Showstopper: Craig Lutz Wins Whelen Mod Tour Laurel Highlands 150 At Jennerstown

Craig Lutz celebrates victory in the Whelen Modified Tour Laurel Highlands 150 Saturday at Jennerstown Speedway (Photo: Jennerstown Speedway)

Craig Lutz held off the charges of Dave Sapienza over the closing laps to win the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Laurel Highlands 150 at Jennerstown Speedway. 

It was the second career Whelen Modified Tour victory for Lutz, of Holtsville, N.Y., who got his first series win at the NAPA Fall Final 150 at Stafford Speedway in 2019. 

“I had the best car and the best team behind me,” Lutz said. “They put a car together that I was able to run up front with. … My guys nailed the pit stop and we’re able to sit here.” 

Sapienza, of Riverhead, N.Y., matched his series best finish in second. Anthony Nocella of Woburn, Mass. was third. 

Reigning series champion Doug Coby of Milford was fourth and Justin Bonsignore, who dominated much of the event, was fifth. 

Bonsignore led every lap in winning the Wade Cole Memorial 133 presented by Dunleavy’s Truck & Trailer on June 21 at Jennerstown. He looked to be on his way to another dominating win. He won the pole and had at one point built more than a seven second lead on the field during the early going Saturday. Bonsignore led the first 110 laps Saturday.

Lutz was second, about five seconds behind Bonsignore, when caution flew on lap 88 for debris. The leaders all went to the pits and Lutz came off pit road in third behind Bonsignore and second place Jon McKennedy. 

Lutz quickly made his way back to second was on Bonsignore when caution flew again on lap 105. On the ensuing lap 111 restart Lutz used the outside to go by Bonsignore for the top spot. 

Sapienza moved to second by Bonsignore on lap 123 and spent the final 15 laps stalking all over Lutz. Sapienza was credited with leading lap 128 during a side-by-side battle for the top spot.

“Me and Sap are good friends,” Lutz said. “It was pretty cool to see the top-three cars are all LFR cars. … We were a little tigheter than we needed to be but when the car is tight it means you have good drive off [the corners]. We were able to drive off the bottom and keep the [car] up front.” 

Bonsignore, who has won two of the four events this season, now leads Coby by 10 points in the standings. Coby is the only other winner this year. Lutz sits third in the standings, 17 points off the lead.


  1. This is a great driver keep your on him.

  2. Well, that was interesting.

    Good to see an infrequent winner in Victory Lane.

    Sap looked better than Lutz, just not enough to get around. Sap will get his.

    The 82 was a surprise.

    What happened to the 85?

    Liz, the 01 completed a whole 2 laps.

  3. LFR was 1-2-3-4. Coby was fourth.

  4. 82 a surprise? Great driver great equipment great people. Not a surprise. Have a driver that appreciates effort and wants to help the team now. Think Danny found the problem with his team. They will win soon.

  5. What happened to 58? Themselves. That’s what happened. Maybe they should try a CD chassis next. Bahahahahahah

  6. #46 – Fuller working with them on their setup
    #36 – Fuller working with the on their setup and Sap’s spotter
    #82 – Car was at Fullers shop where he set it up.

  7. *That race was the antidote for the criticism that the NWMT is predictable and boring.
    *It’s not unusual to see Savienza run up front from time to time. It is unusual to see him competitive most of the race.
    *Taking a shot at Dowling’s exit from the 82 is fair game even if the exact reasons are unknown. Part of that story was getting Watts to buy the LFR. I can’t know but I’d bet Nocella isn’t unhappy with that. That team still has a championship quality driver, LFR with Fuller and the resources of Nocella Paving. Sneer at Dowling if you like but part of the disdain should not be saddling DWR with an albatross.
    *No 85 but more importantly no Silk and no Silk at Stafford on Friday. An 85 thing or a Silk thing?
    *Big glitch in the stream in the first half of the race as the screen showed a big nothin muffin for quite a while. Came back crystal clear just in time for the best part. Aside from the down time the camera angles, replays and announcer especially were simply the best. Jennerstown as well just a beautiful track and picturesque with the field of corn in the background.
    * Hat’s off to NASCAR. The race was outstanding, venue perfect, all the safety protocols adhered to…..just an impressive performance in a screwy year of many impressive shows.

  8. Congratulations #46 Goodie Racing team!

  9. Spiderweb racing says

    Strong Island 😜

  10. I thought the 46 team dropped kicked Fuller and his setups

  11. Silk has been driving different car in Stafford open show and well. Any update status?

  12. Sounds like it was a good race. Congrats to Craig and the 46 team for the win. No #85 car? Stuart has put allot of coin into that operation over the past few years. To not show up at a race is odd indeed. The 82 finishing in 3rd, an oddity, or a sign of things to come. Sometimes it comes down to people. Noccella brings youth and enthusiasm to the picture, whereas maybe Chase just expected too much too fast. Either way, a much needed good run. Same with Sapienza, who needed a confidence booster. Coby and Jbon staying strong with top 5 finishes. Shaping up to be an exciting year with no one running away in points.

  13. Just me,
    I don’t think Fuller is spotting for Sap. I think he is in the spotters section Incase anyone needs help. Say what you want but he is working his ass off and is at every race offering support. More than you can say about ANY other manufacturer. He helps anyone who asks from what I can tell.

  14. He has been spotting for him all year and will be for Mad Dog but not for Loudon

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