Call Before You Dig To Sponsor Tri-Track Open Modified Series $10K To Win Event At Stafford

(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

Call Before You Dig has partnered with Stafford Speedway to bring the Tri-Track Modified Series to the half-mile for the first time in the series history. The Inaugural 81-lap event will pay a whopping $10,000 to the winner with total posted awards of nearly $50,000. 

“2020 has been challenge for everyone but the chaos of scheduling this season has provided the opportunity to partner with Wayne [Darling], Ed [Bennett], and the Tri-Track Series for a big season ending event,” explained Stafford Speedway CEO Mark Arute. “$10,000 to win and a very strong purse should attract a great field of modifieds. We appreciate Derek Brown and Call Before You Dig’s continued support of Stafford and partnership for this event. We’re all looking forward to this one.”

The regulars versus the outsiders will be in full effect as the top modified drivers in the Northeast descend on Stafford Speedway for the season ending event.  Stafford regulars Keith Rocco, Marcello Rufrano, and Ronnie Williams, who all have Open Modified victories at Stafford this season, will battle with Tri-Track Series drivers Matt Hirschman, Sam Rameau, Andy Jankowiak and more. With a large field of cars expected for the $10,000 to win show, one of the biggest challenges of the day will be qualifying for the 81-lapper.

“The anticipation around this race is growing each day,” Wayne Darling, Managing Partner of Tri Track said. “There is going to be some of the top modified talent in the whole region running with us at the end of October, and we think the small rules changes, along with the timing of the race, is going to produce a stout field.”

Stafford Speedway’s SK Light Modified and Street Stock divisions will also be on hand both competing in non-points 20 lap events. Additional prize money will be added to both of those purses.

Long-time Stafford Speedway partner Call Before You Dig, who has previously supported the CBYD 811 Challenge, NASCAR Modified Tour events, and Late Model extra-distance races, is set to sponsor the Inaugural $10,000 to win Modified Classic.

“2020 has been a very unusual year for everyone yet Call Before You Dig has provided continuous service for contractors and homeowners that are planning to dig in the roadways or their yards. Excavation safety and damage prevention remains our goal,” explained Call Before You Dig Connecticut representative Derek Brown. “Call Before You Dig is very excited to spread the word for damage prevention by sponsoring the Inaugural Call Before You Dig Modified Classic. The fact that people can attend and sit in the grandstands or watch live at home on Stafford TV will help everyone enjoy this epic event. Driver safety is paramount in every race and excavator safety is paramount every time someone puts a shovel in the ground!”

Tickets for the Saturday, October 24th event will go on sale Monday, September 28th at 8:00am on Stafford Speedway is still required to maintain a 25% capacity limit as mandated by the state of Connecticut. Race teams and fans are encouraged to order their tickets as soon as possible as a sellout is expected. The Modified Classic will also be available live on for $30 for those who are unable to attend the event in person. 

Race teams can register for the event on

For more information, visit, checkout Stafford Speedway on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.


  1. So the it looks like the Tri-Track owners have taken money from the bottom of the purse and put it to the top.
    Previous Tri-Track races paid $500 in tow money and now we go to a bigger track and they cut the money by $200. This will surely keep many of the smaller teams away. What has started as a series where the smaller teams could have a chance is now moving into a series where the larger funded teams will strive. I guess some might call this progress…

