Fresh Start: New London-Waterford Speedbowl Set To Reopen Next Week

After close to two years without racing, the New London-Waterford Speedbowl is set to return to action next week. 

It was announced Friday on the Speedbowl Facebook page that the track will be running events on Aug. 5 and Aug. 8. 

There were no details offered concerning those events. Modified Racing Series founder and operator Jack Bateman told RaceDayCT his series would be part of the Aug. 8 racing card at the track. 

The last event at the Speedbowl was run in October 2018. 

Construction on two new main grandstands was completed in recent months. The track is expected to reopen without completing plans for a new official’s tower, which was expected to be built behind the start/finish line between the two new main grandstand sections. Track management is expected to use a coach bus parked between the grandstands as a temporary official’s tower. 

Rich Turcotte, who is overseeing the track’s operation with Mike Marfeo, said earlier this month that track management would not speak with media outlets regarding opening plans until an official announcement concerning opening was made by ownership. 

The Facebook posting on Friday read: “Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines!! We have gotten the green light to go racing with fans. We will be opening Wednesday August 5th and Saturday the 8th for our first shows. We will be posting a schedule very soon. Thank you all for supporting us.” 

It’s unclear what crowd restrictions will be in place due to COVID-19 global pandemic regulations. 

The Speedbowl held an open practice last Saturday attracting about 50 cars. Practices were also held on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Another practice is scheduled for tomorrow. 

The Speedbowl’s first Saturday night weekly program on Aug. 8 will go head-to-head with one of the state’s biggest annual short track events. Stafford Motor Speedway will be hosting it’s annual NAPA SK 5K on Aug. 8. 


  1. Welcome back to racing Waterford Speedbowl………

  2. Great news. The raciest track in Ct roars back to life. it will be interesting to see who comes back and how many cars show up. I hope it’s a good show.

  3. Another venue coming online. Great news for racers and fans alike. Hope everything goes smooth, and fans get to see some great racing.
    Welcome back Speedvowl.

  4. solsticeson says

    Ill never be at waterford until that creep owner is gone. Wont support his business.

  5. donald super says

    solsticeson,its got nothing to do with the owner and everthing to do with supporting the track,to many short tracks shut down and are never replaced

  6. Don I get what you’re saying. Like you I also go back a ways in terms of being old Speedbowl attendee. With the exception of the Monahan Era, it’s been kind of a mess for a while.
    Now they’re trying to get going in the middle of this crazy pandemic. And the Bemer creepiness factor comes into play for some people too. And it’s probably great that the new grandstands are up but it certainly adds an additional layer of ‘differentness’ to an already weird situation.
    If the weeks go by and it looks like they maybe have their program together and the virus isn’t increasing in numbers (seems unlikely eh?) then I’ll check it out. But I just can’t say yay let’s support the Speedbowl and give Mr Bemer my money right now.
    Sorry for the dramatics just wanted to get it off my chest.

  7. I will never go to the Waterford track again as long as it is under current ownership. It is all about the ownership now. This is America and I have every freedom, right and liberty to exercise such.

    If the track closes down, it will be because the current ownership kept fans away.


  8. dareal,eat your hat.The Speedbowl is back!Just like you said it would NOT be a hundred times.We did not need you and your Bowl bashing before Bemer and we do not need it now.Your pseudointellctual drivel has sickened us often as we weathered a tough storm.No thanks to YOU,the great day at the shoreline oval is here.

  9. 450mike, I never said it would never be back a hundred times. Just that what was advertised was not going to happen… and wait for it… I WAS RIGHT!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    And be careful, it hasn’t opened yet.

  10. It just won’t be the same without Dareal there………….. LOL

  11. 🌈🦄2020 says

    I think welding wonders is getting ready for another post for the big dummy Dafella. No problem Dafella. You ain’t goin anywhere for a long long time. 🤣🤣🤣🥒🥒🥒

  12. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”
    “I can say it again, I AM RIGHT AGAIN !!!!!!!!”
    “and wait for it… I WAS RIGHT!!!! 🤣🤣🤣”


    darealgoodfella says
    August 1, 2020 at 7:21 pm
    450mike, I never said it would never be back a hundred times. Just that what was advertised was not going to happen… and wait for it… I WAS RIGHT!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    IT IS ALSO TRUE DAREALGOODFELLA NEVER SAID ” what was advertised was not going to happen”


    darealgoodfella says
    May 24, 2017 at 10:16 am
    Teams, the employees, staff, fans, sanctioning body, fans, series, fans, etc. have all made it clear they are not supporting the track as long as Bemer is still the owner. They have pulled out and made it clear they are not going to be involved with the track. Without the cars, teams, series, staff, etc., and oh yeah, those paying customers, there is nothing going on at the track. Nothing.”


    darealgoodfella says
    November 13, 2019 at 7:39 pm
    When Bemer was arrested and admitted to the deeds, I posted what was going to happen and what was not going to happen. I was right. That was incredibly obvious. The NLWSB was at a crossroads of trouble. It was dilapidated, needed rehabilitation, and the owner gets in really big legal trouble, trouble that rendered the ‘bowl insignificant to Bemer. The ‘bowl became collateral damage.


