Contingency Awards Adding To Stacked Purse For Tri-Track Debut At Stafford Speedway

(Press release from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series)

With a $10,000 winning prize on the line for the Tri Track Open Modified Series debut at Stafford Motor Speedway on October 24, drivers will be pressing the throttle to the floor in hopes of getting to the front in the final laps.

But, that $10,000 check can only leave with one driver in the Call Before You Dig Modified Classic 81 – a race that is quickly shaping up to be one of the best Modified races of the season, if not one of the best in years. 

With more than 45 cars already entered for the debut at the half-mile, it’s clear that the big prize isn’t the only reason why drivers will flock to Connecticut. The total purse rises over $49,500 — and it continues to grow as the race gets closer. Second-place pays $4,000, while third pays $3,000, fourth $2,500 and fifth $2,100. Dropped down throughout the field, the driver that finishes last in the 81-lap feature will still collect a smooth $1,000 for their efforts. For those who don’t qualify into the feature, there will also be tow money provided if they have pre-registered for the race. 

And that’s just the regular posted purse. 

Contingency bonuses have been a hot topic with the Tri Track Open Modified Series in 2020, and the debut at Stafford will be no different. Through the Pepsi Challenge, $300 will be provided to each heat winner and the same $300 will go towards each driver who wins a consi race. Through the first three races of the season, more than $4,000 has already been distributed through the Pepsi Challenge.

Mark, Kate and the team at Green Construction have also provided a hard charger award for the Stafford event – and this one is going to dramatically increase someone’s payday. Green will donate $1,000 to the driver that advances the most positions during the race from start to finish. The award is determined by the driver that advances the most spots from their starting spot to where they finished. The team at Green Construction have been supporters of the Tri Track Series and have boosted the value on this award to give a bit of extra incentive for competitors.  

For once, it might be more beneficial to start towards the back of the field. 

Ted Anderson – and his company, Superior Refinishing — have provided $200 per race so far in 2020 – a total of $600 – and will add $200 more to the pot at Stafford. If the driver that starts on the pole wins the 81-lap feature, their total prize will move to $10,800. However, if the polesitter doesn’t win the race, the team at Superior will donate the $800 towards creating a strong B-Main feature payout. Per the Tri Track rulebook, officials will determine on race day whether a B-Main is necessary based on how many cars are in the pit area.  

Finally, a new contingency award added to the pot this week includes former JR Motorsports employee and current NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour winning crew chief Ryan Stone. Stone, and his business, Stone’s Parts and Performance, based out of Milford, Connecticut, will sponsor a $300 award for the driver that posts the fastest lap in the 81-lap race. Stone’s is a FURY parts dealer that also offers chassis consultation, shock services, setup help and more. 

The entry list for the race includes the top names in Modified racing – with Doug Coby, Keith Rocco Justin Bonsignore, Matt Hirschman, Ron Silk, Chase Dowling, Ronnie Williams, Mike Christopher Jr., Les Hinckley, Matt Swanson, Woody Pitkat, Burt Myers, Jon McKennedy and more expected. The entry list stands at 48 drivers on Friday, October 16, with still a week to go before the green flag. 

Stafford Motor Speedway will run at 50% capacity for this event due to restrictions by the state of Connecticut because of COVID-19. To purchase tickets, fans should visit the Stafford online store on the Stafford website. Tickets are $35 for adults in general admission, $10 for kids that are 6 to 14, and free for those under 5. Pit passes are also available for purchase at $50. Any remaining tickets would be available at the gate if they don’t sell out. 

The race day schedule includes practice for the Tri Track Series from 11-12:30 p.m., with qualifying heat races starting at 1:30 p.m. The Call Before You Dig Modified Classic 81 is scheduled to take the green flag around 4:30 p.m. The Stafford SK Light Modifieds and Street Stocks will also join the racing card. 

For more information on Stafford Motor Speedway, visit and follow the track on social media. Follow the Tri Track Open Modified Series at and follow the series on social media.


  1. This race is really grabbing the attention of the Racing Fans and Modified teams. This reminds me of the First Spring Sizzler, Traffic jams heading into Stafford Springs. Modifieds showing up from all parts of New England and beyond descending on Stafford Speedway. The greatest race in the history of SPRING. This one is the greatest race in the history of FALL . In the perfect world ,Seekonk will get the date back next year and Run the Halloween Race, Stafford will add a TRI TRACK race to the FALL Schedule . The Fans would get an extra race along with the teams. Its great to see the stars of Modifieds not worried about the points, Just go there to race for the win !! That makes it more fun for everyone!!
    That would be cool to see a B main . The winner has the option of taking the money or entry into the main event also makes it really interesting for the fans … The way I see it, More races with the best drivers from all series showing up for one race is Excellent, Call it the “KING OF THE MODIFIEDS” RACE !! Promote it as such. Bring in teams from the whole country. Add on a SK race also. You could also have a “KING OF THE MODIFIEDS” TROPHY.. with some sort of Crown at the top. Sounds Fun.!!

  2. I’m with Jake, make this thing an annual event. Allot of money on the line, top drivers from the modified racing world. THE GREATEST RACE OF FALL. Great idea Jake, hopefully someone runs with it.

