Gun Show: Bobby Santos Outduels Justin Bonsignore For Whelen Mod Tour Musket 200 Win At NHMS

Bobby Santos III celebrates victory in the Whelen Modified Tour Musket 200 Saturday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (Photo: Adam Glanzman/NASCAR)

LOUDON, N.H. – The official NASCAR score sheet from the Whelen Modified Tour Musket 200 Saturday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway will offer a simplistic total of the number of lead changes counted at the conclusion of each lap of the event.

It’s a number that will unfortunately only tell a small fraction of the story that was the spectacular display of competition put on by Bobby Santos III and Justin Bonsignore over the final 20 laps Saturday in Loudon. 

Santos and Bonsignore put on a lead swapping festival over the closing laps with Santos ultimately coming out on top. 

Santos, making his first series start of the season and driving as a teammate to Dave Sapienza, drove away from Bonsignore over the final two laps to win the Musket 200 for the second consecutive year. The race was lowered from the 250-lap distance that was run for the first two editions of the event. Santos, of Franklin, Mass., won the event last year driving for the then injured Sapienza. 

“Unbelievable race car,” Santos said. “Unbelievable team. Just great people around me. That’s what it comes down to. … The team was impressive this weekend. Showing up with two race cars and the guys bouncing back and forth between the two cars. It was so impressive the way they worked together and did what they could to accommodate me and help me.” 

Bonsignore, of Holtsville, N.Y., was second and Ron Silk of Norwalk third.

It was the sixth Whelen Modified Tour victory in 28 starts since 2006 on the 1.058-mile NHMS oval for Santos, the 2010 series champion.

Santos hung back from the leader for most of the event before sweeping up to the front over the final quarter of the event. Santos went by Craig Lutz for the lead on lap 169. By lap 176 it was Bonsignore moving to second behind Santos, and then the show was on. 

From lap 180 to lap 196 Santos and Bonsignore swapped the lead unofficially 20 times on the track. Eight times during the span they swapped the lead twice over a single lap. Laps 187 to 190 saw the pair swap the lead eight times over four consecutive laps. 

“I tried to bide our time through the beginning and put ourselves in position to be there at the end,” Santos said. “I was waiting for a yellow at any moment in those last 20 laps or so and it never came. So we just pushed as hard as we could.” 

Asked what his strategy was during the heated duel with Bonsignore Santos said: “To not be in third.

“To be in the first two cars I think we’re all thinking that,” Santos said. “I mean know leading or second can go either way. I like taking my chances being out front.” 

Asked what his strategy during the battle was Bonsignore said: “Don’t let [third place running Silk] get in front of me.” 

“That’s what was going through my head and I’m sure [Santos] was thinking the same thing. It’s so much easier to control the race when the third place guy can’t do anything with you. Unfortunately [Silk] was able to make a move on me at one point and his car was just not good enough to suck us back up. By the time I got back by him it was just too little to late.” 

On lap 197 Silk was able to get by Bonsignore for second in turn one and it allowed Santos to edge with breathing room. Bonsignore got back by Silk for second on lap 199, by then Santos had essentially checked out in the lead. 

“I had a fun race going on with Justin,” Santos said. “Silk kind of gave me an assist when he got in there and race Justin and that just gave me just enough gap to make the last two laps a little more relaxing than they usually are here.” 

Said Bonsignore: “Good, fun race. If people don’t enjoy that I don’t know what we can do.” 

Mechanical issues dropped Sapienza to a 20th place after running in the top-10 most of the event. Sapienza the driver was disappointed. Sapienza the car owner was elated to be celebrating victory in the Whelen Modified Tour’s longest event for the second consecutive year. 

“How can you not throw Bobby Santos in a race car and not think you’re going to win?” Sapienza said. “You ask every drive here and everybody likes the kid and everybody likes to hate him because he comes in out of nowhere and boom, he puts it on ‘em. I was behind him. I watch him and I just think ‘How the hell does this kid do what he does?’ … I love the kid to death. He’s hands down the best.” 

Said Bonsignore: “He’s one of the greatest asphalt drivers in the country, hands down. … And it just shows how good [Sapienza’s] whole team is that they can come here with two cars and be able to perform like that. It was a lot of fun battling back and forth. That’s how it’s supposed to be. I just came up a touch short.” 


