Stafford Speedway Looking To Open For Racing With Spectators Within A Month

Stafford Motor Speedway management is hoping to return to action with spectators within a month (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

New state guidance released has opened the door for outdoor events to take place, which could allow Stafford Motor Speedway to open for racing with fans within a month.  

Under new state guidelines the state will allow outdoor events to take place on June 17. 

Stafford Motor Speedway has been unable to host racing events because of shutdowns due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Under the new guidance for outdoor activities, those operating professional sporting venues must get approval from the Connecticut Department of Economic Community Development. 

Stafford Speedway Chief Operating Officer Paul Arute said Monday that the track submitted a plan with the DECD about two weeks ago and they have been working to continue to submit updated data based on findings from other racing venues that have been able open under state approval in other regions. 

“The town has already approved the plan,” Arute said. “It includes spectators. … It’s just a waiting game now. We’re hopeful, we’re optimistic.

“The moment we get approval we’ll be ready to go with something. We only want to announce anything when we get approval. We’ve been going about this the right way. We want to do everything the right away. The moment we have approval we’ll have a schedule ready and we’ll be hitting the ground.” 

The new state guidance calls for outdoor event businesses to limit capacity to 50 percent. Stafford Speedway has a capacity of 10,000. Arute said the track’s plan submitted to the state requested a capacity lower than 50 percent but he said of the 50 percent number: “That would be much better.” 

State guidance on outdoor event reopening reads:

“As Connecticut enters Phase II, the state wants to enable its citizens to enjoy quality time outdoors. Such activities must be undertaken only after prioritizing the health and safety of attendees and employees. It is the cumulative effects gained from social distancing, hand washing, and mask-wearing that will prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please keep that in mind as you plan and execute your event.

“Large gatherings and community events bring people from multiple communities into close contact with each other and have the potential to increase COVID-19 transmission. The goals of these rules are to protect people attending and working at the event, and the local community from COVID-19 infection.

Note that event organizers still need to obtain any permits or licenses and adhere to municipal or state guidelines that would otherwise be required in addition to complying with these rules.”

The state guidance on personal protection at outdoor events reads: “All event attendees including employees, volunteers and officials shall wear a surgical style mask or other face covering (e.g. cloth mask) that completely covers the nose and mouth within 6 ft of those not in the same household, unless doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety due to medical conditions, and except when eating.” 

Arute said the track’s plan calls for their season to be extended with events through late October. The track typically run its final racing events in late September or early October. 

The track was originally scheduled to open with the NAPA Spring Sizzler weekend April 25-26. The season was original scheduled to end Sept. 26-27 with the NAPA Fall Final. Thus far because of the state shutdown the track has lost it’s NAPA Spring Sizzler weekend and six Friday night events. 

Arute said track management is committed to giving its season pass holders as close to a full season of racing events as possible. 

“If we were to start in the beginning of July and go to the end of October we can get in 20 shows,” Arute said. “Season pass holders are one of our most important customers and we’re going to try our best to give them the maximum value on their investment. We’re going to do our best to get as many events as we can in. And if we don’t get enough in we’ll look at some sort of credit for next season. But we’re still optimistic we’ll still be able to get a full season in.” 

Arute said he could not comment at this time on if the track would be able to host NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour events under a limited capacity structure. The Whelen Modified Tour is scheduled to run three events at Stafford Speedway this year. 

It’s unclear what plans are for the state’s other two short tracks this season.

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park was scheduled to run a six-event schedule on its oval track this season. The road course at the facility has reopened for private events but the track has offered no communications on plans for the oval for 2020. 

The last public announcement by Thompson Speedway management concerning anything to do with the oval came through a posting on the track website on April 28 which read: “Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park is aware of Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s Executive Order 7X which extends all current prohibitions on business activities through May 20. We will continue to abide by the directives of our local government and health officials during the COVID-19 pandemic and will have to further adjust our 2020 season schedule accordingly. The safety of our race teams, fans and staff remains paramount. We will have further updates once available. Updates will come from our social media channels, and website,” 

Attempts to reach Thompson Speedway CEO Jonathan Hoenig since May 22 have been unsuccessful. There is no indication that any private testing has been scheduled for the oval at Thompson. Thompson Speedway was scheduled to host the Whelen Modified Tour three times in 2020. 

