Going Green: Burt Myers To Run Tri-Track Open Modified Series Event At Stafford Speedway

Burt Myers (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

On September 11, 10-time Bowman Gray Stadium Modified division champion Burt Myers ran his first SK Modified feature at Stafford Speedway, running a car for Keith Rocco Racing. 

Next month the longtime Modified star will return to the track to drive a car he’s a lot more familiar with. 

Myers confirmed to RaceDayCT Thursday that he will enter the Tri-Track Open Modified Series Call Before You Dig Modified Classic 80 on Oct. 24. 

The $10,000 to win event will mark the first appearance at Stafford Speedway for the series.

Myers, of Walnut Cove, N.C., will drive a car owned by Kate Green and Ted Anderson. 

“I love coming up north and racing and I love Stafford,” Myers told RaceDayCT. “Everything came together great and it’s going to work out perfect for us.” 

In addition to his 10 championships at Bowman Gray in Winston-Salem, N.C, Myers had 19 victories over 139 starts with the former NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour from 2005-2016. He has 23 career Whelen Modified Tour starts, including two at Stafford in 2018. He finished 10th in the NAPA Fall Final 150 in 2018. 

The Oct. 24 race will mark the first appearance in a Tri-Track Open Modified Series event for Myers. 

“I think it’s obvious that the individuals who are operating the Tri-Track Series have a passion for Modifieds,” Myers said. “With their rule packages, and their purses and their promotions, it’s very clear that they want the Modifieds to be successful. Anybody that that shares that same passion with me is something that I want to be a part of. A lot of series’ that I have participated with in the past are more about making the series successful versus making sure that everyone involved is successful. It’s very obvious with the Tri-Track series that not only do they want the series to be successful, they want it to be beneficial to everyone involved.” 

Longtime Northeast Modified racing supporter Mark Green helped put the plan together for his daughter Kate Green to purchase the car for Myers along with Anderson. Mark Green is also an award sponsor for the Tri-Track Series through his company, Green Construction. 

“I’m a firm believer in what Tri-Track is doing for the guys,” Mark Green said “… It’s nice to be a part of a series that gives back to the drivers and the crews. So it’s just nice to be a part of the series and now being involved with my daughter as a part owner on a car, it gives me a relationship with my daughter in racing that I can’t buy. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be doing any of this. She just enjoys it so much and loves Modified racing.” 

Myers will be sponsored in the Tri-Track event by CitruSafe, CBYD, Superior Refinishing and Green Construction. He finished 15th in the SK Modified feature on Sept. 11 at Stafford. 

“I don’t think you can compare the SK [Modified] to a Tour Type Modified as far as the characteristics, how it drives, the horsepower and all of that,” Myers said. “But any time you can get laps under your belt at a track, that’s good. You can learn something every time you get in a race car. I don’t care what division it was, having more laps under my belt at Stafford has got to be beneficial to me. I was able to run two [Whelen Modified Tour] races there in 2018. I think that will kind of play more into my favor than running the SK [Modified] there.” 


  1. The upcoming TriTrack event at Stafford will be the biggest modified event of 2020 as far as competition and car count. Their format and rules package make their events much more entertaining than the tour which for years is dominated by the biggest spenders. Heats are more exciting for the fans than heads up starts from time trials.

  2. Oh jeez. This will send Doug over the edge with glee.

    Rich, you are crazy if you don’t think a big buck team is winning this. The 60 and 51 have dominated in 2020. I would expect much of the same if one or both show. Then there is Coby and Santos if either file entries. A driver with an SK and a dream won’t be winning this one. $$$ buys speed. Plain and simple. A bullring is a great equalizer. A half mile is all about HP.