  1. It’s awesome watching Bobby III drive. He plays chess while the rest play tiddly-winks. The whole race was rather awesome with racing pretty much every lap. Surprising since it was over 200 laps, and the 100 lap editions often had long periods of freight training.

    Also, there were many cars competing. Usually, a couple cars pull away leaving the rest behind. This event had a lead pack of numerous cars. Quite impressive.

    Rob Summers has bad luck for sale, by the truck load. He might be willing to give it away. Try to haggle for a good deal, he might pay you to take it away.

    Hey Liz!!!!!! One lap!!!!! ONE FREAKING LAP!!!!! That one lap cost the race some 15 or more laps in cleaning up her mess. Who prepares that car? Bigly sad!!

    Nice job for Gary Putnam, finishing on the lead lap.

    All the Catalanos combined finished just over 300 laps. BRAVO!!!!! 👏

    “Today marks 4 months since Taiwan 🇹🇼 had its last COVID death (its 7th overall).

    If the US had Taiwan’s per capita rate of coronavirus deaths, 97 Americans would be dead from COVID instead of 191,802.” — Michael Li

  2. So Dareal what are you trying to say? The numbers just don’t add up do they ? I have said it all along. It is all a crock. So happy to se Bobby win again.

  3. The 01 got in Catalanos oil. The 10 caution plus laps was for his oil all around the track. Safety crews were beyond terrible today. Took several minutes for them to get to the ACT car that pounded the wall on lap one. I don’t care if the net is down. Several MINUTES is far too long. The rescue trucks in turn one didn’t even respond to the ACT accident. Trucks came all the way around from turn 3. I may actually contact the track on Monday. A driver would not survive a fire with that kind of response today. Disgustingly horrible! They weren’t any quicker getting to the 01 either.

    Bobby winning is no surprise. As I predicted might I add. He did it a different way today. Primarily stayed on the outside. Breaking the draft any chance he could once out front. He pretty much schooled the field. I do agree with his victory lane statement about this starting grid bring as talented as there is. Hopefully Bobby can make it to Stafford and/or Thompson.

    That puts a wrap on the 2020 NH WMT portion of the season. Some great racing in some uncertain times. Hopefully we see WMMP, Monadnock and two more at NHMS next season. Off to CT for the rest of the WMT and TT seasons.

  4. Suitcase Jake says

    How this Driver Bobby Santos is not in a Cup Car is a sad commentary of how out of whack the Ladder to Cup is..!!!! They are all focused on the lastest young guns churning out across the country that have the Hollywood Smile, Product spokesman that looks and talks like Madison Avenue , gets tons of hits on His social media posts but can’t even hold a candle to drive a race car like Santos …. He was a master at thinking his race strategy through, Bringing his car to pit road, Telling his crew what he needed in the car to Win the Race!!! Oh yes Win the Race , thats what the ladder should be all about????? When did Winning the races take a back seat to selling products or giving a talk at Lowe’s .. etc… Its horrible to see a Master Thinking Driver that wins, can’t get a seat in Cup , But these teenagers ., 20 somethings are sitting in Cup Cars that have a ZERO % chance of ever WINNING A RACE….. I have no doubt that Bobby Santos can run wheel to wheel with Harvick , or any current Cup driver and probably teach them a few slick tricks along the way . But we won’t see it because he is 32 years old and don”t fit the new mold of Cup driver…So So Very SAD…. All the rungs of the ladder are missing… The kid from Franklin Mass with a top notch bloodline of a Racing Family gets left out of the Cup Game… The Families with the big checks buy their way up the ladder drop their kids in best of best equipment and the guy that Wins gets left behind because his Family may not have the Dollars to push him along … Maybe we should go back to the days of the Guys who Perform on the TRACK not the Boardroom…. Bobby Santos is here, well I guess we are running for Second place…Shows up and WINS !!! Imagine That !!!!!

  5. CONGRATS Bobby Santos, Dave Sapienza and all of the DSR crew, for an impressive win at the musket 200.e One crew Fielding two cars can be difficult, yet you pulled it off. If Dave hadn’t had mechanical issues, may have been a DSR 1-2 finish. Great job by all.

