Friday Racing Card At Stafford Speedway Cancelled Due To Weather

A forecast calling for rain through much of the afternoon and evening forced Stafford Motor Speedway management to cancel racing for the second consecutive week. 

The Midstate Site Development Firecracker 30 for the Street Stock division will now be run on Friday July 17. 

All tickets purchased for tonight will be good for July 17. Pay-per-view purchases also will carry over to July 17. 

Tickets for the Bud Light Open Modified 80 on July 18 will go on sale online Sunday at 8 a.m. 


  1. This is an attack on my liberties!!!! The rain, and the people that control the rain, are pure tyrants!!!! They are oppressing and suppressing my liberties in the Constitution. This is so unfair.

    I want the people that control the weather arrested immediately.

  2. When it rains it pours.

  3. getserious says

    How much arre the tickets to the Saturday events?

  4. Fast Eddie says

    Man, Mother Nature needs to find something else to do besides drowning Stafford on Fridays! She needs to be on a Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday schedule to leave the race days dry!

  5. Getserious,
    Ticket info for events can be found on the Stafford Speedway website or on the event pages on their Facebook page.

  6. Yeah this rain on Fridays has to stop. I am never going to get to Stafford. I assume the people who bought for last week and got rolled over to this week will now get rolled over to next week. So no tickets will be sold to next Friday. I was thinking of camping overnight but never found out if they are allowing overnight camping. Now without tickets to Firday I will probably just skip both shows. Anyone know what are they charging for the open mod 80? It isnt listed on their website just when they go on sale Sunday at 8am. I know it was supposed to be GA $30 originally but that included a full weekly program. Now its only 3 divisions, no points, and no sks. Did they bump up the SK lights to 30 laps this year? They have them listed for 30 next Saturday. Good move if they did. Stay healthy Website attached.

  7. getserious says

    Thanks Shawn, but their new multi-page schedule/ promotion does not have prices anymore. Nowhere that I can find.

  8. Here’s an idea. Have a question on ticket prices, streaming, camping or anything Stafford related simply send them an email. They’re very responsive. Alternatively pose the question on the Stafford Facebook page and the track usually responds for all to see.
    As it stands now Stafford is offering a one month streaming subscription for $30 that can be accessed 72 hours after the event. No live PPV bundle yet but hopefully they reconsider. What-a-ya think Stafford? Looks like it will be $180 to stream everything in August. Can you do anything on that? How about a $100 rain or shine. $120? A bird in the hand and all. Failing that how about a Friday and Saturday bundle at $40.. In the past the races would be thrown up on Youtube for free as soon as the next day. That’s over for full races and it’s a good thing. Giving your product away is never a good business model if you want to stay in business.
    Here is a positive benefit to streaming. The track doesn’t get as much as from the people at the races.. Streamers are not buying food and drink. There are the streaming costs to consider and money paid to the competitors. However it may be safe to say that for many of us including perhaps Rocco’s parents and myself are happy to spend many times more then our usual race attendance budget for the simple convenience.
    PPV does one thing very well. Make an impulse purchase from virtually anywhere extremely easy with no planning or travel considerations at the very last minute.
    The downside is there will be people that would go and buy food and drinks, would pay for multiple family or group members but let it slide and buy the PPV at the last minute. That’s not a problem for now but it could be. It will be interesting to see how it evolves with all the cross currents afoot. The numbers will never be disclosed but the result of the numbers will be evident in the changes or lack there of in streaming offerings.

  9. I tried calling them a couple times on a number listed on the website middle of the week at lunch time. It didnt go through. I was going to send an email to an Arute but got busy and never did that is my bad. At this point for next weekend it doesnt matter as tickets are already sold out for Friday. They have information on camping on the website but it hasnt been updated since Covid has come about. I was interested in knowing if there are any changes. I guess I can assume if they havent updated the policy it is permitted with no changes. I think ticket price should be something that is posted on the website. It has been in the past. The link says event and ticket information but there is no information on price which is probably the one piece of info most people are interested in. I know getserious and myself were interested in the price for next Saturday..

  10. Fair point. The screen for the Bud Light 80 is not clickable but I assume will be in short order with ticket prices. However the PPV price is listed at $30 so it is probably safe to assume the attended price will be $30 as well.

  11. Regarding Camping:
    “Camping: camping will be permitted in designated areas. Parking lot gate will not be open until the day of event.”