  3. JD,
    Justin Bonsignore, Doug Coby and Bobby Santos III have all told me they will not be in this event.

  4. We now know Hirschman isn’t racing this weekend at Stafford as a tune up for the TTOMS event nor will three NWMT heavy hitters be at the TTOMS event.
    The Burt Myers appearance is not insignificant. People are forming up a team to get Myers to this race and he’s very much a welcome addition. Being emotionally invested in the SK’s I did not want to see him blow in and run at the front. The TTOMS open is different and hopefully he can be competitive but it will be tough.
    Clearly no SK car can win the event nor even run at the front one would think but that’s not the point. Most fans think in terms of winning. Folks that have raced understand that reaching goals other then racing for the win can be just as great a motivation to enter an event. The goal can simply be to make the feature and run a competitive race. To my knowledge no one has ever bolted a four barrel on and SK at Stafford and we have no idea what lap times such a change would produce. If it does happen the mere fact someone tried would be a point of interest for a segment of fans.
    Hirschman a lock to win it. That’s part of the fun. We know he’s usually a prohibitive favorite under the customary format but this is an unknown and he doesn’t always win. What I know is that Stafford is so unique and difficult even the 51 has had a hard time figuring it out. Hirschman will blow in not having seen the track in a good long while. The grove may be higher then what his notes reflect and he may have to figure it out on the fly. Guys like Rocco, Dowling, Goodale, Lutz, Silk and more won’t have to figure out anything. I wouldn’t etch his name in the winners trophy just yet.
    This recurring theme of diminishing the TTOMS at Stafford like it’s some kind of threat to a winning formula, Seekonk, tracks in New Hampshire or anything else is small thinking. It’s not a diminishment of the formula it’s an expansion that the overwhelming number of fans seem to appreciate. An experiment necessitated by exigent circumstances. May be a raving success or not but it will be fun to see what happens in any event.
    I would think that more gratitude and less snarky would be in order. Mainly for two successful racing entities for thinking outside the box, coming together and making an unlikely event actually happen. That is if a spike in infections doesn’t derail it which unfortunately is a reality that ain’t going away.

  5. Shawn that surprises me, with the WMT season over and the lack of races thru the year you would think 10 k to win an 81 lap race at a TRACK that WMT teams know well would be desirable to TOP WMT teams or any teams that late in 2020!

  6. Why don’t people get up in arms when Coby and Bonsignore decide not to run Stafford? Because it’s not a Tour show? NASCAR isn’t involved? They each will end 2020 with 9 races ran. Racers race; Gimme Silk, Matt H., Woody, Santos, etc. They’ll run almost anywhere in any type of mod. Not a fan of spec motors, time trials, and Cup style haulers. I’m a big fan of short track racing.

  7. Pitkat, Nocella, Williams, Rocco or Owen. I think one of them is taking home the big money. My pick is Williams, who seems to shine when big money is on the line, just wondering if he’ll be in the 25 or 50. Pitkat looking good too, that built motor woke that car up. I think there’s the possibility to see a record car count given the lateness of the event and the purse structure. Should be a great race, most likely more exciting than the upcoming WMT race.

  8. Southern racers are welcome to carpet bag into our local tracks however I do not see them winning. Competition here is much stiffer than Bowman Gray. I give this guy no chance to win. Lucky if he finishes better than 10th.

  9. Remember the North vs South races in the South. Top 10 was always the the North. First southern driver was 11th or further back. Look at the guys who are fast in all the Open shows. Those are the guys to get it done. Woody, Galko, Rocco,Dowling, Williams, and Owen will all be fast as usual. Goodale, Lutz,can be front runners. And some of the weekly guys are fast like Gervais, Molleur, Rufrano, have all shown speed just need some luck. I think it will be very hard for a non Stafford driver to be competitive.

  10. Given that it’s a recently purchased car, and Burt has zero seat time in it, I think Rich is being generous with a top 10.

  11. David Fisher says

    “This guy” Myers is not your average Bowman Gray regular. If the car is right, he can get the job done.

