Which One Do You Run: Mixed Bag Of Equipment Featured On Tri-Track Open Mod Series

(Press release from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series)

For years, the Tri Track Open Modified Series has drawn cars from all across the Northeast, merging some of the top Modified talent together for some of the best racing in the region. Some of the reason why the Tri Track Series is so successful with car count and stout racing on the track is because of the large array of motor packages, chassis and race teams involved.

Teams are drawn from more than five states, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and they all come from distinct backgrounds. Some have been running with Tri Track for years, while others watched the success the series built and decided it was time to give it a shot to chase the lucrative purse structures. Cars have come from the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, Race of Champions Tour and Modified Racing Series, along with locals in Modified divisions from Monadnock Speedway and Wall Stadium.

And there is more after that. Most recently, NASCAR Cup Series regular Ryan Preece competed with the Tri Track Open Modified Series at Star Speedway during an off-weekend from Cup action, finishing sixth. The Tri Track Open Modified Series offers a purse of more than $40,000 throughout the field during the 2020 season, including $6,000 to win and $1,000 to take the green flag in the feature. Even the cars that don’t qualify for the race due to the high car count still receive some bonus money before they head home.

On the motor package front, there are about eight packages that are possible. Per the Tri Track rulebook, cars come to the track with a package that they wish to run and most conform to the current rules. There are Tour Type Modified engines, SK Modified and Sportsman Modified motors, NASCAR spec engines and more in the field. Depending on the motor combination a team runs, their overall car weight might be different. For example, Tour Type Modified motors that are between 355ci-364ci are 2,610 pounds on the scales. Those between 365ci-372ci are 2,600 pounds, while a NASCAR Modified Tour spec engine must be 2,660 pounds.  

In five races during the 2019 season, three different motor packages went to Victory Lane, with each built in a different year. Matt Hirschman won with a NASCAR Spec Engine at Claremont Speedway, while he was able to pick up a victory at Oxford Plains with a 18-degree tour type engine, circa 2008. Ronnie Williams took the Gary Casella prepared No. 25 to Victory Lane with a 18-degree tour type engine that was circa 2005. Ron Silk and Bob Horn prepared a car with a circa 2004 Tour-Type engine and won at Star, while Jimmy Paige brought a 21-degree Dart Spec Head Tour Type motor built in 2018 to Victory Lane at Seekonk. 

With different motors, there are also different engine builders in the field, with names like Hutter, Performance Technology, Bob Bruneau Engines, Mike Pettit Engines, Billy the Kid Race Engines and more building for competition. Although there is a bit of a weight difference between some of the motors, it doesn’t show on the track, with different packages winning and running at the front. 

Outside of motors, there are also countless different cars and chassis builders in the field. There are a mix of Troyer, LFR (TFR Distribution), SPAFCO, Race Works, Boehler Racing, CD, Kluth, Fury and more chassis in the field. Some cars are home-built, like Boehler Racing and Matt Swanson or Rich Kluth Motorsports, while others are built in the chassis shop of a company. For example, SPAFCO Chassis supplies the car that nearly won Les Hinckley the opening race of the season at Monadnock Speedway.

Specifically last year, five different type chassis went to Victory Lane.

It’s clear that the Tri Track Open Modified Series has a wide array of drivers, cars, motors and more. But the fans remain some of the best in Modified racing and have supported the series since its inception. 

The Tri Track Open Modified Series returns to the track on Saturday, August 15, at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, New Hampshire. With the state of New Hampshire putting a max capacity of 50 percent on the grandstands, fans coming to the track are encouraged to purchase their tickets ahead through the Monadnock website.

For more information on Monadnock Speedway, visit them at monadnockspeedway.com. For more information on the Tri Track Open Modified Series, visit tritrackmodifieds.com, and follow the series on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


  1. The diversity of engine packages allowed is one reason Tri Track is so successful. Combined with a decent purse structure, where cars that don’t even qualify receiving money draws teams from all over. And the racing is great too.
    If the circumstances are right I could see them expanding to include more tracks in the future, and possibly have higher purses. Truly a great series.