  13. Well, you people that believe what WeldingWonders posts also believed Trump when he said the pandemic was going to go away, like a miracle.

    So glad I get Doug to spend so much time on me. It bring me great joy. 😝🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣😝🤣😝🤪🤪

  14. Dareal, please do us all a favor and don’t ever, ever go to Waterford again, ever, because nobody really wants to see you there! No one is going to miss you if you never, never go there again.

  15. wmass01013 says

    Earl no worries about him being there, When they announced the WMT was going to Iowa it was post after post from him asking whyyyyyyyyyy, IOWA is too far away and alll cornfields dozens of post complaining that the WMT going there is too costly and a waste of time yet yesterday he says I WOULD BE IN IOWA TODAY for the WMT race, WHAT A PHONNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY he is!!!

  16. wmass01013, Iowa was stupid for the NWMT, still is stupid. Why take a very old and extremely regional series and run it a couple thousand miles away in the middle of a cornfield? What was the point? Has racing in the northeast really collapsed to the point that the NWMT has to haul out to Iowa? Well, look around idiots… not only is the writing on the walls, it’s in neon, and skywriting. When the TrumpPandemic started, the first thing I thought was Iowa isn’t going to happen because it was so stupid. No surprise, I was right. BUT, that track and the configuration would be an excellent format for a Modified race. I don’t expect you to understand that. The first race there would probably be s disaster with most drivers never figuring the place out and causing bazillions of cautions. But, it had the potential for being a pretty good track for the Modifieds. So all you have to do is get Modified racing to take root in Iowa. 😷😷😷😷😷😷 Get it? Middle of a cornfield, take root… ???? But it looks like Iowa speedway is going defunct. They built it, and nobody came.

  17. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Let’s say Waterford is sold someday. Dafella will still not go because the new stands were bought with Bemers money. And now he’s mad because people are believing what welding wonders is posting, direct quotes from Dafella 🤣🤣🤣

  18. ted Baxter says

    Sitting in the Hotel after a great race and reading dareal defend himself again. Guy has never been right yet, says hes been going to the races since the 60s. No dareal you said it wouldnt open, you said Iowa was stupid yet you said you were going to go? You must still be in denial from the last election when Hillary was up by 15 points and lost. Great racing this week Dareal. Lincoln was Great. Williams Grove was great and hey White Mountain was great. Couple days off and heading for the Knoxville Nationals. No Mask, traveling the Country watching racing, not watching the news and still feeling good. Its a great time to be alive while Dareal wants the world to crash. Get out and support your local tracks.

  19. wmass01013 says

    SO if i was STUPID and so far away and gonna have a bazillions of cautions why in the world would you say you would BE THERE IN NOT FOR the pandemic???????????
    I guess WHAT YOU DONT GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS that the WMT will race at TRACKS that want to schedule and PAY THE PURSE, so if IOWA OR IRP WANTS, they get just like WMMP and Jennerstown ,
    I am glad you are always here to EXPLAIN THINGS to me, you and WELDING WONDERS explain a lot

  20. wmass01013, simple, I was willing to take the risk and go to Iowa. The track is a great configuration for Modifieds. Just like Bristol was stupid for the Modifieds. Great track for the Modifieds, stupid location for a Modified race. The Mods NEVER drew a crowd at Bristol in all those years, and I went to several of those races. A couple I didn’t go to were real stinkers, and I’m glad I missed those. The Bristol races I went to were some good, some sucked. It’s a gamble. I was willing to take that gamble and go to Iowa. I had flight options, rentals car options and motels all lined up, ready to go. Or the road trip option with a few side trips. Considering going to see the ball field where the Field of Dreams game will be played. Yes, indeed, Iowa for a Modified event was pure stupid. The owners have been complaining about costs so put a race in Iowa on the schedule. That’s pure stupid. As it is, Iowa can’t draw fans, you think the unknown Modifieds were gonna get people that had no idea what a Modified was to drive hundreds of miles to see them?????

