B-Main Event Added To Schedule For Tri-Track Open Mod CBYD Modified Classic 81 At Stafford


  1. Really cool!

    Shawn, do you know if the B Main offer transfer spots?

  2. Barry,
    I think two spots will have the opportunity to transfer.

  3. I stated this a few weeks back, that if we get a tremendous car count, and it looks like we will, it would be great to run a B-Main, to give these guys extra incentive to show because they can race for some cash. If they do have transfers, they just don’t get cash.

  4. Damn, I’ve lost track. Can someone tell me what the tire rules are for this TriTrack Stafford show?
    Ben Dodge may tell us at the race, but he’ll do it when the cars are on the track and no-one in attendance can hear him.

  5. Fast Eddie says

    So maybe we’re looking at: FIVE heats, top 4 transfer / TWO consis, top 3 transfer / B MAIN top 2 transfer, AND THEN the 81 lap feature. PLUS Stafford’s SK Lights and Street Stocks, which always put on good races. CAN WE GO YET?!? 🙂

  6. Just Me - The Original says

    Stafford Race Day Procedures
    • There will be a drivers meeting in the pit grandstands for drivers only at 10 a.m.
    • One continuous practice session from 11-12:30 p.m., 12 cars on the track at a time.
    • Fastest transponder times from practice round will determine heat race distribution (NOT determine
    heat race starting spots). Timed part of practice will conclude at 12:15 p.m., however, the session will
    continue until 12:30 p.m.
    • Teams may purchase a maximum of 10 competition tires. Six tires are to be allocated for feature use –
    used in any way teams see fit. It is a two-change tire race at anytime during the feature.
    • Consi tires must come from 10 tire inventory; or previously approved Tri Track tires.
    • Heat race starting positions to be determined by a draw following the conclusion of practice.
    • Four 12-lap heat races; top five qualify out of each heat (*Number of heat races is subject to change
    depending on car count)
    • Six cars to transfer to feature from consi(s) if there is one consi, three cars transfer from each to
    feature if they are two consi races. (*Number of consi races is subject to change due to car count*)
    • Heat and consi race winners receive $300 each (Pepsi Challenge)
    • Top three cars from each heat race redraw for feature starting position. (*Number of positions in the
    redraw is subject to change based on car count*)
    • 81 green flag lap feature (caution laps do NOT count) 26 car starting field; Tri-Track and SMS reserve
    the option to increase the starting field at their discretion.
    • Cold caution to wave between laps 30 and 35. In addition to announcing it through race control, the
    starter will display the yellow and checkered flags to indicate the cold caution. Pitting during the cold
    caution is OPTIONAL (meaning it is possible to gain track position by staying out). Cars will pit in order
    of running on the last lap run. Cars will come out of the pits and line up at the end of the field in the
    order they went into the pits. If a car is not out of the pits before P1 takes one to go at the start/finish
    line, that car will start tail end. All lead lap cars, including those that pit during the cold caution, will
    restart ahead of all lapped cars. Pitting is allowed at any time, but outside of the competition caution,
    positions will be lost in the pits

  7. Get I thought I remember hearing 10 tires but looking at the attached rules dated 9/23 it says 9 tire inventory at stafford. 5 for qualifying and feature and 4 for practice. So it looks like you can replace 1 new tire during the feature unless tires are damaged. I wonder if any of the b main cars will run the feature given an additional 25 laps on the tires and having to start in the back.


    Then there is this press release that says 10 tires dated 10/14. So I am guessing the rules in the pdf were not updated for the tire inventory. I am thinking its 10 tires. Cut and paste below.

    Different than other Tri Track events in 2020, teams will be allowed to purchase 10 tires towards their inventory for the day — meaning teams can change up to two tires for any reason during the race, instead of just one. That will create a whole new element of strategy – with some electing to pit early, and others staying on track and waiting it out hoping for a late caution.

  8. Reminds me of the old “Sizzler” days when they ran “The non qualifiers” race. Glad I’m going!!

  9. Would be a shame if not a sell out. Fans have been talking about the good ole years, this will be as close as it comes.

  10. Get serious, I’m pretty sure the allotment for tires is 10, with teams being allowed to change 2 during the feature, although I could be wrong
    A B-main is a great idea, with the top 2 advancing. Wonder what kind of purse will be for the B main.
    25 laps is gonna put the 2 transfers a a tire disadvantage for the feature though

  11. Ok guys, thanks. 6 tires available for the feature. Good bunch of different strategies available to make it interesting.
    OK. Now, how about some predictions? Who is everyone picking?
    I gotta go with Rocco, followed by Coby in the 25, and then Preece.

  12. Picking a winner. Good luck with that. How about picking the dominant engine package.
    It’s funny having a situation where there is virtually nothing to pick apart or complain about.
    Covid19 intruding on capacity…..nope. Too many cars sent home……boom…….B Main. Weather iffy…..a non factor.. Not a sell out yet is about it. That’s surprising although in the end it will be.
    It’s 52 cars now. Based on prior races numerous cars just won’t show up but this could be different. If they get any number near 50 actually showing up that alone will be amazing.

  13. Scratch that. Sold out!

  14. Fast Eddie says

    Top five in no particular order: christopher, rocco, coby, bonsignor, hirschman. Darkhorse picks: dowling & williams.

  15. No Ron Silk? How could you not include him in the mix……….

  16. Shouldn’t a dark horse be included in a top five pick and identified as your dark horse. Or call it the top 7.
    Two days of racing from the Speedbowl on Speed51.

  17. Fast Eddie says

    Earl, you’re right, particularly in that Bob Horn ride! Add him and make it a “top 6”!

  18. Not sold out yet, but most likely will sell out before the first green flag drops

  19. Sold out.

  20. That Bob Horn 50 is one stout piece and a force to be recoded with no matter where it runs.

  21. Sorry about that, reckoned with….

  22. My choice for top 5 Preece, Hirschman, Silk, Williams, Coby

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