Ryan Preece To Run Tri-Track Open Mod Series SBM Event At Star Speedway

Ryan Preece (Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

NASCAR Cup Series regular and Whelen Modified Tour champion Ryan Preece will compete in Saturday’s Tri-Track Open Modified Series SBM at Star Speedway.

“This was a good opportunity to hit reset button,” Preece said in a release. “Obviously there has been a lot of misfortune and a lot of things in 2020 that have been out of everyone’s control. This will be a good way to go somewhere, and race, and hit the reset button and get some momentum built for us with the Cup car.” 

Preece, who has run events in the past at Star, will compete for Eddie and Connie Partridge owned TS Haulers Team Saturday.

“I remember the first SBM race,” Preece said. “I enjoy racing at Star. It’s something I’m looking forward to doing — I think it’s going to be exciting… the fans will want to see it.” 

Said Star Speedway owner Bobby Webber: “Ryan Preece being at the SBM 121 is huge for us,” Webber said. “I’ve always gotten along well with Ryan and his Dad. They were one of the original supporters of Kevin Rice and the SBM format. To have an off weekend for the NASCAR Cup Series, and have Ryan come support my family, Star Speedway and the Tri Track Open Modified Series, it means a lot to all of us.” 

This year’s SBM race is 121 laps instead of 125 – in honor of Tim Webber – the son of track promoter Bobby Webber, who is turning 21 during the month of July. 

Preece joins an already studded entry list for Star. Craig Lutz, who won the series’ season opener at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H, on July 5 will return to action. Also expected are reigning series champion Ronnie Williams, Matt Hirschman, Woody Pitkat, Antony Nocella, Les Hinckley III and last year’s SBM winner Ron Silk.

“We look forward to adding Ryan to a stout list of drivers set for Star Speedway this weekend,” Wayne Darling, Managing Partner of the Tri Track Open Modified Series, said. “Ryan has quite the track record of success in Modifieds and we are sure he will be a major threat for the $6,000 check on Saturday night.” 

Due to restrictions from COVID-19 and the state of New Hampshire, Star Speedway is limited to 50% grandstand capacity for the race. Fans are encouraged to purchase their tickets ahead through Venmo (@bwebber19) to make sure they get their seat. There will be no pre-sales for pit passes.  

Tri Track teams who have registered for the entire season are good to go, while teams who need to register for just one event can do it on the website. Teams must also pre-order tires with Dan at Hoosier Tire East by calling 860-646-9646 as soon as possible. 

Tri Track Open Modified Series teams can practice on Friday from 4-8 p.m. and can sign-up by contacting the track directly, since spots are limited. On Saturday morning, the pit area opens for Tri Track teams at 10:45 a.m., while the first practice will go green from 1:15-1:55 p.m. There will be a second practice from 2:15-2:40 p.m., and a scuff session will take place from 3:05-3:15 p.m. Heat races begin for Star divisions at 3:30 p.m., followed by qualifying for the Tri Track Series. The feature is estimated to take the green flag around 7 p.m.

For more information on the Tri Track Open Modified Series, visit tritrackmodifieds.com and follow the series on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Information from Tri-Track Open Modified Series press release included in this story


  1. I figured if he was testing the modified at Caraway on Saturday it was for Star and/or WMMP. If ever a guy needed some home cooking it’s Ryan.

  2. JD. I couldn’t agree more. Ryan is having a very tough go of it as of late.
    I’m sure after a while, it wears you down, whether it’s you or the operation. A good finish could possibly give the guy a bounce back in his step. And while this is about way more than a bounce in anyone’s step, a good finish, or a victory along the way, could be a good morale booster. Who knows where that could possibly go?
    Personally, I don’t see Ryan in that Cup operation next year. Just speculation though.

  3. “Adam says
    February 3, 2020 at 1:02 am
    Doug Ryan has two CD cars now. The orange and white one we saw at New Smyrna and Stafford is his and Paquette’s, the white with red numbers car is the one that he campaigns under Partridge on the Tour that he ran at Thompson and New Hampshire last year. I’m not sure what they’ve done with the two Troyers, last I knew Ryan had them down south”

    Sure would be nice to know what Ryan and Mike are bringing to this race. A CD special with a spec or some other combination.
    Aside from winning at Stafford last year Preece has not enjoyed much success in his modified visits. Doesn’t matter. It jumps up the anticipation factor several notches. This is a huge get for Star.
    Speed51 PPV starting with heats around 4. They’ll probably have gaps like at Monadnock as the track runs the Pure Stocks, Street Stocks and Slingshot features with the TTOMS consi in the middle.

