Whelen Modified Tour July Event At NHMS Cancelled; Cup Series Event Postponed To August

New Hampshire Motor Speedway officials announced Thursday that the July 18 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Nor’Easter 100 has been cancelled.

NHMS officials made the announcement in conjunction with announcing that the previously scheduled July 19 Cup Series Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 has been postponed to Aug. 2.

The NASCAR Xfinity Series event scheduled for the track on July 18 has been moved to Kentucky Speedway.

The Whelen Modified Tour is scheduled to run the Musket 200 at NHMS on Sept. 12 as part of the track’s Full Throttle Weekend.

In announced the rescheduling of the Cup Series event to Aug. 2 a release from the track stated that it’s unclear at this time if fans will be allowed to attend the race.

“Welcoming race fans from across the United States, Canada and around the world to ‘The Magic Mile’ each summer is what our New Hampshire Motor Speedway team looks forward to all year,” David McGrath, executive vice president and general manager of New Hampshire Motor Speedway said in a release. “We’ll be very disappointed if fans can’t join us, but in these unprecedented times, we understand that the health and safety of our fans, the competitors and our staff is of the utmost importance. Once we have more information regarding access, we’ll inform our fans as soon as possible. In the meantime, NASCAR has done a phenomenal job working with the race teams and speedways to become the first major league sport back on television with live competition, and we’re thrilled the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 will be part of the Cup Series summer broadcast schedule.”

The Xfinity Series event that was scheduled to be run on July 18 at NHMS will now be run July 9 at Kentucky Speedway.

A press release from NHMS offers fans the following information below concerning tickets:

Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 ticketholders on file may choose to receive an event credit for the full amount paid plus an additional 20% or choose to receive a full refund of their purchase price.* The event credit can be applied toward any admissions, including, but not limited to, grandstand seating, infield tickets, camping, fan hospitality and pre-race pit passes. The 120% event credit can be used during the remaining 2020 or 2021 seasons for a NASCAR-sanctioned event at any Speedway Motorsports owned track, subject to fan access and availability.

Fans are advised to keep their current tickets and asked to complete an exchange request form at NHMS.com to start the process. Exchange credit or refund requests must be made within 30 days. Fan Relations Specialists will follow up with fans within three weeks regarding the status of their request. Ticketholders should email [email protected] or call 833-4LOUDON with further questions.

*Shipping, handling and service fees not included in event credits or refunds.

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  1. Cancel a race two months away in Aug? That is garbage. They might actually run the Sunday race with fans. The one race we all might have been able to go enjoy safely is gone. Hope is a hard thing to hang onto these days. Both in racing and society.

    No NHMS race in August but J. Wilson thinks there still could be a championship? Just call it a year now. Tracks can run some open shows later in the season. It’s over.

    Meanwhile the state of Texas just announced 50% capacity for sports. I’m so over this nonsense. I need a beer.

  2. Cancel NH is the worst thing they could have done get over this virus hundreds of thousands of people are shoulder every nite Texas? Hope Wilson doesn’t send the tour there for 2500 to win.

  3. What a difference a few minutes makes!!!!

    But the garden centers are JAMMIN’!!!!!!!

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  4. Fast Eddie says

    Well, so much for my post in the Jimmy Wilson interview alluding to NASCAR not making any decisions about the WMT! I’d bet Wilson may not have found out too much earlier than we did.

  5. A poster that goes by “JD” posted:

    “Just call it a year now. Tracks can run some open shows later in the season. It’s over.”

    Is this the same JD that has been making like racing is happening all over despite all the cancelation and postponement announcements?

    How many im-posters are using the “JD” screen name?

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    Man, those garden centers are JAMMIN’!!!!!

  6. Suitcase Jake says

    Those of us in Modified Country are not surprised the Modified Tour Race is canceled at NHMS. Thats the BEST Race of the whole weekend for most of Us who have been attending since the track opened . The Tour has been on shaky ground many times in the Northeast… Thats why other Modified Tours have been started in the past.. and will continue to pop up in the future. Daytona is not your friend . Now you see what we have seen in the past, your an afterthought . Cup is their Crown Jewel , Xfinity, Trucks, ARCA Menards.
    Modifieds get the shaft again… History has a way of repeating itself.. Look at the long time Car Owners that have exited the Tour in recent years, Too many to count .. Tri Track and MRS should benefit. Hell maybe even a NEW Mod Tour will get organized by Real Modified People.?? Daytona is not your Friend..If Smokey could see Nascar now it would belike this ” I told you so” Victory Lap.!!!!