Before COVID-19 shutdowns went into place, management at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl had expressed optimism that they would be able to reopen in 2020 after being closed for the entirety of the 2019 season. It’s now unclear if that optimism remains. 

Two new grandstand structures were constructed April, but according to sources close to the track, further work to complete planned construction projects to facilitate reopening of the track have been put on hold. Track general manager Mike Serluca was put on furlough by ownership in April. Serluca said recently that to his knowledge there is no plans for the track to open even for private testing at anytime soon.

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  1. Great news. I like that Stafford is considering extending the season to make up for lost races and If they can not get in enough shows they will make it up to their season ticket holders. Classy moves by Stafford Speedway. Seekonk put out a release recently that wasn’t nearly as optimistic for as quick a return for their Saturday night program. Finally some good news when it comes to the possibility of local racing.

  2. The Arutes have clearly not spoken with DaReal and Bob P. They said this wouldn’t happen, much less this summer.

    I’ll be there opening night and several Friday nights after that.

  3. Awesome news – fingers crossed. racing till end of October is great – maybe run either sat or sunday afternoon once it gets colder.

  4. Anarchy 2020 says

    Wonder if the fork is about to be stuck in the Thompson oval.

  5. Great news. At 50% capacity, they should be able to race a normal Friday night race. All depends on the state now. JD, I said I couldn’t see them running a tour show with restrictions in place, and was going by the original plan laid out by Lamont, that wouldn’t have allowed large gatherings till late in stage 4. Things are very fluid right now, and can change daily. Don’t forget, the virus is still in control, and things can change literally overnight.
    Everybody stay safe, strong and sane. Keep doing the right things, it’s making the difference we need to make to be able to hopefully race.

  6. Fast Eddie says

    Great news! If you want to know how to run a race track, take some notes on the methods of the Arute family! And of all the New England tracks, if you’re a Modified fan, Stafford is the place to be for a regular weekly show! THANK-YOU to the Arute family and crew for all your hard work!

  7. Sharpie Fan says

    Fingers crossed!

  8. Average deaths per day in one week blocks in Connecticut with dates inclusive. 4/21-4/27-95, 4/28-5/4–80, 5/5-5/11–64, 5/12-5/18-63. 5/19-5/25-42, 5/2-6/1- 32. Last seven days the average daily number continues to drop to 17. Hospital confinements drop but less dramatically. Infections averaging 193 per day on average for the last week and testing hit 8 and 9000 on a couple days.
    The virus is clearly not in control. People in Ct and Mass for that matter that factor into the decision adhering to health safety best practices are. This is why we are talking about a Stafford open that seemed unimaginable a month or two ago.
    Here’s a couple more encouraging facts according to Dr. Scott Gottlieb who has been out and about in the media and has not appeared to sugar coat anything over the last couple months. He’s saying a deliverable vaccine in mass by early 2021 is no longer a fantasy. Actually he expressed optimism. Furthermore he anticipates that by the time the vaccine is available 20 to 30% of the population will have been exposed and have some degree of immunity and that only another 30 or 40% will need to be inoculated with an effective vaccine to get to herd immunity. The bad news is that we’ll never crush the virus on our own and will continue to wrestle with hot spots and outbreaks because this is the US and we can’t all agree on freakin anything. He didn’t use those words but it amounted to that.

  9. The original state COVID-19 reopening plan called for outdoor gatherings of no more than 200 people in the fall.

    “New state guidance released has opened the door for outdoor events to take place, which could allow Stafford Motor Speedway to open for racing with fans within a month. ”

    Please note the word “New”. The rules have changed.

    And my comments were almost always derived from NWMT discussions.


    “Arute said he could not comment at this time on if the track would be able to host NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour events under a limited capacity structure.”

    I’ve been saying it will be tough to impossible to have a NWMT race without fans. Will still be doubtful with reduced capacity fans. Unless a sponsor coughs up major dough.

    So with that, I was right again.

    JD, you’re an animal.

  10. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”


    😷😷 darealgoodfella 😷😷😷 says
    June 8, 2020 at 6:33 pm
    I’ve been saying it will be tough to impossible to have a NWMT race without fans. Will still be doubtful with reduced capacity fans. Unless a sponsor coughs up major dough.


    darealgoodfella says
    May 20, 2020 at 12:13 pm
    Large gatherings are STILL PROHIBITED. Therefore, it will take several months of operating at this low level of reopening {and large gatherings are prohibited} to monitor the response of the coronavirus to this limited reopening. That puts us into the fall months, which are already predicted to be deadly, a second wave of COVID-19 is expected in the fall.

