Tickets On Sale For Tri-Track Open Modified Series Debut At Stafford Speedway Modified Classic 81

(Press release from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series)

(Press release from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series)


SEEKONK, Mass. — Tickets for the $10,000 to win Tri Track Open Modified Series debut at Stafford Motor Speedway on Saturday, October 24, are now on sale. All tickets sales done prior to race day will be through the Stafford Motor Speedway website and their online ticket portal. 

Grandstand tickets for this race are priced at $35 per adult, while those children ages six to 14 will enter for just $10. Any children that are 5 years old and younger are free in the grandstands. Pit passes for the event are also available and will be sold for $50. Due to capacity limits in the state of Connecticut because of COVID-19, there is a chance tickets sell out, so fans are encouraged to act quickly. 

“This is going to be race fans won’t want to miss,” Wayne Darling, Managing Partner of the Tri Track Open Modified Series, said. “The entry list is already stacking up, and we can’t wait to end our season with one of the most marquee races of the entire season in the Northeast.” 

Call Before You Dig, a longtime supporter and sponsor at Stafford, has agreed to sponsor the prestigious event, titled the Call Before You Dig Modified Classic 81. The race will pin some of Tri Track’s top talent – names like Matt Hirschman, Chase Dowling and Ronnie Williams – against some Stafford regulars like Keith Rocco and Todd Owen, among others. It’s already been confirmed that southern Modified star and multiple-time Bowman Gray Stadium champion Burt Myers will be competing in the event. 

With $10,000 on the line to the winner and a total purse nearing $50,000, the race is expected to draw a large car count and a full grandstand to end the 2020 season. So far, the Tri Track Open Modified Series has run three races in 2020 – two at Monadnock Speedway, with victories by Craig Lutz and Sam Rameau – and one at Star Speedway, where Matt Hirschman went to Victory Lane in the annual SBM. 

For more information on Stafford Motor Speedway, fans are encouraged to visit and follow the track on social media. For more information on the Tri Track Open Modified Series, follow at and follow the series on social media. 


  1. Shawn, I know its early but any kind of entry list for the TRI Track @ Stafford yet?

  2. John,
    Nothing set on the record that I know of yet. I would imagine the majority of the typical players for Tri-Track events will be in play. Burt Myers is obviously one outlier that has made his intentions known. Bobby Santos III, Justin Bonsignore and Doug Coby have each expressed to me that they will not be there. From that jumping off point I would imagine you’ll see some Whelen Modified Tour regulars and also some of the regulars from Stafford’s own Open Mod shows who aren’t already regulars with the Tri-Track Series.

  3. Someone else on here brought this up already but you’ve got the same track as the fall final with less laps for more money. There is no other races to save your stuff for. Did JB or DC day WHY they weren’t going to be there? Is it a rules thing? Can’t imagine their NASCAR legal cars would not be competitive even if they had to add weight.

  4. ” The race will pin (pit) some of Tri Track’s top talent – names like Matt Hirschman, Chase Dowling and Ronnie Williams – against some Stafford regulars like Keith Rocco and Todd Owen, among others”

    A little nitpicky but Williams is a Stafford regular with the tour mod 50 they appear in Stafford opens with and certainly no invader. We love the Paige/Dowling 00 and even he is more home boy then invader. Now Hirschman is the mother of all invaders. As far as the venue goes that is.
    I’d wonder if the Skowyra 50 that took down an impressive 7th in the just completed Stafford NWMT race is the Stafford legal engine. Or could it be yet another 50 with a spec motor? If it is the Stafford legal engine that got the top 10 that would be very impressive and bode well for the home team cars.
    Ya think there is a little interest in this race. We’re clambering for an entry list and it’s a month away.

  5. Those guys are afraid to run heats.Same with the 01,if these guys are so good the why don’t they show?Are they afraid of the Big Bad wolf called NASCAR?If you are a racer you’ll be there especially these WMT guys.Car counts were a little light this past weekend at Stafford.I see the Catalano’s and Emerling were at the ROC,and yes McKenendy won.There is the definition of a team that will race and not worry about NASCAR!