  6. Suitcase 🧳 Jake, extremely well said. I am so sick that Bobby III is not a regular in a top league, I couldn’t bring myself to write about it. And what he said post race, he really means it, not just saying it. He’s a great person who also happens to be a great driver.

    This was a great Modified race, no freight training, competition all over the place all the time. Modifieds make racing look good!!!!!

    I sure wish Sap didn’t drop out, it would have been awesome to see him running with Bobby III.

  7. I agree with Jake, Bobby Santos III should be in Cup and as much as I like Ryan Preece I believe Santos is a little better driver. But, as well all UNFORTUNATELY know, it all takes money and even if you are in Cup you need to be in a top team or its just collect your percentage of the 15th-20th place winnings and go home. Also, I really wish a driver like Bobby Santos III, Steve Masse, Keith Rocco, Todd Owen, Glen Reen, or maybe Eric Beers would been given the chance to drive the 01. My opinion on this has nothing to do with gender, and I know the owner of the 01 is the father but, that much of an investment in that team with no results, I really do want to see what some of these guys could do in it-even in the 78 Sutcliffe car or other new LFR and such cars that are back markers because if its got new equipment and the Spec engine, I’d just like to see what they could do.

  8. Suitcase said it best, and I want all you fans to ponder this; Bobby Santos from Franklin MA has just won a Mod Tour race a week after winning the Little 500. Meanwhile Kaz Grala from Westboro Ma is driving the Childress 21 Xfinity car subbed in the famed 3 Cup car, how does that Fargin happen?!?!!! Are you Fargin kidding me?

  9. My favorite driver made my day today!! Very unassuming and humble, he’s such a genuinely sincere individual. “The hired gun wins the gun!!” Great job by Bobby, crewchief Bob, and the whole Sapienza team! If money didn’t decide who drives in NASCAR, Santos would DEFINITELY be in one of the top three series!

  10. Bill Realist says

    Tyler- Santos is not just “ A little better than preece “ He is a talent in the same vein as Larson just not afforded the same opportunity. I believe he is one of the great race car drivers of his generation and it’s sad that he may never get to show it.

  11. If the 01 doesn’t hit the oil and spin the leaders would have hit the oil at full bore in turn one. That may have been the most fortunate yellow of the year.

    No freight training? There was a a lot of freight training today. They really picked it up with about 35 to go but the lead pack ran nose to tail for good while today mid race. Must look different on TV.

    Bobby Santos is the all time winningest driver at Sapienza racing. LOL.

    I heard the 51 team drove Bobby to the airport after the race. They wanted to make sure he got back on the plane to Indiana. Santos wins back to back Muskets. He had them beat but for a late restart at Thompson last August when the tranny broke. For all the 51/10 domination, Bobby shows up and beats them almost everytime. Really going back to the 44 days. He’s a generational talent.

  12. Bill Realist says

    Crappy old Claremont had a bigger crowd for and to quote race day ct a “ lightly promoted ” open modified race.

  13. Bobby III and his dad as crew chief are a threat where and when ever they show up. Just goes to prove, as I said earlier and many time, that the TALENT rises to the top. Give Bobby III and his Dad any piece and they will end up in VL. Bobby III and his dad can make any chassis look good. The 44 excelled when Santos Sr. participated, again, the crew chief and driver combo takes precedent over EVERYTHING else. The right driver and crew chief combo can find ways to win with whatever they have to work with.

