Back It Up: Chase Dowling Grabs Second Consecutive SK Modified Win At Stafford

Chase Dowling celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Chase Dowling celebrated victory in the biggest SK Modified event of the season last week at Stafford Motor Speedway. 

Friday the Roxbury driver returned to keep the heat on the competition at Stafford. 

Dowling came from the 15th the starting spot to win the 40-lap SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway. 

It was the second consecutive win for Dowling, who won the NAPA SK 5K last Saturday at Stafford. 

Dowling took the lead from Troy Talman on lap 32 and never trailed again. 

“That was a crazy start to that race for that sure,” Dowling said. “A lot on the outside, the car was obviously phenomenal. I can’t thank [crew chief] Mike O’Sullivan enough. He makes it look easy to do this. It’s easy to sit there behind the steering wheel, but it’s the people behind you.” 

Talman, of Oxford, Mass., was second and Mike Christopher Jr. was third.  

Paul Arute scored his first win of 2020 and third career victory in the 30-lap Late Model feature. 

Albert Saunders of Stafford was second and Wayne Coury Jr. of Milford third. 

Derek Debbis got his second win of the season in the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature. 

Tyler Chapman of Ellington was second and Steven Chapman of Ellington third. 

Andrew Durand of Chicopee, Mass. got his third win of the season in the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature. 

Alexandra Fearn of East Longmeadow, Mass. was second and Matt Clement of Wethersfield third. 

Zach Robinson of Putnam won the 20-lap Street Stock feature. Meghan Fuller of Auburn, Mass. was second and Larry Barnett of Moosup third. 


  1. Shawn, do you know if the SK Light results stood? After their features, the top finishers were being checked on the scale pads. Assuming weight but appeared measurements were also being taken. Both Chapman cars were already in the fenced in tech area, but the 56 drove straight back to his pit stall. The Chapman crew were celebrating like they had been handed the win. Any idea?

  2. What the heck was that? The green flies and the 22 is a blur to the front. Inside, outside made no difference. Stalks Talman for a few laps, no bumper tag or intimidation then boom!..Turn one and done.
    That was not about a great driver, driving a great race. That was about a darn good driver having a ball driving a great race car and he said as much in victory lane.
    Honorable mention to Mike Christopher. Didn’t give up in the heat, bumped Williams out of a handicap position with some snappy driving and cashed in a nice podium finish for the effort. Michael is what he is. Cerebral, low drama and almost always delivers the finish the car he had was capable of. Talman, Kopcik, Moeller all nice to see ahead of the big three at the finish.
    The SK5K is a marathon but last night the 22 beat the three cars that usually dominate the division at their own game…..a sprint. And it wasn’t even close.

  3. Viva race fan says

    Great 2nd win Derek

  4. MazdaJ,
    I was told by the Stafford Speedway staff that there was no changes made to the finishing order.

  5. Turn One Fan says

    Anyone know what happened with Kevin Gambacorda? He ran the first Late Model Race of the season and hasn’t been back since.

  6. *Hey, hey, hey we’ve got a new, very competitive division. Don’t look now but the Late Models are offering some absolutely stellar competition and completely unpredictable.
    *That was funny. Paul Arute was critical to putting all the safety protocols in place that made racing possible, shows up in victory lane without a mask mainly because he never thought he’d get there If anyone deserved a moment in the sun that guy did.
    *Sorry LLM’s you’ve got a great core of cars but Durand it just too much car and driver this year. Imposing in person and on the track. The battle is for second place.
    *Mom and Dad Fearn……best parents ever. Encouraging their really smart daughter through four years getting a degree at the prestigious science and technology school Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Call an audible and now it’s on to law school. Accomplished skier and on Friday nights mom and dad supply a top notch LLM to fill the time .Oh and don’t forget a couple of other really good cars as well and running a business. Any one business, any one advanced education, any one sports career, any one race car program is tough enough. How is all that even possible and be really good in each?
    *So who’s the guy that said the Narducci 01 that is now the Debbis 56 is the star of the SK Lights and the driver mostly plug and play. That person may not have been wrong. Debbis came from the back with less drama then Narducci but still pretty impressively. Kind of made a mockery of the competitive nature of the division and is still so new at the whole thing isn’t prepared to thank sponsors in victory lane. Except Todd Owen and Chassis Pro that definitely deserve it.
    *So I was wrong so what? Turns out Debbis and Stephen Chapman can come from deep in the pack fairly nicely. Still so can Pearl and he’ll do it every week barely noticed. Except last night maybe when I think he did it twice. Didn’t he get put back for rough riding? Won’t see that very often from the 7. Anglace will come from the rear often and very much noticed. Nice save Nick on the bobble turning disaster into a 7th place finish.
    *In the under the radar department consi’s are every bit as important to the racing experience for some teams as feature wins are to others. The Lights are loaded that’s pretty obvious. Last night Alina Bryden and Nicole Chabrello raced their way into the feature in a terrific consolation race. What most fans don’t appreciate is that simply getting into a feature race for some teams in packed divisions is a win in and of itself. I can’t know it for sure but I’d bet last night was a highlight for those two gals in this extraordinary season. Their feature races not so good but they earned a spot in the feature and that’s something in the Lights.
    *Call Zack Robinson Jaws. DQ’s rightfully so out of a win earlier but is relentlessly passing cars and hunting down first place. Not so fast. Fuller is fast as well and has started behind Robinson the last two races. We’ll see who is better in the coming weeks.
    * Pencil in a win for Frank L’Etoile, Jr. at some point. He’s experienced obviously, fast and getting faster and will win when he earns a favorable handicapped position.
    *OK Ben it’s time to take the gloves off. It’s been impressive hearing you tell folks to use their masks as they navigate the stand walk ways and midways but at this point it shouldn’t be necessary. Consider calling them out. “ Hey you in the Richie Evans shirt. Yah you. I see you. You know masks don’t do anything covering just your adams apple. “ . Sure I know he can’t do that nor would he if he could but it would be a hoot.

  7. No reference to the Senator’s Cup angle until the Victory Lane interview?? And, I thought it was going to be 50 lap event(?).

  8. Good night all around…

    I felt bad for the SKL oil down mess in turn 1. Nowhere to escape, I was looking forward to see how Jacob Perry did in an SKL. It seemed like every lap he completed, he got better.

  9. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Saw a picture of Cassandra Cole lying on a hospital bed. Banged up but looks like she’s going to be ok.

  10. Congrats to Andrew Durrand. All that time out of the car and he comes back looking as if he never missed a race. Great guy off the track too.

  11. Sharpie Fan says

    Still nothing posted in the Penalties section for Friday night from Stafford. Used to be penalties had to be filed with Nascar by 9 a.m. Tuesday. I guess now it’s whenever they feel like it.

  12. Penalties aren’t filed with nascar. Stafford would be the only track even capable of doing that lol

  13. Sharpie Fan says

    And yet Stafford sent out updates to their front shock, spring rubber, and coil over spring rules. Hmmm.

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