Mike Serluca Resigns As General Manager Of New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Mike Serluca (Photo: Passing Bird Photography)

New London-Waterford Speedbowl general manager Mike Serluca told RaceDayCT Wednesday evening that he is resigning from the track effective immediately. 

Serluca has served as the track’s general manager since September 2018. 

Serluca said on Wednesday he discovered through staff members that track owner Bruce Bemer was moving forward with plans for reopening the track, possibly as early as later this month. Serluca said he has not had any communications recently with Bemer and was unaware of any plans to reopen. 

“I can’t do it any more,” Serluca said. “I don’t appreciate the way things are going. I got text messages from three of the staff members today telling me that they’re planning on opening July 25 and I wasn’t to be told anything. So I’m just going to save them the time and I’m just going to resign. I’m all done. They can’t get their [stuff] together over there. They can’t figure out what they want to do or how they want to do it. I’m all set. I’m starting my own business. I’m not going to worry about the [bull] over there. They don’t even have a tower built over there, how are they going to open on July 25?” 

Bemer was not available for comment Wednesday. 

Serluca was furloughed by Bemer in late April when COVID-19 global pandemic issues made the possibility of any racing at the facility in 2020 questionable. Two new grandstand structures were constructed in April at the track. Further construction plans – include the building of a scoring tower and repaving of the midway – are apparently uncompleted.  

“I’m at my wit’s end with people calling me and texting me and trying to get information on what’s going on when I don’t even get any answers,” Serluca said. “I’m just done. I’m done. I hate to do it to everybody because I know a lot of people had a lot of faith in me. But the people that I work for don’t even have the common decency to keep me in the loop. I don’t want to be involved with that. I stuck my neck out there for two years and look like a [expletive] idiot. I’m not going to do it anymore.” 

Serluca said he made numerous attempts to contact Bemer on Wednesday with no success. 

“I’m done trying to put out fires for a guy that clearly enjoys the drama of what goes on,” Serluca said. “I can’t do it anymore. It stresses me out. At the forefront of my mind is all my friends and all the people that I know that put the time and money into racing there, I don’t want to abandon them, but I just can’t do it anymore.” 

The Speedbowl was closed for the entirety of the 2019 season because of construction issues involving the replacement of the main grandstand, which was demolished in early 2019. Bemer was also embroiled in his own legal issues for the first half of 2019. 

Bemer was sentenced to 10 years in prison in June 2019 after being convicted in April of five felony charges, including participation in a sex trafficking ring involving drug addicted and mentally ill young men. The 66-year old Bemer has been free on an appeals bond since his sentencing. 

Serluca took over the general manager position at the track after the previous operating group led by George Whitney left the facility abruptly in early September 2018. Whitney had taken over operations of the facility prior to the 2017 season. Serluca worked as part of Whitney’s staff during the 2018 season. Serluca oversaw the last four events of the 2018 season as general manager. 

Serluca said he doesn’t see how Bemer can possibly have the facility ready to operate before the end of the month. 

“I wish them the best of luck in the world with whatever they do,” Serluca said. “ It’s very sad because they’ve made so many improvements over there. Instead of finishing it up and getting it up and running 100 percent they’re just going to throw it together and open up and that’s sad. 

“As much as I want to fight to stay there and keep things the way they are, I’m not going to argue with that guy anymore. There’s too much misinformation and double talk. I graduated from high school in 1996, I’m done with al that kind of stuff. I deserve a lot better than [facility manager] Rich Turcotte trying to backstab me to [Bemer]. … I can’t bear the load anymore when I don’t have the support of the owner.” 


  1. Mike,

    Thank you so much for all you did for us race fans. You were approachable, friendly and clearly had a passion for the bowl. I appreciate you stepping up when you did and taking all the criticism and crap from so many directions. Your efforts are appreciated!! I don’t think anyone can blame you for your decision. Good luck in your business. I hope you let everyone know so we can support your new endeavor!!

  2. So, the truth finally comes out. This sucks because was honestly the only person there that I trusted with getting the information out to the fans, and now it sounds like he has been covering for the track since he was hired. I will never step foot at that track with the current felon as the owner and another felon as the Marketing Director.

  3. Does the word “dysfunctional” come to mind?

  4. I don’t know Mike but it sounds like he kind of got screwed here. He seemed to be as forthcoming as he could be with information related to the track. I really want to see Waterford open up and succeed as I think they have the best racing in CT, It is just so difficult to support the current ownership.