  11. Amazing DADOPE was right again , in a month or so he’ll be proven wrong , he sounds so much like 45 constantly padding himself on the back , telling us how great he is , how he’s smarter than everyone else , even from the name he gives himself , truth of the matter is someone who has to keep telling us how great he is ,is because nobody else ever told him that , almost forgot he drives a train too

  12. Bobf (formally just bob) says

    As we appear to both be Preece fans, I’m hoping you can talk me off the ledge. Maybe Stenthouse Is overdriving the 47, as he has wrecked out a couple of occasions , but he is moving forward in “lesser equipment” so to speak.
    That being said, 47 moving forward, In the “lesser” team equipment to Buscher, in the 37, (last year) so I thought, if you get my drift. Atlanta proved to me one thing. 47 could move forward. The 37 stayed mired. And it looks like a trend between both cars. ( in limited body of work so far this year) I could be wrong, but the 37 from last year, and the 47 from this year, seem to be more consistent stats for better runs. The variable, crew chiefs and dare I say drivers. So, what do you think? Preece just aint making any noise. So while the fat lady isnt singing yet, I fear she is getting out of bed, feet hitting the floor, and she is clearing her throat. While I hope not, this does not appear to bode well for Ryan. Thoughts? B

  13. A combination of things have led to the numbers stabilizing, and lowering. Social distancing, people wearing masks, hygiene and sanitizing. Some “experts” are saying that the ways in which the virus is treated has led to a greater number of people surviving. Other “experts” believe the virus has mutated, so it’s not as deadly. Some are saying the arrival of warmer weather is helping. But, all the “experts” agree that there is a high likelihood that there will be a resurgence. Some say before the end of summer, others in the fall.
    I think it’s great that Stafford will be able to start racing, although with limited capacity, but fear the racing will be short lived.
    We can all help the cause, by doing our part. Keep social distancing, wear masks, wash your hands often and stay home when you can. When you do go out, be careful, carry hand sanitizer with you (if you can find it). If we all do our part, we may get to enjoy some good racing. If not…well you all know.
    The Arute family runs undoubtedly the best weekly short track in all of the Northeast. They deserve a round of applause for their efforts.
    Everybody stay safe strong and sane. Keep fighting, your efforts and sacrifices are helping slow the spread, leading to where we are now. Give yourself a round of applause.

  14. I can see it happening. My beer hockey league has started back up. Dareal, are you interested in lacing them up and playing?

  15. Anarchy 2020 says

    Dafella, can you please clarify what you’re trying to say.

  16. Ed J, what rink? 🏒

    Anarchy, it’s already clear. Your inability to understand is all on you.

    Folks, the experts, doctors, elected officials have been commenting that the response of the people, the general public, the smart ones, has been the key factor in battling this pandemic. Our behavior has been the antidote. I’m so very impressed at all the masks and distancing I see.

  17. This is great for Stafford and now the WHO comes out today and what they were saying for 3 months now was wrong about super spreaders a systematic people saying it is rare for them to invect others now, Weldingwonders I’m sure Goodfella must have tons of info written on this subject

  18. So I’m watching the race at Atlanta, thinking this is not going well for Preece in relationship to Stenhouse and actually thinking if bobf is going to weigh in on it. Not impressed with the 12th at Bristol are you?
    Yes bobf it is exactly as you said and while you are being modest pretty much as you feared would happen. I believe you also said the Stenhouse crew chief would make a difference and you appear to be right on that as well.
    30th Ryan, really. Not good. Stenhouse is good at 20th but Buescher in his new ride isn’t exactly lighting it up at 19th.
    Is Ryan at deaths door career wise? I prefer to not think of that and as a fan hope springs eternal. Talledaga is coming up and as you yourself said that is an opportunity race. And he did finish 12th at Bristol so there’s that. Did I mention he finished 12th at Bristol?

