Bumpy Streak: Justin Bonsignore Uses Late Move To Win Whelen Mod Tour White Mountain Event

Justin Bonsignore celebrates victory in the Independence Day 200 at White Mountain Motorsports Park Saturday (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

The Fourth of July fireworks in the sky got a little pre-show fireworks on the track Saturday at White Mountain Motorsports Park in North, Woodstock, N.H. 

Justin Bonsignore used a late bump and run to move a dominant Matt Hirschman from the lead and went on to win the Independence Day 200 Saturday at White Mountain, in the first visit at the track for the series. 

It was Bonsignore’s 28th Whelen Modified Tour and his second consecutive win on a track he hadn’t raced on previously. Bonsignore, of Holtsville, N.Y., won the Whelen Modified Tour season opening event at Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway on June 21. 

“To go back-to-back is a good way to start the season,” said Bonsignore, the 2018 Whelen Modified Tour champion. “… We’re on to the next one, wherever that might be. … It’s awesome when you can come somewhere and win where you’ve never been. Now it’s two in a row with that.” 

Hirschman, of Northampton, Pa., was second and Doug Coby of Milford third. 

The event at White Mountain was added to the 2020 Whelen Modified Tour schedule on June 16.

Hirschman started on the pole and looked ready to put a wire-to-wire beat down on the field. But on lap 193 Bonsignore got into the back of Hirschman and took over the top spot as Hirschman slid up the track. Hirschman was able to hang on to second after the contact. 

“He was the class of the field all night,” Bonsignore said. “He made a little mistake getting into [turn] one and I was right on his bumper. As soon as he got loose and checked up I just, you know, got into him a little bit and just washed him up the hill. But he was already loose and going up anyways before that.” 

Hirschman didn’t agree with Bonsigore’s assessment that he was going up the track before he got hit from behind.  

“That was the groove I was running,” Hirschman said. “He had another groove to try if he wanted to, but he drove into me and punted me up the track in the marbles. We’ll just move on to the next race. You just learn from everything. … He punted me square in the back bumper. I know he was working and he was working to try and move, but he never really got side-by-side with me so, that was the move he made was to square me up like that. I didn’t spin out, I still ended up second, so he didn’t wreck me. But he moved me.” 

Caution flew on lap 198 to set up a green-white-checkered overtime restart. The race restarted on lap 204 with Bonsignore spending the final two circuits around the quarter-mile bullring fighting off both Hirschman and Coby, who came to the checkered side-by-side just on the leader’s bumper. 

Coby qualified second and spent most of the first half of the race pestering Hirschman in the lead. 

“It was an awesome race for us,” Coby said. “This was a brand new car. Brand new LFR chassis with our Mayhew Tools American Made theme for Independence Day. We chased them little bugs all day and worked them out for qualifying and really had a great car in the race. When I was running second I tried the outside a whole lot, I didn’t drive through Matt. … It was a great race. The three of us, we all want to win, and I thought it was a great show between the three of us for our first time here.” 


  1. Nice race Matt thank God Coby did not punt Matt there would not be enough room on this message board for Goodfellas’s postings.

  2. Liz Cherokee says

    The best part of watching the race was the Rob Summers blooper footage… I saw that and ordered up a Fat Tire IPA immediately!

  3. From what I saw of the PACKED crowd, there were very few masks.

    I thought that was supposed to be a 50% capacity crowd? There was no room in those stands for social distancing at all. They packed themselves in.

    Come on people!!!! 😡


    That late caution was epic!!!!!

    The moguls were rather interesting.

    Very few cautions which is quite remarkable. It looks like a very racy little track. It brought out MH… I tell you he’s an itty-bitty bullring guy.

    Nice bump by JBon on MH… couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝🤪🤪😝😝😝😝

    Bummed to see Swanson and Silk go out.

  4. Classless move by Bonsignore, Matt was running that line for a long time. Bonsignore tried but couldn’t pass him, and Matt gave him all the room he wanted and needed, so he dumped him. Punk move.

    Great seeing a packed house!
    Supply and demand, the people know the risks and they still wanted to pay their money to attend. Good ole USA capitalist move by track management! Very appropriate for our “Great” Nations birthday!! Kudos to management!!!

