Picture This: Race Morning At Tri-Track Open Modified Series CBYD Modified Classic At Stafford Speedway

STAFFORD – Under gray skies and unseasonably warm temperatures, the grounds of Stafford Motor Speedway roared back to life Saturday morning in preparation for the inaugural Tri-Track Open Modified Series CBYD Modified Classic 100.

Fifty-one teams were on hand Saturday morning to try to make the starting lineup for the $10,000 to win event at the historic half-mile.

Check out some of the views from the pits Saturday morning.


  1. That’s unprecedented isn’t it? Almost all the cars that signed about showed up. The significance of the event or B Main must be the reason but it’s sure is swell in any event.
    I don’t know if Megan Fuller practiced that car but if not look out. 8th fastest the first time behind the wheel is an eye opener.
    Maybe it’s the who’s who in local modified racing but those pics were some of the best I could have imagined. . Especially the shots of Rocco and the 50.

  2. Don’t these idiots realize that masks are safety equipment, just like helmets, fire suits and roll cages?

  3. Fastest cars in heats 25, 60, 7ny, 3, 57 and 50h all in the 18.50 to 18.57 range.
    Based on preferred position, track experience, prior performance the podium should include the 25, 7ny, 57 in no particular. Add in the 60 that will race in the consi but seems to have the track absolutely dialed in.
    NWMT specs lead by Dowling at 18.63 may struggle.

  4. Toxic maskulinity.


  5. Charlie Brown says

    Just wondering but what happen to Rocco ?

  6. Thanks Shawn, great pics

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