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(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

Stafford Speedway is set to host the Lincoln Tech Open Modified 80 on Friday, August 21st, featuring 6 divisions of short track racing. Tickets for the event are Sold Out due to a 25% capacity restriction but race fans can watch all the action broadcast live on

Launched earlier this season, is the official live streaming service of Stafford Motor Speedway. Fans can watch every lap of action live from Stafford Speedway each week on their phone, computer, tablet, Chromecast, or Roku device. 

Stafford Speedway TV has developed a program that gives 25% of each live stream sale back to the race teams creating a unique program that gives back to the competitors. Payouts to the competitors will occur at the end of each season and will be distributed based on the total of laps completed. You can read about the payout breakdown on

“Stafford Speedway TV has been a great success so far,” explained Paul Arute of Stafford Speedway. “The payout pool for the race teams has already surpassed $10,000 through the first 8 events. Our team has been continuing to improve the broadcast each week through the addition of a scoring ticket, lap counter, and even some original content to keep the viewer entertained during caution periods. We hope everyone is enjoying the service and continues to tune in.”

The Lincoln Tech Open Modified 80 event is set to be one of the biggest events of the year featuring 6 divisions for the first time this season. The Open Modifieds will headline the event featuring many of the top Modified stars including Keith Rocco, Eric Goodale, Matt Swanson, Chase Dowling and more. NASCAR Cup Series regular Ryan Preece is set to return to his home track to compete in the 80 lap event. Preece’s last win at Stafford was in 2019 at the Twisted Tea Open Modified 80 event. The SK Modified®, Late Model, SK Light Modified, Limited Late Model, and Street Stock divisions will also be on hand for an epic night of short track racing.

Fans can order the live stream or get more information by visiting Qualifying is scheduled to start at 6:15pm with feature racing rolling off at 7:00pm. Be sure to tune in!

For more information, visit, checkout Stafford Speedway on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.


  1. getserious says

    Are these race broadcasts available later, or only live? I go to the track and see the shows in person, but I am interested in re-watching some bits and pieces of the races, reliving certain portions. Maybe highlight videos? Maybve a month after the event they are up on youtube for free?

  2. Although streaming is very popular now, it’s just not for me. I pay good coin for the 600+ cable channels from Xfinity. Looked into Xfinity internet but where I am it’s kinda slow. My neighbor has Xfinity internet, and my 4G Verizon phone is allot faster. The only downfall I’ve got right now is a data cap of 5 gig. I don’t pay for the phone, therefore I can’t complain. Xfinity is supposed to upgrade our area in early 2021, then maybe I’ll try streaming. I do think what Stafford is doing is great for the fans, and hope it’s working out well for them and the fans. I do like that some coin from this goes back to the racers.

  3. get serious. I have seen Stafford release short video highlight packages on Youtube. They usually release them by division during the following week of an events completion. They are pretty short. Maybe a minute or two. Follow Stafford on twitter and youtube and you will see them. It is much better to be there in person.

  4. Some numbers to work off of.
    Doing the ciphers that comes out to about 228 paid viewers on average per event. Archive access money screws up the estimate but I bet it’s close. The RaceDayCt poll had a total of 557 votes. The result was taken down but it was a little over half positive or 290 yes’s we’ll say. If the actual average is near 228 that’s an OK number for a new service going in. Actually paying is always harder then clicking “yes”. The numbers also reflect the biggest loser of the season the NAPA 100 and SK5K after the lights went out. The biggest weekend with no power for many could not have been a banner audience.

    “ is the official live streaming service of Stafford Motor Speedway. Fans can watch every lap of action live from Stafford Speedway each week on their phone, computer, tablet, Chromecast, or Roku device.”

    Can that be true? Not really every lap of every race. The NWMT race coming up on NBC Sports Gold and the TTOMS usually on Speed51. What happens with those races?

    Watching the race on the computer screen is minimally OK but you’re cheating yourself. No Roku or Chromecast no problem. Link your computer to your big screen by HDMI cable or whatever cableless links are available, change the input and you’ll get the best experience on the big screen with the best sound.

    I’ve seen all the streamcasts and it’s been impressive. Very few glitches. Good camera angles let you see all the bumper tag looking down in turns one and two. No zoom zoom not being at the track but the replays are swell. The stream cast on Roku is delayed a couple minutes so if you are using race monitor it can clue you in to cautions and position changes that you can look for on your TV coming up.

    Any time you pay for the live event its posted to your account for replay at any time you like. I’m watching the NAPA 100 right now as Charlie Pasteryak spins, the caution comes out and the lights go out soon after as cars head to the pits. Archived races are available at $10 per event or $30 for a monthly subscription with access to the entire archive. Does not include live events. Races posted 72 hours after event. No more complete race freebees on Youtube so boohoo for that. Giving content away is never good business in the long run so if you support racing you should be good with that.

    Want a taste. Go to Staffords Facebook page where heats are shown free at times to give folks an idea of what they would get. Last week they ran SK Light and SK heats first and gave them away on Facebook to show the best of what you could get with a paid subscription.

    It takes effort and planning to go to races. You get to Friday, maybe you’re too tired or not everyone in the family wants to go. Can’t get a sitter or you worked too late. It’s just so easy now to take in every race in one way or the other. If you’re dead set on the fact a race can’t be enjoyed unless you’re at the track that’s fine but otherwise distance is no longer relevant if you want to see a race. Folks are watching from all over the country and posting on Facebook.

    Has it been a “great success”.. By the gross numbers more of a meh. The service provider takes is a killer cut but the service is top notch and you get what you pay for. Divisions aren’t blocked out and the racing is for a whole program not just a race or two. For local racing it’s the only product I’ve seen that is comprehensive full event coverage. 25% to the racers is ground breaking and pocketing a few bucks after expenses for the entire exercise turns the meh into a great success for sure Sounds like they plan on keeping it going. Hope they can build on the base and make some money on advertisements in the down time.

    Offer a season ticket next year and I’m in. Maybe a hybrid season ticket providing attending and streaming flexibility.
    Give it some thought Stafford and thanks for thinking outside the box.

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