    U S A!! U S A!!!

  5. getserious says

    I never remember the real skilled racers of the past, the professional sportsmen like Bugsy, Ronnie, DeSarro, Richie, and surely never Flemke Sr purposely interfere with another guy’s race in order to get past them. No “bump and run”, no “getting into”, no “squaring up”, no “bumper tag.” Of course, those were men competing; sportsmen, not punk weasels, in those days.

  6. Why have a chrome horn if you aren’t going to use it. That’s racing. Justin will get moved at some point and if they do it as nice as he did they will still finish the race. Bumpy or not, a win is a win.

  7. Unbiased says

    A very calculated well timed punt of Hirshman. Obviously his plan and he executed it perfectly, like Hirshman said he didn’t wreck him he moved him out of the way. To say Justin is a punk idk, it seems to be the way modified racing is now, the full contact pass is the norm, but to say it never used to happen idk the term chrome horn isn’t a new one. I agree guys are blatant with it and Hirshman was good enough to hold on, would love to see more clean passing but I don’t know if it is a reality with crate motors and bullrings. Funny when TC did it he was a bad ass Bonsignore is a punk, lol same people that say Earnhardt was the man and Kyle Bush is a punk for same antics.

  8. James Scott says

    “Get Serious” Your comments are spot on. Today’s privileged racers would not be a factor 30 or 40 years ago. Anybody can bump and run. Could you see JB doing that to Bugsy or Leo Cleary? There is no respect at all. All about Daddy and Mommy’s money. It’s like that on many levels.

  9. Jimmy King says

    Having watched Hall of Famer Mike Stefanik race probably a few hundred times I don’t think I ever saw him win a race that way. It takes real talent to make a clean pass. It takes respect for your competitors to accept second racing the right way. It takes class to take responsibility for your actions. How you win is just as important as how many you win, at least it used to be.

  10. Who’s your captain Trump America? It’s Howie Carr. Mask hysteria, safety protocol porn perpetrated by evil leftists designed to shut down America, derail the epic economic come back and pave the way for the dementia riddled Biden. The president of these United States with an epic extravaganza on Friday complete with an array of patriotic symbols and fiery speech. Rallying all true Americans to preserve our symbols of a free people and vilifying those that would destroy us from within. Safety protocols are weakness and virtually none were to be associated with the president. Under those circumstances what patriotic American would show weakness by adhering to safety protocols especially a Trump audience packed with Phil A’s in the Live Free or Die state?
    Entertaining finish but the lack of a good upper groove was disappointing. Very Seekonkish. The NWMT modifeds are just too powerful it would appear on really short tracks. It’s Late Model country and they use the upper groove considerably more effectively.
    So aside from Bonsignor’s ridiculous rationalization that Hirschman was going to be out of shape anyway it must be OK since he wasn’t penalized. I’m guessing race central views it as OK if the following car is visually faster, just not fast enough for an outside pass on a track not suited to it. Has tried to get around but the front runner is holding him up. That must be it cause Bonsignor definitely dumped the guy.
    Beatty never got a shot at payback after Bonsignor ran him up the track at Riverhead on the last lap. Hirschman is not Beatty, won’t forget and is better positioned to return the favor.

  11. Another great run by the 01, guess they must have had mechanical issues. Definitely knocking on the door for their first podium. But hey what the heck they are having fun, if that is what they call it.

  12. Getserious, it’s called respect, those days are gone. Respect given was respect earned.

  13. The 51 was the fastest car on the track, period. Not like MH is a stranger to that move himself. Just ask Silk. Great race!

    They said inaugural event a few times. Hopefully the WMT is back again in 2021. What a fun track to be at. Beautiful views. If you watched on TV the sounds and sights didn’t do the track justice. It was so nice just to be back at a tour race with fans.

    People will complain about the masks but I’ve been telling you things are different up here for months. Also, most of the crowd was actually from out of state so… I guess they forgot their masks.