  19. Wonder how low the purses will be cut down?

  20. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”
    “So with that, I was right again.”



    darealgoodfella says
    November 11, 2019 at 5:32 pm
    Shawn, if Bennett, Pennink, and Darling were not doing this to make bank, then why did they get involved in operating the TTOMS?
    It won’t be long before TTOMS announces that the larger schedule has increased costs and therefore payouts will be reduced, entry fees will increase, etc. Don’t be surprised when the seven race schedule is reduced.
    So here are my predictions: TTOMS revenue will decline, TTOMS expenses will increase, payouts to the TTOMS racers will decrease, and the TTOMS will wither.
    The revenue and racers will probably go with the LI Mod Maniac. Can’t wait to see the new name of the racing schedule Schaeffer and Williams will be promoting.


    February 5, 2020 by Staff Report
    Tri Track Open Modified Series officials announced on Wednesday the purse structure for the six-race season in 2020.
    Competitors will be chasing at least $6,000 to win each event, with Seekonk Speedway’s Open Wheel Wednesday listed as a $10,000 first-place prize.


  21. Fast Eddie says

    Doug & Bobf, could it be the difference in $$ between the #1 and #2 teams? Could Ryan be running the #2 team car to the best of his and its capabilities? It’s not easy to get a top ten if your in a top twenty car. And no chance for a top ten if you crash trying to get there. No disrespect to any team members, but maybe there’s a little better equipment for the 47 to utilize because of the “name” driver and crewchief? And not for nothing, IMO Stenhouse does make a lot of kamikaze moves, some work and most don’t. I think Ryan is doing what he can with the equipment he has, and what he has now is obviously not JGR level equipment.

  22. You did mention that Doug. I will agree, Preece is good at taking care of his equipment. But if memory serves me correctly, Talledaga and Bristol finishes for Preece, were due to his ability to avoid wrecks and stay out of trouble. Not because the car was driving up through the feild, under race conditions. Admirable? Surely. Part of a strategy staying out of trouble? Absolutely. But I question how long a strategy like that (albeit part of the equation) can last long term in helping him keep a seat. He just seems, for the most part, mired in the 20’s most of the time. Rarely does he gain any positions coming out of pits. I was hoping to see them get something figured out by now. Can’t use the excuse anymore that the 47 was getting lesser equipment than the 37, by the advances Stenthouse appears to be starting to make in the 47. Tic tok….hope I’m wrong

  23. World Health Organization (WHO) now says there is very little chance of asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19 transmitting the virus to other humans. Good news to hear. But there is going to be hell to pay if they made this announcement without first consulting with dareal.

  24. I might start using DaReal to bet the the stick and ball sports when they return. Who do you like this weekend? Then bet the opposite like WeldingWonders suggested. I’ll be rich! The fact that he is wrong as much as he is takes true talent in of itself.

    Preece does take care of the car and usually completes the race. That is a big plus. Stenhouse is a checkers or wreckers guy. There will be a lot of driver movement this off season. Maybe one of the big teams take notice. Look at Bowman. He raced garbage cars for years until he got his break.

  25. I think out of all the modified touring series TTOMS has the best chance of nearly completing their season.
    The hindging factor will be Seekonk. As you all know Massachusetts was hit hard by Covid 19, especially the Eastern part of the state. Governor Baker, and his staff are carefully reopening businesses in phases, and it’s unclear when Seekonk will be allowed to open, and what, if any, restrictions will be imposed. Combine this with an anticipated second wave, and things start to look bleek.
    There is another factor though…us. “experts” have said that our actions will dictate our future. We all know that social distancing, wearing masks ECT.. have made a significant difference. The question is, will people continue to take these steps? This is a fluid situation, with things happening swiftly, so only time will tell. We literally control our own destiny now, so do the right things.

  26. Jussayin says

    I was gonna rant about dareal but he’s to annoying! Not worth it
    Can someone do a wellness check on John Hoenig please?! And the oval track management? If there are any. Have the road course club members torn down turns 1&2 to build there own clubhouse or something? Should we have our cars ready on a moments notice? Or should we start shopping for Miatas and Zs. So many ??? And we get crickets! Please say something…. anything…