    The Mods running in Iowa was pure stupid. But the track configuration could have been interesting. The Modifieds are a regional series, and that region is the northeast. Decades and decades proves that.

  21. 🌈🦄, Doug (aka: Where’s Waldo, WeldingWonders, RickyinMass, etc.) is too easy. I have him well trained. He is triggered with just a couple keystrokes. 🤯

  22. So do you think Charlie Brown gets to kick the ball or does Lucy yank it away yet again?

  23. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”
    “I can say it again, I AM RIGHT AGAIN !!!!!!!!”
    “and wait for it… I WAS RIGHT!!!! 🤣🤣🤣”


    😷😷😷 darealgoodfella 😷😷😷 says
    August 1, 2020 at 10:32 pm
    Well, you people that believe what WeldingWonders posts also believed Trump when he said the pandemic was going to go away, like a miracle.

    So glad I get Doug to spend so much time on me. It bring me great joy. 😝🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣😝🤣😝🤪🤪


  24. Dareal says: ” Doug is too easy. I have him trained. He is triggered with just a couple of keystrokes.” Just the way Trump has Dareal trained……..triggered with a couple of Trump’s keystrokes.

  25. The place looks great. Can’t wait to see the first ever Greyhound bus scoring tower. Should be fun when the windows fog up lol. Seriously though they have come a long way in the past few months getting the facility ready. They open in 2 days for Wacky Wednesday and in 5 days for regular racing. I think they forgot a few things (and probably more).
    1. Are you posting ticket and pit prices or will that be a surprise when everyone gets there?
    2. Have you decided what divisions are running or do you think a race car can be prepared in a day?
    3. What about purses or is that a surprise too?
    4. Any concessions? A Speedbowl official said on Facebook “that’s the plan” lol
    5. Do you even have a race day staff? Who’s running the show?
    6. Do you have gate times or a schedule at least for the first week?
    7. What will social distancing look like or will there be any?
    8. How will tickets be sold? That could get you shut down before you even put a car on the track
    There’s more but chew on that for a bit. I know there’s plenty of time. The communication that comes out of the Speedbowl has been a joke for a very long time. It’s time you parted ways with your guarded secrets because inquiring minds need to know. Or maybe you don’t know yourself is more likely. This has disaster and sh…show written all over it. Can’t wait to hear the stories!

  26. It’s Monday morning and the quarterbacks are out.

  27. People have every right to ask questions Earl because there’s no information out. It’s two days before they are supposed to open and the only thing anyone from the track has said is that they are opening. People have the right to ask what’s on the schedule, how will tickets be sold, what will the restrictions be? Will there be concessions? Can they sell beer? Rumor is they can’t sell any alcohol. For more than a week before they opened in June Stafford Speedway was posting on social media making customers aware of what was happening and how things would be handled at the track for customers. They posted detailed instructions about regulations and how they would affect fans and competitors. They even posted videos explaining everything that was happening. Stafford has also done all ticket sales online for every event. From what’s being said on Facebook it doesn’t even sound like the Speedbowl will accept credit cards. Every business in America is trying to avoid cash sales and lines to buy tickets and the Speedbowl is now cash only with no way to buy tickets in advance? What the does the health department in Waterford think about that? It seemed like Stafford had to jump through hoops with the state and put all kinds of rules and restrictions in place to get their track opened and now Waterford is opening up like there’s not even a pandemic going on. Seems pretty strange.

  28. crazy larry says

    ** Race fans and competitors ** prices for Wednesday night are 12.00 – grandstands- ages 9 and up. Free- grandstands-8 and under. 25.00 pits – per person. We are working on our ticket purchasing process and will provide instructions no later than tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for your patience

  29. Larry, would I be correct in assuming the same divisions on Wednesday and Saturday nights as in the past?


  30. Fast Eddie says

    i was just on the Speedbowl site. Wednesday schedule posted along with pretty extensive Covid guidelines. No indication of how many fans will be allowed though. For the sake of the racetrack itself, I hope they have a good turnout of racers and fans for both opening days.

  31. Thanks for the heads up Fast. Sound like plenty of info on the Speedbowl site.

    I guess there are those that would not check the obvious first before going on here just to break stones.

  32. There was little to nothing on the bowl site a day ago regarding a schedule or COVID-19 protocols, now there is much more. I’ve been checking and laughing 😝.

    How could there be no info on opening day when it is only a day or two away?

    BEMERS is the logo on the Wednesday schedule.