  14. The epic poaching in Africa causes many tragic problems. As the older elephants are killed off for the tusks, there are no wise elders left to raise the children, and teach them manners and civility. Elephants are highly intelligent and social creatures. A huge problem now is that the parentless young bull elephants are forming gangs and go around terrorizing the other elephants, jungles, towns, villages, etc. There are no elder elephants anymore to keep these punks inline and teach them manners.

    Without guys like Stefanik around to be an example of class and grace, this is what happens. The punks like JBon, Hirschman and Coby go full primitive tribal, it’s like reading “Lord of the Flies” all over again. It will be perversely entertaining watching these three punks take each other out through whatever season there may be.

  15. Ruining somebody else’s race is still a punk move. For the record, I was loud and outspoken against it when TC was doing it. For whatever reason, it was great entertainment when TC did it and he had a folk hero following because of it. If anybody else did it, they were reckless.

    It will be interesting to watch it play out. JBon has learned to handle a car and drive it. Hirschman is definitely a good driver and can handle the car. His attitude and temperament is the wild card. Coby can’t drive and can only smash the gas pedal. All three of these psyches are in good cars with really good crew chief talent.


  16. JD posted, “People will complain about the masks but I’ve been telling you things are different up here for months. Also, most of the crowd was actually from out of state so… I guess they forgot their masks.”

    “People will complain about the masks but I’ve been telling you things are different up here for months.”

    What exactly does that mean?

    “Also, most of the crowd was actually from out of state so… I guess they forgot their masks.”

    Northern NH has had very little infection. The last thing they should want or encourage is visitors from away. Just about anywhere else has a far higher infection rate than northern NH.

    You people just don’t get it. Look what’s happening around the rest of the country, just like I told you many weeks ago. The pandemic is exploding. It can happen here again.

  17. Coupes4ever says

    James Scott, yes! I would love to see one of these guys try to “punt” Leo Cleary out of the way! They’d be using their elbows for crutches the next day! How can Hirschman talk about anyone else after what he did to Silk at Seekonk last October? What a joke.

  18. Liz, only seven laps? What happened? Did she get motion sickness from the moguls?

  19. Start and park? Mechanical issues?

  20. You can train a monkey to bump someone out if the way to win.🙊🙈🙉

  21. Jimmy King says

    I’m a Silk fan because he is from lower Fairfield County, the Horn #50 is from there as well. I always respected Matt for how he races, he does most of the work on his own cars, has an all volunteer crew, etc. I was so pissed and shocked when he junked Ronnie at Seekonk. However, he stood up and took responsibility for what he did, said he was wrong, and apologized on several different platforms. No excuses, no BS. It was out of character and he still has my respect, and I root for Silk!!!

  22. WeldingWonders says



    EPISODE 1:




    2014 5 1860
    2015 2 740
    2016 3 1550
    2018 1 384
    2019 13 5318

    6 YEAR TOTAL 24 9852


  23. Respect, it’s a word that seems to be lost in today’s society.
    On the racetrack, respect is not given, it’s earned. Drive a guy clean, and he may respect you enough to drive you clean. TC moved allot of drivers throughout his career. It’s the way he did it that earned him respect. He wouldn’t blatently move someone, without giving them a few warning taps. He was respected that way. Back in the Days of folks like Evans, and Stevens, people didn’t move each other, out of respect. They beat and banged on each other, but wouldn’t move someone If you did move someone aggressively, chances are you’d get the S–t kicked out of you after the race.
    Off track, the way you show respect in today’s circumstances is to wear a mask, it shows you actually respect those around you.
    In some states masks are mandatory. The government shouldn’t have to tell you to wear a mask, you should have enough respect for those around you to wear one. But like I said respect seems to be a meaningless word.

  24. Kudos to the track too. They stayed exactly on time with the advertised schedule. Qualifying started at 6pm. A few weekly heats at 6:30. 200 lap tour race at 7pm. I was back in the pool at 8:30. Well done guys. That’s how you run a Saturday Night show when the WMT is in town.

    Also, solid runs for the 75,36,46,1 and the 7ny who came all the way back after pitting at lap 25.

  25. JD, that’s the way it works when there is a hard LIVE TV commitment.

  26. Rob p., TC was NOT respected for his wrecking. No way, no how. Banging on another car to let them know you better let him pass or he’ll wreck you was not earning TC any respect. That you try to sell that as respect is just absurd.

