Anthony Nocella Tops Modified Racing Series At Star Speedway

Anthony Nocella (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

Former Modified Racing Series champion Anthony Nocella went back to the front with the division Sunday at Star Speedway. 

Nocella scored victory in the 100-lap Modified Racing Series feature Sunday at Star, part of the Star Classic Weekend in Epping, N.H. 

Nocella, of Woburn, Mass., was the 2017 Modified Racing Series champion. 

Matt Swanson of Acton, Mass. was second and Ronnie Williams of Tolland third. 


  1. So what’s the deal with the 3. Williams gets first dibs on the 25, Swanson likes Star so he asks BRE to let him use old blue. Who’s cast iron block engine? Who’s ever it was it was fast.
    After the race at White Mountain that in my view was very forgettable this was first rate.
    Good car count with a northern tier flavor which is what the MRS should be with a few notables. The 25, Nocella’s 92 and old blue stuck out in my mind as the favorites and they didn’t disappoint. Not a barn burner by any stretch but watching Nocella and Swanson gradually come to the front very meticulously was impressive. Williams got collected in a dust up but charged from the rear to get the the podium so that as pretty exciting. And whined about it in the winners circle that was understandable to some degree. Last year he could do no wrong winning way more then average combining good driving with good luck. This year he’s been collected in so many incidents he’s probably a little frustrated.
    Seems to me that the MRS has the formula for success. Combine events with big full bodied series, stream it on Speed51 and try to stay true to the northern New England theme.

  2. 92, 3, & 25. Three different teams with the same strategy from the pages of the “Playin’ Possum Playbook”. All three were fast in practice. With no consi and no tire change, all three hung at the back of their heat races, saving rubber. Once everyone spread out after the early cautions, at around halfway it was “go time”. These three were the chess players in the checker game. Don’t get me wrong though, I thought it was a really good race with I think the best car count for the MRS this year. WMMP was good despite the small car count, but Star was even better with the strategies playing out, with a crazy mid-pack finish at the checkers as well! Good open wheel event the night before as well. It was cool watching the 2019 winner trying to catch the 2018 winner. Two out of three for McKennedy!

  3. Star really put together a nice, affordable Classic Weekend. First time it was a three day show. I know they are going to do up the TT weekend next July as well. Star has some really nice cornerstone events. I know they can sometimes struggle with the weekly programs but they really do work hard at it. The 35O car counts were very good this year. This weekend was my fourth or fifth trip over there this year. I always try to show them some support when I’m not chasing WMT events.

  4. Suitcase Jake says

    Put Jon McKennedy in the Bobby Santos Club… Both these drivers are better than most Xfinity and Cup drivers.. Crazy how these ultra talented drivers are in regional series still .. McKennedy is amazing in those Super Modifieds. He has a 1000% winning percentage, 2 races 2 Wins…. Swanson stopped to avoid the spun 93 Sherman car stopped on backstretch right in front of the Leaders at speed. Swanson should have been given his spot back because the track was blocked and i think the 3 went straight into pit road , with no where to go also. Sherman caused the problem and took out at least one car, left on the hook , When you spin to avoid of stop to miss an accident car you should get your spot back., You don’t want to encourage drivers to keep rolling because it will only increase damage to more cars . I know it hard to officiate , Car comes to a stop . Its put in with accident cars .. Tough deal. It would have been a better finish with the 25 , 3, 92 battling it out for the win, The 25 was flying to the front but ran out of room and laps to challenge the 92 for the Win , But no doubt his had a rocket ship at the end.. Was happy for Nocella he drove a smart race , He has a humble attitude also . His stock is rising with the performance in the #82 Tour Car. Bob Webber rest in peace my friend… Loved racing . respected all racers no matter if you ran Modifieds or enduro car, His smile and personality was top shelf. He always made me laugh every time I talked with Him. He used to call if it was a rainout to save people that had a long tow the trip up to NH .. Just a wonderful Gentleman , in all respects..

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