modified® 40, Late Model 30, SK Light 20, Limited Late Model 20, Street Stock 20

Friday, July 17th

TC 13 SK Modified Shootout

SK Modified® 40, Late Model 30, SK Light Modified 20, Limited Late Model 20, Street Stock 20, TC 13 SK Modified® Shootout

Saturday, July 18th

Bud Light Open Modified 80

Open Modified 80, SK Light Modified 30 (non-points), Street Stock 20 (non-points)

Friday, July 24th

Dunleavy’s Modifiedz Night

SK Modified® 40, Late Model 30, SK Light 40, Limited Late Model 20, Street Stock 20

Friday, July 31st

Stafford Speedway Weekly Racing

SK Modified® 40, Late Model 30, SK Light 20, Limited Late Model 20, Street Stock 20

Saturday, August 1st

Open Modified 80

Open Modified 80, SK Light Modified 30 (non-points), Street Stock 20 (non-points)

For more information, visit, checkout Stafford Speedway on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.


  1. Well I am a little disappointed. I was looking forward to going to the Friday July 17th open mod show. It was going to be my first trip to Stafford. I figured something might be up when I couldn’t buy tickets for the show over the weekend. I think one of the Arutes said it would be 30 PPV for the open mods. I hope they revisit that now that the show no longer includes SK modifieds. kind of stinks take one show and make it into 2 shows for the drivers and fans. The August 1st show is currently scheduled against MRS at Beachridge if that isn’t cancelled. I am not sure if any open drivers planned on running MRS too but now they might have to make a choice.

  2. The Open July show was originally scheduled for July 10th. I had taken the day off. Moving it to Saturday makes it easier to get too but you are right, they took a Friday show and divided it into two nights. Not quite the original value. No SKs, and no points for the Lites. Now everyone has to buy tickets online a week a head of time without really knowing what they are getting. Just the world we live in right now. Maybe attendence numbers will be increased by then.

    CSG, Stafford tickets go on sale the Saturday before. This Friday’s event is already sold out. If you want to go on the 17th or 18th you will probably want to be online early on the 11th to try and order. Pretty soon people are going to be scalping tickets.

  3. You are right it was the 10th. When u buy fix online do u need to print out the tix. Is there a way to get in using your phone like a concert. Apparently my seldom used printer has expired ink cartridge. I didn’t know ink expired but it does according to hp. Not sure why change the 10th. I am guessing stafford just need more money to make it work. It.does stink for drivers to have to pay an extra pit pass haul there on a day they were expecting off. I wonder if it will effect car count.

  4. That’s a good point on the Open Mod PPV price. The benchmark for TTOMS races is $25. I don’t think many would rate Staffords Opens better then a TTOMS race but $25 works because their stream cast is vastly superior to Speed51.
    Also due for consideration is a PPV package price that was mentioned by Stafford as a possibility. . Friday and Saturday gets a little pricey so why not do a package or better yet a monthly bundle?
    OK already it’s Tuesday and Friday is already sold out. The streamcast with one day notice was a hit quality wise. Time to make hay roping in more customers via streaming incentives.

  5. I went to Staffords media partner speed sport. I was trying to figure out what you get for joining speedsport monthly or yearly subscription. would you get to watch all the local races on a tape delay basis or not? If so, they have several tracks offering racing. The monthly passes I saw are 30-40 dollars, The single day passes and monthly passes do offer 30 day VOD tape delay coverage. I know someone asked about that. Do you really want to lock into a long term contract(yearly) right now with several states seeing increased Covid cases forcing state leaders to roll back opening plans. It might not be the wisest investment right now. I am starting to think I should get to a race within the next couple of weeks if I want to see some live racing this year. Mask UP, Wash UP. Anyone know if you buy Stafford tix online, do you need to print out your tickets can you get them on the phone or do you pick them up at will call?

  6. Sharpie Fan says

    SKL & SS non-points races? I hope they are paying a helluva purse!

  7. U can order tix online @ the Stafford website
    U print out yr receipt and pick up your tic at the window. Bring yr mask. Here is one dumb thing. While.sitting next to people u don’t know, u don’t have to wear yr mask, but if u go walk around u have to put yr mask on.

  8. Mike,
    I think the point about putting your mask on when you walk around is that you’re almost certainly going to come within six feet of others while walking around in the common areas. I think essentially once you get in the grandstand you’re on your own being responsible. I think people were asked to have separation between groups in the grandstand. I don’t think the track can feasibly have people walking around policing separation in the grandstands. I think if you’re uncomfortable with someone without a mask that you don’t know sitting too close there’s plenty of room to find another seat.

  9. I think what Mike just said was that uniform safety practices are not being practiced in the stands for whatever reason and he’s right. Therefore why not allow lackadaisical, spotty mask wearing on the midway and increase risk there as well. Makes perfect sense to me.