  7. wmass01013 says

    So whats the POINT again OF running 2 races at JENNERSTOWN? I LOVE THE Track, don’t get me wrong but unless we go back to keeping fees and sponsor $$$, NO STAFFORD, THOMPSON, RIVERHEAD, NEW HAMPSHIRE, SEEKONK, MARTINSVILLE, IOWA = NO CHAMPIONSHIP

  8. Somebody get JD a beer stat. Maybe a few he’s taking this really hard.
    What I miss? Did they cancel all future NWMT races? Did the TTOMS issue a press release they’ve given up until next year?
    They’ve downsized the Cup race to cut costs, the NWMT is the victim and it’s completely understandable since revenue is tight this year. They didn’t say fans wouldn’t be allowed in the NWMT race later on only that as of now they can’t say and how is that unreasonable?
    Has the pandemic disappeared and decision making made easy? Or do the decision makers still need to take it a step at a time as conditions evolve that they can’t know now.
    What’s your expectation race fans? A return to normal with an abbreviated but robust season, a points battle and championship? Anything short of that is a bust so throw in the towel and wait until a vaccine is developed.
    They’ll be some stuff, you’ll see and you’ll enjoy it. Like not getting the Charmin toilet paper at the grocery store that you like so much, buying the Scotts they have and finding it might not be quite as good but does the job anyway. See racing is like toilet paper. Couldn’t get it a month ago, can now just not the choice you may have wanted.

  9. Geez, why is anybody surprised?????

    All sorts of things are still being cancelled, postponed, delayed, suspended, yadayadayada. And yet you anti-geniuses are absolutely shocked that normal racing isn’t happening.

    Folks, racing requires gatherings of large numbers of people. That is bad, very bad. Racing is the furthest from essential. Racing is pure non-essential.

    There’s a pandemic going on that has killed 110,000 Americans. It’s still raging. Are you that arrogant to think it will not affect you or people around you? This virus 🦠 is highly contagious.

    What is wrong with you people?

    Are you people dumb, nuts, or both????

  10. The Musket 200 on Sept 12, with the ACT 75, isn’t looking like it will happen.

    That’s a big place to open and run without fans.

  11. Mahoning Valley modified opener next Saturday. Looks like 30 plus tour types entered already. Hope restored.

  12. People are allowed to protest in large groups???? Not essential- let’s drive our race cars and park on the capital lawn and let this Governor know how we feel!!

  13. Liz Cherokee says

    So sad… New Hampshire is one of Melissa’s best tracks. Also a very good drinking track. I’ve sure gotten loaded a few times there!

  14. JD, looking for your first person report on the Mahoning race. You are going, right?

  15. A few PBRs to clear the mind last night did wonders.

    The NH Governor opened all beaches to all activity this morning. Why, because REOPENNH had several thousand people lined up to hit the beaches on Saturday and the Governor had no way to stop it. The government can’t stop any of this anymore. He caved to save face.
    I strongly urge NH tracks to contact REOPENNH. We are taking it to the streets! You remember the 60s DaReal? Peace, love and auto racing.

    Seekonk to announce their reopening plan today. Sounds like a slow process though. The first modified race in NH will probably be TT now. Hopefully we get one in before the SBM 125 at Star.

    Live Free or Die my friends.

  16. Thomas Barmstarn says

    Yes sir JD, Mahoning Valley is about to roar. Cant wait to make the trek down and see some racing. I doubt Chicken Little on here will go down. But then again he is to scared to leave his house. Luckily for many of us we will go out and enjoy the races and not live in media frenzied fear. If the cases don’t spike by thousands in the next 2 weeks from all the protests and riots people are really going to look pretty ignorant.

  17. I’m not holding hope for anything. We had been making some progress, but with the recent protests, which happened for the right reasons, I think we’ll start to see spikes in Covid cases, resulting in possible delays in reopening. I do understand both NASCAR, and the state of New Hampshire’s decisions in cancelling the race.
    The cup series enjoys lucrative TV contracts, and sponsorships that allow them to race without fans, whereas the Modified Tour doesn’t.
    You also have to understand that the Cup series teams employ thousands of people, who would be out of work if no racing happened. How many people on the Tour are employed full time by their team? Maybe 2 dozen.
    In the end it comes down to human life, no life is worth losing for a race. Everybody stay safe, strong and sane. Keep social distancing, wearing your mask and staying home when possible. These actions saved allot of lives, and led to declining numbers. When the numbers keep declining, the hope there will be racing this season rises. Stopping these actions will only ensure there is no racing.

  18. Look, there has been plenty of reports about a high potential second wave coming in late summer or the fall. Holding large scale entertainment events with zero socially redeeming value that requires the mobility of thousands of people is dangerous.

    Folks, it is still not safe to go outside.

  19. Anarchy 2020 says

    Folks social justice matters more than social distancing according to health officials.