  33. If the idea is to compare opening to Stafford that’s going to always be futile. The differences in rules and approaches however are interesting.
    I’m not seeing anything about limiting capacity but it must be somewhere. No pre ordering tickets necessary just show up. Save time by downloading and having your Covid19 liability waiver filled out when you buy your tickets. Masks, distancing, one time entry and exit, container limitations much like Stafford.
    This should be interesting.
    “* At end of nights racing event, please remain seated and staff member will dismiss sections of
    grandstands at a time due to COVID-19 guidelines”
    $12 for tomorrow nights show drawing a lot of complaints as “pricey”.
    Official notification two days before opening night seems right for the Speedbowl. Still nothing on Saturday.
    Nice job building excitement about the opening and the Speedbowl faithful are chomping at the bit. Pictures including night shots show a new Speedbowl that is Spartan but absolutely pristine.
    The Serluca/ RaceDayCt working relationship to promote events and inform fans and competitors appears to be over. Articles here about the Bemer deal since 2017 are as they should be but Bemer is no longer in the shadows now it’s his show. “Bemers” right at the bottom of each Facebook notification. It seems unlikely the track owned and run by Bemer sans the gregarious Serluca will ever have a working relationship with the one outlet that has had to print the most about the entire sordid affair. As far as I can see the track made good on it’s promise to avoid all media outlets to inform them of what’s happening and is depending entirely on social media lead by Facebook.
    It’s a mistake. If that is all true and I had a vote I’d vote for RaceDayCt to freeze the track out again like the Whitney era. Promoting events for an uncommunicative management by checking Facebook and talking to teams and visiting tours to accumulate crums of information makes no sense unless advertising is paid for.
    I don’t care about Bemer anymore. If they have a special event, it’s streamed I’ll buy it. If he somehow escapes justice on the appeal that will change. He’s old, looking at jail, still has a lot of money who cares, is an island of isolation with no future and may be sick. In 10 years if the Speedbowl is running under a new owner the only way it could have happened is if Bemer did exactly what he did for the reasons he did it that no one else would likely to have had. But no one will know or care at that point and his name won’t be going on any plaques by the new owner.
    Race on Speedbowl. As amazing as it is your tradition continues.

  34. “The New London-Waterford Speedbowl
    Facebook this afternoon
    “Good Afternoon Race Fans! Here is the schedule for this Saturdays Event.
    Information on ticket sales will be coming soon as our vendor is working on finalizing the ticketing system. We look forwards to seeing everyone there!”

    “\Phil Brochu How many people are allowed to attend?”
    “Mike Cronin Phil Brochu 25%”

  35. What were the Wednesday shows price at last time they ran. I seem to remember going to one for around 7 bucks. The Saturday show is priced at 30 includes MRS all their old divisions of SK, LM, Sportsman, mini stock, trucks, and legends. I believe that is the same price as Stafford SK 100 running the same night before fees.

    This has to be the most interesting race in CT in a long time. You have a renovated Bowl reopening after a year and a half sitting dormant including the first event of the MRS season which people speculate isnt as strong as years past. You would think the Bowl might get some Seekonk drivers in the ACT late models and sportsman. SK’s and SK Lights will probably chose Staffords point show. There is going to be a lot of questions answered Saturday night. I am looking forward to the discussion next week.

  36. I don’t think Bemer is going to be eligible for a beer license given his current predicament.

  37. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Here goes Dafella constantly updating and checking out the speedbowl status. What else is he going to do from his basement indefinitely 🤷

  38. Food concession trailers won’t be a problem. It’s not like they are gearing up for the seasonal fairs. Speedbowl racing and no beer? That’s just not right.
    The ticket prices haven’t been updated on the web site. Wild and Whacky Wednesday shows a price of $8 so the $12 fee now is what is giving folks pause.
    Fans are still begging for ticket information. This is super interesting. There’s virtually no promotion outside of Facebook. Promotion in the short run won’t hurt since spectators are limited and Speedbowl energy is off the charts. Plenty of race teams will show up too even if any given field is sketchy. Two big questions 1) regular payout and distance for SK’s going against big buck SK5K at Stafford Saturday 2) MRS field that is also about as unknown as anything Speedbowl.
    Purse is posted. On average less then Stafford but less laps and distance. Exception is Limited Sportsman that pays real good compared to Staffords Streets.
    Fingers crossed tonight and Saturday go well. The fans and competitors have waited so long. Weather sure won’t be a problem.