    Well Waterford you are actually going to open up now….Looks like Stafford took half your Saturday dates with their recent updated schedule release. Good luck with that. Can I make a scheduling suggestion. American modified series Aug 1st so there can be 5 tour type modified races all on the same night. Lets ensure there isn’t a good field anywhere.

    I love the cooperation among tracks and series during this most difficult time. Together we can get through this together. Mask up wash up.

  5. James Scott says

    Mike first of all, Thank you for being the vocal point of the Bowl during these trying times. Your passion and enthusiasm for the track has been refreshing. Thank you for your efforts. We all know what Bemer is and I will leave it at that. Good luck Mike on all your future endeavors.

  6. steve georgiades says

    Thank you Mike for trying – sad to hear you are leaving. Hopefully somehow they make you change your mind.

  7. Good luck to you Mike. I appreciate all you did for Waterford. You really cared and it is sad when you put your talent, heart and soul into something and it’s not appreciated. You will do well on your next endeavor as you have the right attitude and drive. Who knows, maybe you will save Thompson as you really care about the future of CT oval tracks.

  8. Not a resignation so much as being ghosted.
    Jilted for now but in time will realize it was the experience of a lifetime.
    Virtually no skills as a race track general manager but the perfect set of skills to act as the public face for a problematic owner. Big personality, track cheerleader, fan/competitor network and blinders to avoid seeing the drama surrounding the guy he was working for.
    Point A: Massive infrastructure issues not the least of which were rotting wooden stands and a sketchy relationship with the town to get permits. An indicted and eventual convicted felon for an owner. Divided fan base and insecure competitors.
    Point B: new stands and other critical infrastructure upgraded. A new owner and a talented general manage/promoter to lead the track into the future devoid of the negative past.
    Not at point B yet but the hardest part may be done. Sure he didn’t do it himself. It’s Bemers money, lawyers, engineers, contracts and permits that are getting-er-done. On the other hand none of it may have happened were it not for the temporary bridge Mike Serluca built between the dumpster fire that was the Speedbowl public image and the possibility of a brighter future.
    In return Serluca got the chance of a lifetime. Actually running the track that he grew up at and was a huge part of his life. Were the owner not who he was it would never have happened.
    Be cool for now big Mike. In a year or two or three you may be sitting in the stands, having a cold one, enjoying the races with friends and family with no mask and no cares other then having fun like the old days. Knowing it might not have happened at all without you.

  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝😝🤪🤪🤪😝🤪😝😝🤪🤪

    Mike has been furloughed since April, so he decides to “resign” in July?

    The writing was on the wall in YUGE letters. Mike, get some eyeglasses. 🤓


    Calling the 🚽 dysfunctional is generously complimentary.

    I can say it again, I AM RIGHT AGAIN !!!!!!!!

    I can hear the distinct click… Doug et al. are triggered.

    Hey 🌈JD🌈, hear any rumors?

  10. 🌈🦄2020 says

    I’ll take, ”things that I had no clue was going to happen” for $1600 Alex. And in our next adventure, the track won’t open on the 25th.

  11. Mike s.thank you for being a great guy and hanging in for a long fight!you tried your best so dont be down on yourself because of the turnout.your friends myself and everyone else thanks you for the updates and phonecalls to keep them informed.hope one day we can all see you at the BOWL to thank you in person.good luck with your business

  12. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”
    “I can say it again, I AM RIGHT AGAIN !!!!!!!!”



    darealgoodfella says
    May 24, 2017 at 10:16 am
    Teams, the employees, staff, fans, sanctioning body, fans, series, fans, etc. have all made it clear they are not supporting the track as long as Bemer is still the owner. They have pulled out and made it clear they are not going to be involved with the track. Without the cars, teams, series, staff, etc., and oh yeah, those paying customers, there is nothing going on at the track. Nothing.”

    November 13, 2019 at 7:39 pm
    When Bemer was arrested and admitted to the deeds, I posted what was going to happen and what was not going to happen. I was right. That was incredibly obvious. The NLWSB was at a crossroads of trouble. It was dilapidated, needed rehabilitation, and the owner gets in really big legal trouble, trouble that rendered the ‘bowl insignificant to Bemer. The ‘bowl became collateral damage.


