Ronnie Williams Wins Modified Racing Series White Mountain Essential Workers 100

(Press Release from the Modified Racing Series)

Another first for Ellington, Connecticut’s Ronnie Williams. His first visit to a new track for him and he wins again. This time he notched his first Modified Racing Series victory of the season Saturday night at North Woodstock, New Hampshire’s White Mountain Motorsports Park landing car owner Gary Casella in victory lane for the second time in this race shortened season. 

The race was named ‘To Honor Essential Workers 100’ by the speedway.

All-time Series winner Kirk Alexander, started outside front row in the Norm Perry owned # 76 and led the event beyond the half-way point with pole-sitter Kevin Ianarelli in hot pursuit. Ianarelli was strong all-day.

The first of two caution flags waved on lap-53 with former series champion Woody Pitkat and Williams closing on the leaders. 

When the race re-started, Pitkat worked his way by Alexander before Williams settled into the lead for good.

Said Williams. “It’s a cool little race track. Coming out for the first time I thought wow this place is fast. Gary and these guys gave me a great race car just happy we were able to bring it home for them.” 

 Pitkat, finished second, Alexander grabbed the podium.  Iannarelli finished an impressive fourth, and Brett Meservey fought back from an earlier spin (lap 53) to finish fifth.

Iannarelli and Alexander were the New England Race Fuel heat winners

Race Summary:

White Mountain Motorsports Park

N.Woodstock, New Hampshire

Race# 2

September 5, 2020

Entrants: 15

Distance: 100-laps

Lap Leaders:  Alexander, Pitkat, and Williams

Margin of Victory: 1.162

Best Lap Time: 11.793

Best Speed: 76.316

Best Lap: Williams 11.793

Cautions: (2)

Race was completed in 27:25:295 

Unofficial Order of  Finish: (1) Williams, (2) Pitkat, (3) Alexander, (4) Iannarelli, (5) Meservey, (6) Donnie Lashua, (7) Jeff Gallup, (8) Carl Medeiros, 9 (Andy Shaw,(10) Colbey Fournier, (11) Kreig Heroth, (12) George Sherman, (13) Bill Dixon, (14) Josh Zentak,  (DNS) Jacob Perry


  1. I initially wondered if I made a bad choice to attend this race, as it appeared online that 27 Modifieds were committed to attend, and there were only 14. I’m guessing the posted list was of the teams registered for the MRS, and not the actual entries for this event. Many other people in the stands thought there were 27 entries as well. However, as the couple of passing sprinkles brought a double rainbow to the mountain sky, my doubts gave way to later confirmation that it was indeed a good choice. This was definitely an event of quality Modified competition, if not a high quantity of cars. 76 and 27 running out front early, and then the anticipated battle of 25 and 6 for the win. 17 and 45 had good strong runs as well. That along with a 100 lap LM race with 20 cars and good racing overall from the other weekly classes made for a great race night!

  2. Congrats to Ronnie and the #25 team. Great win.

  3. Outside of the WMT, these series have no idea who is showing up. People can knock the tour but I always know who will be there and I now know what time the green flag will drop. You can’t ask for more than that as a race fan.

  4. JD I kinda agree with that about the WMT but at Thompson last Thursday 27 cars entered, then they got to 28 with 2 guys origianlly on the list withdrawing and 3 more showing up so who knows.

    Also it’s Tuesday 4:45pm and no entry list for the mods this Saturday at NHMS??? Solimito out per Kyle Souza. Santos has a ride. Burt Meyers racing at Stafford Friday but no announcement about whether or not he’ll be at New Hampshire Saturday (I find it odd he’d drive north just for a Stafford SK race and the TC13). $20k to win this year’s race compared to $25k to win in previous years. Souza also says expect 32 cars or just under that. But I find it odd there’s no list yet.

  5. Hold onto your knickers race fans there’s drama afoot coming up this weekend. Chase Dowling driving a car owned by none other then Ben Dodge. Didn’t see that one coming. Tomaino listed as well but could be Ronnie Williams driving.

  6. SPEEDBOWL THE ENTRY LIST for WMT events ALWAYS comes on on TUESDAY prior to the race, NOT ODD AT ALLL FOR ANY WMT race no matter the Track

  7. Bill Doucette says

    29 drivers said yes or maybe to personal phone call, fb messenger ,txt message or face to face we can not hold a gun to their head only do the best job we can . Thank you fast eddy for the positive view of the racing!!!!