    We’d be hanging out in our pit stall waiting for the undercard races, and inevitably TC would be heard over the PA system… something like “another wreck involving TC”, and we’d all look fake surprised, shake our heads and laugh in disgust.

    We laughed at him. He was the court jester. He left a trail of carnage. There was no respect for that.

    After a race, there would often be writing on some cars, where the damage was, “TC WAS HERE” . That’s not funny or respect. That’s also why his last few years, pretty much after the 36 Al-Lee ride, were spent as a journeyman. No top owner wanted anything to do with that and the drama. All the other owners hoped their car was not his next target.

    As far as what JBon did, it was gonna happen. He couldn’t get around the 60 cleanly. He was getting frustrated. His car was better, but not good enough to get around the 60 cleanly. Surprised nobody has accused the 60 of blocking.

  27. wmass01013 says

    Well number 1 that was the fastest outside the car driver intros I have ever seen, Ben Dodge must have been cringing!, Great looking Track, beautiful mountain back round, love the 1/4 banked track.
    To all the NASCAR haters another great race with passing and lots of action at a track MOST HAVE NEVER SEEN just like Jennerstown,
    Yeah I think a dirty move by the 51 he could have tried to pass a few laps more, if u watch the video Big Props to Coby, he punts the 51 and gets him sideways on lap 150 restart but backs off and lets him KEEP the spot unlike what the 51 did
    GEEEEE DID I read in the past few weeks by a regular someone here that the Catalanos NEVER RUN WELL, well TOMMY 19th to 4th hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm u were WRONG AGAIN

  28. Disagree with the fact that the “old timers” didn’t race ruff. I grew up watching at Seekonk and Stafford, Bugsy was recruited by the Patriots because of his great punting skills. Winston Cup racing, Dale senior was the worst offender ever.

  29. Unbiased says

    Laughable that people respected the way TC drove like that. I believe in an interview on this site Stefanik actually said he never understood why TC drove the way he did. He had the equipment and the skill to do it cleanly and chose not to. Basically said didn’t really like him. That point aside we can’t look at the past drivers as something they weren’t for every Bonsignore there was a Spencer and so on. I’m not a real Bonsignore fan but lets call it what it was, a move to win a race that didn’t cause a caution or wreck, it is a move you see at all levels of racing and is accepted, you see it once a week at Stafford. To get into this generation of drivers being punks and longing for the shining knights, filled with honor and integrity of generations past is a bit stomach turning. Contact to win races has always been around.

  30. Ole Timer Trivia
    Since it’s inception in 1999, how many drivers have won “Rookie of the Year”, then eventually gone on to win the NWMT championship? Who?

  31. “99%of all Covid 19 cases are totally harmless” . Lies right out of Trump’s mouth. I’d like to see him gather up 100 Covid survivors, and tell 99 of them, that the hell they just went through, and the lifelong consequences if the virus was harmless.
    Another good one
    ” If we tested less we’d have less cases”
    If we test more, and are able to trace, and isolate people, we stand half a chance of surviving.
    There are still allot of stupid, disrespectful and selfish people who refuse to do the simplest of steps to help flatten the curve. In a few months, we, the ones who have been doing the right things, and making the sacrifices, will ultimately end up paying the price…again.
    I truly hope everyone is safe strong and sane. Hope you continue doing the right things. Just because it appears everyone else has, don’t give up, keep fighting.

  32. WeldingWonders says

    “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me”


    Rob p. says
    July 5, 2020 at 12:39 pm
    Respect, it’s a word that seems to be lost in today’s society.
    But like I said respect seems to be a meaningless word.