  13. Mike Serluca says

    Yes my friend, you have been spot on with your colorful assessments, which I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed reading. Even without the glasses, I can clearly see you are wise beyond your years. The writing has been on the wall sin mid 2019 for me, but I’m such a glutton for punishment, I just couldn’t let go. Keep on keeping it real. Also, if you know a good eye doctor, could you send me a reference?
    To the rest of you, I really appreciate the support you all have shown to me, my staff, and the actual “Speedbowl” as a place. It’s unfortunate that things worked out the way they did, but hopefully someday the place will be awesome again. I don’t know if, or when, or who will make it happen, but it’s such a cool place with awesome drivers and the most diehard fan base I’ve encountered anywhere. Stay safe all and hope to see you all at a race track soon!

  14. Toldya he was triggered.


  15. Don’t know Mike, never had the pleasure of meeting him, but sounds to be a real nice guy. It’s always the nice guys who get screwed in the end.
    Mike, I hope your new business venture goes well for you. Good luck.

  16. Well, there is the old saying, “Quit before you are fired.”

  17. Mike Serluca says

    I guess I’m not that dumb after all 😉😂

  18. Doug et al. are more predictable than the weather.


    Mike, you sure liked to hug that line. 😉

    Move on man, move on.

  19. Bill Realist says

    Fired in April resigned in July. Extra $600 per week since then. Starting own business now. Good deal all the way around for him.

  20. Bill realist says

    Someone, possibly some kind of reporter possibly could look into weather the bowl dipped into the paycheck protection

  21. So who’s the person on the hot seat now, Rich Turcott? As the facility manage I’m guessing he has been the point of the spear in all the improvements that have been made with a wealth of knowledge but not accessible unfortunately. Looks like it’s back to the Whitney days in terms of media access.
    The bigger story here are rumors the facility is going to open. Try to get your head around that one. Were it true it would be completely consistent with every other happenstance that has surrounded the track. Not a peep leading up to it to give fans and competitors a heads up. Nothing on Speedbowl.com nor Facebook that’s relevant although the track is posting Speedbowl related nuggets from the past. Then there’s the pandemic in case you haven’t heard with new state rules and regulations and approvals to open. So Bemer likes drama does he? No worries there with fighting the conviction and all while readying the track for an opening in a matter of weeks during a health crises.
    So the track is going to open soon is it? Makes perfect sense.
    Situation normal at the Speedbowl.

  22. Mike Serluca says

    @bill realist
    Tuck it back in. Your ignorance showing. The Speedbowl was not my full time job. Furloughed and fired are two different things. Look it up pal. Also, since I was MANAGEMENT, I am automatically ineligible to collect any unemployment from the track. Covid or no Covid. Go do the research. I have. I guess some people just need to comment to feel better about themselves. Congrats. Next….

  23. coupes4ever says

    Thank you Mr. Serluca and best of luck in future.

  24. Original justafan says

    Thank you Mike, appreciated your enthusiasm, honesty and hard work. I wish you luck in your new business and I am sure you will succeeded, as you gained 10 years of experience in 2 years with the situation you were put in. 🙂

  25. Fast Eddie says

    MR. Serluca, thanks for trying to help keep the Speedbowl in existence. With all the external drama aside, I always enjoyed the racing there and appreciate your efforts. Good luck in your new endeavors.

  26. If you ask me Bemer is getting the placed fixed up to sell it. He will use that money to pay off the civil cases pending against him. There is no insurance to cover his past behavior and he will have to pay millions on the civil claims. So just wait it out. Criminal appeals by the defendant have about a 10% success rate. Success however means they just retry him again. Bemer will go to jail eventually or die first and that will be the end of this bowl chapter. Who will buy it is the question.

  27. Rich,
    Bemer has had multiple opportunities to sell the property since his legal issues surfaced and has walked away from those possibilities. Secondly, I can assure you Bemer does not need the proceeds from a possible sale of the Speedbowl to cover any civil penalties. Whatever the market value of the Speedbowl might be, it represents a very small part of his overall assets. To my knowledge he has already settled nearly all of the civil cases.