  6. The above mentioned drivers don’t normally run TT to begin with. They are consistent there. It is hard to argue with how they do things going by the results. The soon to be 2x champ and the 6x champ will already be preparing for 2021 come Oct 24th.

    MH whipped the ROC boys once again on Sunday. Silk will be his main competition at Stafford with one to give after last October. Unless of course someone who is
    0-38 at Stafford changes his mind.

  7. I’m guessing Emerling did the same as the Catalanos. Last year there was a WMT and ROC race on the same weekend. The 07 and the Catalanos went to both. This year the Catalanos opted to just run the ROC, as did Emerling. For them it’s tow out here for the WMT, than scramble back to NY for the ROC. I think the 7NY would have had a little easier time of already being here for the first race, then going out to the ROC. Still a major undertaking though, I’m sure.
    Mudbus no offense, but Hirschman won yet again.

  8. Doug, the #50 Williams drove in the recent tour race is a NWMT specific car, with a RYR spec engine. Paul Les, who is Adams father in law, and owns RB Enterprises purchased the former #16 Flamingo Motorsports team after the 2019 season. I’m not positive, but I think they actually have 2 NWMT cars in addition to the “tour type” open car, and 2 or 3 SK cars, unless they’ve sold off some equipment. They’ve got quite an impressive operation going, and the transition was easy as the Flamingo operation was run out of the same building as the #50 team. I haven’t seen Les lately to find out how things are going, but it’s obvious they’re not having the stellar year like they had in 2018 and 19, which I think, they’ll get back on top soon. Hope this clears things up for you

  9. Gee MUDDBUS maybe take off the NASCAR HATE muddy glasses!!
    1st off BIG MONEY MATT Hirschman won the ROC for the 8th time
    I DONT think anyone is afraid of NASCAR
    THE Catalano’s and Emerling decided to stay CLOSE TO HOME and run ROC with little to gain from WMT point wise i am sure the POINT fund willl be less because of the COVID 19 from the WMT
    Coby new team. MASSA owns the 51 and i dont think Bobby Santos is afraid to run heats or any type race!
    I would love the ROC pick a weekend with no conflicts that way more teams might try it, they know STAFFORD runs the FALL FINAL the last weekend of SEPT every year, if u watched BOTH SAT and sunday races from LAKE ERIE the crowd looked much smaller on SUNDAY for the bigger RACE, no matter PANDEMIC or not why tracks think they can compete with the NFL IS dumb, I KEPT SAYING the Thomspon 300 died because DON HOENIG insisited on running it the weekend AFTER Labor day which is the OPENING DAY OF NFL, DUMBBBBBBBBBBB!!!