    Rob p. says
    July 2, 2020 at 3:35 pm
    . He’s always had the best equipment noneycan buy, and one of the most talented crew chiefs, plus help from LFR. With all that behind you, you probably could train a monkey to drive successfully

    Rob p. says
    July 5, 2020 at 10:42 am
    You can train a monkey to bump someone out if the way to win.🙊🙈🙉

    Rob p. says
    July 5, 2020 at 6:47 pm
    There are still allot of stupid, disrespectful and selfish people who refuse to do the simplest of steps to help flatten the curve


  33. Unbiased, I agree pretty much with you.

    Stefanik had a great interview after the Lime Rock race, discussing TC. Stef said he was behind TC, and he said to himself, “This is gonna be good!”, and TC wiped out again. Stef gave a good chuckle about that. That race was really bad for TC, he did plenty of landscaping. Further in the interview, Stef said that he just does not understand TC, in that he races every lap like its the last lap of the race. It’s unnecessary and get’s him in trouble. If he doesn’t wreck, he used up his car and had nothing left, then had to overdrive the car. 😜 😝

    Hey WeldingWonders, I think you missed so much more. Stop being so lazy.

  34. Unbiased, your post reminded me of an old review of modified racing with Geoff Bodine and Richie Evans. Richie and Bodine raced each other hard and often wrecked. The interview was funny. So Bodine and Richie would race each other hard, and they went through a stretch where they were wrecking cars frequently. Richie was interviewed and he said he told Geoff that he knew Geoff had two cars, and that he (Richie) had three cars, so do the math. So if Geoff wanted to keep doing the wrecking bit, Richie had more cars and would survive. It was awesome. Classic Richie!!!!!!

  35. “Contact to win races has always been around.”
    This old fart grew up watching races at the Danbury RaceArena then onto Stafford. This world where the chrome horn doesn’t exist and everyone is a good sport and follow a common code of well mannered racing behavior never existed nor does it now. I love Hirschman blowing in and ruffling the feathers of the NWMT elite so Bonsignor’s move was dastardly. If it was reversed I’d say great move.
    Great news New Hampshire. The big guy is coming to Portsmith so thank goodness you’re not sticklers on those pesky safety protocols.

  36. David Fisher says

    Loved the track. Wish some of the Bowman Gray regulars could visit and see what quarter mile racing should look like.

  37. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”




    . darealgoodfella says
    April 18, 2016 at 3:02 pm
    humphry said, “And who says TC is always the wrecker, plenty of others that do their
    fair share of wrecking so lets not stereotype people.”
    You have rarely been to a track. It can be said by anyone that TC is the wrecker because that is what happens. Now I will say that the last couple seasons, since TC was booted from the 36, he has dramatically cut back on the wrecking. But the many years before that, he wrecked plenty. And he hasn’t been able to secure top quality rides since the 36 soap opera, or bring success to the teams he has driven for since the 36 debacle. I haven’t figured it out… if it is his eyesight (lack thereof) or just reckless.

    darealgoodfella says
    September 19, 2017 at 7:50 pm
    I was traveling on Saturday and heard this news in the evening. Haven’t been right since. I still had about 4-5 hours before I got home, and I don’t remember a thing about those last few hours on the way home. It’s going to be tough finishing this season. All the series and tracks TC ran… all missing him.
    I wish all the best to Woody, no pressure. Just do the best you can.


    😷😷😷 darealgoodfella 😷😷😷 says
    July 5, 2020 at 2:09 pm


    Rob p., TC was NOT respected for his wrecking. No way, no how. Banging on another car to let them know you better let him pass or he’ll wreck you was not earning TC any respect. That you try to sell that as respect is just absurd.


    We’d be hanging out in our pit stall waiting for the undercard races, and inevitably TC would be heard over the PA system… something like “another wreck involving TC”, and we’d all look fake surprised, shake our heads and laugh in disgust.


    We laughed at him. He was the court jester. He left a trail of carnage. There was no respect for that.

    THE 36 RIDE………..SEE 2016 ENTRY ABOVE.

    After a race, there would often be writing on some cars, where the damage was, “TC WAS HERE” . That’s not funny or respect. That’s also why his last few years, pretty much after the 36 Al-Lee ride, were spent as a journeyman. No top owner wanted anything to do with that and the drama. All the other owners hoped their car was not his next target.


  38. Sounds like WMMP was a big hit among the drivers and teams. As I suggested the other day, I think it’s a track that just became a player for future modified events.

    So are we getting another WMT race in July or early Aug?? There are rumors. Just not July 25th.