  3. Are they taking alternate’s in the consi’s

  4. In the past I always thought Stafford should have one of these blow out open shows in the Fall after the Fall Final and the mod tour show. I’ve learned it’s not so easy for a number of reasons, those being traditional recurring shows, series schedules, politics!
    First off Stafford has a fall Swap meet that’s been running for perhaps decades and I’m pretty sure that will continue to run along those same lines so that weekend is out. The Fall Final itself is the last weekend in September or first in October depending on how it falls, then Thompson World Series is usually the very next weekend (or very close). As mentioned by others, the Seekonk Haunted 100 race is wildly popular and is the last Saturday before Halloween or there abouts. Lee Octorberfest is on there too. The only solution is to expand October!
    The main driver of this unprecedented excitement surrounding this first annual inaugural (Hi Shawn) event is the fact it’s a Tri-Track race to start with. This is very important. Many of these teams race in this series because it only races every few weeks. In other words, scheduling back to back weekends will not work with these guys! Additionally, the car count is so huge because no one else (series) is racing because COVID or simply season being over. Due to these constraints I’d wager this date is a one time deal, so that being said, DON’T MISS IT!
    Finally the elephant in the room should be addressed that no one is comfortable openly discussing, NASCAR. NASCAR is the granddaddy of the modified with the tour and they don’t mind boss-hogging the car owners, drivers, and track owners and promoters to try to retain power and control over the top modified talent and racing product. Remember earlier this spring when Rob Fuller was working on promoting the $10k to win race down south then just like that there was a Tour race scheduled last minute on the same date? That was not circumstance I can assure you. Soon thereafter Stafford cancels their tour shows simply because, in my opinion, they cannot possibly afford to pay the purse plus huge FEES to NASCAR at only 25% capacity. So, in turn NASCAR goes to White Mountain, a NON-NASCAR track to run! To me that sends a huge smoke signal, good or bad, to the track owners. I’d be willing to bet some messages were relayed to the top tour drivers and teams that NSACAR expects them to do the right thing and attend their shows. So this is a major obstacle, the politics.
    This leads me to conclude the final option lies not in the fall October timeframe but in the middle of summer, Memorial day. Run a Sunday show on memorial day (Monday raindate) with huge modified show and some support divisions. Stafford has shown they can run Friday and Saturday back to back this year multiple times. I think this will happen

  5. NASCAR has shown too many times to count they don’t care about modified racing. They care about themselves and the money they make from the Tour. Not so much the teams, tracks, or fans. For years people complain about how they are treated but many still follow the Tour. Having races cut short for “more important “ divisions, cut purses, scheduling on top of other already set events, making spec motors and other components pretty much mandatory in order to compete while lining their pockets. I don’t get it.

  6. Great insight Stuart. Yes, I too think they could pull of a weekend show like that. I think the key would be to get the other series promoters on board. Why couldn’t you have a Stafford Open/ Tri Track/ MRS show all in one race? Maybe run pro late model races in conjunction. I also think Stafford should consider having a points program for their open shows with a champion crowned, and maybe some points money. I’ve got a feeling that the 50% capacity constraints will still be in place come 2021, but maybe revamp the opens for 2022. Money attracts racers, racers attract fans, it’s a win win situation.

  7. -just don’t do it. It’s not a NWMT vs TTOMS deal. For modified fans enjoyment by subtraction is a loser. Nascar is the big dog as well they should be. Most seasons they call the schedule, everyone else follows and it works out fine. They all have their niche and we shouldn’t be undermining any.
    -for October this is a one off event. Next year it’s the Haunted Hundred. October modifieds involving the TTOMS at Stafford was never in play.
    -everything about this race is oversized because of circumstances and no reasonable person is suggesting otherwise.
    -NASCAR and an elephant herd. How apt. Both under attack. My score card shows Stafford may have the leverage. Mainly because they are the big dog in the area in a declining industry and they are the ones writing the checks to NASCAR when so many others are on thin ice for one reason or another at least in Connecticut. Stafford called no NWMT race in 2020 then one was on. We can’t know but I doubt Stafford buckled. More like reasonable parties compromising to get the job done.
    -Boss Hogged is colorful but I doubt guys like Sapienza are prone to such strong arming. Maybe the reverse. He’s suggested right here in print and on Unmuffled he was concerned with what NASCAR was doing early on but in the end said they did the best they could do and it was OK.. He sounded like they were listening to him not being told what will be.
    -an election is coming up that will be about politics. A TTOMS race next year at Stafford will be about performance, relationships and profit. The Tri Track and Stafford managements are about professionalism and business. They mesh well, the competition is good, they get a great crowd including the pay per view audience and team feedback is positive it will happen at some point next season..

    ” Memorial day. Run a Sunday show on memorial day (Monday raindate) with huge modified show and some support divisions. Stafford has shown they can run Friday and Saturday back to back this year multiple times. I think this will happen”
    Like it! If not that more thinking outside the box like it.

  8. Stuart, I agree with everything you said, except have it on Labor Day weekend, perhaps? Didn’t Stafford run a tour-style race there on that date during the ’80’s? [I started to attend regularly at some point in the mid-late ’80’s, so forgive me.] Oswego’s Tour race may conflict, but hasn’t the car count for that race dwindled over the years?
    I love the Autumn time feel of these events, so perhaps that contributes to my preference. Regardless of when Stafford would choose to run the race, I’d attend!

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