  4. I am not sure if Speed51 will have gaps in coverage at this one. At Monadnock Speed51 wanted to cover the weekly divisions but cited they couldnt cover the Nascar sanctioned races. Well Star isnt Nascar sanctioned this year. They decided against going with a Nascar sanction this year when Nascar wouldnt let them pick the street stocks as their tier 1 division. Speed 51’s coverage stinks when they have to black out races, you have no idea when or how long until they will be back live. Try following along on race monitor but you end up missing portions of races.

    It will be nice to see Ryan Preece in a modified, he could use a race in a competitive car. The cup team is certainly struggling this year. I try to watch a their races and Preece doesnt get much tv time. You have to watch the scoring pylon down the side of the screen to find out where he is running. It is frustrating for me as a fan, I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for Preece and his team. Hopefully they turn it around. I am not sure what his contract situation is for next year but it is tough to get a good ride in cup. Anyone know why they changed car numbers when Stenhouse came over?

  5. CSG, no gaps in coverage if you buy a ticket.

    Just as a reminder. The show starts early, (3:30). Mod heats at 4ish. Mod feature about 7pm. It will be an early night.

    Weather report looks great thus far.

    Silk vs Goodale, Lutz vs Hinkley just some of the early headlines.

  6. Why has Preece/Partridge gone CD? Clearly they have not been that good since they went CD, and have not be running many laps and events to get the CD piece competitive.

    Is it an anti-Fuller thing?

  7. This makes the decision this weekend of where I’m going Saturday a lot more difficult. I saw the first tri-track race at monadnock and have been on the fence about going to Star because the use of Venmo for advanced tickets and the fact that NEMA is at Monadnock Saturday night. I haven’t seen NEMA since I was a kid, a very long time ago and I was leaning towards that but now this might change that.

  8. You nailed it CSG.
    Brandon Paul, Content Manger, Speed51 in response to my email this morning:

    “Star Speedway is not a NASCAR race track, so we are not limited on what we can broadcast from that facility.
    Stay tuned for an announcement on our plans for a live broadcast from Star.”

  9. Fast Eddie says

    Rob A, got this info from a racing buddy. If you go on Facebook (you don’t need a Facebook page) and click on “events” you can find the SBM 121 and purchase a ticket pretty easily without Venmo. I’ve been trying to get one since last week and wasn’t able to make anything work or get a response from the track for help. I also contacted TriTrack yesterday and they responded to assist as well.

  10. Preece hasn’t been very competitive with the CD car. Partridge has been a Troyer guy since forever, until Fuller took over Troyer. Will they go back to Troyer or stick with trying to get the CD competitive?

    Stay tuned…

  11. JD I agree there is nothing like being there. This should be a good show as the Modifieds run pretty well at Star Speedway. The price is pretty reasonable compared to other events. I wish they were running their 350 supers this Saturday as I dont get up there to see them too often. Thanks for the reminder on the start time. Maybe I will go to this one. It shouldnt be too late an evening. Tri track Mods on a bullring it just doesnt get any better than that. With the restrictions in place in MASS not sure I will be able to see racing at my personal favorite Seekonk this year.

    Rob I would take a full field of mods at Star over half a field of midgets at Monadnock any day especially this Saturday. Depending on whether its the Nema lights or full blown midgets or both they only get about half a field of midgets for each division. I think they run them separately too. There just isnt a big field of midgets in this area.

    Stay healthy mask up wash up

  12. Did Preece win an Open 80 at Stafford in a CD car last year?

  13. I agree CSG, I would have liked to see the 350s or even the Late Models as a support division. Star might not have the revenue to cover the purse plus modifieds on the same night. Especially with only 50% capacity.

    Quick shoutout to Kevin Rice who was behind the original 125. It’s a fan favorite / must see race year after year. Well done Sir. You too LIM.