  39. Outside of getting the place ready to open except for little things like food, beverage, toilets, and a race day staff it’s painfully obvious that the latest Bemer team has no clue what they are doing. They are opening tonight and still no idea how ticketing is going to work. I wish them luck but personally I doubt there will be any kind of car count in any division and pretty much nobody in the stands. I hope they prove me wrong but this has disaster written all over it and probably won’t last long. Get a real promoter in there and a real race staff. They are opening way before they are close to being ready and it’s going to bite them in the arse. Hope Brucie is ready to lose money.

  40. Fast Eddie says

    DOug, fyi there are event schedules on the site.

  41. Governor Lamont just declared a state of emergency. About half of CT is without electricity. 20% of Waterford Eversource customers are w/o power. It will be many days for some people before they get electric service restored. In the mean time, get used to the cacophony of generators.

    Total CT customers w/o power is 715,000 and going up.

  42. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Jason P, don’t know how ticketing is going to work? How do you not know? Every bit of info is posted for all to see. First come first serve staring at 5pm. One change already. You now need to wear a mask while sitting in stands. Which must be a town mandate, not state if it’s not required at Stafford. Dafella should be very happy about this, and livid that Stafford is not the same regulations. With that all said, I don’t think the crowd will be big at all at Waterford. Who wants to sit for hours wearing a mask. Especially older folks with breathing problems. So you shouldn’t worry about the capacity and not being able to get in. As far as prices. Yep they’re higher than usual. And you’re surprised why? About 1000 people allowed in the stands. If you haven’t noticed it’s 2020. Nothing is business as usual. $35 for Friday’s show at Stafford with 3 divisions and only the 1 worth watching. $30 at Waterford for 7,8?

  43. It sound like Jason is not doing his research before posting, maybe a disgruntled former employee or competitor that is just breaking stones?

    Do yourself a favor and DON’T GO if you don’t like it. Make room for someone that may get turned away that really wants to go.

  44. Viva race fan says

    I went to opening night at the Speedbowl tonight. The place is amazing it looks so much bigger it is so clean. They repaved where the fans sit and walk. The fencing is very well put up. The crowd seemed to sit socially distance. The car count was low but that’s to be expected after being closed for so long but it look like everybody was gently having a good time. They had an ice cream truck in a food truck and that wasn’t too bad except for at intermission but we all know how that goes. Seemed like the infield guys were the normal same thing as some of the people that work in the pits. I was very impressed how nice and clean it was in from the back stretch the place looks so much larger without that monstrosity of grandstands that used to be there. Great Improvement more to come I’m sure. Looking forward to Saturday night turn one gang lives on . Even a few of the guys came out tonight to watch and see what it was all about. I hope some of you come back to the best track in Connecticut. I love Stafford great racing Sowell run. But the Speedbowl is where the action is. People will go there and Race for free because it’s so much fun the race there.

  45. Was looking forward to the first fan reaction and that was terrific.

  46. Doug posted: “Was looking forward to the first fan reaction and that was terrific.”


  47. 🌈🦄2020 says

    If you want an instant headache go to the comment section of the speedbowl Facebook page. Talk about ignorant dumb people. At the last minute it seems the health district is requiring fans to wear a mask at all times, even while sitting in the stands. Obviously if you’re eating or drinking you can take them off for that. Well here come the Facebook crybabies having a hissy fit about how Stafford let’s you take your mask off while sitting. As if the speedbowl is making up their own rules on the fly. Buckler and staff constantly reminding people about the mask rules. Even to the point of saying that town and or health officials were in attendance keeping an eye on things. If you want the place to stay open, follow the rules. Pretty simple. They had a food truck and ice cream. No pizza, which sucks. No alcohol. Which sucks to some people. That’s got to be a huge profit lose, not selling beer. Place looks good. It sure is a shock seeing it in person for the first time. Sure am going to miss the old run down bowl. And no pizza. I’ve been to 4 different tracks this year and nobody is selling pizza. Sure would be nice to have a pizza and beer while watching a race. Car counts were low, no surprise there. But the fan attendence was more than I expected. There were no problems bringing in a personal sized cooler, unlike Stafford where if you don’t have a clear bag you can’t bring it in. 2020 is definitely the year of rules and regulations. I was curious about the generator installed near the ticket booth. One of those Kohler types. Permanent installation, not the temporary type. I wonder if it can power the whole track or just the office.

  48. 🌈🦄2020 posted, “Talk about ignorant dumb people.”

    To be sure, were you talking about the health district people or the fans?

    FaceBook, like elected service, does not seem to attract the best and brightest.

  49. I think you will find the decision about the masks came from Ledge Light. They call the shots.

    And as far as the beer goes, the owner of the facility does not have to be the permittee. That can be someone else so that has nothing to do with Bemers current predicament.

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