  28. sour grapes of optomism says

    Shawn is correct on the present state of the court cases/payoffs and Doug`s July 9th post is spot on. The bowl will eventually open better than ever. Bemer has never been one to speak to the press even prior to his legal issues. I expect THIS TIME an experienced promotor / GM will be chosen when the time is right as passion /loyalty for the track alone cannot make it a successful weekly endeavor. this has been proven many times over since the Eames debacle . too much drama, armchair quarterbacks ,backstabbers and fake news. leased /purchased whatever . someone will have a great opportunity to bring racing back to the bowl with the much needed capitol improvements . the racing has for the most part always been outstanding . Stafford shows are great as well as Seekonk.. stick a fork in Thompson that ship has sailed. Serluca is a good guy and I wish him the best .local short track racing will hopefully continue to be an option even with our dramatically changed world . I nominate Ben Dodge or Dick Williams… where are you !!!!

  29. It would be a real hoot if Eames ends up doing the promoting for the ‘bowl.

  30. As of January 2020 Ferry Law had filed a new claim against Bemer and was fishing for more victims to come forward. In mid may there was a dispute involving the settlement of two or three of the victims again with Ferry Law in the middle of it. Actually the cause of the dispute.
    Several offers to buy the property all rejected by Bemer you say. That’s kind of a bombshell isn’t it? I thought I read all the public stories fairly carefully and don’t recall a peep of that outside wild speculation. Couldn’t sell it before as it went to auction and since April 2017 there have been “multiple opportunities”.
    So many questions I’m guessing we’ll never get the answers to. . He kept it thinking he was going to be acquitted?. He kept it because the prospective buyers would not use it as a race track? He wanted to keep it to do exactly what he did. Resurrect it to be known as the guy that saved the track?
    If we can infer from that his intent is to keep the track with the intent to run it for the indefinite future that has to be some pretty depressing news isn’t it?

  31. They are working on the track today…

  32. I know of one private offer to purchase the property for 2.75 mil cash right after the crap hit the fan and during the stand replace conversations with the town. You won’t find it anywhere in public stories. Bemer turned it down obviously.

  33. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Working on the track on Saturday? What’s the rush?

  34. Why not, perfect opportunity to stick a fork in Thompson. Time to go racing!

  35. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Thompson doesn’t need any help sticking a fork in themselves. How was the open practice? Did it even happen? No pictures, videos nothing. Not a peep about the upcoming races on Facebook, nothing listed in the schedule on the website.

  36. James Scott says

    DaReal that would not surprise me in the least.

  37. Thanks for all of your efforts Mike!

  38. Goodfella don’t worry about Terry just worry about how your going to get out of I’M right again the Bowl won’t open i’m sure you will crawl out of it somehow.

  39. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Mike’s a good dude. Dafella can see can say whatever he wants. Nobody cares. I will say that there have been some suttle changes since Mike’s announcement. The bowl has gone back to using their previous Facebook page. Brand new pictures of the progress posted. I had seen some older photos that made the track surface look like a classic abandoned track. The pictures just posted show the surface clean and the infield freshly groomed. Almost looks like they could have cars on the track tomorrow if they wanted. And before anyone wants to refer to the place as a dump or the toilet bowl, take a trip to Hudson international speedway, like I unfortunately did. Good pro stock race, but man was the place shabby. Us Connecticut residents really should thank our lucky stars that we have 3 top notch racing facility’s.. Hopefully..

  40. Viva race fan says

    Mike is and has always been a fan of the NL Waterford Speedbowl.
    Cared about Racers and Fans alike.
    Would Stop and talk racing any time.
    Will be Missed .
    Really was the Man when Shawn M was acting like a manager .
    Radio show was better because he watched and payed attention to each division.
    A Friend to many.
    Sorry Bro.
    Enjoy the Family and Friends as always .
    Peace and Blessing to him.

  41. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Exciting news coming from the speedbowl in the next few days. Let the rumors fly.

  42. So I guess that’s it. This could be the last picture and story about Mr. Serluca. It’s sure has been a wild couple of years hasn’t it? The one guy willing to be in the eye of the storm very publically and now will finally get some peace whether he wants it or not. Information for now from unnamed sources but no one willing to stick their head up and say I’m the guy like Mr. Serluca. At least so far.
    Who will be the guy to take on the chaos and drama that is the Speedbowl. A place where it may not always rain but that dark cloud just seems to never go away.

  43. Maurice Hurd says

    Hey guys big race on Aug 28 Claremont NH Enjoy some fresh air & great people
    RACER Honoring Racers 2020
    See the stars of Modified Racing 100 lap Feature

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