  2. Whomever wrote this at TTOMS thank you. Were most fans interested about what’s under the hood or the chassis or the age of the chassis it would be a normal part of the discussion pre and post race. Nonetheless there is a case for making it a bigger part of the promotion and a better case when the rules are wide open. TTOMS, New Smyrna and the Racing Guys event at Claremont have very open rules yet are virtually never part of the build up to the race or post race analysis. The NWMT also has guys and in the case of Amy C. running 18 degree engines so knowing who they are would be nice as well. For the OPENS it’s a big part of the story. What were the front runners running and how are they different. Stan Mertz 6 with the SK package and those guys up at Monadnock and Star bringing the 604 crates shouldn’t be an in race anecdote. It should be part of pre race promotion in my view. People love David vs Goliath stories.
    So Hirschman wins with two different type engines does he. Sapienza says he likes TTOMS now and is thinking about getting a more competitive TTOMS engine so what’s that about? Jimmy Paige is running Dart heads is he? That’s a nugget of interesting information. A little different and makes him legal for Stafford and the MRS as well. All those references to circa this and that a long time ago what’s up with that? That’s the age of the cast iron block? Implying the engines are a decade and a half old and not rebuilt and upgraded with new or freshened components not the least of which are the heads should get some clarification aye.
    Is it too far in the weeds or do some of the most interesting golf shots come from the weeds? It’s a missed opportunity in my view. Either fans want to know or they don’t know they should want to know because the drama it can provide is not exploited. Opens are about differences and the unexpected. The racing fan base is more informed and interested then then in 1970 when wrecks and grudges were the focus of interest. More then ever the cars look exactly the same. Perfect hot rods, meticulously prepared only separated by paint schemes and numbers. Hammering away at component differentiation pre race could build excitement.
    Might be worth giving this whole “what’s under the hood” deal a little more attention in the build up to the event.

  3. What I want to know is, what does the rest of the season look like after Monadnock next Saturday? Governor Baker effectively shutdown Seekonk for the year this week. What’s next??? Is TT calling it a year? Are they moving the Seekonk dates to Stafford or NH? What say you TT?

  4. TTOMS will not race at Stafford, not happening.

    Now with Waterford open, that is a very viable option since they have raced there in the past.

  5. Earl,
    I can assure you there’s a much better chance you’d see Tri-Track at Stafford before seeing them at Waterford.

  6. Fast Eddie says

    Doug, I think the year they are referring to in the engine descriptions might be referring to when that type o engine was “the hot setup” at a specific time period. The ultimate engine equalizers I think are the tracks themselves; 1/4 to 3/8 mile venues where setup is much more important than ultimate horsepower. Hopefully the TrTrack folks can come up with additional venues to compensate for the Seekonk situation. I still think those events are the best ones I go to every year!

  7. Suitcase Jake says

    Tri Track should look into a race or two at LEE USA SPEEDWAY. We went up Friday night races this weekend for the Ollie Silva Memorial Race and it was Fantastic. Place looked great , food and drinks were reasonably priced. They easily made money with the amount of people in the pits and Grandstands looked 3/4 full all night long. The Supermodifieds were just fantastic to watch. Jon McKennedy put on a show that was testament of his skill and daring on the 1/3 mile for all to see. the # 79 of McKennedy started 7th in the Feature, He drove to the top 3 in the first 13 laps. He took 2nd on lap 26 , then on a restart on the outside of a fast #61 of early leader Mike Ordway Jr. , Jon made a wheel to wheel daring pass on outside inches from Ordway and the Wall….. Thats real racing.. no bump and run… Ran each other to the razor thin distance and not nerfing bar bumps.. Great side by side racing that had all the fans on their feet cheering them on in appreciation!!!!! People we talked to after the Races all seemed to really enjoy the races…. none of the Ohio drivers were allowed to travel to NH , but there was drivers from Oswego that made the trip.. Jeff Abold was 2nd, Chris Perley in the #11 put on a great show late in the race to capture the 3rd position, Russ Wood was 4th and Early race leader #61 of Ordway Jr came home 5th. Well hope you enjoyed the Supermodified race recap .. LOL.. Lee USA Speedway would be a great track for the Tour Mods or any division Pro Stocks or Act tour cuz there was passing in both grooves , the track was smooth and fast with two very different corners on each end. It was a 2.5 hour drive for us but well worth it. Enjoy the Races. Stay safe. We are slowly getting back a little sliver of normal in the mist of this Crazy year of 2020….

  8. Suitcase, you should have stayed for tonight’s race at Star. 26 350 Supers in the pits. Going to be a good one. 34 ACT Late Models for the 250 at WMMP tonight. Plus Stafford again tonight. So many choices! Happy racing everyone!

    TT was an associate sponsor for last night’s Stafford Open Earl. The two sides have obviously been talking and seem to have developed a good business relationship. There are rumors as well. It’s 2020, why the heck not I say. I think Lee and/or Star would be fine replacements for Seekonk as well. Let’s do this.

  9. Poor Seekonk. What the heck is that negative test deal they demand of the Rhody competitors? It has to have something to do with the demands they are placing on the pro teams. Rhody’s Covid19 numbers aren’t that bad at all. Mass’s numbers aren’t as good as Ct’s but Ct isn’t demanding any of that race crushing testing whatever it is. Mass isn’t looking at the weeks and weeks of races at Stafford and up in NH where there has been zero blow back in infections resulting from the races held.
    Enjoyed that Super Mod recap for sure so thanks.
    I don’t see how a circa 2008, circa 2005 and circa 2004 engines can be that different to warrant an era designation.
    It’s surely more complicated then simply saying the race should be here or there and it would be great to see a TTOMS race at Stafford for sure. The Haunted Hundred at Seekonk is iconic and a huge loss. However If they call an audible like we’ve seen so often this year and decide to schedule any remaining races at Lee, Monadnock, Claremont or White Mountain how would that be bad?