  14. What I noticed.
    -don’t see that every race. 35 lead changes that were actually over twice that if intra lap lead changes had been counted among 8 leaders. Check that. Last years Musket had 36 lead changes among 8 drivers. A longer race but still.
    -That was Joe Coss as lead announcer wasn’t it? Joe has a way of mixing in factoids with things to look for while calling the race that is among the best in the business. Smooth as glass filling the slow times through his meticulous preparation with seamless transitions. His partner not so much. Ronnie Williams certainly has far more long distance success then the SK sprint type racing the guy seemed to want to label Williams with.
    -Jamie Tomaino. Not the race you were hoping for but seeing the 99 was great and your “start your engines” was an A+ in enthusiasm that most find hard to deliver.
    -is Santos that great? If you say so. But while you’re doing it how about recognizing the decision process he goes through that puts him in car that can win. How many rides has he passed on. Credit the Sapienza/Thilberg clan that is every bit as capable as any team of putting the best cars on the track. That’s cars, not car. Santos went through a decision process to decide he could win with Sapienza at some point, a team with no wins in the series knowing he’d get what he needed. He also brought his old man to oversee it and sweat every single little detail necessary to get his son in the hunt at the end.
    -so who is that in victory lane taking a pic with the winner? Why it’s none other the LFR’s own Rob Fuller. Years back Fuller called Sapienza and told him he could get him a top 5 if the 36 team switched to LFR according to an Unmuffled interview.. Dave did and has been very happy with the relationship ever since and this is part of the reason.
    -The small sticker on the bottom right back panel of the 64 said I’m Rob Summers and I support president Trumps reelection. The gaudy Trump declaration on the 85 says I define myself by whatever Trump is, he’s one of the most important things in my life.
    -a lot of love in victory lane. Hugs, back slapping and joyous celebration understandably throwing safety protocols to the wind. That made the visual of Santos putting on a mask for the pics just for show seem a little silly.
    -if the Catalano clan is going to bring 10% of the starting field to NHMS how does that not cause one to gape in wonderment of how they do it regardless of how they finished. They could be doing one really great car that you can bet would be near the front a lot more frequently but for them it’s about family.
    -couldn’t help but notice Justin Bonsignor’s post race interview. He really has become the consummate professional saying all the right things at the right time without a hint of pouting. The situation could have been reversed. Santos could have gotten mixed up racing Silk in which case the 51 may have driven away.
    -speaking of great races how about a little love for the 85 team. That car was all over the top 13 or so, got mixed up with Tommy Catalano at one stage and they manage to get the car in a position to win if things worked out a little differently.
    -Boo to Chase Dowling right? Convinces DWR to buy an LFR then abandons them. But wait look who came in forth. DWR and Nocella. As opposed to a 34th with Pitkat and 14th with Seuss last year. Bet Watts doesn’t regret the LFR decision at all.
    -Boo Chase Dowling. Left the learning cocoon of LFR and maestro Rob Fuller leaving hard feelings. Wait. Dowling gets Watts to buy an LFR and is working with Fuller on Dodge’s new LFR chassied car. Appears Dowling is one of LFR’s best salesman.
    -That 9 car was fast. The pit miscue where track position is everything just a killer for sure. Every detail matters. Tommy Lee the brains behind the 9’’s speed…..unlikely. Rob Fuller and Chase Dowling more likely. Who’s Kopcik helping? Maybe him too and they got the band back together for a special show.. We’ll be seeing that 9 car at the front again probably real soon.
    -Not a typical Coby finish but adversity showed just how good he is. Definitely in the hunt at the end until the flat tire. The tire does what is was supposed to and this could have been a different conversation.
    -How soon we forget. So what happened to the out of the blue pole winner putting together a race team just for this race worried if the car would hold up? It did quite nicely and finished a remarkable 6th place.
    -When the fee goes up for NBC Sports Gold’s Grass Roots content and it surely will you might want to think of this race before complaining. It may be critical to the decision to do it all again next year.

  15. “-is Santos that great? If you say so.”

    It’s worth noting that he’s come up in other venues as a guy who should be in Indycar.

  16. Hey Liz, you must be so proud. Mel’s performance of zero laps put her up a spot in the standings over those that didn’t show up. Amazing that she got any points.

  17. RCR considered Santos a few years ago but went a different direction. Nothing wrong with putting yourself in good cars. Preece did it with JGR. That’s what champions do. He moved to Indiana to follow his dream Santos is actually far more respected out west. His dad is as good as them come giving his driver/son what the car needs.

    Would love to see the WMT do doubleheader point races at Loudon. 30 lap feature followed by the usual 100 or 200 lap event the next day. Or do the short race on Cup Sunday. If anything 2020 showed that everything should be on the table.

    There were far more people at Loudon over Claremont. There may have been more campers at NHMS than people at Claremont. If the event goes away the blame lies with the keyboard warriors who don’t actually buy tickets and support tracks. Track Pass should charge $30 per race. Just like a regular ticket. $50 for Thompson. I might suggest that on Monday too.