  14. Fast Eddie says

    I enjoy watching the midgets, lately the lights more than the regular ones due to the car count. Some of regular midget races I’ve seen recently did not have heats due to lack of cars; the field was set from practice lap times. Unfortunately their races are over so fast due to the short length. I’ve seen a number of midget features that were less than 10 minutes. I think they should run 40-50 lap features, or maybe twin 25’s. The one event with the best car count seems to be the Boston Louie at Seekonk. That was supposed to run with ISMA Super’s this year. Damned virus! I’ll go with approximately 180 laps of Modified heats, consi’s, and features, thanks!

  15. According to “Adam” Preece drove the CD car at New Smyrna and Stafford. I know he drove it at New Smyrna because he did a video saying he was going to.. Best finish there was 4th.

  16. Good to see Ryan coming back up north to race. Hope he does well.

  17. Hi all, I think we are all tip toeing through the tulips here. In these strange times, why would anyone let a driver race 800 miles away from the base to race a modified for nothing. Only bad things could happen. His team mates have been out performing him for 50 or so races. I want him to succeed in Cup. This is writing on the wall. Not looking good…

  18. Kayman. Hmm that is certainly an interesting comment. The results at the cup level certainly havent been impressive but its not like his team mates have been consistently knocking down podiums on a regular basis. I hope you are wrong because without Preece in cup I have absolutely no interest in the the billboard taxi cab Sunday series.

    The dirt sprint car drivers are ready to petition Nascar to reinstate Larson because he is winning everything and everywhere. He looks like he is having a lot of fun racing right now. They interviewed second place to Larson one night recently. He said and I am paraphrasing herem yeah it would be nice if he would go back home for awhile let us guys win a few. Larsons streak has been incredible to watch online.

  19. If you guys are interested in midgets. Flo racing has all the USAC midget events broadcast live. It is mostly if not all dirt track racing. They also cover All Star Sprints and USAC sprints and the BB mods from NY when and if they get going. They have something like 4 or 5 races broadcast per night Friday and Saturday. I believe it is 150/yr and well worth every penny. They may have a monthly option as well. There are 2 races broadcast tonight, dirt lates and USAC midgets.

  20. Kayman, I feel what you are throwing down but the next Cup race is in Loudon. He was coming this way regardless.

    He does have some decent finishes but the bad ones have been real bad. Loudon and Daytona in August are welcomed venues. I mean who would have thought the Bowman kid would turn out to be a star? It’s all about the equipment. You listening Tony Stewart?

  21. I thought I saw an ad for a cup race at IA or Kentucky or somewhere this week. Maybe i saw it last week Perhaps it was indycar. I pay just about as close attention to that series. I m surprised they are taking an off week with all the dates they had to make up. I forgot Cup was running in NH in a couple of weeks. Are they doing 50 percent capacity like the local tracks for that one?

    I would be shocked if Kyle Larson isnt running for Tony Stewart next season. I agree it is all about the equipment in cup. Every once in awhile you get a surprise victory but for the most part its the top 3 or 4 teams getting wins. Its far worse in F1. Where Hamilton wins a;; the time. If he doesnt win, his team mate wins. If Hamilton and his team mate dont win they crashed each other.

  22. 6 DNF’s will get you to 30th in the standings. Three by engine failure. Stenhouse with no engine failures has had his moments but still is only 23rd.. Buscher last year came in 20th and is under performing in 20th in his upgraded ride. Competition is tough in the bigs. I don’t know if Ryan is a goner after this year but I hope not. I’d prefer to think it’s about the engine failures and crew chief.
    Two Loudon Cup races for Preece. 32nd in 2015 for Mike Curb and 21st last year.

  23. Add Sap in the 36 and Hossfeld in the 1 to the list of drivers on Saturday. A strong WMT representation this weekend.

  24. Think Preece will run NWMT @ WMMP? Only an hour away from Loudon.

    Talk amongst yourselves.

  25. Darealgoodfella,
    Preece has told me he definitely will not run White Mountain.

  26. Ok, everyone talked me into it and thanks to Fast Eddie I found the Eventbrite page for tickets. I’ll be there Saturday.