    That statement is under the “Covid19” info category so it should be as current as it gets.

  12. Wonder if it rained at the track. I live 17 miles north, and not a drop.

  13. Prices are listed on each event in the online store:

    The track is extremely responsive to direct messages on most social media and email. They’re usually pretty good about answering the phone, but they may not have someone there all the time during current conditions.

    FWIW, social media is a great way to communicate with many businesses these days. A user doesn’t have to put any personal info or participate in any other way to use direct messaging. I maintain a Twitter account that I never use simply for communicating with businesses like airlines and communications companies. For example, I’ve had flights cancelled or rescheduled. While everyone else was standing in line or on the phone, I was rebooked in two minutes via Twitter DM. My best and fastest responses from Frontier Communications have all started via Facebook private message.

    I know it’s early, but don’t look at the weather for late this week. ;^(

  14. Get Serious, took me 5 seconds to find GA price. $30. Just like Doug predicted. There you go.

  15. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Good question. Did it rain at the track? Didn’t rain here.

  16. getserious says

    Thanks guys. It’s not a big dea, I was just curious. Not bitching.
    But……Barry, that link to Store / Event Tickets shows me only GA and Paddock prices for this Friday’s Firecracker 30; nothing there about the oOpen 80.
    JD, where do you see this info about $30? Again. not a big deal, but it used to be sooooo simpe; ; go to “Schedule”, click on the show, and there was the times and the costs.

  17. Open 80 tickets available this morning at 8 at $30.
    There may not be the support divisions we’re used to but otherwise the Open race promises to be the best ever. We don’t know who will show up but in addition to the usual gang some big names are in play. Jankowiak registers and doesn’t show but maybe he will this year. Charlie Pasteryak is registered as is the 7NY to be driven by Mike Christopher. Racing royalty Art Berry is supposed to have a SPAFCO driven by McKennedy. Ron Silk in the 16 and Craig Lutz are new registrants. Goodale, Swanson driving the 25, Lashua, Ethridge, Barrett are past successful invaders. Maybe even a member of the Monahan clan.. Good luck beating Staffords regulars Rocco, Owen, Willams and honorary Stafford regular the Paige/Dowling 00.

  18. “Barry, that link to Store / Event Tickets shows me only GA and Paddock prices for this Friday’s Firecracker 30; nothing there about the oOpen 80.”

    They appear when available for sale.

    I agree that you’d think they’d add the price to the advance event posting.

  19. wmass01013 says

    The entry list did suck me into buying a ticket, not fond of support divisions for $35 And who knows how many will show BUT I NEED TO SEE HEAR AND FEEL MODIFIEDS

  20. letts be friends says

    another good fun night AT monadnock race track
    But I didn’t see too many too many CT cars there ALL those Thompson and Waterford and Seekonk cars sitting JUST SITTING and Lotta sad racers posting **wish we could RACE** but Lotta cluckin chickens heehee CT Chickens new tee shirt hot on my presses

  21. $35 is a bit much for the 7/18 Open 80 show (without the SKs), but I purchased my ticket earlier today. We all need to thank Stafford for getting its act together to provide racing entertainment during the pandemic. Although $25 for a regular Friday show is more reasonable, too many heats & consis pushed the end time to 11:30 pm on June 26. That has scared me away from Friday nights until I see that the expected end time returns to the 10:00 to 10:30 pm range.

  22. Near as I can recollect the Stafford Opens for the two years they’ve had them have been $30. MRS shows that were very much the same without a tire change also $30.
    I suppose you could argue that it’s less value for the same money but under the circumstances its fine. Especially considering the potential for some notable new blood.
    Tour modified audiences don’t care so much about 5 support divisions. They especially don’t want to be held up really late if one of them becomes a wreck fest. SK Lights you know will be a great race. At many tracks they are so competitive they could be the headliner. The Streets will be good as well with the Waterford and Thompson refugees.
    Sometimes less is more. This could be the perfect mix.
    This event will be sold out. Stafford may do OK with the increased ticket price but if folks can PPV that would be great. Not a fan favorite in this forum but there is pretty good support in social media. There’s fans all over modified country that hopefully will want to view this race.
    At the end of the day it’s an additional revenue stream that benefits Stafford and the race teams so if you tune in you’ll get a good value and be supporting the sport.