  27. So in the last couple of weeks with all the protesting that happened without social distancing and with some wearing masks , many others not, the Covid trend continues in the right direction. Also, Lamont opened up phase 2 a little early . Maybe this all bodes well for a continual reopening of life as we knew it.with proper precautions continuing until we have a vaccine. Aside from raising awareness of a huge issue, maybe the protests have also shined a light on the fact that a lot of people can gather without causing wave 2 of the pandemic. Now its up to everyone to decide how safe they feel doing what they are once again able to do. If the ramp up of people going back to the races is a slow as it has been for people enjoying outside dining at their favorite restaurants, at least around where I live, it may be a while before Stafford has any real worries about social distancing in the grandstands. But glad to see local racing resume at any level.
    Not sure how the Preece conversation got woven in here but JTG has never made enough positive gains to attract top tier talent anywhere in its organization. Even Bobyy Labonte couldn’t get them out of the 20’s . Mid-pack at best. One win with AJ Almendinger on a road course is it .I think Buescher won his rain shortened race in another ride. As talented as Preece is he can only stretch the capabilities of his team and equipment so far beyond their limits and with he and Stenhouse driving styles both so different I don’t think there is a lot they can share on set-ups. In contrast will point to William Byron . Hendrick equipment, one of the best crew chiefs with Knaus and hasn’t won a damn thing in 3 years. So cut Preece some slack people. In my opinion, if he and Byron swapped rides tomorrow. JTG’s results would be the same and the 24 would be back in victory lane before the season ended.

  28. Fast Eddie says

    Seekonk’s website hints at possible racing at the end of the month, with fans allowed in mid-July. NH tracks may have some good news Monday, 6/15. Hoping this info proves correct!

  29. JD, you no longer say the season is over?

    You are flipping around like a freshly landed bluefish.

  30. “World Health Organization (WHO) now says there is very little chance of asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19 transmitting the virus to other humans.”

    Not really… It was one person responding to a reporter’s question and has been clarified today:

  31. Mike H, U.S. experts are now saying the WHO spoke too soon, as there is not enough collected data to support that claim. They claim that the spread may be more prevalent in presympomatic people due to the 5-10 day incubation period though.
    Either way the only ways known to slow the spread are those we’ve been practicing since March. Officials now believe that the virus started long before China reported it, as images recently released show drastic surges at Chinese hospitals as early as October 2019.

  32. Breaking News: ACE Speedway has been shut down by the governor of North Carolina, declaring the facility an imminent Hazzard. More actions may be taken at a later date.

  33. The WHO is now walking back the statements it made a few days ago concerning asymptomatic spread.
    Governor Baker has moved the reopening of bars to the second part of stage 4, which makes the current outlook for Seekonk look dismal.

  34. North Carolina is one of the MANY states that are seeing higher and highest numbers of coronavirus cases. Sad. 😢

    Hey JD, I hear there are greased pig races going on somewhere, check them out too.

  35. Ed P., it’s a little too early to say that people can go out and about and it will not cause flare ups. In TX, some kids did an unauthorized prom party and it has caused a local outbreak. Another kid from PA traveled to the Jersey shore, got infected, and has infected 12 others back home. Thank goodness the social distancing and tracing has been successful and can absorb some of this without major problems. It will take a couple weeks before it is time for the protest crowds to show infections if they happen.

    As far as restaurants go, it ain’t the dining area that is of great concern, it’s the kitchen.

    Chad Knaus is nothing without Jimmy Johnson. If Chad Knaus was that good, the 24 would be doing far better. It was funny listening to the radio for the 48, and Chad would make it sound like he was going to fire Jimmy for not driving how he wanted. Chad looks like the idiot. Jimmy Johnson made Chad Knaus look good.

    I second that opinion, Preece is doing the best with what he’s got. Stenhouse hasn’t lit that organization up at all.

  36. No matter how you spin it there is an unspoken competition between Stenhouse and Preece and there’s no way you can paint a rosy picture for Preece in that competition up to now. I tried. However he did very well in premier equipment in the Xfinity Series in his limited stints so it’s clearly not a Preece doesn’t have what it takes kind of thing.
    Saw a demonstration in Windsor, Ct Sunday. The overwhelming majority had masks. That’s the key in groups not distancing. I know a lot of you guys are not sympathetic to the cause but it was kind of inspiring I have to say. Mostly younger but moms and dads and kids as well. Black and white. Peaceful. I don’t have to agree with everything they are advocating for but I certainly am inspired by the size of the movement and can respect it.
    We nutmeggers are having a pretty good run with beating back the plaque and peaceful protests and Stafford opening the gates would continue the climb back to new normal if not normal normal.