  10. Fast Eddie says

    Suitcase Jake, thanks for the ISMA report! Tritrack and MRS have both tried Lee, but the surface is just too tough on tires. MRS had to go to twin 50’s the last few times they were there. ISMA, with wider tires and less weight, doesn’t seem to have any tire issues there. A lot of the Pro Stcks and Late Models run American racer tires. They don’t seem to have tire issues there either.

  11. TTOMS is a bullring series, or momentum track series. These tracks are all about the expertise of the crew chief.

    But if TTOMS were to run at a track like Stafford, the SPEC motors should have less left side weight.

  12. Suitcase Jake says

    Thanks guys for your kind words on the Super Mod recap, JD i would have Loved to gone to star or even up to WMMP to watch one of my favorites , Ryan Kuhn run that 250 Lap Race . He has the talent and attitude to go far in Racing. Raced with his Dad Jim in Pro Stocks . They have the Knowledge , not tons of money , Hopefully the Everetts Deal can carry him further up the ladder and the Kulwicki association can help his Career.. Fast Eddie thanks for the local knowledge of Lees track surface. Maybe allow a cold caution for tires and keep your spot on the track and those who want to stay out can and those who pit line up behind them…? Track puts on a great show.. so find a way to deal with rough surface and throw the Green.. I keep track of all the races on Race Monitor.. and speed51, NBC Sports Gold , So today i am jumping around to all the tracks keeping up with heats and Feature Action. Its Great to talk Just Racing , As you noticed i keep it to Racing Only Type Posts, Its just great that we can put our thoughts out here and enjoy sharing Racing Opinions , Really enjoy the Racing Posts . Had a Chance to work with the Iconic Val Lesuir at Speedway Scene, Boy was that an Education on putting the Racing news out and into the paper on time so it could be delivered by Thursdays in your mailbox …Going to the tracks writing some articles, attending races with Val , listening to his views on racing, Amazing Man he
    was. He was also correct on most of His predictions… I will save those for another day.. well gotta get back to Race Monitor , Enjoy the Races any way that you can, thats what really matters..

  13. I’d love to see the TTOMS back at Star for another race this year.I believe that they would also draw well at Waterford but don’t know the going on behind the scenes.

  14. My guess is TT is trying to hold off any announcements until after the rest of the WMT schedule is announced but that could be a month away.

    If you want a prediction, I think the Fall Final at Stafford will be a TT race if capacity limits do not increase soon. Then I think we see another race (maybe 2) back in NH.

    The Seekonk Oct TT event also included PASS and ACT type Late Models. Based on recent news could WMMP be in the mix?? Or even Thompson now?

    It’s basically the guys running WMMP/Thompson/TR along with Stormin’ Norm Wrenn controlling six New England tracks. That has to make negotiations easier for all the touring representatives.

  15. wmass01013 says

    Why do you guys keep thinking that STAFFORD is going to BRING in ANY series at reduced capacity?
    They will run 5 open shows, MAYBE a 6th to make up for the FALL FINAL. They have gotten 36 and 28 cars for open shows at their 24k payout plus NAPA PLUS PPV for the last race. SOOOOOO why change to TT OR WMT OR MRS, plus if TT wanted to run a 1/2 mile or more they already would have, they like bullrings, TT will either do Claremont or WMMP to make up for Seekonk, NO WAY STAFFORD!!!

  16. A TTOMS race at Stafford might be an enticing notion but what’s Stafford’s motivation?
    They created their own product, moved on from the MRS and now they’re inviting an outside group back in? One that offers a lot of money to win making their purse look not so good. They set up Stafford TV and now have a potential conflict with Speed51 streaming the race and who gets what portion of the proceeds. . Distance isn’t the issue in my view. The Stafford gang would be there with bells on plus Hirschman and many of the guys that already run Stafford and the TTOMS. Well over thirty cars easily. The devil is in the details on this one. Could be done, would be successful but I just see no upside for Stafford compared to adding more of their own opens.
    Therefore since it is illogical then for this year only with all the twists and turns it may just happen.

  17. Suitcase Jake, Val was a great guy, true gentleman. Back when he ran Racearama at the Big E, he did me a solid on a booth for the hillclimb association I was working with. Not only did he give us free space, but it was prime space, and the whole weekend was no charge, he wouldn’t even let us pay for power and all the other add one. A very nice guy indeed.
    Speedway Scene was one of the best racing publications, sad it no longer exists. My Wife knew Val and his family very well, but after his death she drifted apart from the family.

  18. Mahoning Valley would be a great stop for the TT series.

  19. Fast Eddie says

    Mahoning is a lot of travel for most of the TriTrack teams. Besides, with Hirschman’s record at Mahoning, you might as well write the check now and send it to him!

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