Answering The Call: Alexander Pearl Tops SK Light Modifieds At Stafford Speedway

Alexander Pearl celebrates victory in the SK Light Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – In the SK Light Modified division at Stafford Speedway Alexander Pearl has built a reputation as one of the division’s quietly solid performers over the last three seasons. 

And while Pearl may be considered one of the more understated drivers in the division, it doesn’t mean the chatter of others doesn’t get him fired up. 

After finishing second in last week’s Dunleavy’s Modifiedz Night Special event for the SK Light Modified division Alexander Pearl discovered some comments online critical of the fact that he was winless in 2020. 

Friday the 19-year old from Salem answered the critics. 

Pearl took the lead from Derek Debbis on a green-white-checkered restart to win the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature Friday at Stafford. 

“I was reading [an] article from last week,” Pearl said. “I don’t know who said it, but [there was a comment that] said I’m not winning as usual. That really stuck with me. I’ve definitely got a different driving style than a lot of people my age and it’s just awesome to see it pay off.” 

Debbis, of Oakdale, held on for second and Brian Sullivan of South Windsor was third. 

Debbis was looking for his second consecutive victory after getting his first career win last week in his third start in the division. 

The rookie Debbis looked on the way to victory before the final caution flew to set up the decisive final restart. 

Pearl used the outside lane to power by Debbis off turn two after the restart and Debbis was left chasing him to the checkered. 

“We’ve been running this division for three years so we have a lot of experience on restarts,” Pearl said. “I knew we had the faster car and the only way I was going to beat him was if I beat him on the start, so I did what I had to do.” 

Said Debbis: “We just missed that one shift at the end, which was the most important one. Congrats to Alexander for an absolutely amazing race he put on.” 

Pearl and Sullivan are the only two drivers with top-10 finishes in all four points events for the division this season. Sullivan leads the division standings by two points over Pearl.


  1. Got it. Debbis for a young pup has exploded onto the scene this year and seems to be perpetually up front. That’s gonna change. He’s got a fast car, has overcome some expected rookie mistakes but his handicapping positions have been favorable and he’s taken advantage of them. When he starts deeper in the field as his points standing rises then the learning curve will really kick in.
    Time to reassess the direction you’re going in Sammi.
    How competitive is it. They have to pass out provisional’s to give cars that show up and support the division but haven’t made it to the feature a shot. It’s a smart move.
    Just do what you’re doing Alexander. Your cousin has always been the lightning rod for attention but being steady like your pa and grandpa will pay off in the long run. Not winning enough aye. A couple points out of first and a shoe in to be in the hunt for the championship in this abbreviated season. Just a thoroughly likable and talented if not attention grabbing future star.
    So hows PPV going Stafford? You’re hammering away at it on Facebook, sending me emails right up to the first heat and it’s in Ben Dodge’s rotation of things to promote. I know I wouldn’t have gone to every race but have streamed them all. Next week will be tough. That Friday show with the Streets and LLM’s in the support roll is really weak. I’m in but it’s weak. More laps for the tour mods but the same money that is less then the SK’s the next night can’t be easy to swallow for invaders but that’s above my pay grade. $60 bucks for the two day deal is just too much. Or maybe not. It’s just so easy. A couple clicks and Stafford live explodes on the big TV. No geezer discounts at the front gate and no streaming two day or monthly package discounts. You’re good but hard asses. It’s a tough year for sure and allowances have to be made but you could consider throwing an old dog a bone every now and then even if he’s more loyal then smart.

  2. Congrats Alexander Pearl and your team great job.

  3. Great run, Alex! Congratulations!

  4. Great to see the Pearl gang back in the winner circle- just don’t understand the face mask wearing victory pictures, no one wants to remember this time of covid19.

  5. daddydave says

    Congrats to Alexander on his win but to Doug your comments about Debbis really he started on pole on Dunleavy night and won so anyone who can drive can start out front and go with some definite exceptions but even last week everyone in top 12 started there one car no one is watching is that 10 car super fast and coming from the rear every week started 25 last week finished 6 week before started 20 finished 10th drove the last 23 laps with entire left front suspension aframe strut rods bent like a pretzel let him start up front? No one has passed more cars every week then that 10 car kid can drive misses wrecks and gets to the front every week. Again Alex great job

  6. OK so I’m going to disagree that those that start up front have an easy road to a good finish. Most times they are up front needing an advantage because they just don’t have the speed to finish the deal. That’s the point of handicapping. Debbis however has the speed and it showed. He’ll struggle when he has to start deep in the pack which is coming but he’ll learn more there then starting up front.
    Thanks daddydave for the heads up on Anglace. He didn’t start 20th as you said a race before he started 18th but that’s nitpicking. He’s passed more cars then anyone as you said and by a lot. He needs to lump three races together to get a favorable starting spot and may turn heads if and when that happen.
    The 10 is on my radar for sure. Good luck.

  7. SKLightFan says

    I have been watching the Lights for 10 years. Nothing I mean Nothing goes like that 01 now 56 car. Thats all car and the driver is along for the ride. Team Todd has something figured out. But it shows when you move on without that magic. Congrats to the Team 7

  8. That is true. Last Friday pearl had Dibbis covered but not by much and most every other night the 56 is clocking the best fast lap comfortably. We’ll see won’t we if the driver is along for the right when it has to start 12th. Can it blast to the front like Narducci did routinely?
    Speaking of Narducci tough start aye? Here’s a fun fact. Last Friday his fast lap was 19.67 in the SK.. Last year on May 31 he turned a 19.67 in the Light and was routinely in the 19.75 range. Sure conditions change from race to race but still.
    Hodgdon is making good progress getting more speed and Flynn has had some good finishes. It’s still very early in his SK career but it;s the first time Bryan has really struggled in his young career week to week being relevant at the front. They’ll figure it out.

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