  18. I’m not sure how anyone who yearns great racing could watch that race and not leave wanting more of it! Excellent excellent racing!! These drivers and cars cannot be beat. I really hope this Full Throttle weekend continues on for a long time

  19. Suitcase Jake says

    Thanks for the comments Men, This issue has been on my mind for a long time. It seems that we ALL Agree on the fact that Santos at age 32 , couple years younger than I wrote , Can step into any car … Open Wheel , Midget, Champ Car, Indy Car, Xfinity, Cup, Truck, Sprint Car. Drop Bobby in the seat give Him some practice time, a few races and he will get up to speed , get 100% out of what the car has,More often than naught Drive it into Victory Lane. I really hope someone , somewhere is seeing what we have been seeing since the Little Bandito was racing at Star Speedway when he was like 14 I Believe. His Grandfather Big Bandito was quite a wheelman also back 30 40 years ago too… Any way I hope This opens a few BLIND EYES and leads to something bigger. I would be happy if even selfishly he gets a FULL TIME RIDE ON WHELEN TOUR so we could all watch him turn the wheel 16 or so times a YEAR .
    Great line JD ” heard the 51 team gave him a ride to the Airport so he could go back to Indiana ” That was really funny … All you guys nailed it . Bobby Santos is the Real Deal…Fast Eddie.. Chris… Tyler.. Goodfella.. Bill Realist.. Rob… Doug…Barry…Jim B… ITS GREAT WE ALL AGREE ON THIS TOPIC , WE ALL AGREE in this Crazy 2020 I just hope other people can see what we all SEE !!!! I also wanna say that Steve Park also had this kind of RARE TALENT, He jumped in George Murry’s Pro Stock at Thompson and drove thru the field and Won Races. Won also in Busch North. Xfinity and Cup… The race he Won the week after Dales passing at Daytona I had tears running down my cheeks.. I think it was North Wilksboro ..? Steven would have set a ton of records in Cup, It was gut-wrenching to watch those HORRIBLE WRECKS Steven suffered through , Those wrecks took their toll and ended a Rising Star Career that HE WAS HAVING.. I believe Steve Park and Bobby Santos are on the same plane as far as Generational Talent that comes along every so often.. Enjoy the races any way you can …!!!

  20. For those that have been recently defrosted from the ice age, there is a deadly global COVID-19 pandemic going on. Almost a million dead worldwide, 200,000 in the USA. Just in case you are wondering why there are very few or no fans in the stands, and other venues are canceled. The experts and various related agencies are predicting this pandemic will persist AT LEAST until late 2021. That also means that there will BE NO VACCINE in a couple weeks as some real estate salesman is saying.

    We are not going to be able to suppress this virus 🦠 unless we ALL do our part.

    Social distance, wash 🧼 your hands often, wear a mask. 😷

  21. @Doug:
    Tommy Lee is crew chief on paper. Chase is making all the calls.
    Rob Fuller is not making the calls for Chase’s car, it’s all Chase. Rob is there for technical support if Chase needs it.
    Kopcik is currently the crew chief for Rob Summers #64, let’s see how long that lasts. I understand that the #64 car was at Fullers shop for the the Loudon set-up. Also did anyone else see that Sly (formerly the #16 crew chief) was helping the #64 car at Loudon?

  22. JD says: “If the event goes away the blame lies with the keyboard warriors who don’t actually buy tickets and support tracks. Track Pass should charge $30 per race. Just like a regular ticket. $50 for Thompson. I might suggest that on Monday too.”

    He is obviosly not a London School of Economics graduate.

  23. Great race – how do you get fans in the seats… very concerning.

  24. Santos is 34.

  25. Thank you Just Me!

  26. Steve contributed: “Great race – how do you get fans in the seats… very concerning.”

    Well, I’m guessing when the #TrumpPandemic is over, there will be plenty of people back in the seats. But first, the #TrumpPandemic has to be eliminated. And specifically, this means the coronavirus COVID-19 #TrumpPandemic.

  27. I was there and it seemed to be a good crowd considering the covid 19 restrictions.

  28. “Great race – how do you get fans in the seats… very concerning.”

    I and a bunch of others went, and camped, to the first two events.