  37. JD, this is for you:

    😷🤣😷🤣😷🤣🦠🏴 🏴 🏴 🏴 🏴 🏴 🏴 🏴 🏴 🏴 🏴 🏴

  38. I hope everyone is looking at this realistically. I have no idea what the future holds. Neither does anyone else. People can provide conjecture and can pontificate all they want. Until there are cars on the track and fans in the stands, we have no clue. The Thompson facility has been running the Road Course for about a week. Golf since early March. What the bottom line there is anyone’s guess. They do have massive expenditures. Golf maintenance, track maintenance, safety crew on track days, taxes, etc. Believe what you want, nobody knows anything.

  39. Anarchy 2020 says

    Dafella says the problem is in the kitchen not the dining areas. That’s why the governors are not allowing indoor dining. Dafella is smarter than Lamont. 😂😂😂

  40. Doug, agree with you about Presence. It would be interesting to see him in a good car, from a top team, I’d be willing to bet he’d win a few, and have allot of top 10 finishes, and would make the playoffs. When he switched to the 37, did his crew come with him? It’s hard to find consistency when your bounced around.

  41. Correction Preece not presense. Forgot spell check was on.

  42. Ed p, fast Eddie, doug;
    The preece stenthouse thing started here on this thread, because I wanted to inject some racing talk. I thought it was a good, relevant topic, even though the thread is for a topic totally different. Covid has been beat to death here, and in no way, am I minimizing it’s importance. Just tired is all.
    All the Covid stuff is extremely important, relevent, and I understand all the deep divides that are are on all sides of the topic, no matter where anyone stands on it. I’ve tried to stay out of the topic because frankly, I’m not an expert, and not on the front lines of this thing, which would obviously give one an expert perspective. But if course, I do have an opinion. Sorry.
    I do know Is this. I’m 65, with compromised lungs. If I got this thing, I’m a goner. Over. That being said….
    The information is all over the place, and due diligence would suggest one would need to do the homework, research, and come to their own conclusion as to what is best for their own situation. I can’t, nor should I, tell anyone how to live their life. It’s not my business.
    Yes Doug, I said I wasn’t going to talk about this, but I guess I lied. (Disclosure) Like everybody, sure, I have an opinion. But we all know at the end of the day it’s just an opinion.
    I always enjoy talking to you Doug, as you are always willing to listen and give me thoughtful feedback. So here goes. Doug, I decided to go with what has always worked for me. Numbers and facts.
    Facts, as long as they are accurate, have always been a litmus test for me. Numbers? Numbers, well, they just don’t lie.
    So for me, until there is fact: a proven vaccine, and fact, numbers of infected are relatively 0, I can’t and won’t, go to Stafford, NH, Seekonk (which I freakin love the TTMS there) or any other. Not because I’m scared. I’ve had It relatively good. But because
    I realized something. My little 2-1/2 year old grandaughter is depending on me to err on the side of extreme caution, for her and for me. She can’t do it. I have to. I realized, in my own little world, this can’t be about me, or a person sitting next to me in a bleacher, that I may not even know. And even if I try to do the “right” thing, maybe they don’t.
    So call me out everybody. Tell me I’m over reacting and have “drank the conspiracy cool aid”, but, I have to watch from the sidelines for a while guys. Everybody has a right to do what they think is best for them. So, I wish everybody the best of health, best of luck, and if I’m all wet here, so be it. I can take it. Hell, I’m married. I’m used to never being right. Godspeed Everybody. And if you get a chance to sit in a stand somewhere and watch live racing this summer, know I’ll be as jealous as hell.

  43. Ed P., there are reports coming out now, a week and a half after Memorial Day weekend where people let down their guard, that there are some 20-ish states with INCREASING COVID-19 numbers. Some states with the highest numbers they have experienced.

    USA COVID-19 deaths: 114,167

    Bobf, thanks for being selfless and responsible.

  44. Kayman, don’t be so glum. Just don’t pay any heed to JD, Doug, et al. They are a bunch of Lucy’s. Don’t listen to JD, he knows all about all the race tracks that are running… oh, wait… they didn’t run and have been shut down by law and order. Oh well, maybe JD will see what it’s like to get something right. I love to remind JD and Doug that I was right again.

    JD, find some greased pig races up there?