  12. Coby supposedly has just the one motor, the team is not the deeply resourced team the 2 was and probably will be happy the season is winding up. Plus he’s a real estate guy and for what ever reason real estate is on fire lately so he probably is making hay while the sun shines. Ken Massa is a NWMT focused. Stuart’s 85 used to do opens, even Staffords but that seems to be in the rear view mirror. Ole Blue, Pasteryak, Carroll were at last years Haunted Hundred. I’d be curious to see if Sapienza, Summers or perhaps even the Catalano’s give this event a whirl.
    I agree on those damn specs. Obviously 18 degree engines as well as other cast iron block variants are affordable or the tour mods wouldn’t be so prolific. It’s a NASCAR money thing apparently. Reverse carpet bagging…….good one.
    Could have knocked me over with a feather when Lamont went ahead with phase 3 since the infection rate while still low has been ticking up a bit here and there. In another thread the partisans that never really saw the whole issue of safety as more the a political football continue to use this bit of good news taunting each other. Most of us are just trying to make our way through this mess safely, enjoy the sport and are happy for the tracks last minute good news.
    It’s progress. Shows Lamont is sensitive to the needs of small businesses and especially restaurants going to 75%.. Better late then never for Connecticut tracks that have few events left but critical since they’re marquee events. It’s like a money bomb went off for Stafford/TTOMS and Thompson going to 50%. Good for them especially Stafford for pulling off what many thought was impossible. They were the point of the spear showing a season could be held at 25% capacity including special events. All the time cajoling and badgering fans and competitors to stick to the rules for the sports own good.
    Still no guarantee things won’t go south but for now it looks like their superior management decisions have paid off..

  13. sour grapes from the south says

    no one cares about Burt Meyers he wont win ..gosh I hope i can go and get his autograph.. NOT

  14. Does anyone know what car # Burt will be driving for with this Anderson/Green team?

  15. I thought Tour spec motors were legal in Tri Track?

  16. Again More Venom! WHY?????? Burt Myers wants to come to Stafford for an SK RACE and now a TT race and all this Venom, to me the MORE teams that show the better, I so wish we could go back to the late 80’s and 90’s when i would go to Spring Sizzlers, Thompson 300’s and Pocono ROC and see 50, 60, 70 cars show up. YES Northern teams have an advantage over Southern guys OK SO WHAT?, Burt IS A 10 TIME Bowman Gray Champion! i happen to think that the fields down there weekly are not bad quality, i would love to see Tim Brown, old buddy James Civali in the Hillbilly 79 and other teams from ROC show up.

  17. Yes they are Rob. They are just apparently changing the weight rule for the 18 degree and tour spec engine cars for the Stafford TT event unless I missed something.

  18. Burt Meyers wants to compete against the best in Modified racing. That’s why he comes up here! I think if he has a good car (and I’m betting he will) he will be more competitive than most will give him credit for. I don’t think a top ten is out of the question for him.
    Rob p. – Yes, spec motors are legal in TriTrack. Until this year, not many WMT teams wanted to run TriTrack. Glad that seems to be changing.

  19. Charlie Brown says

    The Tour BLAH BLAH BLAH; Just saying, the tour is the most boring follow the leader series, I’d rather watch paint dry, stinking time trails; run HEATS you babies 🤡

  20. Thanks Earl.
    I think Tri Track may very well be the best Modified series in New England. The various combinations allowed opens it up to more teams. They run heat races over time trials, and if I’m correct, they pay a bonus for heat races. The Purse structure is great, even giving money to those who don’t qualify, how can you go wrong? I’d love to see Stafford become a permanent stop on the series, but who knows what 2021 will bring.

  21. As far as Burt Meyers, I say the more the merrier. I think it’s a great thing that he has so much respect for the tracks and competition, that he’s willing to make the long trip up for a one day show. Who knows, maybe he talks some of the other southern teams to make the trek. Not long ago, I thought Burt was just full of himself, after watching the show Bowman Gray, and seeing his all out love of the sport, I’m willing to say he’s a good addition to any roster, he is a true racer at heart.

  22. How does it go?
    Charlie Brown, he’s A CLOWN that Charlie Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Charlie Brown says

    What a weekend, GOOD GREIF !! The only thing exciting was seeing Magic Shoes in the pits at Stafford, good luck to his kid. Max, he’s a chip off the old block✌️

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