  10. Folks, enjoy each race as if it is the last of the year.

    Broadway just announced they are staying shut down into January 2021.

    Many MLB players have started announcing that they are sitting out the 2020 “season”.

    The Big E just cancelled for this year.

    Many pro athletes are getting infected.

    College sports probably won’t happen this fall.

    The list of CANCELATIONS goes on and on, and they are still coming.

    This is a minute by minute season. Don’t look too far into the future.

    As Smokey the bear said, only you can prevent forest fires.

    Only you can contain this pandemic.

    Be safe, wash your hands, social distance and wear a damn mask. 😷

    If you don’t like bad news, don’t watch the pandemic status in the next couple weeks, it’s gonna get bad, real bad.

  11. getserious says

    Hey csg, No problem, You don’t need a printer. Just go online and buy the tix. Pay with credit card or Paypal, etc. The ticket booth holds your tix until you come to the window on race night, then you show them your ID,and they hand you your tickets.
    If you want to sit with people wearing masks, go to turn 1 end of the stands (Section A) where the masks are MANDATORY for everyone in those stands. Again, that is thanks to Doug’s suggestion,

    But now, do I have this right? Originally the Fri Open show was a full program (minus heats) of SKs, SKLs, SSs, LLMs, LMs PLUS the Open 80 for $30? And now it is$50 for the two nights? And you only get the addition of a non-points SKL and SS race for the additionaal $20? Plus an extra travel day?

  12. there is something else besides covid 19 we need to remember…. stafford has a midnight curfew. if an event is in progress at midnight, it can finish, but a caution ends it. last friday we were pushing that a bit, i think we got done at 11:15- 11:30. with an 80 lap open event, and a LOT more cars than usual, moving the 80 to saturday seems more practical.

  13. The TC 13 is added to the two nights as well but if you’re going to put it like that then the $50 does not sound like such a great deal. Especially if the only racing you’re interested in is live and in person.
    The wild card now is the alternative. A family could easily spend over $100 last year taking in a Mod 80 show last year.
    If the two night deal is too much and you can get past the being there part consider the alternative.
    One that didn’t exist last year. One that if you have a 65 inch TV may not be a bad substitute at all. 50 clams (that may end up less with a package) gets you two nights of racing for the family. No masks, no designated driver, no late night for the kids to worry about at all. And especially no having to deal with one of the tribe that may not have wanted to be there is the first place.

  14. I populated my calendar with racing dates very early in the preseason. I left the dates on the calendar even as the COVID-19 pandemic grew and shutdowns were announced. It’s kinda weird seeing these dates go by, like driving through ghost towns.

  15. Thanks Get Serious I really did not want to buy a bunch of ink just to be able to print a ticket to go to Stafford. I was planning on going the 10th for the Open Mod show. I have a couple of neighbors who are interested in going to a race this summer and that was the show I had planned. I like the opens because there aren’t a bunch of boring heats to sit through. You have a decent chance of making a good impression on someone who isn’t already a fan. I find you only have one shot to introduce racing to non fans. More mods the better shot you have to turn them. Is Stafford allowing overnight camping for these Friday/Saturday shows?

  16. Fast Eddie says

    Dareal, I know exactly what you mean. Every year I grab all the racing schedules and write in the events on a calendar, checking off the ones I go to. By now I’d have probably checked off 6 or 7, but I can only check off one so far this year. Hopefully this weekend gives me 2 late add-ons!

  17. I personally bought a paddock season pass to make an affordable attempt at crewing an SKL team run for a championship. There had been mention of a potential rebate of one way or another in regards to an abbreviated season. Is stafford using these extra shows to offset any possibility of working with the hands that feed? Obviously, the extra show brings in another batch of spectator revenue to help pay the purse that is limited by the pandemic which is good business sense. Although, by having both shows being supported by SKL and street stock non point shows, some underfunded teams may feel the risk vs reward can’t be justified in a potential championship run. IMO, swapping a partial support card for each Saturday and running for points, would be more acceptable.

  18. Fast Eddie, be careful, be safe.

  19. I think the reason for making the Saturday added races no points races is to ensure a team isn’t taken out of a points championship due to wreck on Friday causing them to miss Saturdays race.. This is local racing and most teams at this level do not have complete second cars they can roll out the garage within a days notice. There is a real possibility a wreck on Friday can not be repaired in under 24 hours forcing teams to miss the second day. Also this is a late addition to the schedule on a night they do not normally run, drivers and teams may already have plans for Saturday. I agree several regular SKL and Street stock teams may decide to skip the added non points shows. I hope Stafford increases the purse a bit for the SKL and Street Stocks to entice these teams to show up for these extra events. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

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