  2. Will Stafford season tickets be good for this event or not , does anyone know

  3. With all due respect to the NWMT this is clearly the biggest regional event for modified in the year of the pandemic. At least on paper.
    -Hirshman apparently will be there. Leaving only the question of will he be at the race this weekend to get current on the track?
    -StaffordSpeedway.TV will stream it and not Speed51 which means subscribers get to see the entire program.
    -On a larger track there has never been a more diverse field of engine packages with many questions of who will show up with what.
    -this is a Stafford/TTOMS co production. Is that a different animal?
    -very few specs at the Haunted Hundred last year. Will that change on the bigger track?
    -the Stafford regulars that seem to always be very competitive will have to face a daunting array of impressive invaders. Dowling, Rocco and Galko were in the top 5 at the Haunted Hundred but the short track equalizer is gone.
    -Is Dowling in Dodges NWMT car an option? Silk in the 85. Lutz the Stafford open car or tour car?
    -does Williams drive the Stafford open 50 or the NWMT 50?
    -is Swanson in the 25 or Ole Blue
    -does the change in formula cause some of the usual TTOMS entries to take a pass?
    -One would expect Sapienza to be there but what other pure NWMT teams will show up looking for action after their season wraps up.
    -Dodge is usually plugged into all things modifieds and he said over forty cars at one point Friday and 45 on another. Just over 30 were at Monadnock, 38 at the Haunted Hundred last fall.. Mid 40’s sounds like an impossibly high number. Money in tight but if it happens isn’t some kind of non qualifier race warranted?

  4. Ned,
    Not for nothing but you’re complaining about tow money for an event that pays $10k to win and $1,000 just to take the green? It’s still a competition you know? You’re complaining about people who are not competitive enough to make the show at a competition not getting paid enough? Should they give participation trophies with the tow money too so everybody feels special?

  5. Point of clarification, Ned: Tow money has always been and remains $300 (it’s bumped to $500 for teams that register with the TTOMS prior to the season).

    We’ve added to the purse, not taken away anything from anyone.

  6. I think this event will bring more WMT teams than usual, but some of the TriTrack regulars won’t be there. It was something I picked up on watching the MRS over the years. There were some teams that went primarily to the Stafford and Thompson events and others that went to all but those races, as in only the smaller tracks. Also, some of the Connecticut teams seemed to focus on their home state events. The WMT has 95% of the same teams all the time, not that that is a bad thing. But part of the “draw” for me with both the TriTrack and MRS was you saw a varied group of teams at many of the events. You had 1/2 to 2/3 of “regulars” and the rest of the entries would vary. The “racing X factor” was drivers that didn’t race each other all the time. With many of the TriTrack teams having cars originally built with MRS rules, I think you will see the same trend with entries. However, the bonus will be the “Stafford Open” teams, some of whom only run there. I think the open teams will more than make up for the missing “bullring only” teams. Compared to the Stafford Open events (which have been great!) this will be an even a higher level of the “Stafford Stars” vs. the “TriTrack Team” vs. the “Outside Invaders”. If anywhere will surpass 40 entries, I think Stafford is that place!

  7. OK shawn , Let’s take a page out of nascar’s book and just invite 26 teams then * Obviously you never owned a race car

  8. -Will any SK teams bolt on a 4 barrel and give this race a shot?

  9. I personally hate the limit of 26 cars, WMT can start 33 so should Tri Track, Shawn the 27-45 place cars all pay the same money as the guys the qualified to show up that day. 2 grand in expenses to show up and draw out of a hat wich makes or brakes your chances of qualifying. Every Tri Track race you have guys that lucked into qualifying meanwhile better and faster cars are sent home, and those lucky guys run 10 laps and leader is all ready lapping them. I agree with you it is a competition, but make no mistake about it, luck in heats or consi is more of a factor than having a competitive car.

  10. What is so wrong with the payout? $200 to show up (pays for a tire?), $500 if you’re signed up early. That’s the only “given”, and I think it’s a good way to help ALL the teams that show up. $1000 to make the field, $2K+ for top 6, and $10K to win. Plus there’s $$ for heat and consi wins along with other bonuses. It’s always better to get more, but that’s the best payout for any Modified event except maybe the WMT. I’ve only heard about the winner’s share and a few bonus awards for the WMT, so I’m not sure of the $$ comparison.

  11. Rich,
    And it has been stated here by Tri-Track Management that the Tow Money remains the same.

  12. I agree with starting more cars. On a 1/4 or 1/3 mile bullring 26-28 is a good limit. They started 31 at Monadnock this season and it was kinda messy. Stafford has the room for 30+ cars. Maybe the track steps up and offers to pay up positions 27-30 or something like that. Especially if they really think they’ll get over 40 cars (which I doubt given this race goes against Tri-Track roots I bet teams with the smaller engines won’t bother).

