Stafford Notes: Meg Fuller Skips Graduation Stroll To Speed To Victory Lane In Street Stock

Meg Fuller celebrates victory in the Street Stock feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – Meg Fuller had a choice for her Friday evening activities. She could walk or she could run. 

Fuller, of Auburn, Mass., opted to skip her high school graduation to race at Stafford Speedway and that choice paid off perfectly for the Auburn (Mass.) High School senior. 

Fuller held off charges from a host of challengers to win the 20-lap Street Stock feature at Stafford Friday. 

Fuller and SK Modified division drivers Marcello Rufrano and Mikey Flynn were recognized in pre-race ceremonies at Stafford as 2020 high school graduates. 

“Tonight I would be walking across the stage with all of the people I spent four years in high school with,” Fuller said. “Fortunately I have racing as a part of my life and I’d rather be here than walk across the stage.” 

Chris Meyer of North Franklin was second and Al Stone III of Durham third. 

“Definitely had a hard fight tonight,” Fuller said. “Got into some people. I thought I was going to lose it coming to the checkered. I think there was a spill on the track and I saw everyone wrecking behind me. … I definitely saved it a couple times tonight and I’m really happy about the finish.” 

Adam Gray passed Tom Fearn for the lead on lap 13 and never trailed again on the way to victory in the 30-lap Late Model feature. 

Wayne Coury Jr. of Shelton was second and Michael Bennett of Stafford third. 

Gray became the fourth different winner in four Late Model events this year at Stafford. 

Gary Patnode of Barkhamstead scored his first victory of the season in the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature. 

Andrew Durand of Chicopee, Mass. was second and Matt Clement of Wethersfield third. 


  1. Congrats to Megan Fuller and your team for the street stocks win. Great job.
    Çongrats also to Adam Gray and your crew for the late Model feature win.
    Congrats also to Gary Patnode for the limited late model win.

  2. No Matt Buckler cheap race trophies are not more important the diploma’s. That was nice of Stafford to give the High School grads a special nod but Megan should have gone to her graduation. She’ll win many races but you only graduate High School once. It represents 4 years of hard work and is one of life’s milestones.
    On the other hand if you are going to skip it winning the race is the way to go and she was terrific. Smooth as glass. Tenacious but not rash.
    Alexandra Fearn took a page from Ryan’s play book. Stuck the nose down low to nudge past Durand early and spun him. Then contending with Patnode spun herself. Don’t see that very often from the 12. Don’t see Tom Fearn in the lead and fade either………like ever.
    The LLM’s and LM’s are providing some terrific racing this year for sure. Best in years.

  3. Doug, I appreciate your thoughts, but It is so much more than a cheap trophy. Meghan Has been racing for 12 years- as long as she has been going to school. Her Parents and her Race team would support her, with either decision. Meghan chose to compete, not for the trophy, but to participate in something she LOVES doing. Meghan has her sights on a Championship this year. It takes sacrifice and dedication to make goals a reality! I congratulate her for living her Dream! She still received her diploma and she still has all those wonderful memories of her school years. Meghan chose to have both!
    Congratulations to all Competitors and New Graduates!

  4. 🌈🦄2020 says

    That last lap wreck in the street stocks was nasty. Hydar looked hurt. Anybody know if he’s ok?

  5. Nice run Megan! I probably would have skipped graduation, too. Keep doing what you love.

  6. Meghan is not the first to skip graduation to go racing and not the last , I’m guessing this year’s version was watered down because of the virus anyway with less family and friends , the important thing is you have the support of your family with your decision. Great job , hope your dad finds that bag of money he’s looking for so you can move up , I got to be honest with you he’s not looking to hard he was sitting in pit stands cheering you on .hope you reach your goal you certainly deserve it

  7. How big of a narcissist does one have to be to tell others what’s more important in there life and family? Some very large ego’s thinking there way is the only way and everything else is Seems like plenty of that happening in today’s world unfortunately.

  8. Slapnuts posted, “How big of a narcissist does one have to be to tell others what’s more important in there life and family? ”

    You talking about Doug?

    Yeah, he’s a HYUGE narcissist.