    This year, many don’t want to be in crowds, NOBODY wants to use public bathrooms and shower facilities while tent camping, and some of the folks I camp with rent campers. For the renters this year, it is either impossible to find available rigs, or the prices have tripled due to demand.

    A few of us had originally thought of daytripping for the WMT race, but the noon-ish start the morning after the TC13 evening at Stafford made it not that much fun.

  29. Just me said “Also did anyone else see that Sly (formerly the #16 crew chief) was helping the #64 car at Loudon?”
    No surprise, especially considering that Sly an Rob Summers are very good friends.

  30. Once again, there is a deadly COVID-19 pandemic going on. Many, many people do not want to die and therefore they follow the instruction of the medical experts. The fundamentals are to socially distance, wash hands often, and wear a mask. That is impractical or impossible to practice with large crowds.

    And now it is being revealed that Trump has known all along that the COVID-19 coronavirus is extremely deadly but made like it was just like a cold and was going to go away.

  31. Suitcase;
    It was Rockingham where Park won the week after Earnhart’s tragic death. I too was glued to the tv for that race. As I remember, JR. crashed out early. I’m surprised he started at all, given the events of the previous week. Park took up the lantern, and battled the 18 of Bobby LaBonte in the Interstate 18 Gran Prix if memory serves. He and Bobby put on a clinic in the closing laps up high on that track. LaBonte could get to the back of Park, and if he had a few more laps, who knows? Park put everything he had in that race. My wife could not understand, as I too, was extremely emotional yelling at the tv! Park was real deal, I followed him particularly, while he was driving Joe Brady’s “00” (rip joe)
    Santos did have a few short stints in Busch. Drove the Means 52 (a Dale Jr backup car after Bobby crashed the the Means primary # 52 in a practice car at Daytona) I think a race with Baldwin in NH, (Which I kind of remember being there) and a handful of others. Did some testing for I believe Childress for a while. Same old story, no quality open seats and sponsorship at that time frame, to land him in something, that he could do something with. Sounds familiar, right?
    And as for Preece, nothing but rumors so far. And every-time there is a puff piece (like who will replace Wallace in 43 for example), Preece’s name never comes up. Hoping for best for them both.

  32. Suitcase Jake says

    Bobf Thanks for Info on Steve Parks Win at Rockingham . I have that race on VHS tape somewhere,,, Maybe I can find it and relive that Extremely Emotional Moment for Dale Earnhardt Fans along with Steve Park Fans … I remember how Steve held up real well in interviews , How He did that one for Dale and DEI Family. Boy Richard Childress had a Diamond in his hand in Santos, Very Sad Richard let him slip thru his fingers… I was also at Thompson when He was gonna WIN AGAIN leading late when the shifter broke in Saps Modified… SHOWS UP AND WINS !!! IMAGINE THAT!!! Really hope Santos gets to run the Tour Races at Stafford and Thompson coming up … Hopefully Sap will fly him back in …..

  33. Unfortunately Bobby has “aged out” of cup, but on the bright side is modified fans get to enjoy it when he races. Hoping DSR fields a car for him at Stafford and Thompson

  34. VHS? There is this thing called youtube. VHS? Too funny!! That made my day.

    Santos will actually be 35 in two weeks. That’s almost retirement age for Cup now. Looking forward to next July when Preece and Newman join the party at Loudon once again. That will be some kind of starting grid. Who knows, maybe Pee Dee motorsports will surprise us with an appearance.

  35. JD;
    With all due respect, I like my privacy, and avoid being tracked at all costs. (Google owns U-tube) I know, I know, I need to get real, and get over it But I hate to admit it, but I too, have races on VHS.
    And yes, you will Probably leave me behind in the dust with my “Old legacy ways”. But I ain’t dead yet.
    Funny. You would think the moniker of “big money Matt” would be sucked in to the possibility of a Possible 20,000 payday. Go figure. We shall see, but agree with you, would be great! JMO.