    I would guess if Preece was going to run any other race the weekend of the cup race it’d be the Stafford Open Mod show but I’m sure Shawn would know better.

  27. Hi All, as Ryan and others have said, he works on the cars. To not prepare to the utmost for New Hampshire is strange. This race is one full week before Cup. I think he is focused on what he needs to do. Maybe he needs a good run to boost his confidence. Or maybe it is something else. I am just going by feel here. This doesn’t make sense to me. I watch weekly and rarely have seen Beusher in in 2019 in the 38 or Danica’s ex in the 47 this year behind Preece. He changed teams. He thought there was a malfunction. The cars are the same. Same engines from Hendrick. Unless we have conspiracy theorists around about Hendrick blackballing him… I like watching Preece locally and on the big screen. Rather have him succeed. My 2 cents. Take it for what it is worth. If you owned the team, would you let your driver go to New Hampshire, race a Modified, and do what. Hang out with his family? Come back to work? Is it worth it? Jimmie Johnson? Hello.

  28. Fast Eddie says

    I have my own “conspiracy theory.” Bringing Stenhouse and his crewchief to that team required more $$ than the existing team sponsorship setup had. So the 47 Kroger car becomes the “A” team and Preece is relegated to the 37 “B” team. Not that I know any facts about this, but I would doubt the #47 driver and crew chief is making similar $$ to the #37.
    I am also guessing Preece must have something in his contract that allows him to race a Modified when it does not interfere with a Cup race. I would bet before COVID messed up the world, Preece would have run the Saturday WMT race at Loudon.

  29. Put Preece in a car prepared by Gibbs, Hendrick or Stewart/Haas, give him a good engineer and crew chief, and he’d be winning races. This team has never been a top ten team. Almendinger had 1 road course win. Although they show speed at times, they’re just not that good.
    As far as the modified goes, Ryan had stated in the past that he’d be running some races when they didn’t conflict with his cup effort. The CD car he’s been running is not a typical CD car, but something he and Mike Paquette have been toying with, trying different things. I think if he had more time in the car he’d be doing better. He had allot of success, back in the day, at Stafford, running a CD car. Hope he has a good run at Star, and has fun doing so. As far as Covid, New England is probably one of the safer regions in the country to be right now.

  30. Preece had a hard hit at Kansas,betting he’ll be sore Saturday.

  31. Preece was pissed, on the radio right after the hit. He got pushed hard from the right, you can see he had his wheel cut hard to the right to counter the push, didn’t matter. If not for bad luck, he’d have no luck at all. It really is notable how much bad luck he has had this season. He’s not one to get himself in trouble.

  32. Fast Eddie says

    Dareal, your comment about Preece is spot on and might have a lot to do with him running the Modified this weekend. He was definitely having a decent run last night and would have had at least a top 15 finish. He’s had such horrible luck now in the last 4 races, and he’s been a complete victim of circumstances in all of them. Tomorrow may go a long way to remind himself that he certainly can drive, and the issues in Cup recently are not due to anything on his part.

  33. That wreck was Christopher Bell throwing a bad block. Even the commentators said so. Ryan was having a good run till that point. Watched the wreck footage on NASCAR.com, at 25% speed. That was a brutally hard hit the car got big air, luckily he didn’t start flipping.

  34. Someone mentioned the possibility of Kyle Larson returning to cup. Don’t see it. Kyle hasn’t even attempted to complete the required classes NASCAR mandated. Plus with the whole BLM movement NASCAR would be shooting themselves in the foot. Too bad, as he is a very talented driver.
    Given the success he’s enjoying in the Sprint cars and midgets right now, he may not want to come back. It’s one of those wait and see things.

  35. Fast Eddie, Preece is used to having a dominating modified… that hasn’t happened in his recent modified outings. The CD car or whatever he has been running just hasn’t been as dominant. If he has a good car, he can drive away from trouble.

  36. Like fine wine, perfection takes time. Right now Ryan doesn’t have the time to dedicate to getting that car perfect. As far as the Moran Stone thing, I’d disagree, but at this point in time they are on top of the game. Stone has FURY’s resources at his disposal, Moran has LFR’s. But in time someone will come along and beat them, it’s the nature of the beast.

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