  39. Fast Eddie says

    The “official” deal with masks was to use them when moving around, but you could take them off once you’re seated. People were somewhat spaced out where I was, but to look at it from the ground the stands looked pretty full, a little bit of an optical illusion. Coby spent a lot of time trying to get past Hirschman cleanly but could not. Bonsignore used the “three tap rule” almost 3 complete times before moving him. Nothing Hirschman hasn’t done before and no reason for him to moan and groan about it either. Overall I thought the racing was good except when the NASCAR flagman apparently took a halftime nap! Right around halfway, there were FOUR INCIDENTS ON THE SAME LAP (maybe connected?) and no caution! Silk moving slow going into turn 1, Amy Catalano in the front straight infield, Rypkema spinning in turn 4, Summers into the turn 3 tire wall, AND NO CAUTION!! Finally as the tires were cascading through the middle of 3 & 4, and I think Woody hit one, the flag came out. It was kind of funny seeing Summers circling with a “spare tire” stuck in his r/s nerf bar for a couple of laps though!

  40. So what’s next?

    Is there another NWMT race in the works? Sit tight and see if any outbreaks happen in the regions where there were recent races?

    COVID-19 is still in control. CT Gov. Lamont is delaying Phase 3 due to too many new cases in other states doing a similar move. Indoor congregating is very bad. This leads to huge transmission.

    Colleges are announcing online classes, no in-person classes in the fall. Fall college sports are doubtful. NFL is still officially prohibiting team workouts, some are still doing it. Very few states have decreasing cases.

    The NHRA has an event coming up and the entire John Force organization is sitting it out.

    Plenty of MLB players announcing they are sitting out this year. Many NHL Players are infected, NBA players too, a team shut down camp.

  41. 2 drivers have won Rookie of the year and gone on to eventually win the championship. Todd Szegidy and Justin Bonsignore.

  42. These trivia questions are elementary. All the answers are on WMT Wikipedia page. I’m guessing the questions are coming from there too.

    DaReal, since you are not attending races should we expect multiple daily Covid posts? The Covid situation is as good as one could expect in New England. Trying to apply stats from other parts of the country and applying them here is a waste of time. The numbers actually improved after last months protests. Stop stirring stuff up. It’s old and tired now. See you at Star!

  43. Hey Wonders, I can train a monkey to retype people’s posts without purpose🙉🙈🙊

  44. 🌈JD🌈, just because New England is doing good now does not mean New England is immune. It can come back if people are not careful and screw up.

    I’m not attending because of what was evident at the races… over crowded and most not wearing masks.

    🌈JD🌈 posted, “The Covid situation is as good as one could expect in New England.”

    What does that mean???? Expectations are like opinions, everyone has their own. And there is a vast spectrum of expectations. Some are based on science, others are based on self serving special interests.

    The CT Governor just delayed further reopenings/relaxations INDEFINITELY because things didn’t work out well in other states that tried the same. They are experiencing increases in cases. Not good. YUGE increases in cases. Don’t forget to thank Governors Cuomo and Lamont for the great 👍 condition New England is in. If only some other 35 states would have paid attention and followed their lead we would not have to be concerned that 19 states are now required to quarantine if they visit NY/CT to prevent another outbreak. 😷 Indeed, stats from different areas do indeed indicate what can happen. West of New England, NY and NJ apparently thought “that would never happen to them” and indeed it sure is. Well, there’s no reason why the Northeast can’t relapse.

    🌈JD🌈, you wanna keep guzzling Trump’s kool-aid, go right ahead. He’s declared victory over the pandemic. Have at it.

    Plenty of New England Institutions are announcing plans for the fall, and the plans are they aren’t opening up. Colleges are going to online, little to no in-person. Minor league baseball cancelled, etc., etc., etc. K-12 schools are wondering how they can even think about opening up.

    Rob p., you are an outstanding monkey 🐒 🐵 trainer. The best!!!!

  45. WeldingWonders says



    Step 1
    Navigate the mouse pointer to the beginning or the end of the information you need to copy. The mouse pointer (arrow) will turn into a cursor when it nears the information you plan to copy.