  45. 65 huh. Young whippersnapper!
    If and when Stafford opens it’s a concern. Will folks descend on the track with their Constitutions and defiant attitudes looking to make a statement or will the same discipline we see grocery shopping and at Home Depot prevail? I’d hope seeing as how the racing fan base is older Stafford might consider allocating space for masks only. No exceptions. It’s unfortunate that risk assessment has to be a factor when you attend a race but that is simply the new normal.
    The good news Bobf for those of us age or geographically challenged is modified racing is afoot via PPV. As things are developing PPV is actually gaining ground in the region. First it was Late Models at Clairemont and White Mountain.and now modifieds are it the mix. It’s a way to support the sport for we older types that may be vulnerable but have a few bucks. On tap in three days Mahoning Valley will be streamed for $20 via Speed51. Scheduled to be there are Blewett, Hirschman, Silk and Hossfeld of all people. Next week will be Jennerstown so the drought of Northeast modified racing may be coming to an end if the weather cooperates.

  46. Fast Eddie says

    Bobf, thanks for the racing talk! I agree about the covid talk, getting real old and real aggravating, but still a necessary evil in our lives. We all have our own individual reality with this pandemic and need to handle our situation accordingly. Some generalizations can be made about the effects, but those circumstances apply to each person differently. Hang in there, stay safe, and give your granddaughter an extra hug or two!

  47. Great well thought out statement Bobf, no name calling or calling people stupid, but explaining without rancor the personal decision you have arrived at. It all makes sense, hope to see you at the races for many more years to come once the Covid situation is under control.

  48. Anarchy 2020 says

    Is Pennsylvania opening back up or just the Alabama sections?

  49. A lot of words just to say you aren’t going to the track but I enjoyed the read.

    Ace is only closed for two weeks at the moment. Just a bump in the road. By then Stafford ,Monadnock. Lee, Oxford, Star etc will be on the cusp of opening. I think Star is going no fans next week. All the tracks that DaReal said wouldn’t open this year are getting ready.

  50. Thanks for all the comments guys. Just my own opinion, but everyone needs to do what they feel is best for them.
    JD, sorry, I tend to do that. (Be wordy). I think it’s some suspect DNA on my part! Rest assured, it’s not drama, as I don’t post that often. Thanks!

  51. I’ll admit it I’m jealous. They loves their late models up north. Three shows last week at Clairemont and White Mountain. Act scheduled for Saturday and Thunder Road opener the following week. Northeast Sports Network is low definition but did an outstanding job last week for the Saturday show. Now they are coming back for more and sister track Thunder Road the following week. I’m sure there’s a good reason Stafford can’t do it but if they are coming back for seconds up north there must be some money in it. Could northern focused TTOMS be looking into a PPV race fingers crossed?
    No predictions but the Stafford season thing may be more hope then substance. MIT is projecting a resurgence of the plague based on re opening mostly. It’s not pessimistic but thinking longer term into the fall may be a bridge too far.. Limited shows in the shorter term may be smarter. Get what you can while you can. see how it shakes out then take the next step. I get it. Stafford is sitting on season ticket money. They are motivated to have some kind of season. No matter what happens they’ll do the right thing.

  52. Have to agree with you Doug, when it comes to a resurgence. It’s great that Stafford may reopen soon, but how long they stay open remains to be seen. Get what you can while you can. People’s safety must come before anything else, because dead people don’t attend races.
    We can all help by doing our part, and if I need to explain that, it’s already too late.

  53. Fast Eddie says

    I just saw an article in a racing paper with a section titled “Connecticut Tracks May Be Able to Re-Open at 50%”. It said the Governor announced Monday that as of June 17th,outdoor events could open with a 50% capacity. Maybe there will be racing with spectators in the not-too-distant future.

  54. Fast Eddie,
    Which paper did you read this in? Sounds like that paper just reported what was reported in this story but forgot to mention that the track has to get state approval of a reopening plan before being allowed to open the gates.

  55. Fast Eddie says

    It was in the 6/9 issue of Area Auto Racing News. It’s only a paragraph in a larger article about the northeast tracks. And you’re right, there is no mention of final approval for opening being required.

  56. Fast Eddie says

    Sorry Shawn, I wasn’t trying to refute your article or confuse the issue. I just thought it was a good thing to see other sources were making mention of it.

  57. Fast Eddie,
    Definitely wasn’t thinking you were doing anything like that.

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