  13. This will be the path for Spec Motors to gain entry to Stafford’s Open 80’s, also seems Open Type shows are moving to bigger tracks (Thompson) and next years schedules will be interesting.

  14. Doug, it’s not even the biggest event in October. Stop being a homer. You base this on what? The entry list that doesn’t exist yet? The purse that pays the winner 50% of what Bobby Santos won at Loudon? Last year’s TT race at Stafford? Oh wait, we have never seen a TT race at Stafford.

    People are getting way ahead of themselves. It’s a Seekonk race that had to change venues. Nothing more. This isn’t the second coming of the Daytona 500. TT isn’t going super speedway racing here.

    If you start 33, you have to pay 33. That’s an extra $7k out of Stafford’s pocket. Guess who foots that bill? The fans! Tickets are expensive enough as is. Especially in CT. 26 is just fine.

  15. Homer? Did he just call me Homer Simpson….DOH!!!! Oh, you mean supporting the home team. Why not you do it all the time. Only unlike the JD bucket brigade ready to throw cold water on others enthusiasm I support it. In fact I jump on the New Hampshire racing train every opportunity and cheer along with you.

    ” Last year’s TT race at Stafford? Oh wait, we have never seen a TT race at Stafford.”
    Who said that?

    I misspoke. Should have said biggest regional race. The World Series festival of racing is THE EVENT in October.
    I did say “on paper” grumpy Gus. And on paper it’s not even a contest.
    -Ultra popular TTOMS going half mile……
    -impact of rules change tweak on the larger track………unknown.
    -different engine packages with specs potentially more in play……..intriguing.
    -who will show up and in what car……….mystery
    -who will stay home?
    -Hirschman at Stafford after a long absence is huge. And how will he do?
    -will the mix of cars be significantly different?
    Opens are popular because of the drama and unknowns. This race has more then any this year other then perhaps the New Smyrna opener. It’s huuuuuuuuuuge!

  16. I’m with Doug and Rich; this may open the door to a Stafford having a regular TriTrack event. It may also be the test for “Specs” against “Builts” for future Stafford Opens. Win-win potential for both organizations.
    JD, have you seen the WMT pay out $20K at any other events besides that one? TriTrack has consistently had all their events pay $6K -$10K since their inception WITHOUT NASCAR’s deep pockets. The WMT is good, but that doesn’t mean the alternatives are not.

  17. JD Santos had to run 200 miles, this winner will run 40.5 , how’s the money look now

  18. Easy boys, I am just yanking your chains. I knew I would get the Stafford faithful spun up. Let’s not forget, I predicted this TT race when all others laughed at the suggestion. Now it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread apparently .

  19. I would be more excited to see Santos on the entry list than Hirshman.

  20. Suitcase Jake says

    Any way you wanna slice it… This race is going to be excellent … When you have that many storylines it perks up the Racing Fans, Add in the Fact its the Last Modified Race in our area the the Car owners have no problem racing their cars, They have all Winter to hold the bragging rights of Winning the last race, or they have all winter to fix any damage suffered in the last show… Don’t sell Matt Hirshman short on his ability to make a car pivot in the corner, especially on a low amount of banking. When handling is a factor that team #60 car have a huge notebook in 100 lap races, This being 81 laps will play right into his hands. If you think he won’t be in the hunt for the $10,000 your not paying attention to the History of the Tri-Track series… Top 5 #60 #85 #57 #7NY Sap #36 or #63. If Bob Santos shows up i would move him to the Top of the heap to SHOW UP AND WIN THE RACE . IMAGINE THAT !!!!!

  21. Can’t wait for that online ticket sales frenzy. The WMT race has been “sold out” for about a week now.

    TT race is over a month way. The entry list isn’t even out yet and we are picking winners? You guys are nuts.

  22. What would be great is a secondary sponsor to payout a non-qualifiers race. Added incentive, if you win Non-qualifier, you have option to keep that purse money or go into the main event Very old school, but if they get the 40-45 cars they are expectining, it would be very cool

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