  8. Sorry speedbowl, forgot TODAY was Tuesday with holiday i was on Monday back to work schedule, MY BAD!!!!!

  9. It was a good event in total. Late Models were fabulous and the support divisions were good as well. Each to his own but for my money the modified feature and heats as well devoid of competition excepting maybe the 6. it was a stinker. Actually I’d categorize it as the worst tour type modified race I can recall and it had nothing to do with the size of the field of cars. Equality between cars was almost non existent. Six cars on the lead lap and all big intervals during the race and at the end. In fact the only drama was the restarts and even those position change opportunities for the 25 and only brief competition then big intervals.
    If I’m being told the sign ups were backed by some kind of confirmation who am I to believe otherwise. However given the purse, the sanctioning group and the distance how is it logical that anywhere near 27 cars would show up unless you’re being told that number.
    The NWMT pre registration like most of what happens on that tour is the gold standard. However TTOMS and Stafford do a very nice job making the MRS disparity look all the more suspect. Fact is whether it was confirmed or not it now makes no different. It was really off so now credibility is lost.

  10. Looks like 30 for Saturday. You are always going to have one or two entry list adjustments based on any number of factors. Point being, it’s a solid system and works well from a fan standpoint.

    Doug, don’t get too excited. It’s a tall order asking a new team to win right out of the gate. I did have some Bruce Del flashbacks though when I saw that news a few days ago. I’ll take Bobby Santos against the field though. The guy has won everything out west this summer and he owns NHMS. He’ll bring something for the 51 and 10.

    I think Myers was up here for other reasons and sought out a ride for Stafford. I doubt he runs NHMS with qualifying on Friday. Hard enough for some of the other guys to do both.

    Why is it that a race purse has to drop if the overall distance is reduced? Leave it at $25k. It’s not like we pay less to attend.

  11. I think tri track used to use the tire reservation list to come up with an entry list for events. They were usually pretty close when they put out a list compared to who actually showed up. I am happy it was a good race, most races I have seen at White Mountain have been good. That is a nice little track. Every race I have seen there has been a good one. With the Riverhead Tour race lost and their second race no longer listed on the schedule, Is there any chance they add another race in NH maybe Monadnock the sequel?

  12. No problem Bill! Sorry for the corny rainbows comment, but it was true. The racing initially didn’t look to promising with the small field, but it was indeed a very competitive event. I’m into watching the battles for position, whether it’s first or fifth or 12th. If there’s a few versions of “motorized chess” going on I’m enjoying the race! It was also good to see a few teams who haven’t had the greatest luck lately have good runs.

  13. CSG There are rumors of a NH or VT race but I would think that would depend on when a final decision is made on RH. May have to wait a few weeks to find out.

    I’m hoping for two (or more) at WMMP next year. I thought the racing was that good there. Thunder Road doesn’t do it for me as much. My gut tells me NHMS needs a good crowd on Saturday to keep that on the schedule moving forward.

  14. 🌈JD🌈, do you realize there is a pandemic going on? That pandemic is severely impacting crowds. Emergency measures are in place to limit or prohibit crowds. Haven’t you heard?

  15. I don’t know how NHMS can make any future decisions based on attendance in the COVID year of 2020. There are a lot of people who refuse to travel anywhere that may normally attend.
    I don’t get Friday qualifying. Time off from work, more exposure at hotels and meals out. And for what? They could do it Saturday morning or even do a draw like the national series are using.

  16. Yeah, great point Camerissa. I was looking over a Cup schedule for a recent race. They show up, unload and in just a couple hours after they arrived, they are RACING. I love it. It reveals who knows what they are doing and can show up ready to race and be competitive. This mode would be great for the Mods.

    I do like that this race is being run in one segment.

  17. I don’t think the track is too worried about much of that anymore. Two day show, camping, sell as many tickets as possible. I’m sure the track would love to match the 19,000 they had last month. Still waiting for anything negative to come from that by the way.

    I just got my ticket phone call from the track. They will sell as many tickets as they can. All systems a go. This is a real purse. Pushing $140k I think I saw. The track isn’t giving that away. They are working hard to get a big crowd. Safest track to host fans. Come on up. NH is open for business. Support your local super speedway.

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