  20. Blah, blah blah. The huge outdoor party in the Ozarks MO two weeks ago resulted in one case, no deaths.

    Riverside Speedway going green again tomorrow with the support of REOPENNH. TriTrack needs to call Riverside. ACT will be there next month.

    CARS tour rolling into Ace tomorrow. No mods this week.

    As bad as yesterday was, today was nothing but good news. I feel like I got part of my life back today. I got a few PBRs left too. Winning!

  21. OMG JD, you drink PBR? That’s like drinking skunk pee, LOL!

  22. Positive news? Connecticut will start phase 2 reopening June 17th. Included are retail stores,movie theaters, restaurants and a few other things. The casinos have reopened. There may be hope yet for those of you looking to attend a race. Of course with the fluidity of the situation things may change. Personally, I won’t be attending races until a vaccination has been distributed, which means probably 2023.
    Just because things are reopening, don’t for a minute think that your safe, your not, and won’t be until an effective vaccination has been implemented.
    Hope your all safe strong and sane, and that you continue to social distance, wear masks and stay home when possible. I know it sucks, but what would suck worse would be to have gone so long in isolation, just to wipe out all the progress we’ve made for a night of fun. If we stay vigilent, sooner than later we will enjoy the fruits of our labor.in times like these we must remember, it’s not all about you, but rather the people around you.

  23. PBR, the beer with a cigarette butt in the bottom of each can.

    Geez, when I was a kid, the river they pulled the water from caught fire. Adds something to it.

  24. JD, do you go to all these races you bring up?

  25. “Folks it is still not safe to go outside” Does that mean all the protestors are going to die from coronavirus?

  26. Mike H posted, ““Folks it is still not safe to go outside” Does that mean all the protestors are going to die from coronavirus?”

    Not all, but some infections are expected. The protesters are mostly very young, and very few young people succumb to the coronavirus. But so far, more people have been harmed and killed by police at these protests than by coronavirus. You realize these protests are about police brutality associated with systemic racism?

  27. Mike H, these people that are protesting have more courage, conviction, and virtuosity than you, making them patriots.

    All while you whine about not being able to do stuff because of the pandemic. 👶 🍼

  28. Mocking Papst, a classically satisfying beer and American icon. How very trendy the once blue collar racing fan base has gotten. My choice, Milwaukee’s Best. Unencumbered by extraneous additives that just serve to confuse the pallet and discourage volume drinking.

  29. To be clear, PBR is only for drinking in the dark. If I go somewhere nice I enjoy a good Sam Adams or a fine Belgium Ale. I’m not an animal.

  30. JD posted, “To be clear, PBR is only for drinking in the dark. If I go somewhere nice I enjoy a good Sam Adams or a fine Belgium Ale. I’m not an animal.”

    What is “drinking in the dark”? Never heard of that. Never considered it was a “thing”.

  31. Geez, I design my summers around the Mods at Loudon. This stinks. 😷

    But I accepted this right away, back in February, long before it was official.

    There’s a global pandemic 🦠 going on.

    Globally, 402,732 deaths are confirmed due to the pandemic.

    In the USA 🇺🇸, 112,101 Americans are confirmed dead.

  32. Fun fact, Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) hasn’t made their own product since ~1996. PBR is made by MillerCoors for some company that owns the PBR label/brand. PBR started in Milwaukee, and was known as Milwaukee’s beer, but is now based in Los Angeles.

  33. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”


    🏁🏁🏁 darealgoodfella 🏁🏁🏁 says
    December 28, 2019 at 9:12 pm
    For me, Thompson is the center of the Universe of Modified racing. It is THE track.

    ” darealgoodfella says
    March 9, 2020 at 7:49 pm
    I’m going to Thompson. Can’t wait. ”

    Darealgoodfella says
    March 16, 2020 at 9:12 am
    Since this virus first showed up on USA soil (January 21, 2020), we minimized exposure to the public. We didn’t wait. No movies, restaurants, changed errands to times when stores were usually less occupied, etc. (EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF THOMPSON SPEEDWAY)

    darealgoodfella says
    June 7, 2020 at 9:02 am
    Geez, I design my summers around the Mods at Loudon. This stinks.
    But I accepted this right away, back in February, long before it was official.

    “But I accepted this right away, back in February, long before it was official.”


  34. For those of you looking forward to the relaxing of social distancing, there was a recent report about what this means to the food service industry. Although the dining areas are getting all the attention, as far as things like spacing, shields, and reduced seating capacity, the real concern is what is going on in the kitchen. See if you can figure out why that is.

  35. Nevermind the restaurant, the meat packing industry is getting ravaged by the virus. Pretty soon you’ll be paying $50 for what amounts to a $14 steak.

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