  36. Bobf, i said that back in 2018 at the original Musket 250, $25,000 to win and $25,000 lap money but BIG MONEY Matt was too busy preparing for ROC race

  37. Suitcase Jake says

    JD ,, VHS LOL … Post the link for Rockingham Race Please, and Thank You… UTUBE…

  38. Bob f. Your fear of being tracked ended the first time you comented here, or on any site. Get over it, this is life in the digital age. Swipe a credit or debit card, your tracked. Look at any site on your computer or phone, tour tracked. Cable companies even track the channels you frequent. They even track your movements through your phone, or car. Just life in 2020

  39. Youtube has the ending. Jake has the whole race.
    As a geezer I too am uncomfortable with the exposure the internet subjects us to. I got over it. Paying bills on line saves a ton in postage, takes a couple minutes, no checks to buy and waiting until the last minute is not a problem. Plus the 25 other online sites from managing investments to racing to shopping. When it all goes south I’m screwed and Bobf will get the last laugh.
    If you get a chuckle out of VHS you’d fall down in hysterics at the vinyl, cassettes and 8 tracks I still have with equipment to play them. For now anyway.

  40. Bobf, resistance is futile, you have been assimilated. With no malice intended, you do not seem to be high tech savvy to understand all the ways we are observed nowadays. You’d freak out if you knew. But simply using a cell phone and internet has your activities being watched and tracked. Never use anything Google would be a good start. But corporate America just wants to watch what people are doing, not so much as individuals, but as an aggregate. Google is all about this and selling that info so companies can better target consumers. But there are targeted ads that watch what you put eyes on so they can try to sell you more of that and whatever is related.

    Big Many Matt is a bullring specialist. He’ll never run something like Loudon unless he has to.

  41. Dareal- thank you for your courageous leadership in regards to the pandemic and keeping us all informed. I’m so looking forward to seeing all the fans back at NHIS. Stay safe and wash your hands.

  42. MH has several top five and ten finishes at NHMS in the 2006-2010ish timeframe. No wins but plenty of good finishes. He always ran with the lead pack. Maybe Pee Dee Motorsports has no interest in Loudon but Matt runs well there. Not saying Matt will return to NHMS but as a fan, Coby, JB, Santos, Preece, Newman, MH, Silk, Emerling etc would make for as fine a lineup as money could buy. I know there at at least 8-10 more guys who run well there too. Ole Blue is right there. Several others.

  43. Suitcase Jake says

    Doug : you are CORRECT.. I have the Entire Race , UTUBE has the Ending.. Maybe i can Upgrade to Those fancy CD’s … LOL VHS / CD Forever … Fun Times …. FREE TOO !!!!!! NO INTERNET NEEDED..

  44. For those that think the impact to racing is some Qanon conspiracy to attack racing, or a hoax, read this:

  45. Just Me, no courage needed.

    We were taught to not be tattletales, and now we have PSAs all over the place saying “See something, say something”. Clearly, teaching children to not be a tattletale is very wrong. But then, I went to Catholic schools. Catholic schools mandated that we mind our own business and not be a tattletale… or else.

    “The people that mind don’t matter, and the people that matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Suess

    Did you see the recent report about what the Pope recently said? He said that gossiping must stop for he claims it is more ideally than COVID-19. The gossiping is about the abuse of power, pedophilic behaviors, and other unethical and illegal issues.

  46. 🌈JD🌈 bloviated, “MH has several top five and ten finishes at NHMS in the 2006-2010ish timeframe. No wins but plenty of good finishes. He always ran with the lead pack.”

    Statistics don’t lie.

    Matt Hirschman statistics at Loudon over 14 years: 12 races, ZERO wins, 2 top fives, 5 top tens, average start 17.5, average finish 14.2, running at finish 9, ZERO laps led, ZERO poles.

    🌈JD🌈, what is your definition of “lead pack”? 🤪🤪😝😝🤣🤣🤣. With an average finish of 14.2, that looks to be far from the lead pack.

    And here’s some Loudon stats for Matt’s humble father, Tony: 22 years, 36 races, 7 wins, 18 top fives, 27 top tens, 2 poles, 344 laps led, average start 6.9, average finish 8.4, running at finish 32.

    Many, many other drivers have far superior statistics at Loudon than Matt Hirschman.

  47. Tracking is everywhere. If your phone runs on android, sometimes you’ll be asked to review the store you just left. I’ve had a Verizon phone for over 20 years, and I can ask my phone where I was on this date 15 years ago, and it will tell me. Going even further, when your checking out at a store, what you bought is tracked, to provide trends, and for inventory purposes. Like Dareal said, if you really knew the extent to which your tracked, you would freak out. It’s all part of the digital age we live in, a far cry from when there were only 3 tv channels, and you had to switch channels on the set, no remotes.