  9. Well that was impressive. Nice to read a representative of the Fuller clan weigh in with a closer perspective through the families eyes. It’s a cautionary tale for me. You have to be very careful in picking and framing your words especially when being critical in this forum. Second guessing a decision already made in this case serves no purpose. A case could be made that for some family teams that are synonymous with local racing such as the Fearns and Christophers as well as the Fullers a bilateral choice on race night of competing interests would logically lean toward the race track as long as there is no detour from achieving the substantive life goal. My job as a fan is not to second guess a decision already made even if I disagree with it. My job is to respect it which I do.
    Then there is the larger point that I do not wish to walk back. What I found inappropriate was the use of the Fuller decision as a promotional tool by the announcing team. I’m fairly certain that Buckler’s comment that trophies were more important then diploma’s was a momentary bit he’s known for and was not meant to be taken literally. However Dodge did build on the Stafford family imagery reinforcing a notion that somehow being at Stafford for competitors is a satisfactory proxy for competing non racing major life events. It isn’t ever. Stafford is not your family. Stafford is a highly competent real family providing first class entertainment for which we pay reasonable prices. That’s it. It was one decision by one driver and should never have been used as a promotional tool with a homy, self serving meaning.
    I’m pretty sure Rick Fuller flashed by me in his 1973 Laguna sometime in an early 1980’s Street Stock race. That Laguna was fast but aside from that it was pristine and the Laguna was unique for the time when most every other car was a Chevelle or Monte Carlo. We all have good and petty reasons for liking and not liking drivers and teams we root for and against. With regard to the name Fuller that Laguna put Fuller on my radar and since then I’ve watched and admired all the endeavors of the Fuller clan in racing not the least of which is Megan Fuller. The name Fuller to me represents the best in local racing, disciplined, focused, non controversial and most of all always winners. Not just winners but very likable winners doing it the right way.
    As much as I love racing I love seeing young people pursuing their educational goals even more whether that be in the trades, college, specialty training or any worthy career building endeavor. Ben Dodge is a hall of famer and Buckler will probably be following Dodge into the NEAR hall of fame. They are both consummate promoters of local racing. I simply did not like them using those skills to promote a notion that there is any equivalency between racing an education nor family and the racing community.
    . Diploma’s are always more important then racing trophies for young people and your family is your real family not Stafford. There should never be any muddling of priorities in that regard in my view.
    Perhaps an over reaction but we all have our hot buttons so there it is.

  10. 🌈🦄2020 says

    It’s 2020 Doug. Things are different if you haven’t noticed. Look at this way. Graduation ceremonies are not the normal thing this year. It’s possible she was able to see and hang out with more of her family and friends at the track than at whatever kind of ceremony was held. She graduated, got the diploma. Why should you care if she didn’t walk across the stage?

  11. Is that what I said 2020? Let me read it again to see if what you said was the point I was making…………………………………………. Nope. What you are criticizing I believe I showed the proper deference to as a improper and moved on.
    Point made however. Critiquing the announcers, trying to make a point about confusing the Stafford notion of family of racing vs real family is too far in the weeds.
    So what do you think about the election 2020. Are you feeling good or concerned about president Trumps chances?
    Love the new screen ID by the way. I’d rate it third best ever behind Liz Cherokee and sour grapes.

  12. 😷🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝🤪🤪😝😝😝

    Good job 🌈🦄2020. It’s like Trump denying something he said in the previous sentence. Too easy.

  13. No Doug you did say meg should have gone to graduation and that’s why her mom and a few others spoke up , its meg and her family’s decision not not any of us . I hope she wins championship she’s a class act .let’s talk racing instead. Why didn’t starter see water on track ,or was he just trying to get last lap in ,wrecked a bunch

  14. 🌈🦄2020 says

    They sure did pile into the fence on the last turn. One driver was flipping out on the officials. I guess for letting them race to the finish with fluid on the track. Then Hydar I think, in the 11 took a while before he climbed out of his car. He was either hurt or shaken up pretty bad.

  15. Way to go Meg! Propane Plus is proud to sponsor a true winner in a tough division. Glad you skipped out on school graduation to get the win! You probably would have had a good chance of catching Corona! If they are not talking about you……………………………

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