    Step 2
    Press down on the left button on the mouse and hold it in place. Drag the mouse over the entire text that you need to copy. The text or picture will be highlighted. After the text or picture is highlighted, take your finger off the left button on the mouse.

    Step 3
    Press down on the right button on the mouse. A box will open and display some commands. The command that you are looking for is, “Copy.” Move the mouse arrow to the “Copy” button and press down on the left mouse button. You have now copied the information.

    Step 4
    Place the mouse cursor on the document where you wish to paste the information. Click the left mouse button once on the document. Press the right mouse button. Move the mouse cursor to the “Paste” function. Click the “Paste” option and the copied information will be displayed on the document.

  46. JD, I texted my best to ask questions you couldn’t look the answer up. Over time it’s become harder to come up with good questions, so I’ve researched for my question. I’m only doing it for fun. If you’ve got some good questions, please post them, I’ve had some good responces from people who like the trivia.
    So if anyone has some racing trivia, post it up. Let’s have some fun

  47. Camerissa says

    Ok. Who won NASCAR tour races at 3 CT tracks in the same year? Lime Rock, Stafford, Thompson.

  48. 🌈JD🌈 posted, “These trivia questions are elementary. All the answers are on WMT Wikipedia page. I’m guessing the questions are coming from there too.”

    Yeah, you knew all the answers so you didn’t bother to post. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    If all the answers are on the Wiki WMT page, then the questions must be derived from there. Ever hear of the game show Jeopardy?

    The USA set another record for new COVID-19 cases, and the death rate is on the way up… again.

    Hey, did anybody see the Tweet from Trump about calling the noose in Bubba’s stall a hoax? And that he’s pissed about NASCAR banning the Confederate flag? Bubba has gotten far more support on that Tweet than Trump has… by far. NASCAR is speaking out directly against Trump now. Trump has lost his NASCAR base.

  49. I suppose if your specialty is to run around finding clouds to stand under so you can complain when it rains then you can poke holes in anything including Rob’s trivia. It doesn’t make any difference where the questions come from nor how people get the answer. It motivates us to look things up, remember, recollect and find stuff we forgot about the share it. Exactly what the comment section is designed to be as a matter of fact.. It’s one of the best things anyone has started in the comment section in the 8 years it’s been around.
    Now Camerissa has joined in that is a bit of a a tribute to what Rob started with an outstanding question and more then a little tricky. Can’t wait to read the answer.
    We guys play tug of war with what we know all the time but I get the feeling Camerissa is the most knowledgeable person here with regard to racing history.

  50. Camerissa, I’m gonna guess Todd Szegedy.

  51. Rob p., don’t let 🌈JD🌈 bother you, he’s just mad he doesn’t know the answers and doesn’t know how to find them.

    Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. – Dr. Seuss

  52. Here’s a trivia question for you. Which Nascar Cup drive with Covid-19 has been cleared to race on Sunday?

    The answer is JJ himself. I told you this was a non story last week. Missed 1 race and is back to work. Moving on…

  53. Cammerisa, I’m going to guess TC.

  54. It was Stefanik in 1998. He won at 3 times at Thompson and twice at Stafford in NWMT races and once at Lime Rock in the K&N Pro Series.

  55. Goodfella Rand Paul the other day shut Dr Fauci up about K-12 47 countries have had school open for over a month he showed graphs and stats with zero problems surprising your not schooled on this. Jimmy Johnson had covid for 13 days he is negative just like aprox 200k other people like him are stay home and wear your mask🤣

  56. Camerissa says

    Doug thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m just older and have seen a lot The trivia makes you think,whether you look it up or not, and that’s a good thing. The Gomer Taylor and Peter Fiandaca answers were not on the WMT website.
    Doug is correct. It was 1998. Stefanik won at all 3 tracks in the Busch North car as well as at Stafford and Thompson in the modified. And won both titles that year!

  57. Just an outstanding question. The inclination is to look for a modified winner at Lime Rock and that of course was a dead end. What it reminded me of was the year Stefanik had in 1998 and why he is going to be in the Hall of Fame. He made a mockery of the points race in the modifieds and won going away in Busch North. At the very least the single greatest year any regional driver has ever had.

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