  10. Ti b

  11. Yes of course. You mentioned that before, I thought it was terrific inside information then promptly forgot about it. That being the case one would think the 50 team will bring the NWMT car to this show. Good information.
    Warning: Facts, dot connecting and bloviating to follow
    Much was made about Ronnie Williams magical year in 2019 where he won everything, avoided every wreck and could do no wrong. This year he’s been a dust up magnet. In the end Williams was never the next great driver. Like a lot of good drivers which he is for sure he requires great cars to do well and on that score he is exceptional and part of the reason he’s exceptional is lineage.
    This is a life transition time for Williams. Once a young gadabout floating in and out of classes at Bryant and fun stuff like skiing and racing he’s now a working stiff. His title, “Associate Wealth Management” working in the family business and reporting directly to dad. Not any small business mind you Empower Financial Advisory. That would be the same company that is a marketing partner with none other then our own New England Patriots. Pretty heady company indeed for young Ronnie who could very well be on a first name basis with many in the Patriots organization.
    So what’s the point? You could say money and clearly they have that since the Skowyra stable is so large mainly because the Williams clan owns or has funded much of the stables contents. It’s more then that. Williams also has relationships with the 25 and Tomaino’s 99 that require networking and people skills in addition to being a good driver and having money. That as is turns out is one of the most important assets a financial advisor can posses and be successful in the wealth management field.
    That’s right RaceDayCt nation I just connected the skill set of a modified driver to wealth management. Bet you didn’t see that one coming but it’s an association you might want to get used to if you want racing to have a bright future.
    Myself I support the guys with hands like mine. Rough and frequently with dirt under the fingernails like Rocco, Owen, Dowling and Kopcik. I wish it was like it used to be where hard scrapple, tough, ingenious people could put together a competitive car on a shoe string but that’s ancient history. Now racing survives on money and we can’t get enough people like Ron’s dad Ronald E. Williams Jr., CFP and mom Candy that for whatever reason support their off springs love of motorsports. I don’t know about other tracks but Stafford has a good supply of them floating up the SK Lights to SK’s and its about the best thing for the sport that could happen for everyone including car suppliers like KRR, Chassis Pro, TFR, SPAFCO et. al.
    When this race comes off like many nights at Stafford we may see Rocco and Williams battling side by side. Two guys that come from completely different worlds that racing has brought together separated only by a fraction of a second. The more that happens the better off the sport will be.

  12. Both Rocco (racing) and Williams (financial planning) have careers in “the family business”. Keith’s dad, Ronnie, may not have made his living by racing(?), but he certainly introduced Keith and Jeff to the sport. And, placing his sons with TC likely cemented their career paths. So, Keith and Ronnie may be more similar than they first appear.

  13. Wow, allot of scorn for Williams there Doug. They’re just having a down year, they’ll bounce back. Don’t know the exact financials of the 50, but I know Les, Adam and Paul have allot tied up. It’s really boones business is it? Do you really think these top guys who field cars in every conceivable division own all their own stuff? Hell no. Maybe if they’d run a full season things would be different, who knows?

  14. Besides Doug, how is following up back to back championships with a 2nd place points finish so bad? Don’t forget winning an open after having an axle nearly fall out. On the WMT side of things he only had 3 starts all year, so 7th ain’t so bad, and he’s got 1 more start coming at Thompson. All in all, given the abbreviated season, he’s doing pretty good. I’d be willing to bet, had Stafford run a full 22 race season he might have won his 3rd championship as well.

  15. Definition of “scorn”
    the feeling or belief that someone or something is worthless or despicable
    feel or express contempt or derision for:

    ” Williams also has relationships with the 25 and Tomaino’s 99 that require networking and people skills in addition to being a good driver and having money.”

    “Like a lot of good drivers which he is for sure he requires great cars to do well and on that score he is exceptional and part of the reason he’s exceptional is lineage.”

    “Now racing survives on money and we can’t get enough people like Ron’s dad Ronald E. Williams Jr., CFP and mom Candy that for whatever reason support their off springs love of motorsports”

    Scorn? Nope don’t see it. Balanced and carefully researched yes, scornful no.

    As a comparison this is what pure, unvarnished scorn looks like.

    Rob p. says
    July 23, 2020 at 7:40 pm

    Allot of people agree that Chase’s attitude causes friction with the team, and he doesn’t appear to have good results when the car is off a bit, which is something good drivers are able to do. I stand by what I said before. He has an attitude, and all the money in the world can’t overcome an attitude. Give it a few years and it will be Chase who?

    Rob p. says
    September 1, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    Ryan Fearn is someone I find it hard to have respect for. He is a reckless loose cannon with little if any regard for his fellow competition. In his defense though, he’s young. Usually as drivers age and gain experience they also gain respect for, and from their fellow competitors. I hope this is the case, as his dad spends way too much time and money for his driver’s to be unrespectable. I wish the whole Fearn clan good luck going forward, especially Tom, who can’t seem to catch a break this season, and truly hope Ryan smartens up, and let’s his talent not his bumper do the talking

    Now that’s scorn. That you have no idea from personal experience is true or not. I use you as a cautionary tale on what not to do.

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