  48. Hey Jake, I’ll make you feel good about your VHS stuff. I have 425 hrs. of VHS that I took at the races, never mind what I taped from TV! Should I mention the 45,000 feet of Super 8 movie film I’ve taken? And those numbers are not typos. It’s the one part of my childhood I have refused to give up on! 🙂

  49. Suitcase Jake says

    Fast ED : Thats awesome… The Super 8 and 16 mm I had my friend transfered it to VHS 15 years ago . I do miss the big screen and sounds of the Projector , But don’t miss the freeze ups and film catching on fire not to mention the storage needed . Your collection is rare so keep it around … I guess there is alot of us who have tapes of the great Boxing Matches and fights on tape also . Hagler vs Hearns . Hagler vs Sugar Ray Leonard. Tyson vs Everyone….. Ali Vs Frazier . Ali vs George Foreman,… Ali vs everyone.. Hagler vs the beast Mugambi … LOL

  50. Guys, I do realize we can’t not be tracked. Use blue tooth in your gmc truck? Hands free phone? Guess what, gm ( or any other) has your info from your phone.
    I don’t live under a rock. I just try and be careful. Sure, location services off (yet you are tracked by your internet ip). Cookies, off (yet you can’t use a lot of sites). Duck -duck go vs google or google chrome. Yet your choices are limited. fans choice track pass gold don’t work unless you enable cookies or give location.
    I’m old, use cash (which is getting hard, who knew legal tender would be a misunderstood concept) and just try to control what little I can. Makes me feel relevant in my own mind.
    Dareal, I’m tech savvy, but I’m also a bull headed stubborn Irish man. So in my own world, and in my own little mind, I’m just trying to limit and control what little I think I can control. Did I mention it’s in my own mind? Thank you all for the comments, I did not mean to set off such a fire storm! But I loved it!
    Yeah Dareal, Tony vs Matt stats, no comparison.
    Suitcase, after Robp’s telling me I’m naive (so to speak, and no offense Rob) I actually you tubed that Duralube 400 race for Rockingham. While I could not get the race, I did watch the starting lineup reel. Was a hoot. So many drivers I forgot about. Thanks all, appreciate the feedback.

  51. Bobf wrote, “Dareal, I’m tech savvy, but I’m also a bull headed stubborn Irish man.”

    Okay, that explains it. 😉

  52. Bobf. Your not naive, just careful. BTW, I’ve got over 100 cassette tapes, some very rare, also have a couple dozen VHS. But my very small vinyl includes an original stamping of Led Zeppelin 2 and a first edition of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, among others. Nothing beats the sound of vinyl, unfortunately VHS has been relegated to low quality, but when you get to be our age does it really matter? Glad to see I’m not the only “old tech” guy out there.

  53. Dareal, just glanced at that link you posted. Rachel Maddow had a segment about that tonight. Unbelievable. That’s all I can say, truly unbelievable that people continue to be so stupid. Worst part is, none of those 7 people attended that wedding, they died due to someone else’s stupidity.

  54. “Tracking is everywhere. If your phone runs on android,”

    It’s worth noting that Google owns the Android operating system.

    One of the reasons why Android handsets and tablets are cheaper than IOS devices is the saleable user data collected subsidizes the retail device price. Android is provided free by Google to hardware manufacturers like Samsung and LG in exchange for your data. With mobile (cellular) data, more usage information is provided back to the carrier who sold you the device by Android (or Chrome) than other operating systems.

    Barry – going on 37 years on the other side of your monitor and mobile device glass…

  55. Google’s product is data that is sold to corporations. Data is harvested that reveals what people are looking for and buying, so companies have a better idea how to market and target to the consumers. That is Google’s product. Google is BIG DATA first and foremost. Things like Android, Maps, Drive, News, Chrome and Shopping are all nothing but the means to harvest data.

    Try as you might, you were assimilated a long time ago.

    Cell phones have always on GPS required by law for 911 purposes. You ain’t hiding from nobody.

    I want to sell tin hats, but my target market has insulated themselves from reality, civilization and society.

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