  23. Supply and demand people…. 25% capacity. Be glad the ticket price isn’t higher.

  24. $30 in recent years included a full weekly card. This is like $50 over two nights to get what you were getting for $30 last year. At the last second, I passed on next week. The original entry list was for Friday shows on different dates. Not sure anyone knows who will really show up after all the schuffling around. I want to see what the first one looks before I make the long trip and invest $$$$.

    Not sure the term sellout is correct. Not when 75% of the seats are empty. We need to find a more appropriate term.

  25. “Not sure the term sellout is correct. Not when 75% of the seats are empty. We need to find a more appropriate term.”

    Sellout is defined as “All available tickets are sold”. In no definition I can find does it mean full.

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra only used about half of the Hartford Civic Center seating due to the placement of the stage, yet most if not all shows were sellouts.

    Look at the NY Giants during terrible team times… Sold out, nobody there. ;^)

  26. When all available tickets are sold, it is a sellout. Doh. 🙄

    Bunch of wussy sissies… can’t drive in rain????


  27. The point I was making regarding the sell out was not any percentage as such.. It was the cap on revenue it represented. The PPV alternative has virtually no limit on participation and it is my hope that since it is a revenue stream that benefits both Stafford and the race teams people consider it. .

  28. Interesting that the Friday shows “sellout” quickly but tickets are still available for the Open on Saturday.

  29. There is no relationship between the Friday or Saturday shows with regard to ticket sales. The Friday show has been rained out for a couple weeks so the tickets are holdovers. The Open 80 show went on sale Sunday morning at 8 o’clock and it’s been a day and a half.

  30. “The Open 80 show went on sale Sunday morning at 8 o’clock and it’s been a day and a half.”

    For some reason, the word might not be out. I’m running into a lot of folks for are semi-regular Friday attendees who have no idea there’s a race Saturday.

    I would also imagine the lack of some divisions might reduce friends, family, and fans of those divisions, especially the SK’s. I’ll be there both days, but I only draw flies and funny looks.

  31. 🌈🦄2020 says

    I’m sure Saturday will sell out soon. It’s just taking longer than Friday’s shows. The people that don’t know that they’re racing Saturday must not own a computer or smartphone.

  32. Saturday will be a test of the drawing power of an Open which doesn’t include the SKs. It’s the first time I’ve purchased a ticket to a Stafford event without the SKs, and I’m not sure if I’ll do it again.

    Like Doug, I thought the 2,500 in attendance on 6/26 looked similar in size to a “normal” Friday night show. I’ve been to several Sizzlers and Fall Finals, and would be hard pressed to claim that 10,000 (“capacity”) were in attendance for those events(?).

  33. “The people that don’t know that they’re racing Saturday must not own a computer or smartphone.”


    I think part of it is many are avoiding or flat out ditching social media these days, and a lot of the “the word” travels via those channels these days.

  34. 🌈 🦄 posted, “The people that don’t know that they’re racing Saturday must not own a computer or smartphone.”

    Or people that are smart and responsible just aren’t looking anymore, they have decided to sit this season out because of the coronavirus 🦠 pandemic.

    For people to carry on with their lives like nothing is wrong seems to indicate that those people do not read the news, own a smartphone or a computer, or are dumb, nuts, ignorant, or some combination of those three.

  35. I don’t know about social media being out of favor seeing as how their stock prices don’t seem to be suffering at all. The advertiser boycott doesn’t even seem to be derailing Facebook. Waiting on the weather may be a factor.
    This is a completely inane prediction but based on the fact Stafford posted a teaser for StaffordTV yesterday I’m going to say an sellout announcement is immanent.

  36. Everyone is assuming the season ticket holders will show on Saturday. Even, Friday, those tickets were for three weeks ago. How many of these people have other plans now or otherwise can’t make it three weeks later? Could get a “sellout” at the box office with less than that in the stands both nights.

    Saturday has nothing to do with Covid or smartphones. Nobody knows how many cars will show in any division. Also, Friday is cheaper and might be the better show.

  37. Look, the news about COVID-19 is getting worse and worse by the day. Some people are getting it. CT was one of the hardest hit states, they know what is going on and know to be careful. They get the message to social distance, crowds are bad. At one of the CT press conferences a week or so ago, they had a specific discussion about the tracks and how they pose special challenges and problems. It appears that the state does not want to allow more than 25% capacity. Given the way the numbers are going, appreciate what you have.

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